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  1. Lately I have some trouble to stay focused while learning for med school. Normally I get tired while learning, but I can still go on pretty well. Yea but currently its harder, not so concentrated etc. -> sucks, but the show must go on
  2. Hello, so the last two days my pc consumption was <1h due to some kind of new activity. The classic FOMO is there, basically I think those days are ‚wasted‘ without enjoying a bit of internet. But I already mentioned that in my start post. The dopamin system needs a fresh restart. Its like drinking a lot of coca cola, so natural water or drinks with less sugar taste tasteless. However I am bit more at my phone. Checking Worldnews etc. thats ok. I had the last two days a learning break, I want to start again tomorrow or so(not sure). Its probably even harder to stay away from the thing I get usually pretty easy dopamin push(PC) when I had a tough day. But I will see.. Like I mentioned I need first some new activitys I can do permanently in the next months, so I dont miss watching youtube etc Otherwise it is pointless and will result in a relapse. So I am searching something in this way, maybe joining a sport club so i can meet new people.
  3. Thats indeed a huge problem for me too. I learn everyday 4-6hours for university in front of my computer and afterwards I am trying to get some business started. Informations etc you only get online. Although its productive, I feel like shit after 14h display. You have to decide whats more important for you. Your health or reading online e books etc You could print the books, learning offline with real books etc Of course a gamer know mostly to do things at the computer. So you have to find other things which dont involve them THAT MUCH. A bit is okay but it shouldnt be 50% + of your day
  4. Adminiculum


    The anger can surely come with the detox. You want to game badly, but you forbid yourself to. This can make yourself angry with yourself, surely. But its not a permanent situation. I know those situations pretty good. EVERYTHING seems to be SHIT, and you just want to forget everything and do something so you can. Most people drink alcohol, take drugs etc. for you its probably the internet binge. Its really individual how people deal with these situations and its individual what really helps. Try to find that out for you. Of course it shouldnt be alcohol or gaming etc. I think you did a good thing to post here directly. That helps. I hope you didnt relapse, but even if, doesnt matter start again. Now you are smarter
  5. Hi mate, maybe you should try to post here daily so you keep yourself on track :). Keep it up!
  6. Hey, its a good sign that you keep going after a relapse! But try to write here every day, so you can stay better on track
  7. Hello, my username is ‚Adminiculum‘ which means ‚support‘ in English. Support is the thing that I search here. I am a medicial Student who has Problems with his Internet consumption in general. A year ago I had a major Problem with League of Legends. Thanks god that I get rid of this game. Currently I have not a big Gaming Problem, I am just playing some mini Games from time to time. What I want to get rid of is my YouTube/Surfing consumption. While I am writing this I am thinking whether I even have a problem for which I need help or I am just having a bad day and I want to be a Perfect Person again. To underderstand that you have to know, that I had also kind of a problem with watching movies/series etc. those fake storys, fake characters etc gave me a feeling of you could be a perfect person - which is absolutely wrong and thanks god I got rid of this too. No one can be perfect an thats absolutely fine. I cant push every part of my life to the fullest. Thats just true and OK. Its only important to keep trying to improve, doesnt matter whether it works or not. So do I need this journal currently, although i fixed already many things in my life? Man, lets try it, as far as I know it doesnt harm to open a journal(I hope thats true^^) My problem is simple: too much screen. I am a medicial student and so I am daily 5-6hours at my computer to learn stuff. After that I dont want to be at the computer anymore. I want more social contacts which I lack currently of. I could - probably - just stop being at the computer after my work. But I think this is just hard and will not work. Back ago I stopped with series/games when I had an alternative. I started doing actutally work for medic school, did my workout and stuff. Still works. So this sounds all good. But like this i have not much social contacts and i dont feel that good in this way. So my major aim is to do more things with people. I need a time to rest after learning for university and when I sit infront of m computer I am just overfloat my head, although it needs a rest. I feel like I am thinking all the time about stuff I read/watched in the internet. Thats not healthy for myself I feel like. For many people this will sound probably like a good routine learning - sport - chilling. It is way better what I did before ( gaming - youtube - netflix). But I feel not so good. I need the social contact more. I have a great family this helps. But i also need to get in touch with new people because I only had fake friends in my life. Of course I am searching real friendships, but thats not the major goal. I just want people to hang out and do sports together, which not doing 24/7 party and drinking/drugs Also I want to stop to have this FCKING information overload. Watching a video, checking news, checking forum, checking games etc etc I want to be calm without electronic I want a FRESH dopamin system, which doesnt need 100thibgs to be happy. I know it will be not super easy, but when I dont forbid those things for myself rather I do alternatives which take place over internet time, then it should be possible Last but not least I want to be more calm with my med school. I dont want to stress myself although Its extremly much work. After writing this I am already feeling a bit better again. Thanks all who read till now!
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