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  1. When a task is perceived as an obligation, you may not be as enthusiastic about doing it. Look at the difference : 1) i have to call 3 clients with a prospective offer. 2) i have an option to call 3 clients with a prospective offer. Approach number one means you are proceeding in autopilot mode. Approach number two engages you. You become aware of your priorities, and vision of where you want to go with this action. You even start seeing what is wrong with how you execute it on a habitual basis. It is a much more wholistic approach. Even your sales pitch is going to
  2. You are welcome. Let me tell you, i stayed some time without media stimulation. At first, my emotions were negative. After all, internet media served the need for distractions very well. But I held on a bit and started noticing the world around me, started talking to people and developing skills and insight and most important of all, started accepting boredom! Its a must to be a healthy and a resilient man. There is a story of a desert fortress where the men are expecting enemy attack at any moment. But the enemy upsets their expectations by not attacking. They then have to end
  3. Let me see if I understood it correctly: you are going to put yourself back in trial and test to see if video games start controlling you again? What is the point of that? There is a very minor upside (getting a thrill from a game) and a potentially major downside of this sort of experiment. You talked about underlying problems being the root cause. The way I perceive underlying problems is that gamers try to escape issues by playing games, but then the games make them less capable of solving them than they were in the first place. So, basically games become another root cause, next to wh
  4. How about taking time off to spend time somewhere else away from your old environment? Did you have that?
  5. Ok, are you regularly tracking offers on jobseeker websites not only in your practice area but other related fields too? What sort of intel have you got with regards to that?
  6. A random thing activated memory fear and pain. When this memory pain activates i feel worried and my ability to do work goes down. Im working at reduced capacity right now. A colleague at my work talked about circus acrobatics. A person that she knew had injured herself at training and would panic if asked to repeat the same exercise that caused her injury. Even though i understand all of this its not within my conscious control. I need to read how people build up mental toughness that makes them resilient to stress.
  7. I was feeling a bit down, met a pensioner at the sport section of the playground this morning. She was born in 1937, and her father was imprisoned when she was 5 months old as an enemy of the state. Her mother was also imprisoned as the spouse. They were later pardoned under the amnesty initiated by Khrushev. As a child, she witnessed the battle for Moscow and can remember all the things vividly. The German warplanes bombed Moscow in 1941, less so in 1943. The metro was the designated bunker and everyone would go there in a hurry when the sirens were sounded. They dug out trenches cl
  8. This is the thing with work, there has to be a greater strategy and vision about where you want to move with your projects. you have to deal with boredom to get to success. Don't doubt yourself in your job, its going to change for the better. Every time i come to work, i think to myself: behind all this routine and boredom lies ahead a great moment of challenge which i will overcome. But apply new tactics to get rid of bad habits. Best thing is to be unavailable for the bad habit. We know when and where we are bound to do something bad, so avoid that situation beforehand. in fac
  9. Man, don’t slide back into filling time with distractions. Writing and reading is a clever way to structure your time more productively. I think about the reduced activity of this website- it may be momentary or not. When I remember myself some years back, I had a gaming problem without playing the games, but compulsively constructing game worlds in my mind and I hadn’t had enough awareness on how to combat this. Right now there are many people who need help but don’t know it. How did I come to this conclusion? The gaming industry has become more mainstream. There was a world c
  10. Ive skimmed your last posts and detected a recurring pattern: curiosity ruses. You detailed in a number of cases how something invites your interest or you just want to keep up to date with friends or news and that gets you to relapse. Repeat to yourself out loud that you are going to ignore curiosity ruses today. Write down your emotions in the evening and reflect that this is a road to recovery. In reality there is never spare time in your life. Every moment you are taking care of your needs, be it rest, communicating, work, education, sport etc. Are you tracking points for followi
  11. Welcome back serious Jay, My current observation is that journaling, developing and correcting plans with regard to your goals will always be necessary . If i had no bad habits at this point in time I’d still be journaling and practicing self-accountability. I got much needed insights by reading your posts at a time when I was going through hard times. If you aren’t going to journal on this forum, be sure to maintain a private diary and please support members on this forum too. Going on the offensive is the least natural instinct for a person who has developed a habit of es
  12. Why don’t you level up your physique and health instead of a virtual character and write down at the end of the day in your scorecard: Haven’t overeaten: 5 points bonus Ate healthy: 3 points exercised: 2 points Applied better technique/new routine: 5 points bonus Researched for developing a strong back (new book, read 5 pages): 3 points bonus. Brushed teeth: 2 points Net total: 20 points You have to score at least 18 points each day to pass. If you don’t exercise one day, then divide fitness research points for that day by 3 (so you get just one po
  13. Hi CG, there used to be a forum member who released his stress by playing golf. I remember him talking about changing coaches because he didn’t like his first one. I can’t remember his nickname now. Maybe it was you?
