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  1. [ GameQuitters : 22 // Meditate : 11 // PornFree : 5 // NoFap : 5 ] Oh man, studied alll day. Feeling confident-ish I guess? 😄 Exam at 9AM tomorrow morning. Super tired and brain exploded right now, spinal fluid leaking from ears. Gonna go sleep. Cya tomorrow.
  2. Hey, just wanted to pitch in and mirror @BooksandTrees, feel free to swing me a PM if you need support. I know we don't know each other well, but we are all brothers and sisters in this struggle. If I can help I will. Either way, I hope you find the help you're looking for.
  3. Dude! Congrats on one week clean. 🙂 Always important to acknowledge every milestone! Gym and meditation will help a lot with your overall quality of life. In my experience I have a noticeable change in mindset after about 2 weeks of meditating daily. As for dancing, speaking from experience, remember, everyone is just as worried as you are about how they look on that dancefloor. Nobody is looking at you (unless they are, in which case they're probably interested anyways), close your eyes and dance like nobody is there and you might be surprised by the results. 😉
  4. Good job on the exam man. 🙂 And getting out to socialize is amazing haha, it's funny how much gaming took that skill away from us.
  5. Welcome! You're among friends here. 🙂 Look forward to seeing you on the forums!
  6. Dude great job! Awesome to hear your story! I still need to get control of my sleep haha, kudos to you!
  7. @BooksandTrees I take your point. I think for me it's just really hard to picture controlling this without at least eliminating it for a while. I know I'll need to replace it with something else either way I go about it, but as long as I even remotely have the option to pick up my phone and look at YouTube, it's difficult to stop and do something else. I had the same problem with games... It really only got easier for me when I completely removed all possibility of playing from my environment, then I HAD to deal with it. @Ikar I just uninstalled YouTube on my phone and blocked the website during working hours. Was very upset when I had to go to the toilet and couldn't watch videos! 😄 I guess I will learn with time. I've decided to track more habits here as I've had some other things going on in the background! I'll have a count at the start of every entry like I did for my game detox. [ GameQuitters : 21 // Meditate : 10 // PornFree : 4 // NoFap : 4 ] Yay! Three weeks clean of games today! To be honest, it hasn't been anywhere near as hard as it was the first time. But I've also had so much less to tempt me this time around. Now my problem is media! Nonetheless, it is really nice to feel like staying away from videogames is less of a challenge for me now. I guess I have changed a bit since my last detox. 🙂 Today, despite what I've said the past few days, I STILL managed to wake up late and burn like, 2-3 hours watching YouTube during a prolonged morning and chores routine, rather than getting straight to studying. That said, I took some more steps to tidy up my phone, which now has a blocker for all the time wasting websites during working hours. The nice thing is it's scheduled! So I don't even need to start it. I'm going to find something similar for my PC I think. I know it seems a bit authoratative or extreme, but looking at this graphic from Cold Turkey Blocker today was very sobering: Some of the days in the past month I spent upwards of 10 HOURS ON YOUTUBE. WHAT THE HELL! I mean, I've been watching long-form videos like debates and stuff, but still. 10hrs is a ridiculous amount of time to burn every day watching what is essentially online television. And this is just tracking my PC time! I also use my phone in bed. 😰 Imagine what I could have accomplished in my exams if I'd spent even half of those red bars in December on studying! 😡 Truly horrifying. This really made it clear to me that this has to stop. So, blockers are going on schedule every day now. Right now they're limited to working hours, but if need be I'll ramp them up later. I will not accept this for myself. There's so much more I could be doing with my life. All that said, I did EVENTUALLY manage to start studying, got in a solid 6hrs today. Not the best time but good all things considered, I'm happy with that as I managed to finish summarizing my textbook for Software Engineering, and even started to enjoy it at the end. 🙂 Exam is on Thursday, so now I can actually go into tomorrow fairly relaxed. I'm still going to study of course, but I won't feel like I have to cram like mad thanks to today. So yes, interesting day haha, if you read this, I appreciate your tenacity. See you folks tomorrow!
  8. DAY 20: Well today was another weird day haha. My plan to fire up my YouTube blocker worked, but I overslept again and ended up spending a lot of time watching YouTube on my phone... So I'm starting to think I need to categorize this as a media addiction... I continue to watch loads of media even when I know the consequences are undesirable. As a result, I didn't get any studying done today between getting up late, going to my first shift at the boardgame cafe, and generally loafing around watching random YouTube stuff. So I need a blocker for my phone. I've downloaded one this evening and I'm going to set it to block Youtube for the rest of the week. While this has been frustrating, I guess it's good to have all this free time right now to 'burn' because it's really highlighting the magnitude of my problems with games/internet/media consumption. They seem to be a set of habits that conspire to devour my time and which will expand to fill the spaces left by the other habits if I give them up (in this case, my media consumption has skyrocketed to compensate for the time now free from videogames). This is a really serious battle. But I've won it before with videogames and I can win it now with media. In other news, my first shift at the boardgame cafe was awesome! I met a lot of really nice people, and generally had a great time introducing others to new boardgames. It's a great fit for me because I can scratch my gaming interest in a new way that involves me being out in town and face to face with others, socializing and relaxing in a much more constructive way than being cooped up in my apartment. I'm very eager to see where this takes me in future. Tomorrow, I continue the fight against YouTube! 😄
  9. Hi Jordan. Congrats on breaking your previous streak! I'm in a similar space to you right now, even though I have already done one detox. When gaming and the internet have been your whole life it's hard to imagine what to do without them. But humans have been around a lot longer than computers and they have invented a whole variety of activities to keep you occupied. 😉 The trick is learning to go out and find them. Cam recommends some different categories of activities that you need to fill in: something social, something you can do by yourself to relax, something challenging, etc. You might have some ideas for these areas already. Taking up a sport might fill in a social/challenging need for you. You could pick up a hobby like cooking or painting miniatures as a solo activity. You might start reading to relax. Basically you want to take all the time you spent on gaming and fill it with new things to do, or it's going to be extremely hard to stay away from gaming. I've also found recently that my internet habit is just as time-consuming and destructive as my gaming habit, and has simply expanded to fill the time I used to game... So if you quit gaming and instead watch Netflix all day, you've sorta just traded one vice for another. There's a hobby tool on the main gamequitters page you can try out for some ideas here: https://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas/ In my case, I recently signed up for volunteer work at a boardgame cafe, and I've considered picking up ping pong to play at the local club. Basically, GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM. 😄 That will make all the difference. Hope that helps!
