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  1. My god.... 2 weeks sound so little!
  2. There are up and down, so ... I believe you'll feel better after this moment
  3. Great job! Keep it up!
  4. Tom2

    Skaliq's Journal

    다른 뭔가에 빠지면 확실히 더 참기 쉬운 것 같아요 ^^
  5. Day 9 So tired @Mettermrck Thank you so much. wow your rank(?) is now 'unstoppable' @BigPete247 That's cool! I hope you had a great time. @Skaliq 와 항상 여기에 한국어 할 줄 아는 사람은 없겠지 했는데... 신기하네요!
  6. 75 ... Dont lose your 75 days!!
  7. DAY 8 Today was soso. Most days are similar. I really enjoy wikipedia as always. Study - make summary in wikipedia, again and again. Thank you all for encouraging me I wish your journeys go well! P.S : @Skaliq Whoa.... How can you speak Korean? Did you use translator?
  8. DAY 7 It was good. Thank you so much for encouraging me @Mettermrck , @Shine Magical . This week wasn't great as my previous weeks. I want to make the next week better.
  9. DAY 6 I was on a trip, so I didn't leave the post. I really love making Korean wikipedia articles, as there're not many contributors in civil engineering field. It's very interesting to see my(?) articles grow. I study some topics, and then I write articles. As I learned that reciting is a good way to improve my grades, I don't copy the textbook. I write down something with my own words, and then check if my sentences and formulas are correct. So far so good. Less stress.
  10. DAY 2 It was good! Nothing much to say.
  11. DAY 1 I relapsed! Today I just got rest and planned what to do. And I wrote some posts. It's very ridiculous, but I don't care.
  12. I was so pissed off because one of my close person treated me as an addict. The reason was that I procrastinated one little thing which wasn't so urgent. Yeah I'm an addict, but I didn't have to get comfirmation from her. I really did my best during my 2nd attempt, and I think I made small achievements of my own. But she might have thought it wasn't enough. I'm so sorry for not being a perfect person. I became so depressed. So I started playing again for 7 days. It wasn't always fun to play, but I kept playing without eating or taking care of myself. So now, 47 days no gaming, 11 days gamin
  13. DAY 46 It was a great day! 7.5 hours!