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Day 21: No useless social networks or websites
Day 21: Investing time in communication skills.

Target by day 90 - master a language (basic French)
Improve fitness level - KPIs set

Start online business - Financial Plan to be devised

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This is like a separate personal development portfolio research, I really have to try some things and attend interviews in order to see where my comparative advantage lies. I can choose new fields in legal advice (this is a model where you give limited advice online to people in need) or just try myself in completely new unfamiliar roles. 

This kind of probing can unlock immense potential but it requires discipline, to be in good health and a hunter mindset.

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Day 44: Self sabotaged by snacking. Snacking causes the need to get distracted by watching online sports (NBA league).

New plan from Day 45

Day 45: No snacking, drinking sufficient water between meals. No more NBA league. 

No useless videos. Investing time in communication skills.

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