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  1. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 63/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: 0 (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 10/120 Umra resolutions: 1/90 Work Hours: 33:55 (6 hours short of goal) Was going to skip doing my spiritual routine today, but just read some Qur'an because I haven't ready any in a few days and one of the first verses I read was "Oh you who believe, do not let your wealth or your children distract you from the remembrance of God". So I was like, OK, I get it 😄 And I went and I did my resolutions. Ended up going to bed very late. Not being very productive still & there's tax stuff that's kinda taking over my time at the moment. But at least putting my phone away in another room helped with FB & getting back into videos.
  2. karabas

    JustTom's 30-Day Challenge Journal

    This is really interesting, in the sense that your approach now is to go after the stuff you love doing as opposed to a straight-up detox. I wonder if that's what's been holding you back. You and I are very similar in our approaches and we started around the same time. But I know that you weren't really motivated by your university studies. Whereas I find a lot of purpose and excitement in my daily activities, so maybe I was unconsciously benefitting from that the way you're trying to consciously do now. I still think you're probably better pairing this up with a proper detox, but I like the original approach you're taking with this. Clearly, something needed to change. I'll keep the rest to myself as you asked 🙂 Also, it's been a few days. Update? Try to still do daily updates, even if short. I think it really helps. (although I should be talking, I've been very sporadic with mine recently)
  3. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 62/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: 0 (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 9/120 Umra resolutions: 0/90 Work Hours: 31:55 this week (so ~1:30 behind) Still struggling with a couple of things. First of all: sleep. It's the never-ending vicious cycle: I get crap sleep -> I have less willpower & focus -> I'm not productive -> I stay up late to be more productive -> I get crap sleep. This is not good, especially since it's winter time and morning prayer is so late, I need to be in bed by midnight and I can still get a full 8 hours of sleep. Sigh. The second problem is that my willpower is eroding my habits. I've watched a couple of vids (it was a bit in a gray area of "I need to/I want to"). I also spend too much time on FB and the like. I'm gonna put my phones away in a different room starting from today: they've been my biggest distraction. My spiritual routine's wrecked. I'm doing maybe a quarter of what I was doing before. Thankfully, I still go to the mosque once a day, which I feel good about. Hopefully I can maintain at least that and build back the rest of the habits.
  4. karabas

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Sorry I'm a bit late this time around, man. Don't sweat it too much. In the long-term, you might want to think about how to do holidays different to avoid this in the future. But in the short-term, focus on small steps to getting out of the situation. It might actually be for the best. My relapse in August was BAD, I was staying up ridiculously late gaming or watching videos or whatever, but it made me so sick of myself that it finally gave me the push to quit gaming. That was the last time I gamed (150+ days now). So sometimes you need to witness yourself at a low point and really get inspired to never be that way again. I know you've gone through this before, but you never know when your relapse will trigger your best resurgence to date. So there's always light at the end of the tunnel and you'll get through this phase like you did through all the previous ones. You got this!
  5. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 58/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: 0 (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 5/120 Umra resolutions: 0/90 Work Hours: 6:20 (12:40 this week) Vacation wrecked havoc on my habits. I even relapsed on using my phone in the washroom, which is seriously retarded. I wasn't able to keep up with my spiritual routines even when reducing them by half, but I think by the time I realized it was too hard while on vacation, I already burnt out. Lesson for the future. My sleep is also way off, but I'm hoping I can restore it in the coming days. Same for the my spiritual routines... I'm doing most of them, just not all. So I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things over the next few days. Work is going OK. I also registered my business, opened bank accounts, got a domain name. I'm trying to do the bare minimum for launch & then work my way through the rest once things are going. I have a few emails to finish up before I can launch + a couple of landing pages to make. Let's see. The biggest constraint is time right now. A lot of work piled up while I was on vacation, so I'm mostly busy with client stuff. Not much time for working on the business. Obviously, the biggest win is that I'm still not watching vids. I'm almost 2 months into it now, which is huge. The only issue has been my partial return to facebook usage, but it's been fairly mild so far. I'll try to wind it back again.
  6. karabas

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Aw man. 3rd journal's the charm?
  7. karabas

    Journey to my white coat

    From my experience, it's best to just embrace these periods. Yes, you're not being "productive", but family is family and you only have these periods in your life a few times a year. It's worth it to just let go of the idea of being productive in this time (as long as you're not gaming/relapsing/etc) and be present with your folks. It's a good way to relax after all the hard work, so why stress yourself out unnecessarily? You're going to get plenty of stress in a few days when you get back to studying 🙂
  8. karabas

