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  1. Good challenges! I recommend to write in your journal on daily basis for 1000 days! Btw. have you heard about setting emergency goals? This can easily help you achieve what you want achieve. Well, let's imagine that you have been back from party at 1 a.m. and there is no way that you'll wake up at 5 a.m. and be soooooo fuckin' productive as hell. So, for this time, you've set an emergency goal: "I'm sleeping at least 7 hours". This way you'll still be productive for the rest of the day by waking up at 8a.m. and you did emergency part of the goals - this means that you won't lose your streak, but you also won't improve it - it's like "+0 points/days" to your streak. If it makes sense for me, try to make emergency goal for each of your challenges. Greetings, Mad Pharmacist Hey MP, I like the fact that this extra effort makes it so you don't completely ruin your streak. On the other hand it seems to open the door for excuses. But then again it can keep you from completely losing motivation and it's probably more realistic than normal streaks. I have to admit it's intersting. Definitely considering it! Nope, you don't want to loose motivation. Why? Because you don't get something you want to get each day: improve your habit streak by +1. You just keep it at the same level, which is something you won't follow But this is just for situations where you're just unable to e.g. work for 2 hours, and you'll do 15 minutes instead. It's minimum that ensures you're engaged into your task but it doesn't move you forward. I hope you got the whole conspect now Greetings, Mad Pharmacist I like it!
  2. The place games have in my life right now Sometimes I forget this forum is actually about games and quitting them. Here I am talking about not wanting to quit and talking about totally 'unrelated things'. Well, I guess that's true but in a way, it isn't. This forum feels really suited for my journey, this forum is full of people who are striving for a better life. Just like myself. Most people's journey is a battle against gaming, for me, it's a little less about that. But I don't want to give the impression that I don't pay attention to gaming or quitting it anymore. To be honest. It's still a 'struggle'. I feel like I have found a balance, but it's still a fight to keep it healthy. It may actually be a fight I shouldn't be fighting. Trying to find/keep a balance is hard. I'm pretty sure it's harder than quitting. Not so long ago I read a bestseller about cleaning by Marie Kondo. The process of cleaning your environment is actually very similar to cleaning the things you're doing. Does it sparkle joy? Yes, it sounds girly .. BUT it's true .. does it? What are you doing? Does it sparkle joy? It reminds me of Steve Jobs commencement speech. Steve Jobs would take a look in the mirror every day, asking himself 'If today was my last day on earth, would I do what I'm about to do?'. If the answer was no for too many consecutive days he would change something. This is what I'm doing to my life right now. It's my number 1 thing that I apply to gaming as well. I once quit gaming, was I happier? YES!!! Hell yes, I was. It was the single most important decision I made in the last years. I've learned tonnes about myself doing that. Still, I decided to go back? Why? Because I felt I could control it... and I failed, and then I succeeded and failed, and... you get the point. It was hard. The well balanced days were better than quitting completely. The other days were worse. I can't really tell what was better, though. Fighting is definitely not easy. I'm still not 100% sure if I will keep gaming or quit it. At the moment it's not really a problem. The last 3 days I didn't a game, I didn't have the time. I like when I don't game, but forcing myself not to game while sometimes it comes in handy? Well, that's something I also don't like. Gaming does sparkle joy. It's ok to relax. But if you can't control it, it's evil. The joy gives you is so much smaller than the pain it causes. I've read some of you guys story and man... sometimes I really felt bad. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here, my addiction is/was very mild compared to some of you guys. Don't get me wrong, that makes me respect you even more!!! That must be a hard fight and it's definitely worth it 100%! Reflections Sometimes I think about quitting the forum, to be honest. Maybe I don't belong here. I'm not even sure if a lot of people still read it. To be honest it may not be the most interesting journal for you guys. I do appreciate the people that read and comment, though. My inconsistency, the busy schedule of Cam and Mario leaving definitely has had his impact. I'm not 100% sure if I will keep writing here, but I will also not delete it because my fight is not done and updates will follow. Maybe there's another forum that's more suited for my current journey (business/productivity) and I will just update this once a week or a couple of times a month... I don't know. I guess we'll see. This decision is not important. At this moment I enjoy writing this so it's fine. