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  1. Life is challenging, but no matter how your relationship goes in the future know that God infinitely loves you and all of us and wants us to actualize the potential that he has granted each one of us. Things will get better as you continue to improve yourself and your life: do not fall back into a relapse. Praying for you and best of luck 🙂
  2. Day 3 Did not do much work on completing the ebook or continuing with the action items, but I have not played video games today, and am infinitely happier because of it. Thank you ElectroNugget for the greeting and for the advice: I may very well take it and I do have a few friends who would be more than happy to do so. I hope for the future.
  3. Best of luck on your continuing journey. Trust in God, and He will guide you to your path as a warrior in light. I'm praying for you.
  4. Day Two Started the second module, but have to get up early and will complete it tomorrow. I am struggling with deleting my video game accounts: I deleted any games installed on my computer, but deleting full accounts (i.e. Steam, SWTOR, etc.) is proving difficult, both because of their value to me (probably mostly emotional) and the difficulty in doing it (I can't find a simple and legitimate way to delete either account). I have not played any video games today, and am grateful for that. There is temptation and nostalgia lingering, especially when stressed and bored, but overall I am doing fine so far.
  5. Day One I have been delaying fully starting this program, playing "Detroit: Become Human" and wasting a ridiculous amount of hours and causing my sleep schedule to become that of a drunkard. Today I got the book printed out and read the first chapter and have completed the worksheets and will continue this process throughout next week. Once the book is concluded, I intend on doing the 90 day detox and getting my life back on the track that it ought to be on. I am worried and scared of failure and relapse, but hopeful for the future and the fulfillment that it may very well bring.
  6. indyc


    Thanks everyone for your replies (I wasn't expecting there to be any, so this is a pleasant surprise)! I hope to succeed in this and I will do my best. I want to live a better life than my sims (or at the very least as productive). All the advice is appreciated. Thank You 🙂
  7. My name is Matt and I am sick of video games. What used to be a fun pastime has completely taken over large chunks of my life. After having the game for less than a year, I have 500 hours on Civ 5; I got the 24 hour playing achievement on Sims 4 in less than 3 days in, etc. I used to like games as another form of storytelling; now I've fallen into wasting hours on strategy games instead of doing what I ought to do, such as exercising or reading and learning more, or actually spending time with people. I'm praying that this works and that God helps me through it. I'm just about to turn 20 and I don't want to waste these years of my life behind a computer screen conquering Korea and flirting with computer programs. I am thankful for this program, and even if it isn't as good as I hope, I have a feeling the investment it costed will motivate me somewhat. I would appreciate any advice you guys have for a newcomer such as myself. Let's do this!
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