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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Hey peeps.    I am doing the gamequitters Challenge thing and the first challenge today was to make a journal and write a letter to me, and answer some questions.

I would like to add that it's my intention not just to get rid of one smelly habit, games, because I know from past experience I just waste time on other things like internet --- I feel it's all part of one big life-procrastination-syndrome. I want to use free time on creative activities and learning activities and stuff!!

 Dear Me,

I write to you today to inform you of my excellent & marvellous decision to move on from Game World. I've felt the pains of lag when gaming before, but right now I feel I've got some serious lag.... in life!!!  All my friends from my school group are married, some with kids and all living independently.  (Not that I want to get married any time soon but I would like to be independent!)  Five years have passed since I graduated and I've barely anything to show for it. It's time to stop using games and other distractions like internet browsing to escape from making big decisions!!  I really want to move out, get involved in creative communities and start sharing and participating with the world. You better watch out OLD me - NEW me's in town now bucko!!!!!!!!
I'm coming for you!!!!mwahahahaaaaaaa

Yours Sincerely, faithfully and respectfully,

P.S. Have a great day


Right now, I think people could perceive me as being a combination of irresponsible, incapable, lazy, basically slightly useless.... BUT mostly harmless, maybe 'nice'.

I'd like to be perceived as a warm, friendly, creative, uplifting person who isn't afraid to be different and slightly eccentric!!!!

3 behaviours/characteristics to change
- overly comfort-seeking
- dull conversation manner
- not acting on my ideas

I have 18,207 days left to live!!!
estimated date of death:  Thursday, 18 March 2066
I realized sometime halfway through your 27th year you pass the 10,000 days alive mark!!!!!  Now THAT'S a landmark worth celebrating - why don't we celebrate landmarks like that,  5,000 days, 10,000 days, etc.  they should be really special days as well as birthdays :)  anything for more cake!!!

The Simon Sinek video,  "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"   was really good.  One of the best TED talks I've seen.  It reminded me of a quote I can't remember, something like, if you have a purpose, beliefs, principles, 99% of all your decisions are already made.    I feel right now I'm lacking the courage & conviction to follow my beliefs!


Deleted Steam, but that's the easy part for me. I've done that lots of times--- challenge is keeping it uninstalled! Also managed to keep internet surfing to a minimum, mostly spending time here and on Habitica. I filled most of my computer time making music in Cubase which is good, that's what I want to do most of.  I'm using RescueTime to see what I spend most time on the computer.  Good start,  think I will go to bed early so I don't fall into the usual late night distract-a-thon!!

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Dude great to have you here!

I still need to get started on learning how to make music, so it's awesome that you are doing it.

I liked the letter to yourself, it's cool how you know what you want to do with yourself. I noticed the things you assume people perceive you as, people tell me not to be so hard on yourself, as long as you make small improvements every day you can be more confident in yourself.

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Welcome Usernameforworld!!

You've got an exciting life ahead of you.  :D  Sounds like you're off to a good start with writing an honest letter to yourself.  Word to the wise, you will start learning more about  who you are over the next 90 days.  Stick with the entire detox, it is well worth it for the self-growth, and not just about avoiding video games.  I laughed when I read how many days you have left to live!  And your estimated death!  Let's hope for the best, that you live to be that age, but to have memories of a great life full of quality and meaning.  :)  Hope to read more about your journey!


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Good job on starting your journal! I love the letter to yourself idea and the way you look at days alive being celebrated...I've never thought of life that way.

 I tend to struggle with conversions too and find it hard to keep conversations going.

Looking forward to reading your story mate. :)

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a list of stuff I think would be fun to do

1. achieve world peace
2. make 50 albums in my lifetime.   If I;m lucky enough to live for 50 more years that's 1 a year??!!!! 
3. write a screenplay
4. change my name legally, more than once
5. become fluent in French… and what the hey Esperanto, Portugese, Arabic, Chinese and Swahili  (Jambo bwana!!)
6. create a travelling exhibit of a hundred sun paintings
7. construct an entertaining open mic show performance thing 
8. open up a market stall at a market selling exotic goods
9. visit a rainforest
10. see a blue whale in real life


A project to work on for next 30 days:

music album materials----- I'm always working on this though.