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  3. Cutting the BS, being consistent and identifying key habits The readers who follow me may have noticed some things about me. Things I started and already stopped doing: - Quit gaming - Meditation - Reading consistently - Learning the guitar efficiently - Nutrition - Proper exercise - journalling (gratitude/idea) - Starting a business - ... It's time to cut the bullshit. I am inconsistent as f*ck and to be honest I wouldn't be reading this daily journal anymore if I were a reader. I've noticed this patern for several months now. It's time to change it, It's destructive. Even more destructive than gaming. It has caused me tons of stress and I actully believe it was a factor in becoming physically ill (more stress, lower immune system, flu). How I will fix this I'm still a firm believer in applying minimalism to my lifestyle. As a famous David Allen quote reads ''You can do anything, but not everything''. This is my mantra from now on. It actually has been for some time now. I need to focus on the important things and not try to do everything at once. So I'm asking myself the question. If I cqn just do 1 thing, achieve 1 goal this year, what would it be. The answer is fairly easy. It snaps into my head without even having to think about it too much. I really want to start my own business. Make an impact in other people life through it. And make money doing it. It sounds a bit like I'm describing Cam's life right now. But it's what I want. It will be hard workm but I'm committed. I will push through and not give up when I hit roadblocks. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Now I've answered WHAT I will do, but not how... how can I fix my inconsistency? I have identified my main goal. Now I just have to identify which key habits are CRUCIAL to get to it. What is really important to get to my goal, What do I need to do consistently to get my business of the ground? Identifying key habits First of all, I need to be productive and be on top of my game while working on my business. Health is key. This turns my attention to 3 habits: -Exercise (cycling, home gym, walking more. Workouts at least 3 times a week. Walking more on the daily) -Nutrition (Focus on healthy fats, protein, fruits and vegetables. Try to resist fast food and candy as much as possible) -Regular sleep pattern ( get at least 8 hours of sleep daily, wake up around 6-7am on most days - shut off desktop at 8 pm so I don't get distracted) These are not goals in itself, these habits are tools. If I exercise regularly, eat fairly healthy and maintain a healthy sleep schedule it will have a positive impact on my health and productivity. Obviously I need to work on my business. It doesn't come first since it shouldn't be interfering with my health. I've made sure I have several accountability partners. Also I have blocked of 7 hours this week to work on my business. This will be changed to +10hours in the next weeks, An important habit here is writing. I actually started writing this because I have to practise it for my future blog. I don't necessarily have to write as much as today or yesterday though. 100 words every day is the absolute minimum at the moment. What about all the other stuff? These are my key habits. Obviously I will still read, play the guitar, meditate,... but I don't HAVE to. I can choose to do it, it's not a priority or a goal in itself. I'm not focussing on this. These things are done outside my blocked off productive time. It's not my goal, so it doesn't count. Simple as that. I may still do some of my challenges because they are fun. But they are free time, not priorities. Quitting gaming is also not a priority. Obviously if it interferes with my business in any way, I will have to force myself to quit. I do not have a lot of time to game anyways. This week I will litteraly have not time untill the weekends. What I want to do in my free time is not important at this time. Obviously I will still like to try things out like I did in the past. I will do some inconsistent things because I guess that's what I like. We'll see. As long as I'm healthy and working on my business + feeling mentally healthy, quitting gaming is not important for me. I do have an accountability partner for gaming, just to make sure I'm not overdoing it. If business is your priority, won't you lose balance? No. I need to be in a good place to be able to build a business. If I don't relax, neglect family and friends,... I will not be happy and I will fail. This will autoregulate. I still have big blocks of free time EVERY DAY. This means that there's enough time to live a balanced life. Since there's no issue there at the moment, there's no need to build goals or rules aboutit. Really interested in you guys thoughts on this one. This is an important decision. I really appreciate you guys and I would love some honest feedback if you read this.
  4. Good challenges! I recommend to write in your journal on daily basis for 1000 days! Btw. have you heard about setting emergency goals? This can easily help you achieve what you want achieve. Well, let's imagine that you have been back from party at 1 a.m. and there is no way that you'll wake up at 5 a.m. and be soooooo fuckin' productive as hell. So, for this time, you've set an emergency goal: "I'm sleeping at least 7 hours". This way you'll still be productive for the rest of the day by waking up at 8a.m. and you did emergency part of the goals - this means that you won't lose your streak, but you also won't improve it - it's like "+0 points/days" to your streak. If it makes sense for me, try to make emergency goal for each of your challenges. Greetings, Mad Pharmacist Hey MP, I like the fact that this extra effort makes it so you don't completely ruin your streak. On the other hand it seems to open the door for excuses. But then again it can keep you from completely losing motivation and it's probably more realistic than normal streaks. I have to admit it's intersting. Definitely considering it!
