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  1. Endeavors

    Day 0

    Day 0/90 Deleted all games and blocked all websites on where I used to waste countless hours. I'm probably going to spend the next couple of weeks setting goals and developing constructive habits, but I'll take it one day at a time. Tomorrow I'll complete chapter 2 of Respawn.
  2. Day 18 Don't really feel like writing here, but I'm going to force myself to do so anyway because if I don't I'll probably just fall back into old habits. Had a minor relapse one night in the middle of the week where I got caught up watching gaming related videos until around 4am (whoopsie). Next day I just woke up at 8.30 and pretended it didn't happen, which worked surprisingly well. I recently watched this video about daily habits and the two day rule. The rule states that you cannot go two days without doing a habit. This way you are allowed to slip up and miss a day, but then you have to get back on the next day. I guess this kinda works in this context too. It at least makes sticking to a habit a bit less intimidating. Also helps if you slip up, then you don't feel like you have to start all over again. During the week I also watched some videos regarding competitive programming, which intrigued me a lot. This one website has tournaments/events and a ranking system so you can "climb the ladder" like in video games. Except when you climb this ladder, you actually accomplish something and gain knowledge and experience along the way. Going to start learning C++ this coming week and try solving some basic problems. But then again I also have exams pretty soon, so there might not be a lot of time for that. Anyway, I guess a little is better than nothing.
  3. @StawroginHey, thanks for replying! I do use a calendar for important and/or recurring activities like classes and appointments. By "taking things as they come" I meant that I didn't really have a plan/goal to strive towards, but just did what was necessary to get by and not fall too far behind. Day 11 Had a math exam earlier this week which I thought went pretty well but the result was apparently mediocre. I'm still satisfied with the outcome though considering the difficulty of the subject. Other than studying, I've been playing piano, reading The Lord of the Rings, spending time with my family, watching Netflix, working, and exercising. Goals for next week: Wake up at 8am or earlier every day. Buy a personal/social development course. Finish math assignment that's due in two weeks from now.
  4. Day 4 Going fairly well so far. Been watching movies, studying, reading, watching f1, walking, working out, talking to friends, playing piano. Just kind of taking things as they come at the moment, which is probably not the best strategy but it's alright for now.
  5. Day 0 Relapsed, so starting again. No excuses, no moderation. Goal is 90 days.
  6. Day 16 Worked out, studied, worked, made dinner, studied some more and talked to friends. Feeling pretty tired.
  7. Day 15 Worked out, studied, procrastinated a bit and had a meeting with some friends. Woke up early today, so that was pretty sweet. Pretty tired now, but still have some videos to watch before tomorrow because I didn't really manage my time well today. Planning on making ramen for dinner tomorrow which I've never done before, so I'm looking forward to that. Anyway, I better watch those videos and head to bed before I turn into a zoombie.
  8. @Jason70Exactly! Just sitting there and being silent is no fun at all. Good luck on your goal! Day 14 Worked out, studied, chilled for a bit and also ordered some stuff online. Today's group session went much better than yesterday. I was much more engaged and contributed quite a lot. We were only three people today (compared to five yesterday) which also made it a bit easier. Unfortunately I didn't wake up on time. Watched a couple of videos about waking up early, and I think my problem was not having a clear reason for waking up earlier than I need to. So here are some of my thoughts and reasons for waking up earlier: I want to have more time in the day. I want to be done with study and work by 5pm and have more time in the evenings to chill and do stuff i enjoy. I am more productive in the morning. I want to do my daily work out in the morning. Also hit 14 days, so yay! Definitely starting to spend my time better and slowly build solid habits.
  9. Day 13 Woke up a bit late but still did my daily workout. Worked for a bit, then did some group study. Also, got an idea of how to challenge myself: Be more active during group work. Lately I've been finding myself leaning a bit back during group work sessions and only give input when I have to instead of coming up with ideas and solutions. This is really a bad and lazy habit to develop and only contributes to dragging the group down, so I'm going to try to change that and be more (pro)active during the next session. Sleep goal for the rest of this week: In bed before midnight and wake up at 8am.
  10. Day 12 Chilled out for most of the day which was nice. Did some studying and talked to friends and family. Also made dinner. Positives this week: Exercised daily. Followed my study plan (though I've still got a bit of catching up to do). Kept in touch with friends almost daily. Didn't spend time on games. Negatives: My sleep schedule was all over the place. Lacked motivation from time to time. Didn't really feel challenged at all. For next week I want to continue my daily workouts. Also really need to get back to a consistent sleep schedule so I don't feel mentally fatigued throughout the day.
  11. Day 11 Some nights I like to sit in my room in total darkness. Looking out my window at the silhouettes of the trees blowing in the wind, the city lights in the distance. Quiet lofi playing in the background giving me a sense of calm and safety. Like I'm in an entirely different world where nothing is wrong. Just for one moment, everything is as it should be.
  12. Day 10 Today was alright. Glad weekend is finally here.
  13. Day 9 Exercised, studied, worked, rearranged some stuff in my room, went for a walk. Pretty boring day honestly.
  14. Day 8 Things didn't really go as planned today. Woke up late because I for reason thought it was a good idea to experiment using the snooze button. Also spent a lot of time surfing the interwebs, watching videos, and achieving nothing instead of studying. Did manage to complete my exercise though and finished cleaning my room. Also spent some time with the fam. What can I do in the future to prevent wasting half a day surfing around? Probably a few things: Break tasks into smaller chunks to not get overwhelmed. Pomodoro. Take (healthy) breaks when necessary. Rather a bit too many than too few. E.g.: Go for a walk, read a bit, play piano, eat a snack, or just do nothing. Also, don't snooze in the morning. It's never a good idea.