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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?


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  1. zeke365

    Hide your iPhone apps

    Now this trick is only for iPhone and I’m not sure about android. Have you ever looked through the App Store and you see a game with that cloud icon and it’s so tempting to to download it? Well this trick might help you it does not get get rid of your games or apps but makes harder to get to. I wish there was way to do it permanently but this the second best. 1.Go to the App Store 2.Go to your account in the top right hand corner 3.go to purchases 4.then swipe left and select hide 5.Do that to all the apps and games what it does is that it makes it look like you never bought that game or app. It’s no longer in the iPhone and you won’t see the iCloud icon on apps or games you may have been addicted to you. Now if you were to get them back you do these steps 1.Go to App Store 2.Go to your account in the right hand corner. 3.Go to to your account at the top again and type in your password 4.Then go to hidden purchases and that where there stored. I hope this helps someone, tell me your thoughts in the comments below.
  2. zeke365

    Gaming compulsion

    Yes but there story in part 2 that really good but you guys don’t have to watch the full series but they say something that helped me “take the lesson l learned from games and apply to the real world” its not for everyone but it was something that I was struggling with by looking at games evil or get it way from them, but when I heard it clicked what I should be accepting of it and how I can apply the lessons I learned from games to the real world. but I do recommend watching part because of his story. He does not say addiction but it apparent it was.
  3. zeke365

    Gaming compulsion

    I just wanted share something that really hit home for me and this is a 3 part series about gaming compulsion though he does not say gaming addiction, the series does Address what we all feel. Its done by extra credits youtube channel and yes he talks about video games but I would like you to watch this series because it clear what answer is and kind of know what cam is saying now. Here a link
  4. zeke365

    Withdraw symptoms

    I would like know to know what are some withdrawals symptoms after giving up video games or how does your brain rationalize you? I’m having a withdrawal symptom of me wanting to return, it’s not that bad but I keep reminding myself it’s a withdrawal from this addiction. So what are some of you withdrawal symptoms and how you overcame them. Leave comment below.
  5. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Week 7 I have been doing well and I thought I let you all know that in June I will be allowing anime back in but in a bit of a different way. What I will be allowing in June is anime DVDs and manga that I bought but Crunchyroll and hi-dive will not return as of yet, this so I do not put myself in the same position before and slowly let it but not let it take over me. Part of the reason is I will have not watched anime show in 180 days and the other reason because I want to make reviews of these products in my youtube channel and will need that time to analyze and write and produce those videos. The second thing I will be allowing is animation within the communities I m apart of so, in other words, I m allowed to watch the animation of each community which based on more users and their creations. (faith-based animations will be allowed as well.) One I had an idea before I did this but I keep delaying it. So that what will happen, as for youtube anything outside that animation will still not be allowed. This to keep me in control so I don't go whirling back in the same situation. The second thing I did learn is that if I unlock everything back the way it was before then I learned nothing and put back in the same situation. So of you may see this moderation and you could be right but it also has a purpose too. To help, like or comment on other users creation while still maintaining a strict balance between the two. The other thing it may be just me but is anime kind of perverted (not hentai) but just in general cause it kinda makes me feel guilty if I watch it again. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. The second thing is I did complete another video so I m happy about that. I think that it for today have a wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Bible 5.Home 6. Food 7.Water 8.Car 9.job 10. money
  6. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Now some of you may be asking why did do this, why did I blurt out games on place trying to get rid of games, well look at this way finally admitting to my addiction and I thought I release what I wanted to do to get rid of my negative energy that causes gaming and its something built up over the years. Now that admitting this, do I want to play yes and no but its less of a burden now like I don't need to play? It was just confessing I had a problem with it and that yes I would like to do those experiences but I know the outcome of those results. Now what do I really want to do 1. Visit Japan, Italy, Isreal 2.Gain 1000 subscribers to my youtube channel 3.Have my own business 4. Make social connections easier. 5.reading again 6.learning Japanese Those are some my real goals and I will soon read a book called startup business made simple by matt knee. I thought I say I feel a lot better about this, I m addicted to other stuff but rather not post on a public form that just me but I m aware of it and their's an old saying "to admit something is the first step to healing." Not sure where that quote is from but I thought I let everyone know why I did what I did and why it's so profound to me. That it for today have a wonderful day Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Bible 5.Car 6.Money 7.House 8.Water 9.Job 10.food
  7. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Week 6 Reflection time: I need say something and something I never noticed before is that I never admitted that I’m addicted to video games and anime. Well today I’m saying it I m addicted to video games and anime. I also would like to complete games I got not to finish like burn your fat with me, GochiShow, gal gun vr, virtual novel, fantasy life, another visual novel, even vr chat and would like to complete them someday and dislike having something half completed. You maybe asking why I’m doing this? Well I m admiting on what I want do but know I can not handle the pressure otherwise 8 months will go by without accomplishing something. I just felt I needed to get that off my chest and know my life is better without it with my own quote “Do I want to leave life on pause or do I want to press play on life.” life seems to move so fast for me that I have hard time catching up by the time I react to do something. The struggle I have is finding a soical connection with anybody my age. And even the soical groups I do go to are much older than me so it makes extremely hard to find someone your age but relatable. It may seem like I’m being hard on myself and maybe I am but felt compelled to express this. Now on to positives. I have gained 6 new subscribers to my YouTube channel. I will be volunteer in special needs minstrelsy in a church once a month. Will be going back on no social media detox and hopefully do what I did before with a few slight changes. 1.Twitter will be allowed Wednesday. 2.facebook and tubular will be allowed Thursday 3.youtube on Friday. There reason for it. Tutorial videos will be after 7:00pm which is not youtube. I think that it for today. Have a wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Bible 3.Church 4.family 5.Job 6.Home 7.Car 8.Food 9.Water 10.money
  8. zeke365

