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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

90 Day Detox


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Day 24. This is that hardest it's been for me so far. I can definitely see how tempting my phone is even though its not very powerful, even the simple phone games are luring which can probably run on the phone. The only thing keeping me here is the daily journal commitment and the 90 day detox count. It's still going on, but it's harder than ever.




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You're doing a great job. Remember to take some time and give yourself props for what you are doing - sacrificing something you love for becoming who you know you can be. Something greater. 

Now: day 29. Sooner than you think, it will say day 90. 

Stay strong. 

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Day 31! YESSSS ONE MONTH! The funny thing is it feels like it hasn't been that long, I can't actually believe it's been one month. Thank you Cam, I'm so glad I was able to find you and I'm so happy you are able to help me through just your youtube videos and forums. This detox is 1/3 done, so I still have a lot to go, but its feeling awesome!


Thanks So much,

Eli Shi

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I'm lacking sleep right now and more emotional than usual, so I almost tear up (manly tears ofcourse ;)) from reading this above. There's something amazing about when people - metaphorically - climb out of the black pit they've spent their lives in and see sunlight for the first time in forever. 

You're on the path to something beautiful. Keep going my friend. 

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