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  1. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Day 17-22 Today has been a productive day and got some reviews edited and movie scripted ready to go to keep content on my youtube channel, it hard but it is worth it. Though I m going through frustration on voice actress when I make movies, here the main problem I always have is that I will hire unpaid voice actress to deadlines and I have mini-deadlines of about 2weeks or so to keep life fair and for them to do fewer lines and by the time they finish by the end of the 7 to 8 week all the lines will end and I can complete the project. The problem lies is they won't respond to emails saying they won't work on the project or anything and wait for the main deadline and I have no lines from them and I just waited 8 weeks on them to get lines in and it not like 100 lines per paper or anything there very short which is beyond my understanding. It almost they want to work on their own time not the deadline, I mean no offense to anyone in this field and trying to blow off steam as a creator. Maybe my script is poor but be nice if they email me first then go dead silenced cause they don't want work on the project and most the time I have to pull them from the project and it almost a relief for them and I get a response. It has gotten so annoying that on the voice acting website I gonna have to say for serious actors or actress only or just start paying one which I really don't want to do if I can help it. There blew off some steam need that but maybe you guys can give some hints on what it is. Bible study was canceled today too. I think that it for today have a wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Car 5.life 6.money 7.food 8.water 9.house 10.Job 10.
  2. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Days 4-16 Sorry I have not been on as much, but I have officially launched my youtube channel and mostly focusing on that and getting videos uploaded once a week, plus the other day I did go back to my old gaming websites not for to go back but to look at where I came from and where I was going, plus I needed to send email to one of them because during my first detox I was kind mean in the email and needed to clear things up. Am I looking at now nope no desire, the other thing is I started doing blog reviews of clean anime as well, as manga to in the animo app on ios or android in certain communities as well as my original faith-based blog series too. Since I take quality into consideration it takes a bit time to makes these videos so when I m not here I busy doing these as well. I m gonna join a martial arts studio and starting doing that Monday nights, plus I m doing geocaching as well. This fits good, I have a group I will be going to on Thursday and doing an activity with my sister Friday. Plus I now have the first half of the hiragana in Japanese down, now I will be doing the second half will be doing this in addition to to the gym plus made an exception to the rule of Livestream if it helps me with my youtube, plus I gained 2 subscribers so I m happy about that. So pretty positive couple of weeks and sorry about the late response but I have not relapsed or anything of that nature. Plus I bought a new mic for my pc its a Samson meteor mic so I will be using that in future videos. That it for today have wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.House 5.food 6.water 7.car 8.money 9.life 10.Job
  3. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Day 3 I've noticed something today that has not happened before, I find myself going exploring outside the house a lot more than used to. Maybe something in me changed or I m changing my circumstances whatever is I m becoming more happy about it. Went two libraries and still learning of routes and stuff around me. Though I would like to have something that I could counter-attack when I go into complain mode when you complain about this and that it would be a nice way to use that energy elsewhere. I worked on getting my human Japanese down and what I do is write the hiragana down then there a list of hiragana based on the lesson I m learning and right I m learning the t- series in Japanese have the others down pretty much the s confuses me time to time but getting better. I have decided to join a martial arts studio mostly taekwondo this Monday nights so I will be doing this addition to the gym. That about it today this new routine really put a new perspective on things. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.House 5.Car 6.food 7.water 8.job 9.money 10.Life
  4. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Day 2 Today been a wild one because finally, I found events to attend to, one I’m at is poetry night then their geocaching event on Thursday I’m gonna try to attend and finally maybe join martial art studio near me. First, let me tell you I spent most of my day outside the house and I did the grammar girl today and did Chick-fil-A cow appreciation day dress like a cow and other things. Plus yesterday I found the first, second, and 5 volume of manga I have rare find so I took it and have volumes 3&4. Plan do a review on the series but rather have the complete collection rather part and these are the manga book not kindle version. I like owning physical items rather than digital right now. The reason for martial arts will be to meet new people, learn self-defense, and exercise so this n addition to the gym. So things are turning around and I hope it continues. That and I m watching faith-based stuff again as well reading a book called skin map, a physical book. That I share what’s happened today. Have a wonderful day Grateful: 1.God 2.church 3.family 4.food 5.water 6.house 7.car 8.money 9.job 10.life
