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  1. I started my detox on August 14, 2017. It's now August 15, 2019. It's been two years having quit video games and I haven't relapsed, and my life has changed so much. I find so much pleasure in learning new things, improving myself and learning new skills. I spend more time with other people, I am unrecognizable. This journey has been amazing, and I'm happy to continue to live like this. I haven't even been on game quitters for almost a year. Hope the community is doing well, hope people are finding new things in life. Eli
  2. Holy shit its October 13th. I havne't been on for two months. 365 + 61 is 426 days and counting :)
  3. Officially one year :))))))) AND ill just keep on swimming
  4. Today is day 363!!!!! ALMOST A YEAR
  5. Just checking in i've been doing a lot of work, and rest and break, games haven't been on my mind too much. Heres for the counter: Day 343, getting close to a year! Eli
  6. oof its been a hella long time. I've honestly been so busy with all this work its been so great! still going strong. Today is Day 327
  7. @dirkj3 spend time with friends! go out and talk with people and get to know other people in person better. Thats a fun way to replace games instead of porn/junk food. Things that are uncomfortable are just challenges to get through. It can feel depressing when things are hard, but instead of going to games or porn or tv or some sort of unhealthy thing, go relax by being with friends or doing something you enjoy (some sort of hobby besides games) :) Day 310! Eli
  8. its been a while. June 5th here, coming in at day 298! almost 300 :)
  9. @dirkj3any time man. :) day 281 Eli
  10. @dirkj3 Learning is learning. Pay attention in class, ask your teachers questions, ask your classmates questions, watch videos on youtube about the subject. Continue working on school. Maybe talk to your teacher about not covering everything last year and get some additional help? It never hurts even though it might seem embarrassing. Cramming is definitely not the right way to learn. Take it slow and steady, keep studying a good amount every day and try to catch up, but don't stress yourself out too much. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TACKLE SUGAR NOFAP YT GAMES all at the same time? ONE at a Time. Nobody has the energy for all of that. Take out sugar, combine games and nofap as internet and tell yourself that you will only use the computer for studying. Leave your phone outside of your bedroom, maybe place the charger in the living room so that you have to leave it there. The other activities are great! its still a lot of stuff, and personally I would just pursue one at a time, but if you like all of those things then keep it up! Meditating seems really good for you, so continue to meditate. BASICALLY don't do no sugar and instead of being on the computer or your phone watching youtube, games, or porn, go and practice all of those activities that you enjoy. Maybe find one you really like. :) It's been so long since I've posted, day 274, Eli
  11. Its Friday, day 252, just checking in Eli :)
  12. @dirkj3 just keep on going! talk to people about it too apart from me :) it'll help Day 247, Eli
  13. @dirkj3 A daily agenda is just writing in a notebook or planner what your goals are for the day, whether that be completing homework, not gaming for the day, or just sleeping an extra 2 hours. The best part is when you get to check all of them off! Procrastination is a completely different subject and I think everybody struggles with that (me included). Having a daily agenda and goals to complete each day will help you not procrastinate and get what you want to do done. Day 246, Eli :)
  14. @dirkj3 You are so right. I've accepted that I will never have full control without any issues with games. Even after 90 days, I know that if I start playing again, I will lose it. Half-assing something will change if you quit gaming and stick to it. You will have more time to do other things like school and if it turns you you're still half assing it then that just means school isn't the right path for you. Nothing about this is a piece of cake! Breaking addiction is one of the hardest things to do. You are completely right about having to keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this. Take a stand for once and say no to games. Day 242, Eli
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