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  1. My god.... 2 weeks sound so little!
  2. There are up and down, so ... I believe you'll feel better after this moment
  3. Great job! Keep it up!
  4. Tom2

    Skaliq's Journal

    다른 뭔가에 빠지면 확실히 더 참기 쉬운 것 같아요 ^^
  5. Day 9 So tired @Mettermrck Thank you so much. wow your rank(?) is now 'unstoppable' @BigPete247 That's cool! I hope you had a great time. @Skaliq 와 항상 여기에 한국어 할 줄 아는 사람은 없겠지 했는데... 신기하네요!
  6. 75 ... Dont lose your 75 days!!
  7. DAY 8 Today was soso. Most days are similar. I really enjoy wikipedia as always. Study - make summary in wikipedia, again and again. Thank you all for encouraging me I wish your journeys go well! P.S : @Skaliq Whoa.... How can you speak Korean? Did you use translator?
  8. DAY 7 It was good. Thank you so much for encouraging me @Mettermrck , @Shine Magical . This week wasn't great as my previous weeks. I want to make the next week better.
  9. DAY 6 I was on a trip, so I didn't leave the post. I really love making Korean wikipedia articles, as there're not many contributors in civil engineering field. It's very interesting to see my(?) articles grow. I study some topics, and then I write articles. As I learned that reciting is a good way to improve my grades, I don't copy the textbook. I write down something with my own words, and then check if my sentences and formulas are correct. So far so good. Less stress.
  10. DAY 2 It was good! Nothing much to say.
  11. DAY 1 I relapsed! Today I just got rest and planned what to do. And I wrote some posts. It's very ridiculous, but I don't care.
  12. I was so pissed off because one of my close person treated me as an addict. The reason was that I procrastinated one little thing which wasn't so urgent. Yeah I'm an addict, but I didn't have to get comfirmation from her. I really did my best during my 2nd attempt, and I think I made small achievements of my own. But she might have thought it wasn't enough. I'm so sorry for not being a perfect person. I became so depressed. So I started playing again for 7 days. It wasn't always fun to play, but I kept playing without eating or taking care of myself. So now, 47 days no gaming, 11 days gaming, 48 days no gaming, and 7 days gaming again. I've learned something useful during this journey, but I think there are much more to discover. Some useful tips to control my emotion. Productivity of my life has improved quite well but there are some vulnerable moments that I need to react effectively. I feel 90 days are not enough for me to be a better person. I feel like I'm already a loser in my life. I lost another 7 days as I failed to control my emotions. Usually I don't have cravings when there's not much stress, but it's not easy to deal with it when the worst moments come. I don't have a clue what to do. I should react to get rid of the source of stress, but the reality is, I can't murder the person that gives me stress. Is there a practical way to relieve stress and anger? I can only find some advices like, "get some rest", "do meditation", "go travel" and blah blah blah. But it's not easy to even think about those advices when I'm so angry, depressed, and hopeless. I think gaming is a really good way to forget anger and depression. But it's not a right solution. You guys all know that. I just wanna know what you guys do when your worst times come.
  13. DAY 46 It was a great day! 7.5 hours!
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