Getting fitter.  I'm starting with 30 sit-ups, 30 press ups a day (chunks of 10). and going for a late night jog (jogging on purpose?!?!! this is madness)



I bought a whiteboard!!!  And wrote 18,206 on it.   How many days I have left til I die, if I'm lucky!!!  :oo.O:/:P ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I also bought a book called "Mindfulness for Compassionate Living" because I thought it looked cool. It's all about self-compassion which I could do with a bit more I think.

Got a couple hours done in Cubase today.  But I think I may need to find a couple more 'unwinding activities' for when I don't feel as motivated. Reading a book's good enough for now I guess.   Also I'm beginning to think I should do the Respawn thing, for some reason I'm doing the Challenge and trying 90 days detox at the same time!?!?  oh well, see how it goes i guess.

oh seeing as this is a journal for world peace  i will try to write an ode to world peace every day to fill up some  time now  hehe

World peace Romeo, where art thou!!!!!!!!!!
Open the curtains and take a bow.
Tell us the WARS were just a show
It's time for them to go, go, go!!!
The guns and the bombs were very dramatic
But a planet in love's far more cinematic!!!!!!
The actors pretended to hate so well….
Will they ever put down this script from hell????
I know we'll find you some day, somehow,
OH! World peace Romeo, where art thou!!!!!!


I also recorded it in a stupid voice because what the heck!!!!!! it's practice for ……. scaring people away!! xD

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/263993511&amp;color=00cc11&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe>


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thank you for your comments!!!  oh I thought of another project to work on - social skills!   I read a post somewhere in the forum about social skills and someone said to say "hi" 3 times a day to strangers.   I thought, that sounds fun! Well, I only managed that twice today.  But It felt good to be friendly! Even though they seemed a bit confused.  One was a lady and another was an elderly lady on the bus. I was smiling a lot.  

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Yesterday I was quite vague about my project for the next 30 days.
Waking up this morning, I have decided to make it social skills.  I don't have a problem making music, I do that most days - but holding a conversation is something I don't have much of a clue about, and I would like to put definite time in to improving that.

Ideas for improving confidence in social skills:

Say hi to strangers 3 times a day
Hold at least 1 conversation every day
Be a starter of conversations - don't wait to be spoken to
Say whatever comes to your mind, don't think about it too much.
Be expressive in your tone of voice and delivery
Spend time every day reading about this skill

Ahhh that feels better.

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Yesterday was a busy day. A couple times when I was home I did do a bit of mindless browsing on reddit, woke out of it soon enough but could do with finding other relaxing activities to replace.  later I watched the results of the eurovision song contest :D had a couple of conversations during the day, but it might take a while to build confidence to start them myself. little by little!!! The Slight Edge!  yes I'm excited to apply The Slight Edge to these social things.  So I think I'm realising, my rookie social skills are not because there's something wrong with me, it is because I just haven't socialised much! (always chose to go on the computer instead). 


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Today I made a morning routine  to follow 

wake up 
do Headspace
Take a day away from number of days left alive tally 
do some simple exercise
have a cold shower
get dressed
eat breakfast while reading a helpful book and the next mission
proceed to have the best day ever

I hope this will be really useful because at the moment I wake up and go on the computer right away. I spend an hour bobbing around on the internet, checking social media, emails etc.    

Read something today about 'what you think others think about you, is what you tend to believe about yourself'.  Re-reading my first entry that's a bit eye opening

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This is my vision board I made for today's Challenge. As well as things related to my bucket list, I have included pictures that I find inspiring, like the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image, and inspiring people to me - Patch Adams, Shooby 'The Human Horn' Taylor, and the character Guido from the film Life Is Beautiful.


