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  1. Day 65 - Game free! I’m back home. Work is sending me right back out to a remote locale. Exciting. I will be finishing my detox there. Got my laptop back from warranty. Tonight will be a real test, but I have plenty to keep me busy before my flight in the morning. One day at a time... Have had a few conversations with women that were nice.
  2. Day 55 - Game Free. Excuse me while I focus on unwounding myself. Today is a good day. Go back and read some of my entries. If I can do this, anybody can. Take courage.
  3. Day 52 - Game Free. She filed divorce papers a few days ago. I got legal counsel. My oldest son disowned me. I’m on vacation. Watching my grandfather play a farm simulator.
  4. Day 45 - No gaming. Halfway mark. Got woke about a crazy makavelian plot my wife has been weaving to give her rebellion credence among my closest associates. I have courage again. I’m free.
  5. Day 43 - No gaming. Almost halfway through this detox. Sore from the gym. Reading lots.
  6. Day 39 - No gaming. Unimaginable. She has been my home for the majority of my adult life. Now, I have no home. I can’t explain what I feel. I had some quality time with the kids last night. Every day is a trial. Every day is a new experience for me. This week is going to be a great challenge. I’m preparing for the best.
  7. Day 37 - No gaming. After 4 quality days with the kids, last night ended with extreme drama. I won’t even mention it here because I’m trying to manage myself better. Thanks.
  8. Excellent job, man! Impressive. Keep going. 😀
  9. Day 35 - No gaming. Quality time with my children. Lots of small wins. Must be patient. Grateful.
  10. Day 32 - No gaming. Spent some time with my children. Lots of small wins. The big negatives seem looming though. Ugh. The day is just starting and it feel I’m in such a battle. Turning up the heat on my prayer life today. Whether this divorce goes through or not, I want to be a better person in the end. I’ve also decided to wait for my wife and learn how to be patient enough to win her back even if that happens AFTER the divorce goes through. A whole month without gaming. I’ve been here before. Need to keep up the good work.
  11. Day 28 - No gaming. My oldest son betrayed my trust by taking our texting sessions about the divorce to his mom. Dumb. I'm going to fly away in 2 days.
  12. Day 26 - No gaming. I've been distraught over the divorce. My closest friend and advisor questioned my sanity today. I'm emotional. He's tired. The past few days have been my darkest. I'm getting a psych eval and talking to my lawyer before I move forward. My parents are the only people I can trust right now.
  13. Day 23 - No gaming. Wife said I can sign divorce papers with her or she will file solo and send them to my parents house. I don't believe there are good reasons for it. We vowed to love each other the rest of our lives. Life comes with hardships. We vowed to face it together. But it doesn't matter. She doesn't love me anymore. That's enough for today.
  14. Day 19 - Game Free. Personal life so shitty right now. Well, time to get after it.
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