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  1. Similarly, my issues aren't with MMORPGs, and it boils down to maybe 5 hours per week at most. Good luck with your research, what you are doing is so cool!
  2. Woah, glad you've been doing so well lately! I think energy levels is a difficult concept- hard to understand what regulates them, and how to be in control of that regulation in a healthy way, without coffee and RedBull. I recommend you take a look at Alexander Technique, as that helped me a ton with energy levels. On the topic of porn: yes, it is a struggle. Without strong social ties to someone romantically, there are less reasons to quit it. I feel like if, ONLY because of COVID, you don't feel like creating a relationship, quitting porn completely is very difficult. I do recommend try
  3. Ohhh so true!! For the first two weeks, I felt more tired than usual, probably cuz (the thought of) playing games was what gave me a lot of excitement/mental energy throughout the day. But after 3 or so weeks, I began waking up feeling rather happy, and began feeling much more excitement for "boring" activities- like reading and being on this forum. Give yourself ~21 days to adjust: that's how long it takes to built a new habit or get rid of an old one. Your brain will learn to get excitement and energy from other activities, just give it time! Have to agree here too, that's how
  4. Good luck, glad you're doing so well overall! What are the things that prevent you from going to bed earlier currently?
  5. Good luck at work, I hope the boss will kick his butt soon!
  6. Hi everyone! Just played some games heh. I no longer have the urge to play for "x more minutes". The game is there, and it is nice and relaxing, but there is a hundred other activities I want to do! I'm making some progress with composition, and hope to spend more time drawing today. Exercising is back to being fun, and I really want to finish up making some presents for my family and friends today. Showerthought: Just noticed there is a totally random nail stuck in my doorknob. Absolutely 0 reason for it to be there, but I guess we are roommates now. Goals: Only play games f
  7. Oh yes totally @BooksandTrees! I was feeling so off I decided to play the game, but honestly that felt equally tiring. I've been having game dreams like that all the time though, I do not think they are related to anything that much. The dreams are out-of-this-world beautiful, and I think they appear as video games cuz that shit is too surreal. On topic of games, played today again for about an hour. Do feel kind of bad, I was not really trying at the game so it made me feel worse rather than better. I think I am okay with playing games during break for no more than an hour per d
  8. Update time!!! So, got a game downloaded yesterday, played a bit, but honestly it's just no fun. I think at this point I've developed a passion for my other hobbies that is stronger than my urge to game. I think I might play now and then, but I am infinitely more excited about drawing, composing, embroidering... Had another video game dream, damn it was beautiful. I don't think there ever will be a game like that haha- it involved math function-based(complex sin waves and such) and fractal-based procedural generation. I think I'll try to draw that hehe 🙂 Was very tired yesterday, di
  9. Hey, on the topic of social media and surfing in general I recommend you replace video games(youtube subscriptions, twitter following, etc.) with some other things you like. For me it was photography, NRP and Audiotree live performances, and art. I still use Instagram and youtube quite often, but it is actually improving my day and fueling passions. And yes, congrats on noticing the problem so early, I hope you manage to tune down gaming to where you want it to be! Cheers, Po
  10. Hey, I listen to videogame music all the time! I listen for a few reasons: to appreciate the work itself, cuz I believe that videogame music is incredible. But also, I listen to get nostalgic, without necessarily provoking an urge to play. Some music does get me excited about playing though, so I try to avoid listening to that. Thank you for making me think about this 🙂
  11. Eeek time for another day at home! Went to bed pretty late cuz of The Boys S2 E2, but feel good right now. The day seems to be starting out well. Being honest, I feel like relapsing in gaming. I'm having some dreams about video games every night, and there is this voice saying "I'm on break, so it's okay..." Very intriguing. I think I'll try to map my day out first, and once all of the to-do stuff is done I will see if I still feel like playing. Fingers crossed for a no. Showerthought of the day: I used to eat with my debit card when I barely had any money on it. Like, use it as a s
  12. Hmmm, I see! I don't think prioritizing appearance is a bad thing in any way, I think it's kind of impossible not to lol. I love martial arts too, i literally just punch and kick the air every day just for fun hehe. But yeah, martial arts by oneself is fairly boring... Yay about being productive and the youtube thing! I never heard of the extension, but will check it out, thank you! I simply deleted all my history on youtube and disabled it, so I only get videos from my subscriptions, which is all music/art tutorials. Thank you for sharing, have a weekend!
