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  1. Thanks @New man. I actually came home late , didn’t eat properly and got up late at about 7.30. I didn’t have time for exercise and didn’t feel too pumped during the day. i know what i can do to go to bed sooner. Write a reminder that i have to do the exercise routine tomorrow.
  2. What is your main sporting activity? Do you work out on a daily basis?
  3. Welcome Boho, im not a professional family counsellor, but I can suggest a few things on the addiction part. It sometimes helps a lot to discuss his favorite activity (gaming) because he may be ultimately unhappy with it. Why “may be”. Gamers can be in different stages of awareness. The worse stage is where the gamer thinks that he can combine gaming with a successful career and family life. The better stage is where he has dropped wishful thinking and knows that gaming will negatively effect many areas of his life. A good question ask in this regard: is gaming interfering with your
  4. New found goals i have to get up 5.50am each morning to be on time for my work. For this to work, i have to be in bed by 10 pm. I have to exercise each morning for at least one hour and take pictures at the end to track my dynamic. i have to set limits for daily meals. I have to start boxing again.
  5. ЕTabletop games are board games right? Are you aiming to quit board games or just video games? I don’t know what kinds of situations you are referring to, but my limited understanding is you don’t want to confront a situation and choose to be distracted by a game. Now why don’t you confront a particular situation? Maybe you need to monitor yourself more and do targeted reading to try and be different in uncertain situations.
  6. @BooksandTreesI was thinking about breaking eating discipline when I had this idea. What about US army rationing SOP? That measurement is designed to keep soldiers fit, without excess fat or sugar in their diet and sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, protein etc. what about closely monitoring food intake in accordance with that? I have broken my food discipline recently. I’ll try to see if I can set these limits up to prevent overeating. The upside is that you know you have eaten the right amount and there is no way to get confused with this.
  7. I will suggest you to test one day completely without screens (television or telephone). The more days you can do this the better. All your resting, distraction activities will have to involve talking to people in person or reading physical books. At the end of that day, write down your realizations not only with regards to med/long term goals, but ways to get to those goals. When your method doesn’t work, you have to look at it differently and Figure out a new approach. Worked example: Aim- Getting employed. Over 40 applications in the span of a year. From those 40, two em
  8. “You worry too much.” I’ve become aware that it is hard to make decisions in the absence of main agenda. If you have that, everything else serves your main goal. But even on a daily basis I’ve got limited time and energy and am unable to get everything done. When I’m differing between two different tasks its the biggest time waster because it causes me to delay starting either of them. Another thing that wastes time is the feeling “should I be doing this at all?” One year later and I still haven’t fixed my issues, but it got better. I guess I’ll have to space activities out ov
  9. Welcome back, hope you are doing well. Can you share on what you learnt over this past year about your goals? Have you become more self aware and focused as to what you want to achieve?
