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  1. I am moderately gaming now. I am in a relationship with an amazing woman that loves me. She loves me as a sinner and as a saint. I don’t let my hobbies interfere with my relationship or work or health. You can get so engrossed in anything that you’re not self aware. If you’re not taking care of you then you can’t love anyone else right either. Someone here needs to go back and read my story. It does get better. You can do this. Others are here to help you. You are not alone.
  2. Post 90 Day Detox Notes How did I succeed on the cusp of such a great personal trial? 1.) Removing all games from my immediate vicinity. 2.) Choosing to take opportunities to advance at work. 3.) Making time to engage people whether on this forum, on the phone, or publicly. 4.) Experiences like travel, reading, working out or whatever. Replacing time spent on games with other activities. 5.) Reflection through prayer, solitude, and quietness. Basically, learning to embrace being alone to some degree. Thank you @Cam Adair and everyone else for this forum and the inspiration provided in your materials. I honestly think I will continue gaming somewhat in the future, but never to the degree that I did before. Life is short and there is so much else to experience. There are still some huge obstacles that I am facing concerning my personal life, but I have a renewed focus and higher level of self awareness. I have met a kind woman that communicates well and loves me. I am receiving promotions at my job. I lost myself and found myself all over again. Gaming didn’t destroy my life. I was spiraling out of control and fell into gaming heavily because of several other motivators. Now, I see better what led me here and where to go from here. There are things we can change and things we cannot change. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE DECISIONS THAT YOU MAKE. Choose wisely. Live without regret by doing the best you can. Enjoy life. I have been playing games off and on for the past 30 years. I have had times where I did not play for months at a time because of other interests or the demands of life. I got out of order. This detox helped me a whole lot, but it’s not a magic formula. It all boils down to the discipline of choices we make every single day. 1% changes have ripple effects that help us and spill over into other people’s lives. If I can do this then ANYONE can. I did it in the midst of some great adversity. Challenge yourself. Get inventive about it. Get angry if you have to. Cry. Be who you are. Embrace the struggle. People here will help you. But YOU have to want this for you. Thanks again.
  3. Day 90 - Friends... Made it. If I can then anyone can. Go back and read why/how/etc etc. I will try to give a better update later. It is doable. You can too!
  4. Day 89 - Game free. Well, I’ve been out of town for work a lot these past few months. I have lots of work to do to prepare for winter at home. This divorce has been a hard hit. Miss my children. Going to keep training and leveling up at work. Talking to a new woman that is good at communicating and has similar values. My guild mates in a game I’ve played a lot want me to come back. One day at a time... I’ve changed a lot these past 3 months. I’ve had lots of challenges and feel good about the direction my life is going at this point. Yes, some things are still raw, but I’m having small wins every day. Improving my cooking, working out, getting opportunities at work, feel more attractive as a person... If I can do this then anyone can. Take courage.
  5. I didn’t read a whole lot of your story, but there are two things that stood out that may be helpful. I get two impressions fairly quickly. One is that you tend to overthink a bit. That contributes to your anxiety or stress. I am a thinker too. Analytical to a fault. Rock climbing and boxing helps you manage your mind. It’s okay. Two, this over thinking sometimes has you being too hard on yourself to achieve or attain. Contentment is something you seem to discover when you sort of lose yourself in living in the now. I think dating and having this perspective from a good female is going to totally be a great opportunity for growth as well as companionship. Best wishes. Keep up the great work.
  6. Day 83 - Did time stop? This job... One day at a time. Keep moving.
  7. Day 82 - Closer. Talked to my children. Work good. Sleepy.
  8. Day 80 - Game Free. Haven’t talked to the kids in weeks. My ex is not allowing communication with them. My lawyer is helping me. Met a lady that is amazing and we have been talking almost every day this week and have a lot in common. Feeling rough today. Keep fighting out there! One day at a time.
  9. Yes, I am writing poetry again after a 13 year famine. I’ve done about a dozen or so in the past several weeks. Thank you for reading my story. I hope something I said helps. Sometimes I get too zealous and then I do push too hard. Thanks for the reminder. ?
  10. Day 78 - Wow. Killing it. One day at a time... You can do this. Whoever you are reading this. Get to a place where you put all your gaming stuff completely beyond your reach. Bury it in the backyard. Whatever... My success has been largely in part to being physically removed from temptation except for my phone. Worth considering if you are struggling out there.
  11. Be strong. You got this. When you are struggling try reading a journal from someone that seems to be having some success. You are not alone.
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