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Tom2's 2nd attempt


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Day 26 was great. Studied for 5 hours and 10 minutes.

- I took a nap for 2 hours and 20 minutes. I didn't set up an alarm clock. I don't feel guilty about it so much because I studied really hard during the weekdays. I deserve it!

- I had some arguments with my mother about meeting her friends. I told her I want to study, but she insisted that I have to go. Before this, I followed wherever she and my father wanted me to go with them, without much resistence, but now, I think I can deny. It's my life, not my parent's. I told her with some logics and reasons, not with anger. She's kinda shocked because there were not many cases like this. It's gonna be better tomorrow. I didn't have any regret or guilt after the argument, so I could focus on my 'things' within few minutes. I'm satisfied with my decision.


- This week is going well. The blue graph is stable.


I love this song. I don't fully understand the meaning of the song, but the title seems good, so I assume that the lyrics would be also good..

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Day 27 was perfect! 6 hours of studying


- The blue graph is still above 4-5 hours. I have to visit another city on Monday, so I think it'll decrease unless I don't review my 'portable' Google Docs notes. My goal on Monday is studying more than 4 hours.

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I don't think I ever studied 6 hrs in college, even before finals. ?

The reason why I'm studying so hard is that I got multiple F in the spring semester. I need to catch up now that's why :)  Kinda desperate. I'm thinking this summer as a last chance to catch up.

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Day 28

- I visited another city because of group consulting so I couldn't study a lot today. But one good thing is that I studied about 2.5 hours in a bus or during breaktime of group consulting. The Google Docs notes that I've been making these days are so good because I don't need to carry any books! I want to upload some of the contents in Wikipedia someday. Korean wikipedia is lack of users who are interested in engineering, so it'll be just my own encyclopedia. I may find someone who likes to make a beautiful articles with someone else. Who knows? For now, it's just my rough plan.

- I'm totally exhausted right now, and I need to sleep. I really did my best to study until I write this journal. Habitica makes me endure more easily because when I just want to stop trying and to get some rest, it reminds me of my party members who are going to take damage because of my justification. 


- The blue graph is still good. over 4 hours.

I like this music. Good night! (or good morning or good afternoon or good evening!)

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Day 29 was perfect!

- 7 hours of studying. I'm so happy about my effort.

- I'm really tired but satisfied. It's 12:18 am and I'm gonna sleep right after I write the journal.


- The blue graph is still safe. I want to see if this be more consistent than before. There were couple of times that I was like this, during my first attempt. So I'm not definitely sure whether it's safe or not. I'll be really careful in order to keep the blue graph alive. :) 

- Again, good night, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Gamequitters :) I hope your days be productive!

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Day 30 YEAH!

- I had to fix my cellphone as it had a problem, so it took most of my morning time. It was stressful so I kinda decided to get rest today. Slightly justifying :)  But I'm gonna get back on track from tomorrow. Nothing much to say.

- I'm a bit dizzy and my neck hurts. I think it's because of the hard learning that I've been doing these days. I think I should get rest. Time to sleep. See ya

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Day 31 was perfect!!

- Almost 9 hours studying!! I added 'stretching' habits in Habitica app, and it helped a lot. It's my highest score this month. And my party in Habitica just began another new quest, and I'm the main dealer, so I have to be so disciplined because there's no healers in the party. I have to beat a boss by doing my best in my life. I have to kill the boss before he kills us. (There were couple of urgent moments when some of party members didn't do their daily habits. Some of the members died, so my plan in this new quest is, killing the boss before my party members become lazy... hehe)

- I'm so happy right now, I wanna see if it's gonna be consistent or not.

- Good night Gamequitters, see you tomorrow.



1. I could study for 8 hours and 47 minutes.

2. I'm happy with my role in Habitica party.

3. I could translate some paragraphs in Wikipedia from English to Korean.

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Day 33

soso.. I wasted some hours on Youtube. But didn't completely give up the whole day. No perfectionism. ^_^ Today was really incredibly hot and humid. I hope tomorrow would be fine.



1. I didn't give up the whole day.

2. It was happy to have conversation at a English institute. (Didn't measure the time hehe)

3. There are plenty of food in a fridge.

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Good man not giving in to perfectionism. I wonder what the time difference is between here (Eastern Time Zone) and there. I'm always catching you going to bed hehe.

It's UTC+9 in South Korea(08:34 am now). It says ETZ is UTC-5(18:34), according to wikipedia... then wow... the earth is so big :) 

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