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    Its really love-hate

    @Cobain I'd be playing games all day, sometimes one in particular, mostly i'm moving around a lot. I decided to quit this year because I was at the point of sitting there for hours opening and closing games after 10 mins of gametime. Roguelike, strategy and some grand strategy. My most played stuff would be Just Cause 2, Deus Ex HR, Prison Architect, Stellaris and The Binding of Isaac. Other stuff would be Don't Starve, Postal 2, GTA Vice City, FTL, some Batman games, Fallout NV. Just a mix of really random stuff. The worst games that i've had to quit were The Sims, Saints Row Series, TF2, CSGO, COD and Governer of Poker 3. I've rarely bought any new games, I own some but i've hardly played them in comparison to others. The newest game I finished was Deus Ex MD though, I was midway through the second playthrough. I really go all in on singleplayer games. I've got no idea how i've gone that long playing the same games everyday, I guess that's just addiction. Playing it to feel normal. The gambling aspects of multiplayer really get to me too. I've never played the more common games I see around here and in gaming communities (WoW, Fortnite, LoL, Rocket League, Destiny 2?, Overwatch, Pubg) ect. I can't run that much stuff anyway and i've never wanted to waste money on games (I always wasted it on drugs instead...). I've also never kept up with gaming news. My drug habit probably played a big role in being a gaming addict now that I think about it. To top that all off, I had plenty of friends in high school and nobody knew I was a gamer. Though I cut all my friends off when I stopped using drugs.
  2. TwoSidedLife

    Its really love-hate

    Hi game quitters. I'm a female that's been addicted to gaming my whole life. When I was younger I was skipping school to go home and game. I realised my addiction to games after I beat my drug addictions. I've tried quitting twice this year for 90 days and only last till 60, thinking that I can go back. I'm not entirely sure if i'll try quit again, I probably will since I already miss the gamefree lifestyle. At the moment, im not fully committed to going at it again. But i'll be starting my gamefree run again when I go on vacation in a few weeks. Right now I feel the same as before about gaming. I hate wasting my time on it all day and night. Even on the first day relapsing I couldnt control the amount of time I gamed. Along with that I cant stop thinking about it and nothing else is interesting anymore. But somehow its all so appealing. My main plan to conquer 90 days is to get myself on a schedule toward my goals. It's a bit like quitting smoking, you get better at quitting everytime you try again. My gaming habits in general, I quit multiplayer games in 2013/14 and am addicted to a range of singleplayer games. I dont spend money on new games and have been playing the same games for at least 5 years.