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  1. Very well done!!! A good start is the best way to do it!! Day 43 Went to the classes, I have skipped classes in the last week because I was studying for the speech & writing my article. It was good going back, although I don’t like the new class that just started. It’s about the italian poet Saba and early XX century italian poetry in general. The professor doesn’t read the poems before commenting them, so it looks like a total waste of time. If I read the poems myself before class it may become a good course. But I don’t have much time because my next presentation is sheduled in less than 2 weeks. I should start studying asap but I’d like to go home to my parents for a day this weekend. I hope I manage to do both things as once.
  2. Day 42 I checked me and my friends’ LoL stats on It was just a minute on a gaming website, but it’d been months since last time I did it and I’m posting now just because I want to remind myself that I’ve been quit for a long long time and I’m not going back. Videogames are not good for me. I’ll reach 1 year videogame-free and live the best life I can live. I’m done being a weak addict.
  3. Then you need to make up for it with a superb preparation. Study very hard, plan the speech, try it many times until you get it right. It’ll get easier and easier every time, my mum told me that yesterday
  4. I’m obviously not the right person to answer this question, but this last experience taught me that it all comes down to two things: -preparation -confidence Preparation is about 1 studying, the effort you put into the project 2 rhetorics. as latin author Quintilianus explains, a good speech is made of inventio (good ideas), dispositio (organizing the different parts of the speech, knowing when to say that particular thing), actio (body gestures to support your points), elocutio (appropriate use of the language to convey ideas), memoria (remembering things). Confidence is about rejecting fear, being aware that no one is probably going to judge you if you make a little mistake, and believing in what you say. Hope this helps
  5. Day 41 I DID IT. ALL THE HARD WORK PAID OFF, FINALLY! I made a very high level speech, probably the best of the class as of now, and also with some humour! I spoke in public and totally ACED it, I’m so happy @taichi Thanks for the tip but there’s no specific website I wish to block ;) Also, I only surf from mobile
  6. Day 40 I studied so hard in the last few days. I made it 11 pages, tried the speech (finished reharsing right now) and spoke for 1 full hour without esitation, full confidence in what I have to say (except the beginning, need to repeat that part tomorrow morning before class). I’m 100% satistfied of the result, tomorrow is the big day and I will do my very very best to ace it just 6 hours of sleep may be a problem, but I won’t be discouraged I can’t remember the last time I went to bed this happy about myself
  7. Studied 10 hours straight with a short 1 hour break for lunch, then cleaned the house and finally proceded to waste 3 hours watching memes on reddit (what the fuck, I hate memes, just watching them makes me depressed). Wrote 2 pages. It’s ok-ish. Tomorrow I will do better.
  8. Day 36 Had a shitty day until dinner time. Woke up late. Tried to write all day but I just couldn’t get be in the flow. Everything I wrote looked wrong, I deleted every sentence and rewrote it 20 times. Stayed hours in front of the PC without accomplishing anything. But after dinner, also thanks to my gf supporting me, I tried to shrug off the anxiety and wrote a page in 2-3 hours. It’s a good result, it saved the day. I am at page 2 now, goal is other 2 or 3 pages tomorrow and 2 or 3 on sunday, and finish the job on monday. I wrote 90 quality pages as my graduation essay so I can definitely write 10. I’ll do it.
  9. Day 35 Made a mistake. A lazy one. Spent the whole day sitting on the bed mindlessly browsing the net. Can’t remember the last time I had such a useless day. I think it was due to fear of failing my exam next week. Tomorrow I’ll do better. I won’t be scared. At some point during my detox I started this habit of saying out loud every morning “what a wonderful day!”. And it’s always been a wonderful day when I said so. Tomorrow when I wake up I want to be grateful for the beautiful day I’m going to have, and I’ll say it out loud. Good night.
  10. Day 34 Social anxiety kicked in hard. I went to a conference and it wasn’t started yet. In front of the door of the conference room there were so many people that I know. Fellow students. I couldn’t wait there, next to them. I went hiding, currently sitting on the steps of a church. I’m waiting here some 20 minutes, then I’ll go back and take a seat. Can’t help but feel so fucked up right now
  11. Thanks man :) Day 33 Day went fine until a guy that likes to talk a lot holded me hostage for two hours in a close-to-pointless conversation and prevented me from studying as much as I should have. Need to learn when to say no without being scared of hurting other people’s feelings.
  12. Day 32 Productivity was on point. After dinner I even managed to write a page of notes for the project. Must start the actual writing yet. Tomorrow at 11 AM I’ll meet with the professor and I’m glad I’ll show up with some ideas. I hope he gives me the little input I need to get going. After studying tonight I decided to reward myself with a movie and so now it’s quite late, 2AM. Going to bed.
  13. Day 31 Surfed the web definitely too much (vaping forum). Must be careful and take responsability for what I did. It’s not good for me to waste so much time (probably 4 hours today). I know it’s just a temporary interest, I’ll stop it eventually when I’ll be bored. But nonetheless. Writing is very difficult right now, I’m almost falling asleep while I type
  14. Day 30 First time I log into this website without incognito mode. Little step to be less paranoid. Even bookmarked gq. Anyway. Good day, spent the morning with my gf and studied in the afternoon. Not all the time, but more than my usual saturday. It’s very late now. Going to bed.
  15. I had the same experience. Keep journaling, it makes all the difference! And good luck :)