    I'm not sure what to do

    Your brain is rationalizing because it wants that video game feel. If it helps I still struggle without playing. Getting rid of tech dose not slove the problem but what you can do is limit it and it requires displine to do. I have some called no social media detox that normally due and basically no Facebook, YouTube, reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, ect. For 4 day Monday through Thursday. Then on Friday I allow myself these sites. What im saying is get yourself a reward system that sort acts like game rewards you. The second is this quote I made last year “do you want leave life on pause or do you want press play on your life.” The choice is your and your alone, I can’t choose it for you only give the best advice I can.
  9. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    So the last few days I have been asking myself why am craving games?, what am I trying to escape from? Took me awhile to figure it out but I have overwhelmed and stressed subconsciously but my mind did not know it and it explains why I have not kept neatly diet why I went to Vr. The cause is another family member that was doing it but I did subconsciously not realizing it so I talk to this person and now we’re on good terms. with that said I will reached 90 days without having watch a single anime show so that plus. How do feel better like I live reality and not fanstay. When I said messed up anime I mean watch mmd still anime but not entire show. Now one of my dreams is create anime and I have book of how to Draw anime characters but found a software called vroid that my allow me to do this. So I’m kind of excited to see if I use this software though it still in beta though makes me wonder if it will harm my pc? The second thing is I realized that because I was just going to fast food restaurants that I could not interact with anyone and refused to go to sit down unless I had someone. Sort like waiting for a friend to drop in your lap. That not gonna happen. So now at the end of every month I gonnna start making conversation with waitresses and waiters at sit down restaurant like chili’s. Then at the first of every month one fast food restaurant. The reason is to build social skills and to make friends this way. Thridly I may volunteering at church for special needs every month as well. This help me as well build social skill even if they are kids. Fourthly I have now 30 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I really do appreciate everyone. I will say YouTube is a lot of work but it fun to finally share my ideas to the world. So life is moving forward why would I want to go back to games as right now. So I’m in better mood today than the last few weeks and I m trying to count my positives and not just my negatives. So why do I put the negatives first well that simply because I don’t want to read positive then scroll down and see negative I write negative first because bit gets out there then you can see the positives in it. I also found if I watch Japanese documentary or nature (no music) natural that seems to clam me down as welll. Speaking of Japanese I finally completed chapter 6 of human Japanese so another accomplishment and went to the park today read out of my bible and then came home watch a faith based movie. so I’m getting their audio series not so much and reading not so much those are things i can improve on this week. That it for today have a wonderful week grateful: 1.God 2.church 3.family 4.Bible 5.food 6.water 7.house 8.Car 9.Job 10.communities I’m apart of.
  10. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Week 4 I have done alright but I think there few things I need to do. You see I never knew this but I was becoming frustrated with at work made turn like a jerk (luckily did not lose my job) overwhelmed not sure by what by work or the YouTube channel. Though I did unconsciously so I did not even realize this was being done but others around me have shown me have. So I m thinking of getting some consoling from a church I know of to help figure out what I feeling because sometimes I m not sure what I feeling and don't know if I m upset, or happy sometimes or that's something I don't want to do. Plus I m suffering from visual stimulation from vr, anime and games (too cold to go outside but sunny) and because of that all emotions have surfaced and I seem to take it on everyone