  5. Post-apocalyptic train ride I take a seat in front of a creature on the train. He's hunched in his seat. This specimen is trapped by wires. They seem to go into his ears. There's no doubt these wires are stuck directly in his brain. It's the only possible explanation for what I'm witnessing. This human-like specimen is glued to this device in his hand, the wires go from the device right into his ears. His normal human-like senses don't seem to function like they once did. No doubt he's controlled by this device. There's a backpack next to him, it's almost impossible to even see him from the side because of how bad he's hunched. His hairs are messy. He's wearing glasses. They stand a bit crooked on his nose, which suits his posture and hair. I sit down but his eyes don't move a single bit. He's still breathing though, I can tell. There's this weird aura about him. He's alive, but not really. The resemblance to a zombie is not that far-fetched. I don't think he feeds on brains though, I feel safe. He seems like the kind of creature that feeds on Cheetos and Pizza. He's very human-like, but in the end, he's definitely not... Not anymore. He seems like a young specimen. I'd estimate him around 15-16 years old. Humans of his age will definitely be very amused by him. He's the perfect pet for them, there's no threat about this create, he's definitely great material to play with. A part of me feels he's sad, but somehow this device seems to take away his negative emotions, for now. After he comes home the device will probably lead him to a bigger, stronger device and grasp him even more in it's power. I don't think this small device could have such a big impact on it's own. There has to be a bigger one. He picks his nose. I guess he also feeds on boogers, I look away. I see other kind of these creatures. They look exactly like me. I think it's hard to spot the difference between me and them. On the other side there's a nice specimen, definitely a female one. If she were still human I'd date her, no doubt. To be honest, I'm pretty sure she would've rejected me if she was still in her human state. She's around my age, possibly slightly older, but nut by much. There are no wires in her ears, maybe there's still hope for her. I want to save her, but she slightly hunched as well and glued to this device in her hand. I guess she's in the first phase of the infection, it seems to be wireless. Sometimes when I watch her I can definitely spot emotion. It's weird, she seems to be happy. Her lips regularly take shape of a soft smile. As if she doesn't realize she's infected. This must me she lost . I think it won't be long until she's hunched further and connected to the device through wires. Such a shame. I look around and I see some other people like me, no devices. The majority of the population does seem to be infected though. The scary thing is, everyone acts as if it's normal. Even the none-infected. Without realizing, I suddenly have a device in my hand as well. I quickly realize this and I'm able to disconnect myself from it fairly quick. That was close. It won't be long before I'm infected as well. All these stories about zombies and people getting dominated by machines have suddenly become reality. In some gruesome mash-up the human-species is slowly deteriorating and losing the battle against this parasite device. I'm scared all hope is gone. But I'll fight it as long as I can.
  6. English is definitely fine. Had to learn most of my exams in English as well so I'm used to it.
  7. you were one of the few members I followed. But I completely respect your decision! Wish you the best!
  8. I like your advice! I use a lot of them mysef Something I also like to do to reset my sleep schedule is 'going cold turkey'. This means I just start to wake up at my desired time. This makes me really tired during the day and makes it easier to sleep at somewhat normal times. It's really hard, but it also just takes a couple of days to fix the biggest problems in the bad sleep schedule. @ananabanana hi fellow Belgian. I think it's important to not get lost in the negativity of flunking all your exams right now. You probably should focus already on the next term. That being said I'm not here to tell you what you SHOULD do, it's up to you. I think the things you want are healthy. I think the things you do are really not. So you're definitely going in the right direction so it seems. I actually think your problem is not just games, but also general internet addiction. Your problems seem to be pretty extreme, but they are definitely not hopeless. I use a program called 'Cold Turkey'. It has an option that locks you out of certain parts of the internet and even your pc at times you decide. It made my pc really boring between several time periods (which is a good thing). This has led me to stop using it most of the time between these hours. If you like the idea, check it out. I would advice the premium version, which cost a bit of money but nothing too expensive. It's just something I like, don't feel obliged to like it as well obviously. Some habits that could help you with your willpower: - Meditation - Exercising Again, don't feel obliged to do it. If it speaks to you try it. If it doesn't, ignore it (for now). I'm 27 btw. I already have my master degree, but in educational studies. If you have questions about studying or good/bad practices, feel free to reach out to me. If you're Flemish I could also 'help' you in dutch.