  5. zeke365

    My Journal

    Welcome to the forums though I would encourage you to go cold turkey on all gaming but maybe take one step at a time for 90-day detox here a video from Cam on mobile games https://youtu.be/tDa66XN80RM
  6. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Day 1 I feel good today and I think it now time rechange my original routine a little bit, but some you may wonder why it always the same, that because it all connected to one another so here my new routine to help illustrate my point 1.Mondays: Scripts/review editing 2.Tuesday: Grammer girl 3.Wed. Human Japanese 4.Thursday: Movie Project 5.Friday: release date for videos 6.sat. rest day 7.Research day So why new routine well it keeps me away from the pc at the beginning of the week and slowly return to the end of the week, another reason writing is another skill set I have not grammar but I can write two hours straight if I really get into it which connects to the grammar girl which help improve grammar skills which moves into human Japanese lang. I m trying to learn then applying all that on Thursday so I hope you see why to connect like that. The second thing is I have been asking myself where do I want to be in 5 years or even year from now, so do I want to keep doing the same thing or do something different? Yes, I have the youtube channel going and it a start but what else can I do to push life foward. A couple of things I have thought of is looking at business and how they work and stuff that nature the other is reading books about travel. the danger, and the fun it can be. I 've had a lot of compliments that say I act like businessman even though I have no idea to run a business which I find very interesting. So what would look like well I have been looking at maid cafes and cosplay setups and seeing about making a business around that with my own ideas and it one by dreams that directly relates to my faith. Another is if I want to travel or do other things I got think of what I need to now to prepare myself for the future. So it just some ideas I working on more long-term than short-term. Next, I'm gonna try to join in martial arts class near my house this for two reasons number 1 is self-defense so I have so self-dense training, the second is an excellent way to meet new people. Plus I know some of the owners because I use to go their bible study so that a triple win for me. This one option I m considering since I m running out ideas and tomorrow night found a coffee shop I go to is having a poetry night so at that something to attend to. You know what amazes me is when I close gaming every door opens but if it I continue It closes in miserable shape not say I did just saying that interesting pattern in my life right now. Plus I bought 2 new manga kind rare to find so now I have the first 5 volumes of that manga and the reason for is I will be doing reviews on them as well. That about have a wonderful day, Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Water 5.Food 6.House 7.money 8.Job 9.car 10.life
  7. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    I wrote that I had a little relapse here so check it out So what caused the relasped the more and more I thought about it came down to frustration basicly everything moves to quickly and you just cant keep up with it, alot of stems from my pevious of jourel which is letting go and growing up into the person I need to be, the other stems from lack events within my area to do makes it extreamly diffcult while the final straw I have with myself missing on two events where I was building relationships with people but seems to happen like this for me a lot, I will feel good and then something comes up and forgot about it and the one event I do look forward to each month since they meet once a month, it young adult gathering between 20-30 years and singles group I go to for 30+. So I m kind of annoyed at myself for not reminding myself and checking events like I should. So what my soultion to the situation not much but I know what was working before and that was the no media detox I do which is basicly I m allowed just emails and nothing more, this allows me to focus on other projects but I have been looking at cam 60 ideas again and have been trying geocashing but kind hard knowing what I m looking for unless that half the fun not knowing, the other this one depends if it near me a martial arts class mostly for self defense for myself aikido I think is the name of it, Thrid thing I wanted to write is since the current pc though I use it for my movie projects and everything has bad memories with gaming on this was another reason before I wanted to build a new pc or get new one bad because that way I would have no connection to gaming though unfourntly it was for vr purposes to. Like I have said before I like 360 videos and vr and the experince they can bring and have ideas