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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Tom2's 2nd attempt


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Very good going, Tom!

As for your friend, I don't know the situation, but from my experience it's never black and white with people. Friends are people too, and people make mistakes. Even the best friends are not perfect. I find holding grudges excruciating. Discuss, forgive or get revenge if you insist (get even) and move on with a mutual understanding on where you stand. I heard a funny saying with which I tend to agree: "the world is square, everybody gets to meet around the corner". Who knows, you might need each other or enjoy each other's company someday.

On loneliness: people can be lonely when alone, with somebody, in a small or a large group, on a stage or in a crowd - literary anywhere. It's all about the perspective. If you genuinely care about and take care of something or somebody: plants, pets, children, parents, relatives, friends, girlfriends, maybe some cause, etc - you own it all in a sense. You have all those beings and causes in the world that need you. Of course they may act out, disobey or not match what you want them to be, but they still need you. Coming to realize that, there's no way in hell you can be lonely if you just look beyond yourself. It may be somewhat counterintuitive, but you only grow stronger out of neccesity, caring about others is such a neccesity.

Don't be sad, the world needs you, bro.) And great job finding your inspirational music, motion for emotion.)

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@Cam Adair I think I found a new solution for now. I'll see if it works well til next attack. I appreciate your short encouraging hints. :) 

@Mettermrck I couldn't agree more! I'm always grateful for your reply :) 

@giblets Wow... that's interesting :) I always like to hear you moving forward!

@Vlad Sometimes life looks complicated. I didn't have argument with the friend, so maybe.... I can forgive him someday... I'll think about other perspectives on friendship.

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DAY 42

Time passes so fast. I thought it was Saturday or Sunday but if was Monday. As my schedule is so simple, everyday is almost the same which is so funny. Today my phone made some problem again, so I had to find a new phone to replace it. New phone is gonna arrive soon. I had to visit some places here and there, so couldn't focus on studying. It's ok though. I was quite productive. There are some activities that I don't measure time.


This month was great. It wasn't perfect but it's ok. I'm sure that I've been consistent through this month. There were a couple of days that I wasn't stable, but mostly I did really great. I need to maintain this consistency. It's very satisfying to see my blue line graph flying high.

And 51.8% of my free time spent on studying! I really had a lot of moments that made me want to give up and play video games, but I've defended myself so strong. I achieved some little goals of my own. Also proud of that. I finished 4 online lectures (total 146 parts!) and made my 256 pages of notes. I still have a long way to go, but I think it's meaningful to check my achievements in terms of building self esteem.


From my first attempt to now. Blue line has been quite stabilized since July. It's noticeable that the time spent on Youtube and gaming is about 26.6% of my free time. I shouldn't have relapsed!! argh!! >:( What a waste! Let's see how it changes at the end of August. It's very encouraging to see my free time usage.

Alright. This is it. See you tonight(or.... I don't know :) ) fellow gamequitters!

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DAY 43

It was fine. I didn't study a lot as I watched two educational videos(TED and another) and checked my plans. From the start of July until now, I've been focusing on the quantity of studying. It's not a bad thing. It's necessary to me, but I think I should slightly change my strategy to quantity+quality studying. I learned that 'practice test' is a great thing that smart students do, so I'll do that occasionally. It's a bit exciting. I think it'll take some time to make it as a habit, but still it's worth trying. There were a couple more, so if you want to look at it, please do.

1. Practice test, Retrieval practice

2. Review periodically (KEY : consistent, short study sessions 'overtime')

3. Words → Visuals / Visuals → Words. (Explain to myself without looking at a book)

4. Try to find a concrete real-life example (abstract X)

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DAY 45 (WHOA 50% ???!!!!)

Despite the 45th day, today was as simple as other ordinary days. I began to make wikipedia documents without copying textbooks. I decided to work on only civil engineering related documents as I don't have much time. Plus, I don't want to be distracted. The reason why I don't copy textbooks is because, I learned that describing some concepts that I've learned without much help is necessary to improve my understandings. I learned it from a TED talk. Of course I review books when I forget something. And of course, I check my writing whether it has a firm source.(It's a rule in wikipedia, writing down a good source) I really enjoy making wikipedia. Especially writing some mathematics formula. LaTeX is so awesome!

Tomorrow would be the same I guess. See you tomorrow guys! :) 

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