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Hello! just a brief update about stuff

after reading about the benefits of 'stand up desks' today I put my computer on top of a cupboard so I have to stand to use computer :D    this way I can practice my posture all the time!! (I have weird posture and wrist RSI from slouching in computer chairs for ages)   today already I've found that it's just not worth spending mindless time on youtube using that standing stamina xD  I have to use my time wisely!

Lately I've been trying to be more expressive of my affection, for example I've been telling family members in person that I love them and give them more compliments.  And I phoned my dad up which I never do (only email). He sounded surprised.

Thanks to @asquerade ,  he has agreed to be my 'music accountability partner'  so if I don't record a song by so and so, I have to send money to him xD   hopefully this will keep me motivated to get some music recorded. when I meet new people, I want to be able to show them my latest work.  

I've started having Spanish lessons over Skype with Baselang.  Not only is it helping with spanish but it's also great practice for my social skills and talking to new people.  I'm going to try and have a lesson with every teacher on the site!

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I read this entire thread yesterday before bed. Wanted to read some journals to motivate me.

Dude you are so funny. I literally laughed out loud a couple times! On the other side it was really inspiring as well. You went for the challenges 100% and many of the things were recognizable.. like awkward silences and stuff haha.

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I read this entire thread yesterday before bed. Wanted to read some journals to motivate me.

Dude you are so funny. I literally laughed out loud a couple times! On the other side it was really inspiring as well. You went for the challenges 100% and many of the things were recognizable.. like awkward silences and stuff haha.

Hey. Thanks for reading!  I'm glad you found it entertaining too,  that means I communicated how entertaining it's been for me too xD   I gotta keep going !!

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As long as I still feel nervous I figure this is a good practice…. Today was my longest time yet, I wandered around town dressed like this for an hour, doing some shopping. I went during lunch hour to face more people.  Maybe this outfit was more silly because I got a few more laughs and comments, especially about the lampshade --> that was a hit B|   I also bumped into a few people I knew- I just said hello like everything was normal lolll xD  I chatted to some which made it clear I wasn't crazy hopefully :)   Something great that happened today was when responding to others comments,  I felt free to express myself and occasionally came up with funny responses.  I'm not usually confident to express verbal humour/can't normally think of anything so that was great!


  1. Yesterday I went to the Learning Disabilities charity film night* --   I helped with giving out drinks and pizza man-carrying-a-pizza-clipart-tn.gif and talked to some of the awesome peoples there.  They are some of the friendliest genuine people I have ever met. A few months ago I would have been very nervous going to something like this but I hardly felt nervous.


¡¡¡I've phoned up a few more residential homes trying to arrange

an hour chat with a senior. One sounds promising, I was scheduled to go in this morning but they phoned

up again and said they just need to check with a manager first.!!!



*we watched Mr. Bean & Batman

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  • Today I wanted to ask some people to come to my dinner party at a restaurant, I have 2 friends coming already but I booked a table for 6 because I want more people to come :)  so I went to town, I asked the bus driver if he could come lol  he said maybe he'll pop in for a drink if he's not working- hahaha if he comes that would be the best thing ever!!!!  I asked this cool-looking shopkeeper guy if he could come, he said no unfortunately he's busy. As if by magic I bumped into a friend and now he has agreed to come!  woohoo.  I only asked 3 people but it's a start.  I'm waiting to hear from someone else, it could be 5


  1. I did this wearing my party hat, a few people asked if it was my birthday (it's not!!!!). I said I was doing a dress rehearsal for my birthday lol. but really it's just for fun, maybe I'll be more honest next time.   And I wore my funky rainbow trousers which I haven't had the confidence to wear in town before. If I can wear a lampshade, I can wear those!  It felt great to express myself.
  • …...OK I've realised thinking back that I gave the bus driver the wrong address xDDD I'll try and find him again!!

where is he now??? ---->driver-clipart-bus-driver-400W.gif

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Dude, you are awesome and hilarious. xD Your future will be very interesting. I would love to hear more stories.