  13. Hurraayyyyyyyyyyy! That's so awesome! Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂 Po
  14. Ahhh that's so positiveeeee I hope you enjoy the food and the 4 days off! Po
  15. Thanks @championeal @dasvira! I have been doing less of social media, and gaming is gone for now. I still need to time my TV binges, but so far I've been simply tracking how many episodes I watch/day. 1.5 hours total or less is the goal(~1 episode plus a sneak peak of the next lol). Also, I have been gone for a couple days, sorry! I just moved back home for thanksgiving and was just very tired and zoomed out yesterday. My finals have wrapped up well, just waiting for some people to reach out to me about future projects now. Showerthought: When we think there is "no smell" in a
  16. Hey @Marek, have you thought of changing your exercise pattern/mindset to make it a more every-day thing? I used to lift weights and run a lot, about an hour every day. I would put myself through as much possible, cuz of the "no pain no gain" bs. [personal story eeeeeee]This summer I decided to change my view on exercising- I started doing it just for fun, and just for physical health rather than social status or appearance. Ever since, I've been working out much less, but it is actually fun to do now. I stopped pushing myself through as much as possible and instead found exercises
  17. Yeah, I'm also pretty lazy lately. I say don't just plan your day, but start it with something productive. I usually get up and go walk my dogs right away, then зарядка(morning fitness), then make my own breakfast, and only then allow myself to turn the PC on and check social media and all that. Last year, I actually joined a boxing club for 5 days/week 6-7AM. That was amazing. Starting my day "right" gives me a boost of confidence and motivation. Try it! Doesn't need to be a lot or difficult, just something to make you feel like the world around you is filled with fun things, and that the thi
  18. Oh yes, I believe that they are essentially the same thing. Let me see if GoogleScholar can offer any research on this... BUT, from my experience I sink time in both equally, and feel equally shitty when doing either one in excess. Here are the articles lol: https://psychology.stackexchange.com/questions/12422/is-gaming-more-addictive-than-watching-movies-or-tv-shows not much evidence but explains the point https://akjournals.com/view/journals/2006/2/3/article-p125.xml just an analysis of TV addiction, but if you like the science behind it then I suggest you give it a
  19. Hey! Totally familiar with the sugar problem. Used to eat a lot of sweets until my mom(yeah, kind of the opposite case here) began talking about how bad it is. One thing that helped me reduce the amount of sugar to normal was measuring how much sugar I have every day, and cutting that amount by a few grams daily/weekly. I suggest not to go coldturkey on it, that might cause a relapse or just a lot of withdrawal effects. Reduce the amount gradually at your own pace, but stick to it! Additionally, I recommend reading more about all the bad things that are in high-sugar foods: one book I kno
  20. While the first three are school-related, here's my list nonetheless: A Grain of Wheat White Teeth Collective Amnesia Hard to be a God(personal favorite)
  21. Good Morning! Today's been super lazy so far. I'm pretty much done with school- got all work in early, now there is only a few slow projects to do for the next couple weeks. No gaming relapse, but watched about an hour and a half worth of The B0ys. To me, doesn't matter if it is social media, gaming, or any other stuff- I feel like I am being equally unproductive. So I think I'll try to make the most out of the rest of the day. Yesterday was a mix... I worked super hard from morning until 5PM, like non-stop, but after that I got fairly lazy and barely did anything until late e
  22. Hey @WhoCares, I had quite a bit of fun reading through your journey. I'm Russian too by the way(nickname lol). I kind of agree, gaming is not evil on its own. But when you lose track of how much you play, when you aren't in control of your urges, it is an issue. However, you are right- it is a symptom of bigger issues. I know therapy is expensive and not at all that good in Russia, so I reccomend just taking apart books that you think you can mentally relate to- for me it was "Noonday Demon", a diary of a person struggling with depression (spoiler: happy ending, they write a book!).
  23. Good Morning! Yesterday was a mess. Got most of the stuff done, but also spent about 1.5-2 hours watching the boys and being on social media. Relapsed with nofap yesterday, and was tempted to install some games again. Not feeling too bad about that, but do not want either to happen again. Showerthought: Ants don't die in microwaves cuz they are sooo tiny. Nice. I think instead of a to-do list, which I already have, I'll write a mix of goals and wishes for today: I hope to finish the exam on time and get an A in the class I hope to be on top of my stuff- work for an
  24. Hey Lampshade, I think that's a good decision! Quitting gaming is tough enough, take those addictions apart one at a time. While there are some benefits to combining gaming, and, let's say, nofap, since they have similar roots both in terms of how you access them and how they alter your brain, coffee is a whole different beast and might exhaust you too much. Glad you are going so strong on so many things at once though! Po
  25. Oh hey, totally agree with that, COVID is no fun no matter how well or poorly you take it. Stay safe and stay well 🙂