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  1. Thanks, that's exactly what I mean.
  2. Cool counter. Any changes on the background?)
  3. Yes, in IT practice is everything. It needs to be backed by theory at some point though. There's a possibility of a new project with another technology, gotta see where this is going.
  4. October 23 First day at work after vacation. Not as tiring as some of vacation days were, but still tiring) Seems like project has new organizational changes and issues. Been reading "Sane Workweek" by Itamar Turner-Trauring. Wonder if my skills are of market value now. It's really hard to study new things now and the last and current projects have not provided enough new tasks. Not to mention last project actually made me depressed and couldn't quit at that time. Oh well, looks more like ranting than log entry... On a bright side, I see a path to break that circle even though it might take two or three years. Time spent playing: none Grateful corner: my wife, tea Things I could do better: some quirky things at work Achievements: solid first day at the office, using CBT skills (I believe it would much more ranting otherwise)
  5. @Hitaru, hard to say. I still watch anime, but I am much more selective of what I watch. I don't really get what "real implications" you mean. Maybe adults recognize repetitive actions easier than kids? Having a full work day gives one that)
  6. October 21 I wasn't active here at all this week with vacation mostly taken by caring for a kid. Had some severe "search-cycling". Just for fun tried to google phrase like "videogames are boring" and it got me this: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-to-tell-youre-getting-too-old-video-games/ I am perfectly aware that this is an article on a basically click-bait humor site, but I relate to every of the 5 ways mentioned, event though I disagree with author on some details.
  7. October 11-13 Hi there. I'm still kicking, just had minor overload due to my schedule and feeliong obligated to study. I have crave sometimes but played 0 minutes while still spending about 25 minutes on videos. I am on vacation for the next week, my wife and kid are coming back. I am eagier to see them at home again. Not sure if I would make time to study or whether it would be good idead at all.
  8. October 10 Actually slept well. Looks like deep breathing makes me less tired throught the day. Productive day, some PIU workout. Unfortunately, wasted 15-20 minutes on "searching" Time spent playing: 10 minutes (beside searching)Gratitude corner: PIU, subwayAchievements corner: finishing few tasksThings I could do better: no gaming, less thinking about it.
  9. October 9 Long trip to work. As I said, lack of sleep backfired today. I was pretty sure I'm ok till lunch break. After that I was really irritated at everything. To the point of ranting (in my mind) about overly active kid and long way to office. That's why idea of "sane workweek" caught my attention. Hope I won't become too sleepy to constantly lose job performance. Had severe infrastructure problem today. The one that is on the client and prevents my to sync my work with code repository. Still I managed to finish both of today tasks and am now waiting to commit it. Time spent playing: none, but 15 minutes of vg videos Gratitude corner: my family, Stephen King Achievements corner: working under serious limitations Things I could do better: less videos, more books
  10. October 8 I am still sleep deprived, but playing with my kid is a lot of fun. I got some sleep during day. Tried to cut it short in order ti fall asleep in the evening. A lot of herbal tea and reading. Around 40 minutes of walking by the side of the river with pram. Me and my brother-in-law tried to fix old PC in order to give it to our father-in-law, but it's graphics adapters are too moody( Time spent playing: none Gratitude corner: my family, Stephen King Achievements corner: finding short book on "sane workweek". Gonna explore it in details. Things I could do better: sleep more. Cutting daytime sleep short backfired on me today (Oct 9)
  11. "I believed being sexual would be nothing but oppresive to the girls around me." Sounds pretty familiar. Similar addictions from similar problems comes to different people. %)
  12. October 6-7 Friday was very busy day. I finished last of parts of optimization task. Sime of it was slow because I was too sleepy. It's hard no to be spending 3.5 hours commuting. Finally I was together with my family at the end of the day. Wife's grandmother came all the way from Armenia and she was nursing her great-grandson when I arrived. Today wife's sister and her husband came too so it's pretty lively) This time I left notebook at home because I plan to rest, not study. I have to get my sleep in chunks because of my son, but nights are mostly calm. Today I realised the circke of tiredness -> feeling lonely or unsatisfied -> wanting to play "the perfect game" to chill out. At lest that's how it went today. Not cool) Need to keep it in check. Grateful corner: my family, rapid trains Achievements corner: finishing few work tasks, lots of reading Things I could do better: self-tuning. Maybe I should try meditating on regular basis Time spent playing: none
  13. October 5 Been sleepy all may, partly due to overplaying. Finishing optimization task at work boosting certain process 24 times. After work I bought replacement tea pot (my kid broke first first kitchen appliance, woot!) and went to Pump It Up arcade. One of arcade's workers mixed me up with some other player and asked why I came without a girlfriend. Probably because my wife won't like it. Evening studies did not sit well on me, taking short break. This weekend contryhouse gonna be really cramped, doubt it would be effective anyway. Time spent playing: none Grateful corner: PIU, log4net, j-pop Things I could do better: taking a longer walk route in the morning Achievements: work task
  14. October 4 To keep it short: mixed day. Work, some playing (a bit more than it should have been), sleep. Still sleepy today( Got a good present from my friend. Tea cup with text "introverts unite". Looks good in office) Time spent playing: 50 minutes. Grateful corner: my friend, cafe Things I could do better: just quitting game, not waiting for save point Achievements: investigation task at work (this time, pretty conclusive. Finished the job today, at October 5)
  15. @Raven, thanks. I've been wondering how many people are struggling with this search obsession.
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