  9. The last 2 days it was easy to wake up early. Today it was 7am, yesterday even 6am. Even though I didn't really sleep very well it was still ok. I'm thinking about resuming my new sort of journal which I started on the top of this page. Because of illness and moving I stopped doing it. I'm also thinking about doing some challenges this year. Some idea's:- SPORT: Train and Ride a century on my bike indoors (100miles = 161km in 12 hours )- PRODUCTIVITY: Wake up AND leave the bed at 5 am for at least 30 days, no excuses (naps allowed during the day)- BUSINESS: Work 100 hours in 50 days - CALM: Meditate for 100 days straight. Meditating in bed doesn't count.- GUITAR: Learn 5 songs in 10 weeks (Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix // Tin Pan Alley - SRV // Cause We've ended as Lovers - Jeff Beck // Free Bird - Lynrd Skynrd // Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne)- NO INTERNET CHALLENGE: No gaming/ youtube/twitch/browsing except for work/business for 30 days If you guys have cool idea's for challenges let me know. Even if you think I won't like it, suggest it anyway.
  10. THats my life msot of the time. but I don't know I kidn of liek to have my private time before work. Because then I am energetic and can sue my tiem properly. After work I do't do stuff anyway. One Thing I discovered lately is to drink 3 glasses of water over an hour of time in the morning. It makes me awake much faster. In the sleeping Phase you naturaly dehydrate so it makes sense that it works. That does make sense. I'm trying it.
  11. Since I moved now I did my own groceries. Things I bought: - Spaghetti/Rice - Turkish bread - Lean beef - Chicken - Cheese (hmmmmm cheese) - Green Olives - Green peppers - Kidney beans - Banana/ Apple / Oranges - Berries (eating this right now) - Milk - Eggs - Light lemonade - Arizona (I sometimes drink a cup, it's my 'candy') So overall this is pretty healthy. It's not really that diverse yet, but I'm figuring this cooking stuff out so I'm keeping it simple right now.
  12. It's been 2 weeks Hey guys, still remember me ? A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I'm writing to you from my new house! I'm living here for 4-5 days and a lot of stuff has happened already. - I went doing groceries by myself, (never did that before) - I just cleaned my bathroom (never did that before) - I cleaned almost everything (didn't ever do that before) - I'm doing the laundry right now (did that before .. once) - I flooded my bathroom yesterday ... whoops - I accidentally electrocuted myself, it was a shocking experience. Never did that before and not planning on doing it again So far for the good news Yes that's about it when it's about the good news. Atm I'm not doing most of my habits consistently and I also relapsed when it comes to gaming. It's a big relapse to be honest. I don't want to quit this time. I do realize I probably should quit but I'm having so much fun. Being alone in my house it's probably my only non-productive pass-time (I don't own a television by choice). Being the best possible version of myself At the moment I feel this is the best possible version. I'm doing all these new things so when it's late at night I don't really want to necessarily be productive anymore. This week I did try to limit my gaming/youtube/twitch. I've set a goal to limit it to 20 hours. I'm not really doing a great job. I'm 3,5 days in and I already spent 10 hours. It's not even the weekend yet (even though I didn't go to work this week so I guess it's kinda weekend). By limiting my pc time I automatically started reading and playing the guitar again, so that's nice. I also lost some weight even though I didn't ride my bike for weeks. I'm planning on resuming it tomorrow! But my #1 priority is Waking up early and going to sleep early. There's literally no excuse to not wake up early anymore. I live alone now, I can do whatever I want at any point in the day! My first target is waking up at 7 am consistently. From there I will take it to 6am and possibly 5am. The only reason why I don't like 5 am is because every 2 weeks I have to work until 7pm. So when I come home, eat, shower and relax slightly it's already 9pm and bedtime. I might go for 5am when working early and 6am when working late. Even though I believe that's not really that healthy for my body. Actually I was about to play overwatch. I'll investigate some sleep stuff instead. It sounds interesting. If I don't play any video games today I've spent less than 2 hours on gaming/twitch the last 2 days (which would be great!) So that's it. See you guys tomorrow.
