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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)

90 Day Detox


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i feel bad cuz im not really making ajournal rather  counting days, but honestly its because i dont really have too many issues with video games any more. Today one of my friends was playing this mobile game I used to be addicted to, and I told him its a waste of time. I honestly didn't feel a really great attaction to play again, and I think I have a mental barrier now that doesn't let me get to that point where I have a really strong craving. Its day 52


Eli SHi

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Almost there!

Easiest to reply journal ever lol. But that means you're doing amazing right? You can also write about your victories and what you've been doing instead of gaming if you feel like it. It's not only woes in the Journal Section, we love to read about improvements too!

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