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  1. It doesnt makes my life really better, it makes one moment better but at the end of a round in Lol u just feel bad. There are a lot of reasons why not to play, and only 1-2 reasons why you could play. And because I cant play moderate I just had to stop totally. After quitting now for 1-2 years I feel a LOT better
  2. focus on waking up early(but go sleep early too so u get enough sleep!), then go DIRECTLY on ur study work and after that you are free in the rest of the time that worked good for me but: time after work should also be used with meaningful things.. sport etc all the thingsu mentioned are normal (deleting games -> replace with also addictive stuff like youtube) we are all addicted to internet not only to games.Thats why we have to get away from internet totally(only use it for work)
  3. Sell your laptop buy a cheap one. Sell your steam acc or delete it
  4. self improvement doesnt mean to work 24/7 ? it means also to make space for free time and actually enjoying things if you achieve your goals and Ou still doesnt feel happier, then u need to think why. The sense is to feel happier because u start to do you actually want to do
  5. Sometimes I thought my issue with university was a long time a social problem. I didnt know many people there to hangaround and so I had also not much motivation to start with my learning. But currently I know pretty many people there and I have many guys to speak with. However now I see that this isnt the game changer problem. Its surely a good thing, but it doesnt lead to much improvement in my learning routine. Still my biggest problem is to learn at home. At library etc. its going good. Of course there are also many things I can improve there (more concentration etc) but at least I can sit my ass there and do some work. At holidays it works good but during semester...hard. Christmas holidays are coming but sadly all librarys are closed during that time till new year ? University just started 2months but still I see myself now again in a pretty bad situation. Its not thag bad because I know I can just take again a semester off and study on my own again. But obviously I dont want to lose time on finishing my degree... Thats the current situation
  6. Hey, lately some pretty big problems with being productive. Im trying to make it step by step. Its not like im the whole day unproductive but some issues in the family made it really hard to do my work. So its definitely not 100% my own fault. Of course all of us can be productive even in hard times. You can literally work everywhere/everytime. But as humans we normally have preferences, we are no machines. Like we do in our gaming detox it as hard as possible to get back to games(sell pc, sell steam acc etc), we should also try to make it as easy as possible to be productive. I remember in the past I always thought like: ‚Hey, you need to make this detox, but dont make it easy. Let the games installed etc. you have to prove yourself you can make it‘. I somehow have this mentality everywhere. Even in games I hate to play sneaky. I am the guy who likes to rushing in, even he knows he will lose, even he knows what is smarter. But I hate it to play ‚intelligent’(sneaky). Thats also a reason why I got so mad by playing lol. People played with their mind did a bit dmg over time to win the round at the end. I was like’Just go in’. I always thought I had to win in the hardest way to prove I am strong. But I am not that strong and thats totally okay. No one at the fcking world makes it harder for him to achieve something. Everyone tries to make it as easy as possible. So I have to do that too. I am not sure how to manage again to be productive with medical school.Its not like I dont do nothing but I just cant do my work after classes(exhausted at least I say that to myself). Normally I wake up early and do my stuff. Thats cool because I learn 6-8 hours and then i have the whole day free. But that only works in holidays. During semester there are many classes... Yesterday I learnt at least a bit I will do that today too.. Who knows It can be the start of a productive time again haha... we will see guys
  7. exactly! Doing what you are actually supposed to do leads all the time to less cravings. We usually just cope with games instead of just do our damn school work, which make everything worse
  8. Keep it up mate! I am following your journal
  9. Hello many peoples are addicted to games/internet. But just a few actually admit that. Obviously as an ex gamer I have/had a lot of contact to other people which have a giant internet consumption. Most of them usually doesnt reflect, they take arguments like ‚a bit gaming is not bad‘ although they play all day. ‚papers show that gaming leads to faster reaction time‘ arguments like that to even say gaming is a good thing. Some days ago I asked people in game, why they dont stop gaming, why they play all day every day. People were extremely negative about. They didnt admit the addiction etc. Personally I never did that. I think I knew since ever that this high internet usage is bad for me. I always wanted to quit and I admitted that I have a problem. But I simply couldnt. I wonder whether you admitted your addiction before or you also ignored any advice of other people and you lied yourself too?
  10. I understand. There are mainly two groups of gamers. People who dont have any targets in life, they just game because its the only thing they can and they like to do. The other group is full of people who actually have many life goals, many things they want to do, but because its tough to start those things and its actually work and it brings stress, people are playing games to forget all this pressure. You are in highschool so you have time to think about what you want in life. I would really give you the advice to do research on that. You need goals. Otherwise its tough to stop gaming if you have nothing you actually work for daily
  11. Good luck mate! My advice: you should try to do things which are actually meaningful for you instead of grinding right into the next addiction like binge watching anime/movies/series. Get some hobbys which are fun for you, it will feel a lot of better than just to do something so you can forget about the gaming
  12. Good luck mate! Take your time about your steam account, maybe you can even sell it for money?
  13. Which program language u want learn? I think thats a good thing, I learned one too with success when I did my first detox(python).
  14. You know its hard to stay on track at weekends because of the freetime -> get hobbys to fill this time with useful things! Dont risk a relapse just because u think you will have the discipline.
  15. Big goals. Wish you the best!
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