  13. Hey, I won't say much because people find things I use to tell about health and nutrition controversial. Google about LCHF. I'm eating like this for months and I don't even remember last time I got sick The most important things to do when it comes to nutrition are: don't eat fast foodsdon't drink soda and juices (juices are not healthy, really) - replace it with waterdon't eat sweetsIf you have any questions feel free to ask Hey man, Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty aware when it comes to nutrition. I don't really believe that LCHF is some kind of magic trick, but what it does, is force you to make smart choices about your food. So yes I believe it works and I don't hate on it even though it's a bit controversial. When I was in bodybuilding I really valued the fats in my diet. They are essential for sure. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the advice
  14. Hey Guys, Last week I was sick again ... not as sick as before but I had a nasty cough which really drained a lot of my energy. Spent most of my days lying in bed watching my iPad after work (twitch .. ). Anyways, still sick but feeling significantly better. Have some new stuff I want to do: - Stop biting my nails - Eat healthier - Move more, not just exercising. I will try to go for a short walk every lunch break at work. It doesn't have to be very far.
  15. DAY 1 Checklist: Exercise/Walk --> Worked 1 hour longer, didn4t exercise or walk> I decided to at least do something so I did 20 bodyweight squats and 10 push ups. Will also do some stretches before my meditation sessionNutrition choices --> First day after new year means an extended lunch break. I ate pizza. It had a social purpose, it was fine. Also ate some jelly on my sandwich earlier, this wasn't ideal. Nonetheless it was a pretty decent day if we're not counting the pizza. It was a good first stepKind to strangers --> yes!Meditation --> Will do this later in the evening with some stretches so I can learn to get in full lotusNot complaining --> I was negative today at work. I caught myself complaining and also claiming I wasn't trying to be negative while I definitely was.Ignoring negative people --> Made some strategic choices to avoid negative peopleReading studying --> Will do this right after finishing my daily journalGratitude I'm grateful for the heather because I like the warmth inside in the winter. I'm grateful for the guy on the train because I had to run to catch my train. This guy spots me breathing heavy and he said 'You made it!'. I laughed and told him I was happy about it because I already worked 1 hour more than usual I'm grateful for my reflecting ability because I learn a ton from my daily experiences. I'm grateful for myself because ... well this one is pretty hard I'm surprised ... I guess I live with good intentions. I'm grateful for being that way. Idea's (10 idea's ... good or bad doesn't matter) A special sort of desk that forces you off the pc after a set time. It basically hides the pc and you cannot access it. The desk has a special headset, you can only open it by scanning your brain. The headset can detect when you want to start your pc for entertainment of addiction purposes and it won't open.A small office that doesn't take a lot of space. It has a desk and a bed. It enourages you to nap. It has some way to detect fatigue, maybe it can track eye movement or the way you hit your keyboard. When it's time to nap it tells you. The mini office also encourages you to exercise. Every 2 hours you will be forced to elevate your heartrate to 50-70% f your max heart rate for at least 15 minutes. If you don't listen to your pc's warning signs it will shutdown after 30 minutes of warning you.A website that you can turn to when you're sick. It will ask you important questions and will determine if you need to go to a doctor or not. It can detect some serious illnesses that seem pretty trivial at first.An app that allows you to test your own heart. You ride a bike and use a heart monitor, the app instructs you what to do and monitors your heart. When something seems off it tells you and recommends the nearest/best doctors in your area.An app that tracks your heart rate a blood pressure and alarms you when you get stressed out. Maybe something like this already exists?A very high building made for cyclist. There's a built in mountain that you can climb with you bike and the air is regulated so it simulates very high altitudesA chair that's computer controlled. You can scan yourself when you enter your workplace and the chair will adapt itself to perfect ergonomic measures within less than a minute.A desk that easy to change in height, but also has a storage space for keyboard and mouse. When you put the keyboard and mouse into the storage space it will automatically clean it or as least disinfect it so the next user can use it without thinking it's grossSome kind of scanner at work that can scan if you're sick, being stressed out,... it makes calculations and based on the calculations it will decide if you have to work or have to go home and rest. When you're about to get sick or when you're close to burnout this scanner will detect it and will avoid you being ill for a longer period of time.A headset that can measure the db. You can program it to avoid hearing damage. It calculates db vs amount of time and it goes softer as soon as you're at risk.
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