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  1. giblets added a post in a topic A friendly introduction   

    Ticket purchased! No pressure or anything but I heard the MC is going to be on point 
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  2. giblets added a post in a topic Bujo's Journal   

    Have you tried this surge of "poke" cafes instead of MccyDees? I had my first salad from one of those places on the weekend and it was pretty good. I was skeptical of the seaweed crackers but they turned out to be alright! Either way, I am glad to see more healthier fast food options appearing (assuming it is healthier), so you might want to try some of them out instead.
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  3. giblets added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    I'll definitely check this out, cheers!
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  4. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    25 Sep 17
    Days to go: 203
    Days to Marathon 2: 18
    So I totally missed yesterday's post, and I have no excuse, my morning routine is/was still not right and compacted by the fact it was the weekend so my foot was off the gas a little. I ended up getting out of bed and compressing a bunch of files on my computer as I am really struggling for space. As I am using an RPi 3 as my desktop, that means I essentially couldn't do anything else for an hour or so, and fell back to watching videos on my phone while I waited. Lesson learnt, because I didn't realise until about lunch time that I hadn't posted yet and by then it was too late. Today it's the first thing I am doing after making some tea - that will be the new routine. No checking the phone yet either which is good, I have now put it into alarms only mode and only take it out when I am expecting a call or something. Lets see how long that lasts. The reason I really need to take control of how much I look at my phone is I listened to a great TED talk yesterday on boredom by Manoush Zomoroni. For some reason I can't insert links so it is here -
    Even just the statistics alone is scary and puts phone usage into perspective. I have been having a love-hate relationship with phones over the last few months ever since entering the detox, where I became more aware of everyone using their phones constantly and not just enjoying the moment. I like to think I have a head start by already deleting all social media off of my phone, but I still respond to notifications too freely. I am going to keep my phone in this "do not disturb" mode all day again and see how we go - I have tried similar things during my detox, I remember talking to Bob about it. If I could find an alternative to listen to podcasts on I think I would go so far as downgrade to a feature phone similar to what CG EYE did.
    Not a lot else happened yesterday, spent time with the family and had a few beers to celebrate the last week before picking up more family to stay for the week. Last week was a great one, got a distinction for my online debate essay, recovered from the marathon without being too badly injured and I think I am getting on top of my finances for the moment. I did do a lot of reflecting as well which was good to do, I do not think I do enough of it. I probably spend too much time listening to podcasts during my quiet time rather than just sitting with the moment and reflecting on how I am going. Definitely addicted to podcasts - there is too much to listen to out there and to help me learn, as well as audiobooks, that I don't like being without one for even a few moments. I cannot remember the last time I actually listened to music - I don't have any installed on my phone anymore.
    So what is the plan for this week? With family staying over it is going to be challenging, but I do need to get back ontop of my productivity. I have taken my foot off the pedal, and now rather than sorting it out I seem content with just talking about it. That will stop as of today, and I will take charge of this beast. What is going to force my hand to make this happen is that I am going to be teaching for the next 8 weeks as well as attempting to manage work admin and study and all the rest. No time for dillydallying! Unfortunately with having family staying this week I was hoping to finally finish off my noise maker for my son, including cutting and grinding the mint tin it will be stored in, but that will not be happening. It will need to be a next weekend job, and I feel bad that I keep putting this off rather than getting it finished. The soldering is done, that is the hard part, now just need the software to back it up and the casing for it. Again, just allowing myself to be distracted from my goals and not coming back to them, need to take charge.
    Battleplan for today
    1. Contact my lecturer to talk about the consistencies between the feedback for my two assignments. I need to make some improvements to my writing style not just for the third and final assignment, but for the next semester and beyond as well.
    2. Enjoy teaching for at least today, and for the next two months. Last time round I really did not enjoy it, it was during the detox, and I was battling anxiety really bad. I feel a lot more relaxed about it all this time around and more in control in my emotions so I am optimistic. What do I have to lose anyway?
    3. Get back into my studies, or a routine that will aid me in doing my studies, which will generally revolve around getting my morning routine under control again. Do some research on ideal morning routines, look into the Miracle Morning.
    Grateful corner
    My house. I was spending some time yesterday on the floor in our living room with my son just playing around, and then again last night talking with my family. I am truly thankful for the opportunity of the house we are in, it is a once in a million once in a lifetime house and I was in the right place at the right time for it. No wonder it has a history of people not wanting to move out from it! I have another year here before we move into my next job so I need to enjoy it as much as I can, I doubt we will have such a spacious house like this again.
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  5. giblets added a post in a topic SlackRamen's Journal   

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  6. giblets added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    You can bounce ideas off of them on how to abstain from gaming, and they can bounce ideas off you of how to grow such a full beard 
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  7. giblets added a post in a topic Skaliq's Journal 2   

    Think how much you will enjoy other aspects of your life if you continue to live deliberately. Be wary that returning to gaming doesn't impact development of your self awareness.
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  8. giblets added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    There is some great training apps out there for free @Hitaru. You might need to hit the road hard after relaxing and having so much fun hanging out with @Cam 
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  9. giblets added a post in a topic I want to live my life!   

