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  1. What I'd recommend, If I understand correctly, in the case of video games fulfilling social interactions for you, I would simply try to choose non-addictive games, like digital adaptations of video games, stuff from jackbox, etc.. Games with the main reward being the social interaction rather than winning/playing the game itself. If you need games to connect with people, then I suggest to play games that focus on that rather than getting into something fun and addictive like MMOs.
  2. No Games: 65. Have been visiting reddit for small gaming clips about 5 mins/day, but have stopped browsing youtube for gameplay. The last few days have been rather productive and also pretty happy. I'm so glad that spring is here! I've been doing slightly better academically, although my musicianship is getting less time that it should. I've also been making some good art while working at the school's newspaper, and that is also making my day well. The worst parts of the last few days have been really significant though: my partner had $2000 stolen from her, and that has pretty much
  3. Yes, that's why I honestly don't go to reddit's gamequitters- too unreliable of a platform. And honestly reddit is incredibly gaming-centered, so just being on reddit draws me into games more, so I tend to avoid it lol.
  4. No Games: 60! Yay yay. Funny enough, currently hanging out at an online Video Game Sound Design event. Really don't feel the urge to play right now, but do have an urge to make music for video games. I guess it's time to reflect a bit on what video games have meant and mean to me now... ------ Why did I start playing? As a child, I was really isolated socially- lacked friends and didn't spend much time with family (for many various reasons, most of which I was too young to have control over). Discovering video games, I think I was attempting to compensate for that social i
  5. No Games: 58! So close to sixty u_u --Although, it's honestly easy at this point. Haven't visited a gaming forum all day today šŸ™‚ Overall not that busy, kind of lazy even. I think I'm getting a little bit worn out; hope to be able to push it through the finals (this term is looking not as great as the previous, I really gotta step it up to keep my GPA high) Other than that, I'm fairly happy. Watching Death Note is interesting, doing drawing and school work is mostly exciting. Have been exercising a bit less, but I'll get on top of it again right now šŸ™‚ Have a good one everyone, re
  6. No Games: 56. Overall, my self-control keeps improving on a weekly basis. Don't really feel urges that much anymore, and when I do it is rather to watch gameplay than to actually play. The last few days have been rather busy and a bit depressing. Lots of shitty things happening around the world that get overwhelming fairly quickly, and just stressful time of the year in general. Fortunately, it will be soon over, and I still have a lot of things to look forward to every day. Hope you all are doing well; keep reminding yourself why you want to quit, and try to come up with more reaso
  7. Awhhh thank you!!! So glad you've been able to come this far! Must say the same- I am so grateful for everyone in this community; without GQ I would have never gone this far. Until I came here, I was way too convinced that I would never be able to stop playing, but reading y'all's journeys really has shown me what is possible- so thank you everyone! Po šŸ’œ
  8. @Code haha they always do. But they are much weaker and never get a hold of me. Plus, it has only been 50 days- not all that long for the brain to completely rewire itself. After all, I'll probably have memories of gaming for the rest of my life, and so some urges possibly could always persist- but that doesn't mean I will be feeling unhappy or controlled by any means, and certianly doesn't mean your journey will be the same. I honestly don't mind urges- I find the feeling rather nice, although distracting. Plus (totally a secret) I still watch gaming videos about 10-20mins a day; that probabl
  9. No games: 53. Hey look at me mom I am past 50!!! Honestly, I have 25ish days of school, so it should be quite an easy road towards 80 days. But then, the break kicks in! I know what to do to keep myself busy, and if possible will just leave the PC at school for the whole break- that should get me past 90 days easy then. However, there are still a couple instances where I could relapse- right after finals are over. I will have to come up with a plan for those days. I really wouldn't mind relapsing then, but so far (and all my life) every time I relapse has brought too many problems in des
  10. Hi Code! Wish you strength in your journey. I know you're only four days in but that's already quite good- I couldn't bear more than one without relapsing when I started. I really, really like your journaling format! Keep it up, and no matter what- don't quit on quitting šŸ™‚ Po
  11. No Games: 49. Damn, one day till another zero! Honestly unbelievable how I am this far. I want to play pretty badly and quite often, but my other passions just don't let me relapse. I feel like this is the closest to quitting for good I've ever been to- I shall see if this holds as strong over Spring Break (coming in a few weeks), fingers crossed! I've visited family over the weekend. It was a really nice break. Feels weird being in my room again- I haven't really done anything for the last hour or so. Really should try to make the rest of the day productive- I still have so much to do. H
  12. I think that right now you are getting into this loop (I had the same thing) where games aren't as pleasurable anymore, but you also don't quite have the energy yet to push them aside. Took me 3 years to gain that energy- so give yourself time, it's not the end of the world. I simply recommend you try to create some (or one) very simple goals (from getting up before 11AM, to doing your dishes once a day, to reading a book 10 minutes a day), and stick to it no matter what. That should help you hang in there- you're already so much ahead of where I used to be around your age; don't rush and push
  13. Ooops how is it Tuesday already.... No games: 44 -- Having some serious urges, but honestly I've been having them for awhile now. There is just too much of everything else that I want to do instead of games. I just gotta remember how not rewarding games are, and that should help me stay away from it. I think Sunday was quite busy, I spent lots of time painting. Monday has been okay; not super productive, but not lazy either. I think I need to increase how effective I am this week in order to catch up with schoolwork and other things. There is lots on my shoulders right now, and I am
  14. Hi Aoli, keep that passion going! Welcome to GameQuitters, I hope you'll like it here šŸ™‚ What are you currently trying to do to help yourself play less?