how to make them more immersive with my own videos but that slipperly slope for me. To sum up I think it mostly due to my frustration not finding other stuff to do around my area and I have looked 3 different counties to which I know it shock, have looked up meetup still no luck there and eventbrite nothing much going on to get involved in. The next thing is learn some life skills and what means to live in the real world again. The Goals 1.Monday :Human Japanese (software to help me learn japense right trying to get the hirgana down) 2.Tuseday: Movie projects (anything I m working on at the time) 3.Wed. Reviews and scripts written or edited 4.Thursday : Out of the house grammergirl (improve grammer skills) 5.Friday (youtube release date and relax day 6.sat. realax day 7.sunday resheard day That basicly the whole goal durning the week and I took out news and found that be more beinfiual without it than having it, but I will say this I have the first new youtube video up and plan to release one video every friday from now on, plus I m gonna try to put my focus on engament in social media though this will be limited to weekendeds only so I do not get distracted with my goals. I can officaly say I dont crave cartoons like I use to but I m still watch anime as being the only form of art right now, but who knows I might take anime fast in the future but for now it very improtant since I am writing reviews on anime and manga and graphic novels I have which are not easy but not impossible. I have consided getting me cheap laptop to write on but sometimes wonder which one more of the investment the writing laptop or the desktop to my movie projects. I m still trying to come up with a soultion when I m home alone how not to be but these are some the goals and I will keep this fourm open so I can write in it everyday like i did befor so thanks for reading Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.House 5.food 6.water 7.life 8.car 9.money 10.commuties I m apart of
  8. zeke365

    Little relaspe

    I wanted to discuss how I relapsed a little bit not a lot but enough to know it was one. I think in my 90-day detox there were some things I did not write down and probably should have put it around oct. at a singles event at a church near me that I played a trivia game, though I was still able to pull through okay. My second on was reintroducing VR again and RPG game you could play in one of the communities, the third one was playing at bible study house another trivia game, and demoing Nintendo switch, oculus go, and rift. These were all outside of the house but I m beginning to see a pattern if you start with one you you keep going or should say keep playing until you make the decision to relapse. Now last week I tested out two apps burn your fat with me and gochi show both are exercise at in the form of visual novel, I did write down 60 times why I was doing in my animated detox, but I feel way to close to gaming even for me to feel uncomfortable, like I said I did not back play 60 hours of games again which never did but I could feel the craving to get back into VR, look VR products, interactions and some games I had known about at the time I wanted to play. To answer the question does gamification help you during detox, no it does not cause more craving at least for me and should NOT be used during your gaming detox So what did feel during this week well a little uncomfortable is the best way to describe it, I guess when you go without gaming so long at least within house it makes you uncomfortable. So I have delted the games and gonna start a new journel for new 90 days. It will go in more detail why I think it I relasped,
  9. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    Time for an update and I know I may be backpedaling for a little bit but I doing on purpose. Cause I can see people asking around does gamification help is okay during the detox? those types of questions and since there no real world answer to this question I thought I experiment on myself, as a way to show I do care for the community but also to be cautious of what I m doing as well. Starting tomorrow I will be testing this gamification out with 3 apps habitat, burn your fat will me, and cook app as well as my cookbook. The idea here is to do this for one month expect the cooking one which I will do once a month and I m gonna see do the apps keep more addicted to them or does put me in the healthy routine of exercise, cooking, productivity? This what I want an answer is worth you guys using these apps on the detox, I would say no but I thought i give it shot see what happens. Now you may be wondering how am I going to do this well simply I will do my no media detox and only expect email and tv show for Monday nights. Other than that I giving up news this way I can work on my own projects much better and stop making exceptions, plus from now on I will avoid tech, VR, and related to this for 90 days unless something all of sudden happens to my pc. PLus I want to return my routine I did in January 1.Monday: Human Japanese learn hiragana (go to a park), Habitica and burn your fat with me apps 2. Movie projects for youtube no apps will be allowed this day so I can focus on youtube. Habitica 3.Wed. Doing reviews or scripts for youtube getting them done in an orderly fashion no fitness app