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  1. Hi, my name is Peter and I am 15 years old. I live in Nicosia a capital of Cyprus. I will write you my life storyline In order to understand me. My Gaming addiction unfortunately started very early, when I became 4 years old. I don't really remember what I was doing before. Anyway I think its not my fault for my addiction because my mom was the first person who showed me a childish video games to play on her laptop. These video games weren't really addictive but I was interested in them. My mother hoped I could learn something but after 1 year my uncle and my cousins showed Plants vs Zombies which was a very popular game those days. This video game actually started my gaming addiction. I told my mom about the game but she didn't let me to do it because it was her laptop. I was going to my cousins to play the game though. Anyway 1 year later my parents bought me a laptop and I could finally play video games. My friends on school showed me Friv which had cool games. So I decided to hop in and try it. My second addiction started as well there. But there is more. When Super Mario crossed through my mind for the 1st time it was the king daddy of all of my gaming addictions. My parents bought me a Wii so I could play Mario games and I'm telling you, I have bought almos all Mario games on Wii. That was the point where my parents told me to stop. But I was so excited and addicted that I didn't even hear them. That was the time when I went to public school and things started going wrong. Teachers always were calling my parents because I wasn't paying attention. I finished public school after 6 years without learning anything. That summer of my last year when I graduated from public school, I became addicted to football so my parents bought me a ps4 with Fifa 16. I was so excited to play it that I started staying at midnight without enough sleep playing the game. My parents were really worried because I was going to high school next year. A lot have changed since then. I was getting really bad marks so my parents have had enough. They became very strict and brought me a home teacher. They woke me up that year so that I could see life from another angle. They helped me grow up and become a teenager. I finally became smart because of them and I got A-B grades in the 2nd year. But in the middle of the 2nd year... IT WAS THE TOP OF THE TOP. Yeah thats right February of 2018 and guess what Fortnite came to my life and made me more addictive that any other addiction I had COMBINED. Fortunately I could take control on some situations like my studies and I did well. But I couldn't take control over my life with Fortnite in it. First of all it killed my Football passion completely. It made me quit my football academy and since then I didn't have any interest in football at all. Second when summer of 2018 came in I was so addicted to fortnite that I struggled with mental issues like anxiety, depression and rage. I wasn't happy at all that summer and because it was the first time I faced mental struggles, I thought it was my end. Until my psychologist helped me overcome them. In 3rd year of high school I was finally happy and I met my friends back. I was still addicted to fortnite but fortnite started cooling down since 2019. But I still have issues with fortnite and eventhough I am not as interested as I was before. I still can't quit the game. I tried to quit it many times but it didn't work. We are here in present and I am still trying to quit it. I have had enough with video games I noticed that they are waste of time but I don't know how to replace my fortnite addiction. I have started hanging out with my friends but there isn't really much to do in Nicosia in summer. Its also over 40 degrees Celsius here so my energy and motivation hits rock bottom. My friends also are addicted to fortnite not all of them but the majority of them. So that energy I am hanging out with is unhealthy. Anyway I am trying to do something. My dream when I grow up is to live in Canada and do something that I love and be successful and famous, I still don't know who I am. But for sure video games won't help me accomplish my dreams.Pls help me.