    Tomorrow sounds like an awesome day @imquitgaming. Don't get sucked into staring at your phone and just enjoy it!
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  10. giblets added a post in a topic HappyCat's log   

    Would you consider investing your spare money in something that would help these other hobbies you want to achieve? I don't know anything about Go, but is there something that would make you better?
    I think any investment in technology if it is new seems to be a waste, as it depreciates so quickly. For example, a laptop I wanted to buy about three months ago for $800 but didn't because my credit card bill was too high, is now down to $580. That is a big loss in less than a year. You'll get more value out of buying something second hand or a year or so older. In this case, the Switch, it is only going to go down in value, so I think buying it won't be a good idea.
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  11. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    23 Sep 17
    Days to go: 205
    Days to Marathon 2: 20
    There is about to be a third @SlackRamen, with @Zeeko about to move here as well! Was the obstacle course like the American Ninja Warrior show or more like the US College races? Both look like a lot of fun but require a lot of practice. I remember doing obstacle courses when I was a scout way back in my school days and it was a blast. Because I was the smallest they used to throw me over the obstacles and walls. 
    The red counter is how many days until I have gone a year game free, so I am up to day 160 today of not playing games. I like goals and targets and seem to work better with them so I figured why not make a new target after the 90 day detox was up, and there were several people talking about a year game free at the time, so I chose that.
    My morning routine still needs some work. The part that is annoying me right now is I know a few improvements I could make but I don't implement them, like drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up and not touching your phone immediately in order to get into the creating content mindset rather than consuming. I just can't motivate myself to do either task, though I have really overhauled how I used my phone, and generally now I just check my notifications before getting on with the day. I should be at a point where I get on with my day, do my morning routine, then check my notifications. The drinking water would really help though as I tend to be dehydrated most of the time (as the majority of humans are these days) and with the heat we are experiencing I sweat a lot more. I'll try again tomorrow to start forcing myself to do that.
    Well I chose a bad time to try and go back to daily posts with the work trip, but at least now I am back home with the right intention and ready to get this sorted. Some good news too, got my results back for my last assignment and I achieved a distinction - that's the highest mark I have received in years! So I am super happy with that. More evidence of how much I was wasting myself prior to the detox. There are some consistencies in what the lecturer has pointed out I did wrong though with the first assignment, so I need to contact her for some tips or direction on how to sort that out.
    I have identified the marathon re-attempt, there is one in the Melbourne Running Festival next month on the 13 October. So I have registered, flights booked, here I come! I think it is going to be a lot of fun, and will get the family away on a mini-holiday so will kill two birds with one stone. A lot of my wife's friends live in Melbourne so they can go hang out and do whatever they do while I run around scenic Melbourne and finish at the MCG (if I avoid the time cut offs). I have also found out it is not called a "slow bus", it is a "slow band". If you are not running fast enough when you pass through several check points then you're given an armband which basically means you can't finish the whole race as you will take too long. The aim is not to get one of those! This marathon is a bit quicker, the slow bands are given to 7:30 min/km instead of the Sydney 8min/km, but that's ok. 
    I feel like I have been wasting a bit of time this week by watching a lot of Youtube on various subjects, so I need to wind that back a bit. I haven't been feeling that great so it has been an easy escape while resting, either from the flu or still recovering from the run, I don't know which. That shouldn't be a problem this weekend though, it is just me and my boy and some fantastic weather - so look out playgrounds and maybe the zoo, we're going to have an awesome weekend! And no frustration from wanting to just stay home and play games!
    Battleplan for today:
    1. Have a lot of fun with my son - maybe the park, a playground, who knows. Whatever we feel like. Apparently right now that includes drawing on our face with a pen.
    2. Drink lots of water - this might be a source of my problems as well.
    3. Do some cleaning of the house to catch up on some chores.
    Will need to come back to my grateful points later, the keyboard is being hijacked by a small human.
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  12. giblets added a post in a topic Bujo's Journal   

    Welcome mate!
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  13. giblets added a post in a topic Favourite Podcast   

    Monday Morning Podcast (MMP) with Bill Burr. He calls topics how he sees it which others are too scared to talk about, plus he is hilarious!
    Some other ones that people haven't mentioned so far:
    The Anxiety Guy
    James Aldricher Show (not sure if I spelt his last name right)
    The Minimalists
    Skeptics Guide to the Universe
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  14. giblets added a post in a topic 44 Days Of Gaming.   

    Welcome @Aeryes! I am impressed you have achieved 44 days cold turkey!
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  15. giblets added a post in a topic SlackRamen's Journal   

    Love the Blue Mountains! I want to do the ultra trail in may next year so I need to spend more time up there training. We might have to compare notes on good spots!
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