without realizing it, and I think I would have the nicest person. I have not done any my pervious stuff either but what have been doing is video tutorial's at nights so that a plus. You may disagree with me on this but I m going to try vr app to mediate with because there times I want invisible punching bag to punch but I m trying to come up with another solution than this because this puts me back in a spot I don't want to be in. Plus I do plan to reread my journals so no worries there now that the negatives out of the way lets looks at some positives On Tuesday I did 3 laps in the pool to and from each corner total of 6 if you want to be accurate, so I m happy about that, second I started doing tutorials on courses I bought (a bunch) for YouTube and this has helped instead of putting on one day like I was before I think this works as better solution to my problem. I m a little back and forth on this on weather to have Facebook open during the week or not because I prefer not to but I might miss a livestream or something in the community might be important as long its that specific community, So though are areas I thinking of improving on. 1. counseling 2.VR mediation (temporary) 3.Tutorials will be during the night only (cant be YouTube) 4.Read 5.Christian music 6.audio series 7.Possibly of keeping this open. That it for today have a wonderful day Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Family 4.Bible 5.food 6.water 7.house 8.car 9.job 10.communities I m apart of
  11. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    I’m gonna not saying I’m gonna do it right away I’m just thinking of the brainstorming with the idea.
  12. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Thanks Now I do feel much better today and I did get clarity on a few things but its something I thought I never return to. You see I see the problem in gaming and many people don't find a place like this where they could get free from. Second is to stop looking at gaming as a bad thing because the more I tried to get rid of the more it was put in front of me. So what is it that I want to do well simply collect people from lost VR world or 2d world they have escaped to and show them a real earth but in order to do this I m must return to gaming, not as random player but use the gaming as a tool to teach others of the real world and the differences between them. I see so much potential in that but as a former addict myself I would have said no I traded for something better but what ended up happening is I started to get negative, irritable, and not fun to be around with. So instead I resisted the problem rather than solve the problem and the question is what are positives in games you learn, teamwork, social connections (even though they're not real) you learn how to overcome obstacles and figure the best solution and you make the wrong turn you can find out what went wrong. You see we all the negatives in games but sometimes we must look at the positive too. Now do I want the return to gaming no but the more I try to escape it the more it becomes in front of my face as if a calling is happening, Now this could be brain readjusting to and I did play oculus rift today, not a mess up but what really strange is that felt no emotional attachment to it, now some of the positive of quitting gaming is getting a job, starting youtube channel, investing in youtube course, learning to animate and manage time, so both have positives and negative the negatives of gaming is you addicted to the world, community, and forget about real life not realize 9 months have gone by, you never seem to get anywhere, you feel like your wasting away. I just find out what cam truly means when he said games not bad. I think we should look at the positive sides of what gaming did to us and what we learned then see the negative impact of as well then we get a full picture of who we are and what we need to do. For now I gonna not game because I want to talk this over for a few communities and some people I know but I let you know what the final decision is, am I fully aware of the addictive behavior it brings but I see people getting stuck in this world even more than now and that why I would like to offer way out sort like a double agent. That it for today have wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Church 3.Bible 4.Family 5Life 6.Job 7.Car 8.Home 9.Food 10.water '
  13. zeke365