    Just started

    Hey Ahmad, Nice to have you here! Don't worry: being a person you want to be is a process, not an overnight change. Best wishes to you and do update here as regularly as you can. It might seem weird talking about your detox, but it's a super helpful process in the long term.
  9. karabas

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Yo @JustTom - it's been a long time! How's it going?
  10. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 43/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: 0 (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 46/120 Umra resolutions: 0/90 Work Hours: not counting (vacation) It's been a bit hard following my umra resolutions since I've been on vacation with family. My sleep is a bit off - not terrible, mind you, but here going to bed at 12 means waking up at 6:30 for prayer and then going back to sleep... which means I'm always tired. And it also means when I get up, it's late and I need to go spend time with family, which leaves little time for my spiritual routines. I've decided to decrease my goals while I'm traveling - halve everything, so it should take me 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Should be doable. I'm not on my computer much since I'm not working - so videos aren't really a problem. I'm over 1/3 of the way to my goal, which is exciting. Hope everyone had good, non-relapsing holidays 🙂 Hey, thanks! I appreciate it 🙂
  11. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 37/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: 1 (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 39/120 Umra resolutions: 24/90 Work Hours: not counting (vacation) The trip was long and tiring. But so far, so good. Nothing to update except that I'm still staying off of games and videos 🙂
  12. karabas

    Journey to my white coat

    Hey Deku, Been meaning to post this a little bit earlier, but: As far as I remember from my med school friends is that the MCAT is basically a summary of all the science you've learned in your undergrad. So the big problem people have is they study, say, Organic Chem in their first year of uni and then have to basically re-learn it for the MCATs. I'd strongly encourage you to check out spaced-repetition flash card methods (there's plenty online about them). You can get a free app like Anki, which does the spaced repetition bit automatically. Basically, every time you get a card right, it increases the amount of time it waits to show it to you again. If you get it wrong, you see it again the next day. But as you keep going, you only need to review a card once every few months to remember it. If you do this at this point in your studies, you should be able to maintain a lot of your knowledge into the MCATs, which will save you time. Actually, it'll also just save you time in terms of studying for your finals. If you're constantly reviewing your flash cards, you won't need to study extra for the final, because you'll still remember everything. And with phone apps, you can now do this kind of studying while commuting, walking, eating, or anything else. It's something I wish I knew about when in university and it's definitely helped me a lot with studying now.
  13. karabas

    Fawn_xoxo daily; thoughts, goals & evaluation

    Oh, but, as a side note: while I also agree with the natural disinterest bit, be careful: it's not enough to protect you from relapsing (I know through experience). Better to stay away from games if you can.
  14. karabas

    Fawn_xoxo daily; thoughts, goals & evaluation

    Awesome man, so glad you're doing better. That sounds like a useful book. I might check it out. Thanks 🙂
  15. karabas

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Day 33-4/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Pomodorro Lvl 2 (56/100) Sleep before 12am: fail (longest streak: 17) No phone in washroom 36/120 Umra resolutions: 21/90 Work Hours: 1:20 Thursday, 3:10 Friday (15:50 this week) Thursday was a bit of a disaster. We're traveling on Sunday and we couldn't find my wife's passport. So we spent half a day panicking and looking for it all over the house (thank God, it turned up eventually). We also had class and had to prepare for it, etc. So basically I didn't get a lot of work in. Friday was better. Took some time off to visit a friend's family in the countryside, which was wonderful. My ears always feel very strange because there's no background noise at all. Clean air and fresh olive oil on top of that... what else can you ask for? I came back home and got some work in. Still headed to bed late, but a bit earlier than the past couple of days. I'm holding out for Saturday. I'm hoping we can check in to the hotel early-ish and be asleep before midnight. This should help get me back on track. I think my plan for when I'm spending time with my family is to stick to the 12am deadline. The prayer times are shifted there and I'd be better off sleeping at 11pm to get my 8 hours of sleep, but I just don't think that's feasible given that all my relatives have a predilection for staying up super late. Even 12 is going to be a challenge. Overall I'm looking forward to taking a bit of time off work and just spending time with my family. I think I can be more present with them now that my detox is finally having an effect.