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90 Days: No Coffee

Cam Adair

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15 hours ago, Natasha said:

You mean, "Wow, it's only been nine days? This wasn't so bad. I can do this!" 


haha yes. :P

Day 10. 

Started to move away from Chai's and to green tea more. Crashing pretty hard midday, but just letting the process work itself out.

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Hey Cam Adair 

I m not sure why you choose to give up coffee but it must be for a good reason. I myself have gone off of coffee twice but went back on it, I can say this though withdrawals are the worse giving you a headache that almost unbearable, but once you get past that you seem to feel a lot better I know when I never had caffeine or coffee in my I felt more alert and awake a lot. 

Some advice I could give is trying hot shower in the morning to wake you up or cold shower either works (for me hot) in the morning to wake you up.

90 days is not easy and I only did 21 days the last two times I did it.

Hope this helps.

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Been drinking some coffee myself lately since I'm now in a social + work setting. I became aware pretty fast of how deep is linked with specific moments (eg. after work or during breaks). So instead of letting myself build the habit of always having a coffee during a break, I explore other alternatives and say no unless I really feel like needing (not wanting) one. I'm sure I don't need to tell this to you lol but, recognizing which moments of your day are linked with the action (habit) of having a coffee is key. Then seek its positive effects in other things. 

20 days man, unless you've relapsed! (don't you dare to ghost us :10_wink:

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