*read most of your posts and nearly all of them made me smile or giggle.*

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  • I want to be a friendlier, more neighbourly person… so today I went around to my 2 next door neighbours, who I'd never talked to before and introduced myself.    First I went down the road to buy some flowers because I wanted to give them a present :)  
  • So the first house, I knew a fairly old lady lived there but not much else.   Knocked on the door, she was sooo nice.  Her favourite colour is BLUE, I didn't have any blue flowers so she chose pink instead xD  we chatted for a long time, then she invited me in and started showing me round her house, showing me old pictures, it was sooo awesome she has a collection of spoons from where she's travelled around the world (she's been to loads of places), and also a collection of clowns!!! so I told her that I'm going on a clown course soon xD  she laughed.  
  • She showed me her office round the back and there was the most amazing object I've ever seen in my life?? -  it was a small statue of E.T. made out of coconuts????? and she didn't even know why she had it??!!! loll!! That was so funny and random.  I don't know how long I was there but at least 30-40 minutes talking with her and she showing me stuff in her house.  She said she is looked after well by her family which is good.  


  1. Then I went round the next house, a man answered the door and I introduced myself. He invited me in also and told me about his dog that always watches out the window for our cat crossing the road lol.  We had a chat about stuff, he asked me what I did etc (I forgot to ask him what he does, never mind). I said if he ever needed anything just come round and let me know.  
  2. When I was going I offered him some free flowers as well, but he didn't want them which made my exit feel quite awkward but oh well xD hope he doesn't think I'm too weird haha

I still had some flowers so I went up to the graveyard and put them there.  

I'm glad I introduced myself properly to my neighbours.  

It feels so much better instead of carrying on pretending to ignore them or saying a shy hi.  

I gotta go back sometime and check out E.T. again!

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Hey guys!    The past few days I've been focusing on making music quite a bit. I set a deadline to get a song finished before August. I found setting a deadline with @asquerade really motivating (if you want you can listen to the result here https://soundcloud.com/moonbasemarchingband/here-to-help/s-6D9qh)   .  I committed to an Online Music Mixing Program to help improve the quality of my music.   I haven't structured my time the last few days, and as a result I've not been as focused which culminated in a proper couch-potato-day today (though I did watch an awesome film The Parent Trap, I cried so much :$:$), so I'm going to watch that more carefully (the time management, not the film lol)

Although my social skills development has lacked as much boldness there have been some little victories, like there was another garden party for this charity that I went to, and I sat on a table where I knew no-one to meet new people. And thanks to the new habit of saying 'good morning' or just 'hi' to strangers I've caught up with an old friend who I didn't recognise at first and had some good conversations with strangers.  And I'm way less concerned about what people think of my style choices now lol.  It feels really nice to know that freedom.   I would like to keep building on what I've achieved socially the past few weeks and keep pushing my comfort zone and courage.  I heard from somewhere that courage is a muscle - how quickly it can slacken with no exercise! It felt good telling friends about what I'd been upto lately when I met up with them recently. For once I actually had things to say, stories to tell. I've always felt that I was like 'the loser' of the group lol, not going anywhere in life.  I could tell they were surprised.

Something else I'm thinking about a lot is that I quit my jobs here and have committed to moving to a city after my costa rica trip to try and live independently (living with family atm).  Luckily I have a contact there I can couch surf with for a bit to try and build a new base there.  I'm going to have a think about what I want my new life there to look like.  I'd like to live in a community of or at least know more creative people - maybe meet lots of new people at events and see if there's a house-share someplace I could get in on???  If anyone has experience with this sort of thing I'd love to hear about it.

Yours sincerely, usernameforworldpeace!