  14. Welcome to the forum, i think you should look for a good therapist if you don’t already have one. Also a nice exercise is taking long walks in combination with counting your steps. The purpose here is to prevent any thoughts and it works because you have to keep the counter (just imagine an electronic counter in front of you and keep adding to it with each step). When i did that, i managed to get to 19 000 steps without thinking about anything. It felt amazing and I called it the jammer technique, because you are essentially jamming the thinking autopilot in your brain. However this won’t
  15. Welcome to the forum Matt. Let me ask, if you aren’t going to game anymore, then what are you going to do? Where are you going to invest your time and effort? If that new meaning is uncertain/vague, it will be difficult to overwrite your thinking patterns and habits. They will trick you in the end. How strong is your craving for a different life? Right now can you say it is strong enough to track each one of your days in a diary and force new activities into your life?
  16. Welcome to the forum, we will engage with you and offer moral support and advice. I hope you are intending to work on the respawn pack because as Cam mentioned, recovery and abstention aren’t the same. Recovery comes from good discipline and effort and is a state when you discover real goals. Real goals grant you all that sense of direction and purpose that renders video games useless.
  17. Further insight: things done in a particular structured order (by suppressing laziness) will bring great results for your character and mental strength. Eg. You’d like to revise later because it just doesn't feel like a good time to do it. That is an excellent time for you to strike and overwrite your behavioral trait. there are many things your body would like you to do: to sleep longer, get distracted by entertainment, avoid conflicts, overeat and daydream. Give in to these traps and you’ve got a classic case of unreliable, irresponsible person that can’t be trusted with anything. Look
  18. Just saw it in the news that a special large gamepad was designed weighing 30 kilograms and 1.5 metres in height. The aim is to develop the player’s muscles as he is struggling to press the buttons on it. It looks like an ordinary gamepad, only much larger (about the size of a large flat screen tv) The idea is that you can’t really get hooked. You just tire yourself out after about half an hour of playing.
  19. I think that you will never delay a task if you are taking care of your needs and your mind has returned to a good work/rest pattern. Discipline starts to falter when you are sacrificing too much of your health to get something done. That is why habits like internet browsing and video games develop: because they can distract you and give a temporary escape. They then create an unhealthy cycle of its own. Worked example: I was in the office feeling tired and unable to focus. It was just enough for me to log on to game quitters for mental energy and focus to come out of reserves. This
  20. How much do you actually revise then? From morning till night? I suggest monitoring the amount of material memorized in two different approaches. You can already look back to how much you’ve revised using the old method. So now you’ve got to allocate an hour or more in the day to strength building. It has to be cardio or a sport of some sort because that improves blood circulation and metabolism. Also its good to preplan what you will revise in a day and plan to do the most important thing first. At the end of the day check how much you’ve revised. If you track that, my bet is y
  21. Dreaming (fantasy type) can be an issue because it replaces the real world for you in a way. In fact I consider dreaming a surrogate to gaming or its extension. Dreaming on achieving a realistic goal is good if it is constantly pushing you to work on your short-term and long term plans. The more tangible your intermediate goals are, the more thought out and predictable the results will be and the more motivation you will have (how does it feel to see the change to your chest after a consistent one month work out plan?). If that happens, you will transition into the real world and gain mor
  22. Welcome to game quitters, have you purchased the respawn pack? It comes with a workbook intended to keep you on track to recovery and prevent relapsing. You are braver than the other gamers as you chose to stop playing and confront yourself. You don't want to be in denial. Can you share a bit more about your academic focus, interests and goals? Amphibian
  23. From your post It seems like eating sugar is a stress coping habit. Try switching to dried or normal fruits as your snacks. Also distraction is good during revision. One example of a healthy distraction is kicking a ball against a wall. Really great for resting your mind. So You’ve got to reformat stress coping into something healthy. It depends on your character. It may be jogging, or working on a punching bag. You’ve got to try new activities. Hope my advice is of help to you.
  24. Welcome to the forum and I wish you a lightning success. I’d suggest to get out of your house more often and play your favourite sport.