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  1. @Xgamer Hey man, sorry for the late reply, I've been going through a rough patch lately and avoided posting. Trying to come back to form now though. If you're still interested in learning programming, I can highly recommend it. It's a booming field in need of people, and a valuable skill to have. It's also about logic and problem solving, which I think suits a lot of ex-gamers. Honestly, books can only get you so far, I've loved learning on www.codecademy.com. You have to pay for a membership but it'll be a lot cheaper than a big textbook, trust me. Javascript is a decent first language
  2. Hey man, just wanna say I've been in the same scenario, blockers off, avoiding posting, sorta relapsing into porn and too much Youtube. Happens to all of us. Today I turned my blockers back on and am gonna try get back up again. You can do it too. We all have moments of weakness, just gotta keep trying.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the responses. @Alexanderle, you are right, I am trying to become someone else. 🙂 I recently realized I am becoming familiar with the idea of calling myself a programmer. Even though I am still very new to it, I can actually make things now. Perhaps in time that relationship with computers will replace my old one. @Timelocker Thanks for the sleep tip man, I'll give it a try this week! Quitting YouTube is something I am on-and-off about. I clearly waste way too much time on it. Buuuut I also find a lot of very useful programming tutorials there. As for my favorite sub
  4. [ GameQuitters : 47 // Meditate : 2 ] Hey all, just a short post. I really need to get back to posting daily, but I feel like I would just be repeating myself. Same moods, same struggles, same thoughts. I feel a bit embarrassed about how long this fight with porn and games has gone on, and how I seem to cycle in and out of the same phases. Why is it so hard to change? 😄 It makes me not want to post because I will just be repeating myself. I feel foolish. I have been extremely tempted to go back to games recently which has come as a bit of a surprise. I've been thinking a lot about
  5. Double-post but hell this is my journal, I can do what I want. I just want to write this out separately as I think I need to remember this. I've of course considered something like this before, but it struck me today just how lucky I am to be at ITU, and how strange and interesting a path my life has taken me on in the last 4 years to end up here. A little under 5 years ago, I lost a close friend to terminal cancer and my girlfriend of five years (who I now see as perhaps the love of my life) left me, in about the space of a month. After that, I struggled from one job to another, suf
  6. [ GameQuitters : 42 // Meditate : 1 // Pomodoros: 7 // PornFree: 1 // NoFap: 1 ] Today I talked to a friend of mine at ITU who seems to be struggling with severe anxiety and depression. This was someone who, to me, appeared to be a very productive student who had all her life in order. She has been friendly and outgoing in groups that we've worked together in, as well as hardworking and organized. She has a husband and a good marriage going on at home apparently, as well as a part time job and good jobs before she came to ITU. In other words, she seemed to have a lot of things that I wish
  7. Hey man. Oooh boy, we are on exactly the same wavelength with women haha. And I can totally relate to how difficult it makes the battle with porn. I've been trying to quit porn for many years, long before I even remotely began to recognize gaming as a problem area in my life. I've never managed to stay clean longer than 3 weeks, and when I did it was during a relationship with a girl who had a very high sex drive, and who was also very vocal about how my porn use made her feel. In short, it's fucking hard to quit, and I think you should know that you're not alone in that struggle. Well,
  8. Hey man. That sucks, but don't be too hard on yourself. The real dangers of prolonged and habitual gaming are isolation from others and wasting time that could be much better spent on literally anything else. As such, I think if there was any way that you could possibly relapse, doing so to spend some quality time with your girlfriend is by far the least egregious of them. Nonetheless, it is of course potentially dangerous to start entertaining the possibility of playing videogames again within that framework, so I think it's good and noble of you that you want to reset your counter. T
  9. Hey man. We've all been there. @BooksandTrees gave some amazing advice, which I could also afford to follow lately haha. I just wanted to pitch in and say that, for what it's worth, you're not alone in feeling like this. I know how hard it is, I've been there myself and I'm sure I will be again many times before the journey is over. You desperately want to change, but you find yourself in a ridiculous pattern that feels unbreakable, and so you beat up on yourself, and the pattern continues. It's really hard, but in these dark moments you need to try and give yourself some self-compas
  10. [ GameQuitters : 39 // Meditate : 0 // Pomodoros: ~4 // PornFree: 5 // NoFap: 5 ] Hey guys, been a while again. 😛 Sorry about that. This past week has been...weird. I have started trying to get up earlier which has been a real struggle. I also started tracking my daily pomodoros, and to be honest that has been largely quite successful. I'm still a ways from where I'd like to be in terms of daily productivity, but the sort of gamey nature of trying to get big pomodoro numbers daily kinda spurs me to get a lot more done every day, even if it's just a few pomodoros on the weekend for exam
  11. [ GameQuitters : 34 // Meditate : 22 // Pomodoros: ~5 ] Alright, so February I want to focus on studying properly and getting enough sleep. To start with, I figure that I need to try and hit a daily hourly input for studies. So I'm going to be using pomodoros (25 minute working sessions followed by 5 minute breaks) to track that. I'd like to get between 6 and 8 pomodoros of studying done every day, outside of my time at ITU. Lectures usually take 2-4hrs a day, so that should be doable. In order to reach the target I'm going to have to start getting up earlier too. I'd like to be gett
  12. I passed two of my exams with flying colours! Didn't do so well on the third, but that's OK. First time and all.
  13. [ GameQuitters : 33 // Meditate : 22 // PornFree : 0 // NoFap : 0 ] Hey all, my bad for missing another day, I had an absolutely packed weekend! A short summary: Friday: University, homework ~ 3 hrs, then board game cafe till 1AM. Saturday: Sleep in, homework ~ 3hrs, then Dungeons and Dragons untill 1AM. Sunday: Early morning, Twilight Imperium (6 player space war board game) from 10.30 AM to ~8PM, homework ~3-4hrs. So yes, there was a lot of a particular form of gaming this weekend, but in doing so I managed I spend time with 3 different groups of friends,
  14. [ GameQuitters : 31 // Meditate : 20 // PornFree : 0 // NoFap : 0 ] Super late post as is the trend lately, had my first real shift at the boardgame cafe tonight and it was fucking awesome. So many millions of times better than sitting at home playing videogames on a Friday night. Can't wait to do more and get even more great hobbies! Thinking a lot about how I want this year to go and how I'm gonna get there... Will write more tomorrow. But it's straight to bed for me now. PS: One month clean! Woop!
  15. [ GameQuitters : 30 // Meditate : 19 // PornFree : 0 // NoFap : 0 ] So I deliberately slept in and took it slow today, only coding in the evening when I felt like it. It did mean skipping a class, which I want to avoid as much as possible, but this first week a lot of the classes are just introductory information. To be honest, it just felt like I really needed the sleep. And it worked, I'm feeling a lot better today. Basically, I was just stretched so thin on resources between the past few weeks, a busy weekend before the semester started, and all the new information combined with c