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  1. Day 31 - Back from traveling. Rough trip. Some positives and negatives. Not much to say tonight. No gaming. Cravings high.
  2. Day 19 - No gaming. Some very serious work related stuff. Not too bad. Tempted to game. Supposed to get on a plane in the morning if weather is good. See you all in about 10 days.
  3. You're killing it, man! Right on. 🙂
  4. That's some serious motivational reading right there! Thank you! Wow...
  5. Day 18 - Rollercoaster relationship with the Mrs. Missed hitting the weights twice, but killing it on the treadmill. Cravings seem higher when I am happy at the end of the day. I'm NOT going to journal while out visiting my family in the city. Leaving the laptop here so there should be no temptation to do any gaming. No gaming. Satisfied this evening.
  6. That's just wild. I had not heard this before. I knew about the dopamine addiction issues, but shrinkage of the frontal cortex? Wow. Do you have any sources for this type of thing? Thanks and keep up the great work.
  7. Good job. Be strong. Keep it up. One day at a time. 🙂
  8. Commit and don't settle. Once you finish 90 days then you can evaluate and change directions. Make it a hard line goal. Force yourself to fill time with ANYTHING else as a substitute. Be strong. You CAN do this.
  9. Good job being true to yourself, man. Keep being strong.
  10. Day 16 - No gaming. Stayed busy. Enjoying the sunshine. Chores. Flexing hours from lots of calls for work over the weekend. Radio silence from the Mrs. 3 days until travel leave.
  11. I wanted to commend you on such a high undertaking considering the other members of your household are not currently having the same values. It is very loving that you hope to bring them along somehow. My heart is warmed about this. I have been alone for almost 3 months and only started my 90 day detox 2 weeks ago. Each day is a small victory to hold in regard. Be strong. Keep up the good work.
  12. There's nothing wrong with the nostalgia for an old game you loved like Chrono Trigger. I think the thing to do is to place it and leave it. That was a good memory. You are making new memories now. 5 years from now, you can still have the Chrono Trigger memories AND 5 years of non-gaming memories that will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. You can keep up the good work. Be strong.
  13. Day 15 - No gaming. Calls for work. Late night. Nervous about going to visit my family.
  14. I also like the manner of posting short and long term goals for the journal. I may end up patterning my journal in a similar way eventually. Good job.
  15. Very sorry to hear of the abuse in your home. I don't have to know the details to know that being "kicked" is unacceptable. Pray you get a better situation as soon as possible. Keep plowing away at your goals. 🙂
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