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  1. Day 1 Starting this out, a little anxious I'm gong to fail but I want to make a change bad and I'm willing to keep at it for now. Starting off this journal is gonna be slow but hopefully these'll give me some nice content to reflect on in the future and be like "lol what a loser" and then skydive out of an airplane in a tuxedo or summat *insert casual shrug emoji*. Till tomorrow, adieu
  2. Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm currently at university in the UK studying engineering, however have let excessive gaming seriously affect my academic performance in previous years. This had led to other issues with depression and along with it other bad coping mechanisms for stress such as eating and spending money stupidly. After trying previously numerous time to quit, I'm at a point where I feel a little helpless to to change anything in my life, and I'm hoping and willing to see if this method is able to help give me that feeling of change to kick start things in my life back to how I know I should be living. I plan to learn programming and get fit with my new found time and hopefully set myself up (in as many aspects as I can) for a future I can be happy with ? ty #peace *peace fingers emoji*