or cooking app 4.Thursday: Grammer girl to help improve grammar skills and exercise app 5.The release date for a youtube video and public and release from the media detox and am able to watch anime as a reward system 6.saturday: rest day 7.Research day for new ideas for my youtube channel Now I might use habitica during this time to not sure but the cooking app will be on Tuesday or Thursday once a month. Now you may be wondering how I m keep myself in check good thing I thought about easier way than the point system, it called to write down 50 times yes 50 times why I m doing this because if I write it down the more believable it. I could release and I can see that too but I m experiment myself so I know the question to my own question to does it help or it just another distraction. That about it and don't be like me where I thought all video games were evil and I should stay away from them as far as possible but I do want to keep building new social skills as well. Plus I will return a lot of faith-based stuff I was doing before so that gonna help tremendously but I m ready for the challenge 1-month challenge. Also, I gonna try geocaching to for the first time this Friday as well what I m trying to do reverse pyscogloy on myself and yes you can gamify if you want but you have other options on out there. Grateful: 1.God 2.Worship 3.Praise 4.family 5.life 6.food 7.water 8.car 9.money 10. home
  10. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    So today I need to on confess something and I think it relates to this. What I have done is I uncouniuly said all video games are evil and I wanted to escape every one of them, apparently this approach is wrong because of it everywhere around you so impossible to escape it. The other reason I can't escape it is that both my parents are playing solitaire and other games and I m starting to see the effects of gamification everywhere which really scary is how it is used everywhere, and how our brains are manipulated in thinking otherwise. I watched game theory from mattpat on loot boxes or crates and am starting to see them everywhere and had considered getting one but backed away to see that addiction arise in other players and frankly I do not understand all myself. The other is in-game purchases where you play more of the game. Another thing I did learn is games are designed to make you lose, by offering you a reward if you improve your skill in the game to keep you playing. It rather fascinating knowing how we been manipulated by the this. So I have to stop looking at games as evil and never to be touched scenario and accept that just what they are, the video games don't cause the addiction but they help the addiction grow because of its design. Now I say this to say I want to do experiment with my two apps and yes I agree on it sort of relapsing but it gonna kill me otherwise not knowing the answer I need to know which is does gamification help or hurt us or should you do them during the detox. I m not doing this to rely on the app but rather to help get in the routine of something to help me grow weather being cooking or exercise and yes there booth games but its something I have to do. So you may be how am I going to do this well simply I will be applying cams 60 days ideas with the apps I do play and you may ask why to do this way well the idea here is and what I m hoping for is that by doing more activities in cams 60 ideas that gaming will officially fade out and will have replaced with something cause right I really do not have anything that can replace it with, plus I m gonna invent a point system and the purpose is how much time I spend on the app I have to spend double time on other other projects to move forward. I have signed in geochasing so this something I hope to start soon. Monday: Exercise app, human Japanese, and walk around the neighborhood. Tuesday: Movie projects, walk around the neighborhood Wedenday: Gym, write reviews, and scripts Thursday: Eexpersie app, gammergirl, and walk around the neirbhood Friday: Youtube, geocashing, anime sat. realxday sun. reshearch day Plus the cookbook and cooking app with be used once a month to help me with cooking. I know this is not the best idea and not something I want to do but something I m gonna have to do to see my reaction to things, I do not want to be relaint on the apps but just get me in the routuine of it and I have proven before I can be very displinced with it so my hope this will help soly get my out of my desire to play even though I will play. I hope all of you understand and I hope I understand myelf by doing this and will be implementing this next week along with my no media detox routunie to keep my focus plus I m goona put a sheet of paper in front of me to help keep track of myself in addiation with times. Plus I will applying reading, faith based stuff again cause that seem to help tremduclsly and may have to cut out news and stick to eamil like I have did before. Grateful for: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.life 5.water 6.food 7.shealther 8.money 9.car 10.communities I m apart of