  15. No Games: 41. Yes, past the 40 days mark! It has been getting more difficult lately, largely due to me getting more into gaming subreddits again. Gotta stop- gaming brings me nothing besides relaxation, while reading, painting, or simply watching a music video all improve not only my wellbeing but my professional skills. Gaming does nothing good for my future, only leaving sweet memories (that are filled with guilt and regret nonetheless). If I want my tomorrow be better than today, I need to stay away from gaming. Whew. Honestly journaling cuz I'm feeling sooo close to a relapse. It's g
  16. Entry for yesterday. No Games: 40 Resetting porn again. Made the same mistake as yesterday, grrrr!!!! Really got to build my habits. I am dead tired today- my partner's cat was meowing all night and I got maybe 5 hours of sleep. Took a nap after my 1st class. Overall though, it has been really fun and productive! I enjoyed the things I've achieved- a good trombone lesson, helpful tutoring sessions, being happy with my partner. There have been many thoughts of relapsing, but I managed to make my painting super fun and honestly am now only looking forward to painting more haha.
  17. Welcome Alex! I think Moonlight has said it all, but one more thing is: change your name to Alex to help you have even less reminders of games. Basically, anything that makes you think of games will increase your odds of relapsing/not being able to quit, so try to take such things out of your life as much as possible! If you want to stop gaming, the first step is changing the way you look at yourself- don't call yourself a gamer anymore hehe :)) Sending you big strength, and hope that quitting will be incredibly beneficial for you. Po
  18. Oh myyyy, this is so freakin inspirational! Congrats on your success, seems like it was really worth it šŸ™‚ I was actually thinking of playing right now (I am really tired from work) but now I'm sure I'll paint instead. Keep it up, I hope you will continue to be able to shape your life positively, Po
  19. Haha yes, honestly hard to believe I've gone so far already. I think I am just too busy for games right now- if I were to start playing my schedule would get really messed up. And yes, it is snow on a window hehe šŸ™‚
  20. No Games: 39 Porn tracker has been reset (I think it has been almost a week, so not bad!). I've been reading more about porn from all kinds of perspective and my brain has tricked me into mis-interpreting some of the texts which led to relapse, bahhh. Not gonna do this again! I'll keep reading! A good day, not as insane as yesterday, although up until 8PM I had virtually no free time. It is very nice to just be able to relax right now, even just for an hour, on my own. I haven't been working on my art project, so I will have to catch up on that over the weekend. I feel like there are
  21. Entry for yesterday: No Games: 38 šŸ™‚ Today was soo insane. I've had over 10 meetings back-to-back on all kinds of things. The three jobs are finally catching up to me I guess, all at the same time. Certainly no gaming today lol. Although I've been having urges, it is very important for me to understand and acknowledge how successful and happy I am despite being so incredibly busy- and that is because of that extra 30 minutes I get by not playing games. Yay!
  22. No Games: 37. Having urges, but I know I am too busy and can't let it slip. I do want to just sit down and relax for 20-30 minutes, but can not allow that to happen right now. After all, spending some extra time painting or hanging out with my GF is so much nicer anyways! Very busy day, still working actually. I finished my art project, and am making good progress with the latest digital painting, which has made me pretty happy heh. And, got to have dinner with my partner for the first time in a while, and watched a bit of HunterxHunter together. Gotta get some homework done soon, can't b
  23. Hi Josh! Hats off to you for honestly committing so hard and so quickly to this, from my POV. I took much much longer to realize how bad gaming was, and over two years to discover this community and start doing things. Keep it up, we're all here rooting for you! One thing I recommend is trying to share your journey with someone in real life, if possible- that will help you keep yourself even more accountable and also have a bit of extra support. For me, it was my partner- she doesn't game at all, but has been helping me stay away from gaming subs on reddit and discord. If that
  24. No Games: 35. Have quite a few urges right now (watched some gaming videos), but just thinking of how long it takes me to install the things makes me feel not like it. Like, first get steam, then get the game, then wait for it to load. Plus, I deleted all my save files so ehhh nah I'll probably paint instead. Haven't watched any porn at all today, and I think I don't have urges for it anymore. Good work so far, but will have to keep it up from now! Very long day, and very eventful. First of all, I have a sister!!! That is so exciting šŸ™‚ She was born today at 4:20AM heh. Niiiceee. Bes
  25. That makes a lot of sense! I like the similarities you draw, I never thought of them. Thank you for sharing!!! Po