  10. Cutting out toxic people can be really hard, but I think it's an important thing to learn to do to live a healthy life. You only have so much time and energy to give, and you can't spread yourself thin for everyone around you. That's not to say you shouldn't help others, but I think there's a difference between a conscious act of giving that you decide to do, and someone who just takes from you constantly. It may be controversial but I've often felt that even family members should not be immune to this... I've had people tell me that 'Blood is thicker than water', as though that were an excuse not to cut off toxic family members. If you go back far enough, any human being could be considered family. 😛 There's nothing special about being related (and I say this as someone who has an excellent immediate family). So take care of yourself first and foremost, and don't feel bad when you take action in this space. That said, I do hope things improve with your family and friends. And if not, there's 7 billion other people out there who you can petition for better friendships, so it's not like you're starved for choice. 🙂 Keep it up.
  11. DAY 19: So today started out with Youtube again (I really need to get my phone out of my bed), BUT once I got up, I blocked everything and managed to have quite a productive day! I studied for 6 hours this afternoon and evening, despite really not feeling like it (Software Engineering is probably my least favorite subject 😫). In that time I made a lot of progress! I'm sure if I put in similar hours in the next 3 days I will be more than prepared for the exam. I consider this a great success. It was still a bit uncomfortable, and I often found myself trying to open Reddit or YouTube in the middle of something, but my blocker kept me on track. I really think this is something I need to keep doing. It's incredible how much time I am getting back, and how much easier it is to stay on track with the things I usually used to avoid when my usual distractions are out of reach. The next step will be to block my phone as well, as I could still watch videos on it, but I was much less inclined to watch long videos since it sucks to sit on a tiny screen for an hour. Tomorrow I think I will try to find a similar blocker for my phone. Although I still slept in, and spent the beginning and end of the day watching stuff, and got distracted by my phone from time to time, it was a far more productive Sunday than most. I just need to keep building on this theme. 🙂 So, I think I will be using the blocker every morning until Friday, and we'll see how much I can get done this week!
  12. Hey James, it's been a while. 🙂 Relapses can be really hard and it's possible that you are feeling really guilty about it, especially as you know that you are seen as something of a figurehead here. The thing about leadership is, it's often lonely at the top. I think it's good that you feel like you can share your continued struggles, that's a sign of strength and vulnerability. With regards to any feelings of guilt or like you should be doing better, just remember, you are human correct? And humans make mistakes. So it's only natural that you will slip and fall sometimes. It's not a reflection on your character, merely a part of being human, and thus fallible. What matters is getting back up again and continuing the fight. Keep it up bro, every day you don't spend gaming is a victory, and you've had plenty more of those than if you had never quit at all. Remember that.
  13. The porn fight is so ridiculously hard, give yourself kudos for every resisted urge, every day succeeded, and just keep going. 🙂 I agree with @Icandothis, it's all about learning to handle the space between the urge and the action. Meditation has helped me a lot with this in particular, but even then, it's a tough fight. Keep it up!
  14. DAY 18: Today I decided to try and block Youtube, Reddit and other time-wasting sites like Facebook until 8PM. I used a program called Cold Turkey Blocker which works very well in this respect. It's very hard to get around it, and it blocks the pages quickly and provides a motivational quote in their place. What I found was WOW, I have even MORE time when I'm not burning hours on Youtube... And I really do burn a lot of time on Youtube. It's made me extremely aware of how much time I spend on autopilot. Suddenly my day felt really long... I found I had to fight a strong feeling of boredom in order to direct my time and energy to something productive. The good news in all this is that I finished reading The 5 Second Rule today as a result (It's really good!). 😄 And I also cleared my entire to-do list. So, I think perhaps quitting Youtube, Netflix, etc, will need to be a major focus for the next few weeks. This is clearly an area where I could make big gains in time and productivity. I will have to add blockers to my phone, and either permanently block them on my PC or at least set a daily timer that only makes them available later in the day after I've gotten all my work done. In the long run, perhaps I should banish Youtube altogether. This little experiment made me realize that I usually watch something when I eat, so I don't enjoy my food. I've also become conditioned to almost need videos to fall asleep to, which means my sleep hygiene is not great. Basically, while at first changing my life meant quitting gaming, the next step seems to be to quit consuming so much media. It's gonna be tough! I gotta admit I was surprised by how uncomfortable I felt today when I couldn't just watch some dumb video whenever I felt like it. But the time I got back seems worth the sacrifice. So, starting tomorrow, I'll block Youtube and similar sites for most of the day, and perhaps I will eventually escalate that ban. It's going to be interesting to see how that works out...
  15. I can highly recommend a good morning routine! That's been a game changer for me. I am 100% not a morning person, but if I get up, do 10 reps of something, meditate, drink a cup of coffee and then take a cold shower my days go a lot better. 😄 Then you can open a computer afterwards.
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