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it's time to whoop my social ass back into shape!!!!!! hi this post does not endorse animal cruelty it's a metaphor for my own ass

socialass.thumb.png.daf93204a0dce90cbf0c *whooping sound!!*





  • Went to town dressed colourfully today,  I asked in clothes shops if they had anything that matched my shorts, and asked shopkeepers to rate my outfit out of 10.    Had some conversations,  one outside a cafe with a Canadian couple who liked my shorts.  I went in to see the musician guy I'm trying to be more friendly with and had a chat with him. Hopefully I didn't scare his customers away, though I might have when I first entered, they all left. 
  • Basically today I wanted to try interacting more with people while looking strange.  It's funny though, I'd been watching some JStuStudios pranks on youtube recently and I felt like I had somehow absorbed their conversation style, making things more awkward than it needed to be.  I want to be a genuine person, making true connection, not just a silly-surface guy.  I'll have to watch more 'genuine person' videos on youtube and absorb them instead :D 
  1. I decided recently that from me, the world doesn't need more entertainment. it's drowning in it!!!  but I can use entertainment as one tool, to make real human connection. a means to an end


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Me and two other friends did the following: in a highly social setting (basically an area full of alternative clubs with people hanging out outside, drinking, etc), we'd go and join different group by just standing there and not saying anything. Reactions were different and usually lead to rather fun conversations even though some guys reacted aggressively too, but that's to be expected for obvious reasons.

(I'd suggest against doing this with women in your group since the guys in the group will just start talking to her while ignoring you. Also, I think this wouldn't work well solo; a lone guy just standing there and saying nothing is weird; two or three guys are also weird, but at least show they're capable of having friends and being a part of a group.)

(We would also go around and ask people whether they know the band Kraftwerk. My assumption was that everyone will know them, which was proven wrong.)

Are you still using a standing desk? I feel kinda skeptical about it; I've worked in two workshops before (both focused on producing different metal elements), and having to stand for 8 hours isn't as fun as it may sound. I'm unsure whether I can get excited over a lifetime career of this. I think there's something about leg veins and pressure, etc.

As far as I know, you're fine as long as you sit up straight, using your back muscles to support your body instead of a the chair's back, and do a bit of hip exercises.

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hey @Marquess.  yeah I'm still using a standing desk! It took a while to get used to.  I do take regular breaks from the standing, I lie down on my back and read for a bit, or I move around.  there's pros and cons to long-term standing or sitting it seems - and I read that it's preferable to have a mixture of both.  But a standing desk felt like the best way to really sever my slouching habit for now, combined with some posture exercises I'm doing every day.

thanks for sharing your social experiments!!   I like the one where you join the group silently - I'd also find it challenging to actually join in the conversation too, but I know some people can do that and make it as smooth as anything!!

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  1. I'm reading a book by Patch Adams called "House Calls" and in one of the sections about Friendship he recommends acting as if everyone's your friend for a week, and gives an example to stand on an active street corner, waving and saying hello. so i did the example today,  I chose a street which has a steady trickle of people coming down and for half an hour I said hello, hi there and waved to people as they went by.  
  2. ned_waving_avatar_picture_63146.gif
  3. My favourite was saying 'hey guys!' to groups of people or couples, it made me feel extra friendly  I made sure to keep eye contact and smile at people - make it a proper greeting.  Occasionally I caught people's reactions as they were walking away, I liked it when they were smiling too! I made a person jump once. Of course some didn't respond or ignored me.  Occasionally I saw folks coming out the harbor with suitcases so I welcomed them on their holiday.
  4. This was great to practice breaking down those silly looking away/ pretend to ignore moments with humans and just blurt out "hi there!!" to whoever - be friendly and forthright!!!!  Could I do it for a whole week???

It was raining so when I was wondering around town I played 'raindrops keep falling on my head' on my harmonica down a street. One lady said it was nice. I saw a couple of shopkeepers smile at me. Later I saw my friend so I snuck up and played it behind him and he called me a weirdo lol, then we hung out for a bit. He was playing Pokemon Go xD 

  1. =============================================
  2. =============================================
  3. ... ned_waving_avatar_picture_63146.gif

The plan tonight was to go to an open mic and perform. I had this idea of inventing gibberish titles and make up songs with them on the spot.  I went along, but I chickened out :ph34r: :ph34r:  I stayed and listened to some of the performers instead. At least I got a feel for the atmosphere for it, and I found my 'panic zone'!! So, I'll come back, and I'll get you next time, dr. open mic!!!!! B|B|B|

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