  10. @WhoCares, Overwatch is the only thing you enjoy because the game designers created a product for overstimulating your brain. It was trained to crave that level of overstimulation by the act of you playing. To answer your question: The point in attempting to limit yourself (in fact to stay away as much as possible) is to bring back yourself to a point where you start noticing people around you, start coming back to your real emotions, interests and goals, and working at slowly improving all areas of your life. The greatest driver is potential for what you can achieve. You have blood
  11. A valuable insight. Eating in combination with absent mindedness is a go to activity when I’m tired. Writing a diary will not control my eating. Great way to control eating is to preplan what I will eat, invest time in cooking and then talk to somebody (in person or on the phone) as I am eating. Trying to just say i will eat this, will not work if i’m absent minded because I’ll add a lot of things. Eating can completely mess the day up because it undermines discipline, causes me to cave in to other things, makes me feel unwell. Today I have to literally force away absent mindedness or at
  12. I tracked my diet for the first day today and didn’t over-eat. I forced myself to lead conversations today and established rapport with the respondents. That came from trusting myself to say what I really thought. I noticed that on the one hand I give too much attention to detail when filling in court documents or executing any other work task and I notice how nobody really bothers to that extent. On the other hand I don’t give enough consideration to things of primary importance such as my dress and food. My diet got worse ever since I started working and I wasn’t able to disciplin
  13. @BooksandTrees Don’t believe that stuff man. Your sleep will get better over time, you need time to adapt to your new sleeping hours. Great to see that you are aiming for a breakthrough. I can concur on having experienced the cycle of taking good decisions, improving discipline but then slipping back into complacency. It would be good to study why people want to slow the tempo and give themselves some slack the moment they experience success. Ever thought about raising the tempo and the stakes the moment it appears like you have done enough? I will call this the breakout from the c
  14. I’ll give credit to @DaBest , “break out of the fantasy” is an excellent statement that describes the solution. I’ll only add to this that music and particular films lead to emotional volatility. One of my great decisions was never to listen to music or watch films for entertainment. This can appear hard, but it makes sense for somebody who is on the road to conquering his weaknesses. I found that I had to invest more time in the things that I did. I think @BooksandTrees was reflecting on the same thing when he had said he started taking care of his needs more . After a while I real
  15. @BooksandTrees, From what I can see, you are reigning in your actions because you don’t want to appear too nice. I think this is right and is coming from your habit of reviewing your actions and being self accountable. I think a big part of being a man is knowing that something (a promotion or a wedding) is coming your way and not worrying over a mishap. That allows not to concentrate on it too much and stress out but instead work on solving the issues and enjoy the rewards.
  16. I was going to ask to what extent it was a conscious decision on your part to become the project manager in your organization. You seem to have gained a more sustained level of proficiency over the months. This means that you can do your current role with less stress and greater clarity. Is this last point true or false? The second question was going to be if this qualification that you are undertaking is affording you broader knowledge and transferable skills in your profession.
  17. Go on then, not hard at all. I’ve done two days. Just predetermine what you’re going to go the moment you want to get distracted.
  18. I tried a day without internet for recreation/distraction purposes. Felt really good and focused. Will go againtoday.
  19. Heart warming to see your message. Stay on the track to recovery and do look for ways to work on important things. I am reading a physical book right now which affords more comfort in managing my time and not being distracted by ads.
  20. Welcome back, I don’t think you’ve found a replacement activity yet from your mixed feelings towards video games. just to give you an example: I had a English flat mate during my undergraduate degree who was totally obsessed with getting ripped. To me he looked very fit. His shoulders, chest and biceps were well developed and in the right proportion. But on so many occasions he was discussing this subject with me. He thought there was a lot of improvement to be made on that! There was so much banter with other guys who were in the bodybuilding game. He was all over it and totally addicte
  21. How are you doing? Did you follow up on your running commitment?
  22. In the previous years, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted my position so much. Its like i was always keeping an opportunity to quit on someone. Responsibility enmeshes you with an organization. I disliked the idea that I would be stuck in a long term job that wasn’t the best for my health. I now remembered how in a football match i was ever delaying my shot. It just never came because i always wanted to improve, to get closer to the goal and create enough space between myself and the defender. At the end of the match my teammate said i wasted dozens of opportunities. I call
  23. it seems your days have a good deal of balance at this point because you are maintaining connections with your family. This should be helping you in getting the necessary breaks in between your studying/work. Wish you to have a safe journey. Absolutely go there man, you will have a lot to share with James Good who has been on a trip to Yukon. You get to learn so much by visiting new places. If i get to work from morning until night, i can’t go to bed straight away, but I want to shadow box in my bedroom. I will just remember my last sparring session in the winter of last year and tr
  24. Yesterday i was offered to be a traveling representative for my company. I asked time to think over this. I think i’m going to go for it as I’ve had no such opportunity in the last three years. I no longer box to relieve stress and I had to shorten my exercise routine. I’ve got to be more disciplined than that.