So I did the new morning routine. And I think it felt good. My mind felt "cleaner". I didn't bombard it with lots of internet stuff like usual. In fact, I didn't even turn the computer on until when I got home later. Which is great! I'll do it again tomorrow. Unfortunately though, I did seem to make up for that lost 'internet time' in the evening. I've got to be really vigilant in the evenings. NOTE TO SELF: watch out for Squidward (a.k.a. Pinterest)


What I'm grateful for right now

1. New beginnings

2. Second chances

3. Third time lucky's

4. Hats.

5. Oxygen

6.  learning about self-acceptance

7. this keyboard

8. Eyesight

9. all my other senses

10. the birds singing






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  • Today's mission was to ask for a 10% discount on a tea/ coffee/ drink of your choice.  
  • I don't drink tea or coffee so my intention was to buy a smoothie and ask for a discount.  
  • So at lunch I went into the smoothie shop. When they gave me the price, I felt too embarrassed to ask for the discount! Rats.
  • BUT - I didn't want to be defeated!  So when I had another chance I went into a different coffee shop and…
  • bought a bottle of water!  And I asked for a 10% discount on it…. She paused, looked at me confused for a bit and said…
  • Sorry, we don't do that for water… (hehe - maybe they do it for other drinks then??)
  • So I said OK thanks. Paid for my water and we had a cheery goodbye.


Really pleased with today. I initialised 3 conversations which I hardly ever do. Not with strangers, but colleagues. I also had a couple of other conversations which I felt went OK. It's all practice.



1. music

2. when you feel passionate about life

3. funerals

4. cats

5. hair

6. my feet

7. the day / night cycle

8. SSD harddrives

9. siblings

10. the act of giving presents



Today's Ode To World Peace

"Shoving its butt in my face
Like a fart of light, the Sun awakes me
Can this trauma, common to all mankind
Unite us in solidarity
For world peace????"


------------------------------------------------------------------>:ph34r:Thanks for reading.



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  1. today I had to find a complete stranger and have a photo taken with both of us in it
  2. The first person I tried was a gentleman around mid-50's
  3. I stopped him in the middle of a car park with an ''excuse me sir'' and asked if he would be in a picture with me
  4. He was surprised saying, "me?!" and declined to be in the picture
  5. So I carried on walking round and found two younger guys in their motorbike gear sitting on a bench by the harbour
  6. They agreed to it, and S got in the picture with me
  7. The other guy M taking the photo was saying all the time "this is weird" lol
  8. Wish I'd stayed longer to have more of a chat but I ran off fairly quickly ^_^
  9. The picture is in the quotes below



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  1. Today I had to approach someone I found attractive and give them a compliment about something
  2. I wandered around the streets for 1/2 hour feeling nervous about giving anyone a compliment!!  This left me feeling miffed -  How can I hope to be a positive, friendly person if I can't give 1 little friendly compliment to someone? 
  3. :ph34r:
  4. Got home, had lunch…sat down at the computer, starting to waste my hours on the internet like any other day… but I didn't want this to be any other day!!! Every day is a wonderful gift!!!!!   So I went for a bike ride to a different town, let opportunities go by again, until I saw a lady whose style I really did like...
  5. I said excuse me, I really like your style, and I like your bag, and she said, "oh thank you, I didn't know I had a style" and laughed, and off we went in opposite directions. She seemed happy, and I felt happy. It was a happy moment. 
  6. Mission accomplished, got home… went on reddit, pinterest, blahblah… whoops!!!  I'm reading the book "The Shallows" at the moment. Hopefully it will put me off the internet more. Already I came across some interesting insights about the plasticity of the brain!!
  7. o.O
  8. So, bit of a mixed day but glad I got the mission done again.
  9. I've written out a detailed schedule for my time tomorrow which I will stick to, just as an experiment - see what happens! 
  10. If anyone wants inspiration for self-discipline just check out the works of performance artist Tehching Hsieh!!!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tehching_Hsieh
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Today I had to record and upload a video of me dancing for 30 seconds


Here it is………………………………



dancing is fun!!!  but kinda tiring. i need to get more fit…. maybe by dancing more!  -_-




  • Today out and about  I felt inspired again to do the 'take a picture with a stranger' challenge!!
  • I found an older gentleman with a bicycle and got him to agree to be in a picture with me!
  • every time i look at it i laugh but i won't upload that one, it's for a special project (i used a different sign)  (the challenge has inspired me!)
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