  11. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    okay, I have noticed something over the past few days and it really weird. First of I saw incredible 2 which in a lot of ways was much needed to help inspire my own projects and broke out of the cartoon thing and looking forward to anime again. The reason I watched anime and cartoons in the first place is they inspired me, took me on adventures and helped me create my own creations and when I decided to do this animated detox I took away the one reward system that I had to keep me from gaming, shocking I know but I do know there intertwined now so I will hopefully find a solution to this. Okay the second thing I want to talk about and it something I noticed, so I downloaded apps played a couple anime apps not necessarily playing but I felt my body aggressive again I could feel it as I was watching or playing I m not sure if you call playing since all I was doing is sitting there. I downloaded the fitness app and cooking app and guess I cant play them whatever I did has been a success in that felid but came to the realization that it, not the game my body wants it to thrill of the hunt. Think of this way, you catch fireflies when you were little in a jar and then let them go. You did not want to keep them (unless some of you did) but you enjoyed the hunt of catching them. That something I noticed in me it not the game I want but the thrill or journey of finding it but not necessarily the treasure itself. Unfortunately, books are not gonna cut it for me so I will be doing one of cams 60 ideas geo-cashing not sure what it calls since I use to love scaventure hunts when I was little. I did not mean to turn this into gaming journal oh well but I want to play yes but at the same, I do not want to play, I guess it one of those series where everyone can give me answers but I might have to find it out myself situation. If anyone reading wants respond that be great but I m glad found this out now Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.life 5.money 6.car 7.food 8.water 9.Home 10.communities I m apart of
  12. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    Well, I think I gonna talk about some things and I have relapsed on games a little bit but to give you history lesson is that in feb. 2018 I think I started watching tech channels again (yes this different detox but since this more active I thought I write it here). It took some time to realize that tech channels are a trigger for gaming and I need to stop but I m kind in a predicament as well. You see My pc is running on windows 7 and booting on wd black HDD drive and it will turn 5 years old in Feb. 2019, which I upgraded it last year from and 6300 to 8370e processor and have no plans to put windows 10 on here. So I want to build a new pc with latest tech performance wise and don't know how much longer this one will hold up. My main goal is still building on ryzen plus it would not be used for gaming like I did for this pc. It would instead be used for building up my youtube channel and animations I make. So I two choices one I have thought building one next year closer summer 2019 or just build a prebuilt system like before, I have installed a CPU that nerve wrecking and CPU cooler and swapped GPUs before and have watched a ton on building pc. It's something I m considering but I hope you understand my dilemma second thing I thought about yes I know it can be a trigger for me but I really want to do this experiment cause I think it would be great for this community. The Experiment is like mentioned before does gamification help you gain skills or does cause you to play, does it have any world benefit? These are questions I want to answer myself the second reason it been proven over and over again when I have exercise app like this then combined it with the gym just about every time I have lost weight even though my bad habits are sneaking up on me. The third thing is something I had been thinking of doing yes it does with visual novels but I thought about what if I did reviews of both visual novels and anime, of course, I would not do any of this at the same time but I thought rather than playing randomly why not give itself purpose to review the product and see if someone would like to play or watch and ties directly to my youtube channel. Fourthly I would actually like to create a visual novel as well I have tried a couple of times but failed miserably. Now you may ask how would I keep myself in check good question 1.Would be I would play once a month that it, 2. The exercise app would be in combination with gym and walk outside 3. I gonna write a plan for the day of what I want to accomplish and have in front of me every day 4.No media detox will return as well to keep things as limited as possible 5. AVOID TECH CHANNELS!! Plus now I know have cartoon anime addiction as well just how addicted are we in this digital age? Now this is no way replacement of anything all I m trying do is find clean anime or even visual novels people may be interested in and I can provide on the youtube channel; So with all that negative out of the way, I thought I discuss some positive things I have improved my social skills by long shot by asking the right questions and staying on the topic and each time I talk to someone I see somewhere I can improve on. So Thought I share some of my thoughts and would love to hear from you on this matter,. In July no tech for me for awhile. Grateful: 1.God 2..Family 3; Church 4.life 5.food 6.water 7.house 8.money 9.Car 10.communities I m apart of.
