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Read: A Guide to Quit Gaming for One Year


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  1. info-gatherer

    Manhotelle's journal

    You started this journey because you want to become a better person and have the life you dream of. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get there? Are you 100% committed to it? It’s day 3 and I know it’s hard (I spent my first week of detox on the sofa watching tv) give yourself the time to be bored. You’ll start to explore your options, find things you like and you won’t regret it. Missing out on your addiction is the definition of quitting. Stick to your plan: no gaming content. Wish you luck mate
  2. info-gatherer

    My journal of joy

    There’s no rule about activities! Try reading or art, if after doing it you feel rested, then it’s a resting activity. It’s as easy as that 🙂 Also, welcome to the community.
  3. info-gatherer

    A badge just like in r/stopgaming

    @stablish already had a look at the code. The tool I posted was written with a software that’s not available anymore + other problems.
  4. info-gatherer

    90 Days: No Coffee

    I understand. Congrats for your 90 days ^^
  5. info-gatherer

    90 Days: No Coffee

    How do you feel, energy-wise?
  6. info-gatherer

    A badge just like in r/stopgaming

    I think it’s possible. The italian vaping forum svapo.it has the same code of this website (well at least the same interface, I know nothing about code), and they have the function. Here it is: https://www.svapo.it/tools/svapometro/ It measures the days since last cigarette smoked & money saved
  7. info-gatherer

    i-g Post-Detox Journal

    Day 90 So, 3 months without cigarettes. I already started to reduce the nicotine content of my vape and I plan to take it to 0. I’m also close to 180days of no videogames. This wasn’t a good journal, I just talked about academics and vaping all the time. But maybe that’s what I needed to focus on during the last months. I hope everyone else is doing fine. I’ll go back to reading your journals and partecipating more sooner or later. Right now I don’t feel like doing it and I don’t want to force it.
  8. info-gatherer

    i-g Post-Detox Journal

    Cigarettes 90days detox is almost over, but yesterday & today I got urges to play League of Legends. I don’t have anything to do this weekend, I’m too tired for studying. I would gladly try and play some league, but I’m scared. After all it’s been just 5-6 months sice I quit. I really don’t know what’s the right thing to do... Part of me says there’s nothing wrong in playing, but another part of me is scared of going back to the pitfall of desperation I left not too much time ago. What if I can’t control it? What if I lose my mental freedom? I don’t know...
  9. info-gatherer

    i-g Post-Detox Journal

    I once more read a poem that somebody wrote about me a couple years ago. It’s a very painful read every time. I try to deny how worthless and clueless it makes me feel but it’s hard. I feel like I’m a failure and I should either change all my life or give up once for all. The poem was written by a person that means so much to me, but I don’t mean anything to him. It basically says that I’m a poor thing capable of nothing. That I’m a stupid and a coward and I’ll have a shitty life because of it. That I’m already set for failure. Sometimes I think I’ll only feel free when that person will die and won’t be able to judge me anymore. That’s the kind of coward I am. Another part of me says that I must try harder and succeed and make him change his mind about me (not that he cares, but anyway).
  10. info-gatherer

    If I Ever Get Around To Living

    I can relate to everything you wrote. That trap of waking up every morning forgetting the misery of yesterday... all of us know it too well. Welcome here, and congratulations for taking action against your addiction. I suggest you to try a 90 day detox, it’s the easy way.
  11. info-gatherer

    i-g Post-Detox Journal

    Tom, thanks a lot. I didn’t answer because the dinner didn’t happen. I’ll save your advice for next occasion (probably next weekend). So, many things happened since my last post but right now I need to focus on my next exam, on friday. I am spending way too much time and energy browsing vaping websites until late in the night, enough is enough. It’s a major time sink and I’m tackling it. GOAL BROWSE NO (zero, nein, not at all) VAPING WEBSITES FROM NOW UNTIL 29th OF JUNE, STARTING NOW
  12. info-gatherer

    Ending to a New Beginning (90 detox)

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Glad you made it! Two fast things before I need to run very quickly because the university canteen is going to close and I won’t have dinner 1 Nobody choses to be an addict. So true. But: people MUST CHOSE to STOP being addicted. The problem with addiction is that it works only one way. Congrats for CHOSING to stop. 2 Stopping by instead of being tunnelvisioned and going back home. I really admire you for this because this is probably the main problem I have right now. I am - or I think I am - so busy that I never spend time with people. Happy for you because you didn’t lose that chance. I’m out, congrats again & take care
  13. info-gatherer

    Quitting Again

    I’m in a very similar position to you, I feel I can relate to most of the things you write: focus on career, no real friends, didn’t game for a long time. Anyway, congrats for your achievements!
  14. info-gatherer

    Growing the f*** up

    Nice to have you here. Posting your journal consistently every day will help you go through the hard times. Quitting videogames can be a massive improvement in your life, so first of all congratulations for your decision. Rotting in the gaming comfort zone is just another way of meeting the truck unprepared. There’s no tricks for escaping, treating it as a serious matter and not some kind of afterthought is enough, and you’ve already taken a very good first step in that direction. So, welcome to the community :)
  15. info-gatherer

    i-g Post-Detox Journal

    Because I’m an introvert who doesn’t know how to small talk and/or be funny. I just need friends I guess