    Gaming trailer

    I m on youtube and I came across this youtube video that says if video game makers were honset and it sort fits with this community and what we deal with and the real truth here even if they are making fun of it here's a link
  14. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    You are correct fawn_xoxo I have been beating my head like being punched without realizing the positive but in this process, I found something that is causing it. You see I fear rejection and I have done is rejected myself in order to protect myself from other rejection so I don't get hurt. I get hurt much easier like glass so you know when you get hurt it hurts deeply with mine will go down even deeper and I m not sure how to fix that. Another thing I have noticed I do hide and this has been practiced unconsciously of course because I must have trained to reject everything in life. This has been the one cause of everything that I m beginning to figure out. Life could be going good but at a certain point, I can't pinpoint when it is that I end up rejecting myself, job, my life, and wish I could move to point a to point b and life moving so fast. So at the core is rejection and its something I need to overcome and accept and it kind it explains why if I get close to someone they leave because I reject them unconsciously that and I think I believe the TV life expectations you in the commercials, and movies and have taken that to much to heart, Now that I have told you that let me think of the positives here when I quit gaming I found a job a few months later, I started a youtube channel in July 2018 called Animated Christians, I did some reviews and series and original movies which I need to get back into its getting time to do it. That it for today have a wonderful day. Grateful: 1.God 2.Bible 3.Church 4.Family 5.Life 6.Food 7.Water 8.Home 9.Job 10.Car
  15. zeke365

    Zeke Journel Round 2

    Week 3 This week I messed up with Vr but was able to last 14 days so better than nothing so it means I m improving in that area but I m decreasing in another. You see I think I m coming to grips with the reality that I have rejected my whole life and I still don't know how to cope with it, I have tried in the past with videos, anime, etc. but at the core of I think I reject myself as well. This leads me to a weird situation. You see I have tried to eliminate as much of social media as possible, expect the email, and youtube analytics then eliminated video games in addition to it and eliminated anime and cartoons. I have tried to replace its positive faith music, audio, reading the bible every day, go to church, church events etc. To try to counteract it with something positive. The thing I have noticed and it maybe have to start doing is eliminate watching news at night because I think some negative feelings are coming from that, second is I m in no-win situation with my parents in which I mean if I don't hang out with them they think I obsession on the PC, but if I don't they say I should move on with my life so I get rejected both ways on that situation, thirdly I have never really dealt with rejection before and not sure how to accept things as is because I take everything to heart to seriously and I m not sure how others live without affecting them? For me it harder I want to know how now tell me to have a positive outlet on life because right now I have turned into a very negative machine and I need to reverse but not sure how or even what to do? I do something unconsciously to where If I go to events that I will hide and avoid making friends as fear of rejection as a way to protect myself. The second is the moment I get close to anyone they seem to leave or move somewhere else and this happened on one or more occasions. So when I had anime I had a way to cope with the situation though it was more addicting that lead to depression saying I m never gonna get anywhere, So if you have any suggestions on how to turn all my negative energy into positive one or how to deal with it and move one cause I think this hindering my growth, I d be grateful if you guys or gals have any idea. Grateful: 1.God 2.Family 3.Church 4.Bible 5.Life 6.Car 7.Job 8.Home 9.Food 10.Water