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  1. Currently at day #7 There were some cravings from time to time. This is a good sign. Now I need to get to 21 days. From time to time I journal on a notebook.
  2. Currently at day two. Will come back at day 7 or not comeback at all.
  3. Day 5 Feel extremely tired the past few days. Sleep schedule still a mess
  4. Day # 4 Current mood: Slightly anxious I am grateful for: Public Gym Grandmother My bed Workout: Weightlifting Cold Shower: No Green Tea No Minimalism/Declutter: No Bed before 9PM Yea What went well today: Went to the gym Bought some flowers What didn’t go well today: My appetite is increasing. Had a slice of cake. What I could have done to make my day better: Need to put my diet in order. What I will do differently tomorrow: Plans meals GameQuitters thoughts: Triangle is for hijacking cars. Thoughts: I was about to simply write down "no games today" and forget about the diary, I feel tired, maybe is because I ate more carbs than I usually do. Current mood: Slightly anxious
  5. Day # 3 Current mood: Worried I am grateful for: My father This forum My legs Workout: Walking, light cardio Cold Shower: No Green Tea No Minimalism/Declutter: Yes Bed before 9PM Probably not What went well today: Realized a small proofreading work Was physically active What didn’t go well today: My sleep pattern is messed up What I could have done to make my day better: Set a morning routine What I will do differently tomorrow: Perhaps morning journaling could help. GameQuitters thoughts: No games today. Was very close to play online chess. Thoughts: Last night I went to bed without shutting down my laptop. Result? Mindlessly browsing youtube and a bad night sleep. Current mood: Physically Tired
  6. Day # 2 Current mood: Anxious I am grateful for: My aunt Music Apple cider vinager Workout: No Cold Shower: Yes Green Tea Yes Minimalism/Declutter: No Bed before 9PM Surely yes What went well today: Spent some time with the family What didn’t go well today: I notice I can easily lose concentration and focus What I could have done to make my day better: Need to start working out to keep my mind sharp What I will do differently tomorrow: Go to the gym GameQuitters thoughts: No games today, I had some flashbacks of a game I used to play. Thoughts: Feel like my mind is weak. I did however felt more present, here and now. Also felt more in tune with my feelings. Gaming seems my outlet to avoid negative feelings. Current mood: Hopeful
  7. Day # 1 Current mood: Nervous I am grateful for: My grandmother My father My girlfriend Workout: No Cold Shower: Yes Green Tea No Minimalism/Declutter: No Bed before 9PM I will try What went well today: Got done some chores. What didn’t go well today: Spent about an hour mindlessly browsing youtube. What I could have done to make my day better: Need to setup filters. What I will do differently tomorrow: Will set up filters. GameQuitters thoughts: No games today, had 1 game of chess over the board. Thoughts: I feel proud of not giving up on cravings. Sometimes the cravings escape somewhere else, for example excessive eating or drinking alcohol. Current mood: I want to be free ♫
  8. Day #0 Need to get back on track. Checking in at the forum needs to be part of my schedule and not just when I feel like doing it.
  9. Day #11 Mindlessly internet browsing and chess are definitely a problem. Need a filter.
  10. Day #10 First check in. All good. Some light cravings.
  11. Day #9 First check in. Gonna need to draw the line with online chess, only chess Over The Board is allowed.
  12. Day #8 Mindlesly Internet browsing is starting to kick in. Played online chess, which could lead to a relapse
  13. Day #7 First check in. Last night had cravings. Still clean. Second check in. Light cravings. Still clean.
  14. Day 6 First check in. Small cravings. Still clean Second check in. Still clean. I feel a bit down.
  15. Day #5 Still clean. The CGAA meetings have members with several years of abstinence. I noticed a trend, most of them suffered from several addictions, they call them their "primary addiction" and their "secondary addiction". It was interesting to see the variety on the age demographics. Perhaps the meetings fulfill the "social" need some got out of video games. But I would say that listening to other people struggling with the same problem proves to be helpful. Second check in: All good. Still clean.
  16. Thanks @Hitaruand @giblets for the warm welcome.
  17. Day #4 First check in. No videogames. I been doing some mindlessly browsing, but will solve by turning off wifi. Second check in. Currently at CGAA meeting. Still clean.
  18. Day #3 First check in. I feel guilt due to not waking up early. But I will resolve this issue. So in the meantime this is what I need to achieve: -Improve schedule (wake up early, sleep early). -Add a format to my posts. -Incorporate physical exercise. Second check in. Still clean. Felt a light craving after gym and dinner, I thought of laying on bed and "relaxing" Bed and smartphone is always a bad idea so I went ahead and had a shower.
  19. Day #2 I am still game free and my mind still strong. I failed to do double check-ins due to yesterday sleeping over at my cousin's house, and spending the whole day with my family.
  20. Day #1 Game Detox plan is as follows. Two check ins during the first 21 days, once in the morning, once in the evening. One check in during days 21 to 50. Two check ins during days 50 to 71. One check during days 72 to 90. Weekly meetings at C.G.G.A. Let's go.
  21. <Dream> Today I dreamt about a bodybuilder who is addicted to cocaine. There was a group of people supporting him, and we all knew he was struggling. We were going on a trip and the bodybuilder couldn't take it anymore and ran off. We were dissapointed but decided to keep the journey. We were traveling by bus and arrived some sort of military bootcamp. This could really had helped the bodybuilder. "It could help anyone" said someone else, while looking at me. I realized that it would beneficial for me to start a detox. <Dream/>
  22. Day 10/90 Too far from my goal.
  23. Day #3/90 Just checking in, feel depressed, saw some streams but found them boring. My diet is getting worse.
  24. Day #2/90 If it wasn´t for the fact that just a couple of days ago I set up filters and deleted game accounts I would be gaming. Just a few mins! It will be fun! I have been taking long naps these past days.
  25. You are so close, keep at it.
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