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    Tzen's Journal

    9 days left to go! You can do this. ?
  2. Hey @TwoSidedLife ! It's been a while since I've seen you in this forum. That's great. As for now, I am trying playing games in moderation (I relapsed after my exams are finished in May). It is okay in some days, but in other days, I struggle to keep my playtime from going overboard. I hope that you are doing well with the detox, and I am looking forward for more of your posts. ?
  3. This was similar to what I have felt when I was in my gaming detox. Like you, I also like to write stories (and poems) and drawing. However, because of my business, fear of writing poorly, and laziness, I just didn't do it and further honed my writing skills. I also agree with @30_yrs_of_gaming about overthinking and about being content. I hope that your date will go smoothly. ?
  4. Ooh, congrats to you! ?? I am happy that you and her finally confess your feelings and that it went well. Just take things slow and the following will happen at the right time.
  5. Oh, great for you! You must have a fun time with her. Just make sure that you don't rush for a relationship with her. It is interesting to me as well since I rarely heard about this. I don't know if the following advice I am going to give is going to be helpful, but I suggest that maybe you can set a time range during the weekdays to relax and a few demanding activities and friend/family hangouts on the weekend. If you feel like boxing is too much for you, I agree with you that it is a good idea to cut it out. After all, each of us, as humans, has our own equilibrium to be maintained.
  6. I also brought my phone to bed every night, and I often use it the first thing in the morning. This is definitely not the best idea for starting the day. To be honest, electronics can enhance your life, but they can also destroy yours if you use them in an unhealthy manner. Old habits die hard, but they do (and can) die with a proper plan and a sense of purpose.
  7. Hey @Deku ! It' been long since I saw you. I also relapsed as well since my exams (in May) were over. I am currently playing games in moderation, but sometimes, my playtime can go overboard. In some days, it is not a struggle, but in others, it is. I agree with this. Even until now, I feel like I want to get creative and doing activities like writing, drawing, and dancing. However, gaming can be one of the causes of why I don't do those hobbies that often, describing them as "writer's block" or "artist's block." I don't know if you actually like doing the activities I mentioned before, but if you don't know where to start, this can be a great starting place. You can add your own hobbies (other than gaming) from this. I hope that you succeed in overcoming your addiction. ?
  8. Hey @Phoenixking ! It's been long since I read you journal. That's great! There will be temptations, but man, you are squashing them! ? A NSFW-image blocker is actually a fantastic idea, as it could be a helpful tool to combat pornography and mitigating its effects, especially mentally and psychologically. Keep it up with your record.
  9. This reminds me of a saying that "old habits die hard." I must say that I can relate to this. I would prefer if the person with whom I am talking talks about a topic that we both have mutual interest on. Your journal have some simple, yet eye-catching insights. I am looking forward for your future posts. You are not alone in this. I also felt the same thing when I was with my crush at a house party. As a girl struggling with being confident of herself, I was so nervous about the things that he and I should talk about. I might be just a normal girl on the outside, but a wreck that have been hurled from the emotional roller coaster of feelings in the inside. This got so intense that I had to go to the bathroom. My crush was outside the bathroom, talking with his (then) girlfriend. Long story short, I cried for at least half an hour. I know it can be very hard to deal with anxiety towards interactions with the opposite sex, but I want to tell you that no anxiety can define your worth and value as a human being. I don't know if you believe in God or not, but from what I believe, God has loved us through the thick and thin. There is nothing, not even a bad deed, that can separate us from His love. Wrapping up, just remember this whenever anxiety gets the best of you: "No matter how big fear can be, there is always something that is bigger than fear itself."
  10. It's great so far, though there are ups and downs. As for now, I take a semester off, so I would not not be in uni until next year February/March.
  11. I heard that you need some advice to fill up your time other than studying and gaming. Maybe have a walk outside for 10 to 20 minutes (it does not have to be everyday, but 3-4 times a week is good), hang out (and study if all of you want to) with friends once a week or fortnight, or have a lunch / dinner with your family once in a while. I know I could have think of something more, but these are all that comes up in mind when you said your mother claims that you have an addictive personality.
  12. Lea

    RB's Log (Take 3)

    You are not alone this. Honestly, I struggle with being responsible and being myself, even feeling worthless sometimes. It's great that you are back and have a fresh start in life by setting games aside. I am impressed by your motivation behind your decision to quit, for negative emotions can be a great source of desire to take an action. Remember, don't be too hard on yourself and even if you do fail, you are NOT someone worthless. Keep up with the detox. ?
  13. Lea

