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  1. Hey, long time no see The main reason why I didnt write anymore is that I simply lost the interest into writing this journal. I usually check gq anyways from time to time to see how other people progress. But, to be honest, its sometimes frustrating. At one side gq is a pretty ‚sad‘ place because all the people here are having problems in their lifes and they are obviously writing about that. I think its natural that people doesnt want to see that much sad things, especially not in the internet, because for people like us, we normally only get dopamin here and not the view into serious problems. However there are also many people here which succeed they are getting out of the mess and I can truly say that makes me happy. But at the other hand I feel bad when I read how people write about their better life now. Probably I compare it to mine. My life is not even bad its running good, smoothly lately. Of course the usual struggle. But somehow I feel bad reading about peoples ‚better‘ life. Thats strange because I used to get my dopamin also while checking people out who had success in their life. However thats the thing. So I am not sure what to do. Mainly I just write now because I have some serious exams in the next week and I should be learning for them. My library closed due to some renovation, therefore I learn at home, which is hard but it works.. Also there are now a lot of classes I have to visit because semester started again -> no much time to learn, feeling stressed when I come home. But this year is very, very important. I have to give my best after that I am not done, but it will get easier. So I thought I should write again here, because till now it always got better when I wrote here again. Maybe not directly, maybe not even because of the writing I have no idea, but it went better. I blocked many sites at my browser. I never did that before, but it works soo well. I wasnt sure whether Ill just delete the block after some time but that didnt happend. Lately there are not much things which I can procrastinate with, only youtube and a bit of runescape. Ill give a break to runescape too now. At least for 2-3months. Im not addicted to it, I only play due to nostalgia, but currently no time for that.. So I sit my ass now in front of my computer and do my university stuff 🙂 Ill keep u updated guys I hope it will help me through this tough time (again..)
  2. I guess its time to stop going into the detox without real alternatives. Do you work or do you go to school? Do you do sport? Other hobbys? I think you need a solid base of activities you will do when you quit. The music thing is good for example. You just need to add some things and to actually start them. Or what are your thoughts why you keep relapsing? For me it wad mostly that I had nothing else to do or simply wanted to forget the stress/work(so gaming -> relax). Both things disappeared when I started to work for school as much as I had to + added sports/learnt new instrument.
  3. Welcome back mate.
  4. Well here they say you need 3 months to introduce a habit. You do good, it will feel better with time. Patience, discipline and faith, youll be good!
  5. Hey, I struggle since a long time with nofap. I know the benefits are huge, but also because personal reasons I want to do that(hard mode). However I cant manage it... So I wonder whether you guys have some tips? Its time to get another thought because my own system doesnt seem to work.
  6. big load of motivation to refresh the dopamin system completely. But this has to be a clear decision, otherwise it will end in a relapse anyways(-> even harder to start again). Motivation doesnt lead to a better life, its just a moment you feel good and maybe you do something, maybe even not... pointless. You need the discipline and then it will work so before I start a whole dopamine refresh maybe I just improve in simple steps... sounds way more possible -> clear mind decision, no motivation/dopamin bs
  7. Daily struggle, not much new. I wonder when I want to start to actually do something to reduce the computer time stronger. Its just that currently med school is so heavy anf time expensive, that I have not the ‚energy‘ to do something else. This is prolly not true, I just have to do the first steps. I mean, I can do that. Why not start today again with some jogging? lets see...
  8. Nice decision, stay strong
  9. welcome mate, wish ya good luck what is your job/school? And any advice how to do nofap? (hard mode)
  10. why dont u want to tell them that u quit?
  11. Yesterday was a pretty bad day, but today again a better one. Yea however Ill try to keep the routine up. Focusing like I mentioned already just on med school currently. Working hard for an exam... After that Ill see what i can improve, but yea university takes the major place in my life currently. Its not bad, because its the main target and so working for it is what I want to do. But of course life is not only work, so ill see how I can get a good balance.
  12. Learning for med school is running good overall. Not that much youtube currently after the learning sessions, mostly just refreshing my brain while doing nothing(chilling with family etc), feels a lot better just to shut up the computer although it isnt already time to sleep. Gives a feeling like ‚hey you have actually freetime‘)
  13. Adminiculum


    jea The The first detox is normally the easiest, because people have trust in theirself. The oftener you fail, the lesser you trust you trust yourself that you can actually make it. That makes it hard. So you need a clear break between the first try and the next one, so you can commit 100% again Its easier to quit detox at the first 5min than quit at day 100. Thats also a factor Personally I think you have to get more hobbys. Otherwise boredom will lead you directly to gaming again.
  14. Ok skipped the last hours of learning day, just didnt feel right today, couldnt get much done. Crazy how one day you can learn like a machine and the other day it goes slow as fck. That sucks, but I guess thats how it is
  15. Hey mate, thanks for your post :)! Its going okay overall, I suppose. You know, I was kind of into LoL one year ago, but I quitted with success. So currently there is no huge problem with gaming. I do play sometimes, but never ever LoL just some mini games and stuff which doesnt lead me too addictive behavior. But I want to quit that too, but Its currently not so important. I opened the journal because I want to quit on internet in general. I want to get to the point in which it isnt hard for me to do without youtube, surfing etc. I need other things which give me joy so I dont have this FOMO without internet Since my last post(and also some days earlier) I dont do that much yt and other stuff. I simply eat my food after learning session while watching some videos and then I close it, and chill the rest of the evening. Its way more refreshing. Of course main goal is to do other meaningful stuff in that freetime, but my major goal is just do get this coming year in med school done with succsess. After that university will not be so much stress and so I have more time for myself. to your question: I stopped to play lol and also stopped to watch lol content. Its funny, I always laughed about those lol streamers, and thought how someone can watch them. At the end I watched every video of them. Thanks to god I am out of this shit. Mainly I replaced the time with studying for med school(like you I couldn't do that productive stuff at home, so I am learning in a library)Then I learned to play a new instrument and did every day sport. So kind of standard things you do when you do your detox. Currently I am mostly focusing on the next year med school. So all other things have not much importance for me. But doing sport etc is good for my health, which means is good for my university stuff too.
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