  13. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    I think it time I stop this detox and let me explain why first. At first, I thought I this was addiction was bad and now I m realizing that not what it is. When I had anime, not cartoons it helped inspire me, gave me something to look forward to, and I was able to focus a lot better because of that reward system. Now without I keep relapsing and binge-watching and not getting anything done. The second reason is that it was related to some of the dreams I had and was doing. Sort like you took something away from you but it was directly related to the dream you wanted to do. That something I have realized and its direct connection with this youtube channel. What I am gonna start doing is reviews of anime, manga, etc. I had started in Jan. 2018 but stopped now realized what I was doing is very productive so when a series ended I would post a review of that anime. The one good thing is my cartoons have drastically decreased and don't have an urge to watch cartoons so I have grown up in that sense. It either that or my addicted self-talking. I think I will be returning this anime in July. Am I disappointed not at all I was able to survive a little longer this time around without having to watch anime but it may be something I return in the future for example if there no good anime to watch or none interested me I will return to this fast but for now I m kind sad and happy about my decision to do this, Mistakes I think when doing this I should have done cartoons first, anime second, animation films and series third because I think this detox was too ambitious even for me to do and need to be split into 3 parts rather than one big shot but it was worth a shot. Another positive though is I lm learning how to talk to others better and better social skills asking the right questions and keep on topics of their interested. The cartoons probably won't return but I hope you all understand my decision in doing this. So anime will be returning back in July and I may try again at later date, Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.family 4.Money 5.house 6.Car 7.life 8.commuinties I m apart of 9.food 10.water
  14. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    Relapse and Reflection: I have relapsed in a bad habits as well looking at anime not shows but visual novels and steam and VR games and I m gonna amidst that I like VR and its potential but I also see negatives at the same time plus I want to check oculus go and even thinking of buying new pc because my current one is kind of acting up a little bit with maybe MR headset so I could use muvizu software and look at when making 360 videos experiences. I did play Nintendo switch again but still do not like it, why is it we game to escape misery when all we get is more misery? Plus I would like to do reviews of visual novels to both for their interaction and storytelling to get ideas for my own projects plus I did reread my previous journals up to this one. Now that out of the way I want to say I made a couple of mistakes in this detox and it did not occur to me till now that I had no reward system sure youtube but what I did during the gaming detox is that I would have cartoons and anime at the end of the week as sort of reward system for saying a good job, a reward system does not need to be food, it can be anything that helps you relax at the end of the week. The second mistake is I did full dive in this detox instead of slowly getting rid instead of full dive because when I did the gaming detox I was ready to do it because I was not even playing at the time. So that was my second mistake. So what are some positives: Well, I seem to consume less without watching less anime and cartoons though that consumption has gone to VR movie, VR everything. Plus I have not anime shows and cartoons for expect youtube So what is what is the solution to this method there not much I can do but maybe I can trick myself to do this is having faith-based manga comics on Fridays sat. and Sundays as well as a reading book. This the only solution I can come up with that will hopefully help me give some sort of award system. It not the best but I honestly don't know if there another solution to this. That and I will need to return to the all media detox which is no youtube facebook expect for live streams of sort channels but other than that I will start to reduce down to email and news like I did before. The third thing is a return to my goals and faith-based stuff to help encourage me to move forward instead of moving backwards. Fourthly I have completed 3 episodes line wise on series that I will be launching on youtube in augest. Plus youtube channel official lanch maybe friday or Mondays not sure which would be the best day, I was gonna go for Fridays but I love to hear your feedback. So that it for today Grateful: 1, God 2.Church 3.family 4.food 5.water 6.house 7.Car 8.money 9.life 10.communities I m apart of
  15. zeke365

    Animated Detox

    Relapse back to day 1 tomorrow So today I tried to play a Nintendo switch I could not even do it too hard learn and not worth my time but I found out what my mistakes are and how it effecting me at work, you see sometimes I have a hard time understanding my own emotions whether I m frustrated or sad or excited. Not that I m emotionless it more than I do not realize it at times unless someone points it out me. One emotion I think is I m dealing with frustration and trying to accept that there going to be rejected in life and it very hard for me to accept that but unless I do how will I grow. So I m remaking my own plan a little bit differently so I used leechblock and blocked everything related to VR virtual reality, etc. The second thing is I m returning to my original plan of having only email and news available to me ONLY though I will watch tv tomorrow night but other than that I m gonna keep it narrowed down. The second thing I did make an exception to the rule to read faith-based comic and manga to do reviews on but will not be making an exception on faith-based cartoons or cartoons or anime as of right now. This fast has taught me a lot of things and how VR just brings you down when you need to be climbing up. Here what looks like 1. Monday- Thursday NO Media expect tv show (who line is it anyway?) New and email will be allowed 2. Friday and sat rest days 3. Any faith-based comic or manga is an exception to the rule but not the cartoons or anime themselves. 4.faith based music will now be allowed every single day as well. I have been successful in part of the fast and that no watching cartoons or anime (animation youtube yes but it does not count) so it will be 34 days of that fast maybe I went in the fast to fast and should have peeled back layer by layer then going full in. That at least the plan for now and the only reason for leechblock is because I use Firefox more often than I do chrome because I know I have the discipline to do these things just got distracted by other things that should not take up most of my time. Maybe you can see where I m coming from and where I going plus I will have this post blocked as well, keep distractions away so move in the youtube wave. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Faith-based music 5.communities I m apart of 6.life 7.home 8.water 9.food 10.money Have a wonderful day.