    Ikar's Diary

    This is interesting and true, as there is a saying that "what you sow is what you reap." I hope that you are adjusting back to home life well. ?
  14. Good for you. ? Don't push yourself too far and you will succeed in your detox. Happy detoxing! ?
  15. I struggled with this as well. I guess we are on the same boat on this matter...
  16. Hi @karabas, it's been long since I talked with you. How are things so far? That's great, not a lot of gamers who want to quit could have the opportunity (like you have) to surround themselves with mindsets similar with yours.
  17. I can feel you about your recent dating life, except that the role is reversed and the guy (my most recent crush) was dating (now his ex). This is also what my crush says to me when I actually told him my feelings for him. Even before that, I already knew that I was indeed desperate. Denials of those desperation though made me "blow up my bottle." I knew that this was all my fault and felt guilty because he was already in a relationship. From there, I learn that I have to be patient with any guy I want to date and try not to be too desperate over any future crushes. It's good that you are holding your ground even if there are several unwanted approaches, especially from desperate girls. It is better to stay in the boat of singlehood for a while than to plunge into the stormy waters of desperate relationships. I hope that you are doing alright in your transition.
  18. I also struggle with this as well when I was in my 90-day detox. My sister and my cousin asked if I want to play a game with them. It can be agonising and tempting, but I did say no to them politely and went on with the detox. It's great that you are doing strong. Keep up with the good work! ?
  19. Lea

    Tzen's Journal

    Same, I also struggle with this. In order to curb my screen time in the morning I usually go to a fitness club each morning except for Sunday. I know it is not going to be easy and that it happens once in a while, but I shall say it is not impossible to get over this habit. Stay strong! ?
  20. Lea

    Ikar's Diary

    Hi, Ikar, I am Lea. I haven't read all of your entries yet, but your journal has some interesting takes, like choosing a job in a place a person would not choose (or at least like to be in). From there, you can build up your resilience, courage, and good work ethics, along with learning how to be grateful in all circumstances. This is exactly what my family have been telling me as well because I am not them, like they are not me. It is the fact that we ultimately make our own decisions and must be responsible for them. I struggle with this as well because it can be scary. So enjoy your time in Iceland while it still last.
  21. Hi, I am Lea. Are you writing poetry? Me too. After I read your last few posts, I am happy that you made progress in your goals. I may not be you, but I can feel the pain you went through with your family issues. Keep up with the good work and don't push yourself too hard. ?
  22. Hey guys, I'm back! It's been a long time since I posted in this forum. A lot of things have been happening to me. The good news is that I passed my classes with flying colors and is accepted by the psychology department / faculty (even though I have to wait for several months until March). Even though psychology may not be interesting at first sight, after I see people (including you) with similar problems that I am dealing with on my own, I am inspired to become one. Who knows I could come up with creative therapies and alternative coping methods for people like you guys. ? And I am telling you another thing since my last post in the forum. Around a month or two after I succeeded in my detox (which I believe is May or June), I started to play games again, but now I am working to limit my time on gaming to do more productive activities (e.g. exercising, making stories, cooking, etc.). To be honest, it is not an easy struggle. You may think the same as well, so if you are struggling to get over your gaming addiction or in succeeding your detox, feel free to talk to me about your issues with video game addiction or maybe how video games affected your life. I'll be around in this forum whenever I can. So good luck with your detox! Don't give up and keep it up. ? P. S.: Actually about my crush (Caleb), this is my long (one-sided) story short. Sadly, he rejected me. From April to two weeks ago, he already had a girlfriend whom he really loved. This makes me "turn into a green monster" who can only wish that Caleb was mine. At the same time though, I wanted him to be with her because if that was what made him happy, then I was happy even though I felt pain. So when I heard him and his girlfriend broke up, I was shocked, followed by mixed feelings. The "green monster" inside me was finally happy, but on the other side, the "angel" within me was sad about this. I felt like if he wasn't happy, then I wasn't. As for now, I feel normal and okay without him, but a part of me still longs to text him to see how he is doing. I don't know about you guys, but you may feel lots of negative emotions when someone you have a crush on does not return your feelings. The thing is that it is not the end of the world, and I understand gaming may seem to be a way to cope with your stress that is a result of unreciprocated feelings, but I have been there and done that. I feel like it is not the healthiest way to cope with unrequited love, as gaming addiction can be a vicious cycle prior and after a heartbreak. I don't know what more to say, but I share to you a quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: "And when you can't go back, you have to worry about the best way of moving forward."
  23. About This Thread So, it's been three days since I pass the 90-days mark! Woohoo! ? I know life is not always easy, and there are always people (including ourselves) who find ways to bring us down. Regardless, we should also remember that we are not what people define us and that it is up to us to define ourselves and our values, principles, beliefs, dreams, and lives. So this journal is just for fun and also tidbits of my life that are interesting, emotional, outrageous, inspirational, and anything in between. I'm looking forward for this thread. If you want to share your experience of quitting gaming, you are more welcome to do so! Have a good day/night guys! ?
  24. Ooh interesting. How is it? ? It's good to see you again, it's been long since I read your journal since I was bogged down by both business and laziness.
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