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  1. Hi everyone, I'm 29 years old and have a 3 year old son. I first heard of Game Quitters a few months ago but tried to reason with myself that I can game in moderation. Obviously that didn't work, so here I am. I've been a lifelong gamer, but my hobby spiraled out of control 4 years ago, when I developed a severe illness that left me housebound. Gaming was very beneficial at the time, as I was physically unable to do most tasks. It gave me something pleasurable and distracting to do to take my mind off of the physical pain I was in. After my first recovery from my illness, I quit gaming for about a year. I became pregnant during this time so it became my main focus in life. Unfortunately, a lot of things fell apart at this point in my life. The stress was building up, and I had a complete breakdown when my son was just over a year old. I felt trapped in my terrible reality, so I decided to try gaming again. Playing games again became a very powerful form of escapism and I became completely sucked in. It has impacted my life so badly that I will not get into details here. My awareness of it made me severely depressed and suicidal, and I knew something drastic needed to be done soon. Now, here I am. I very much hope to connect with others here.