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  1. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    22 July 17
    Days to go: 268
    Starting to get a bit down with how little I am achieving in my personal life at the moment while I have family staying with me. I love them to bits and I really enjoy having them around but when I wander around the house or sit down and reflect for the day I realise my personal jobs/targets/chores have stagnated a lot lately. I start study again on Monday as well so the window to do a lot of this stuff has closed. I will do my best to try and get some things done today and maybe some soldering done as well to cheer me up. I will attempt to use my notebook for the first time on the weekend to help set some goals and track how much I achieve during the weekend which I haven't done before.
    Filled with regret again for how much time I have wasted yesterday from end of the week drinks with colleagues.  I don't regret drinking itself or anything I have said or done as I stay in control, but I regret the loss of time itself. I guess thats the same reason I am a bit down with my personal goals, while I enjoy spending times with friends and family I don't see it as progressing towards anything - maybe thats the answer. I need to work out the intent for the time with them, and identify what it is working towards, that will get me back on track. Yes that's it. Now to work out what the end state is.
    Hopefully I will have a more upbeat post tomorrow!
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  2. giblets added a post in a topic Moe's Fantasy Writer Journal   

    I was also devastated when I heard the news. Their music was huge in a lot of people's lives and watching their live performance was an amazing experience.
    Hopefully something good will come from it.
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  3. giblets added a post in a topic Tux's Journal   

    GTD did a great podcast a while ago that talked about the first thing you do when you get up sets the 'tone' for the day.
    From memory they said to wake up, drink a glass of water, and get moving before even looking at your phone and consuming content. If you do that then you will be proactive for the rest of the day. But if you wake up and get on your phone, you will begin consuming content and then be in that mindset all day.
    So on the days you really want to study, set your alarm to get up before everyone else to minimise distractions, get straight out of bed, and leave your phone in the bedroom. You will find your productivity will be increased tenfold!
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  4. giblets added a post in a topic CGI Clinic psychiatrist from Australia   

    Did a quick google and found this link - Featurephones supporting WhatsApp
    Another quick google finds the cheapest at $70 - eBay
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  5. giblets added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    That's a fantastic gym deal! I haven't heard of anything that good before.
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  6. giblets added a post in a topic Tux's Journal   

    I've heard working in a fast food restaurant is a great way to make you hate fast food! Your health is probably better off from it.
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  7. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    21 July 17
    Days to go: 269
    I missed yesterday's post because it was a very hectic day. I didn't forget about it and I didn't want to break my daily streak but I prioritised family time over sitting in front of the computer in the end, some members of my family are going through some stressful times and I am doing my best to help out, whether that be just relaxing with them or doing some chores for them. To me that had a higher value than anything else I had planned to do.
    @Cam I think you're right, I need to just try a period without gluten. Last year I tried "No Bread November" and I felt a lot better throughout, so maybe I need to have a go at "No Gluten August". I have already talked to my wife about it and she is willing to help with our food choices so I need to sit down and come up with a plan. I'll add it to the list to work on this weekend.
    @Mettermrck Not at all in the end! At the start I didn't want to bring myself to get rid of them like recommended in the Respawn program, so I just put them all in my shed. Now though I would like the money to work on other projects so I finally started organised selling them. It felt great walking away from them! That Xbox days are numbered, and I think it shivers when I walk past.
    So the good news for the day is I finally got my uni results back! I got a Credit, which I am over the moon about. Not only is it a step up from my usual barely-passed, but when it was on a subject I have never studied before and had never done a research essay before either, I am very proud. I am certain I would not have achieved it if I was still trying to game at the same time. You can bet the house on that. Now the next step is to try and get a Distinction next semester to really hammer it home.
    Hoping for a really productive day today so I can feel like I am starting to make some headway on my to do list.
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  8. giblets added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    How duck out and buy an L and an M!
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  9. giblets added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    This Habitca sounds like a lot of fun, but I am a bit worried it might be a gateway drug for me!
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  10. giblets added a post in a topic CGI Clinic's Journal   

    Sure did! Not really with my gamer friends but with my real life mates. I still haven't worked out why I didn't want to tell them, maybe because I was worried that I would fail, or more likely that I was embarassed by gaming all together so I used to hide that from them as well.
    The few gamer mates that I valued quite highly decided to go through a similar process at almost the exact same time which was very helpful.
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  11. giblets added a post in a topic CGI Clinic psychiatrist from Australia   

    Have you got a link for the dumbphone videos? I have contemplated doing it a few times before but the barrier for me is I would need one that at least has Whatsapp on it, since I barely SMS anymore. I think there was a featurephone (which I think is the official name for the dumbphones) that had whatsapp on it made a few years ago but I had to import it to down under which would of been expensive.
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  12. giblets added a post in a topic TEDTalk (audio)   

    I do recommend the video so you can see all the stats slides.
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  13. giblets added a post in a topic Tux's Journal   

    When they happen to me mate I find that I can't allow myself on a computer or I'll lose a couple of hours, then before you know it your day is wasted. I just change my environment somehow, like leaving the house or calling someone to talk about something completely random.
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  14. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    19 July 17
    Days to go: 271
    Been a very hectic day, my post is very late! Exhausted, but I have accomplished a lot today, I'd say it was between 2 and 3 stars of productivity... if I can only find where I put my notebook sheets. I'll sort them out tomorrow. The biggest achievement for me I think was getting my average time per km down to 5:23 today, which is the fastest I've run in like ever. It was the average across 6km, so the distance wasn't that great but there was so much roadworks going on all my usual paths had been closed so after a few side streets I gave up and came back. I need to try and work that out a bit better and identify a route I can do until the footpaths and steps are re-opened.
    Really wanted to get my blood test done today so I can find out if there is anything wrong with me that is causing me to get sick so often, but I forgot I should of been fasting, and I had already had breakfast. I need to see a new doctor about if I am gluten intolerant, because I am starting to have troubles with my stomach again. The last doctor said I wasn't gluten intolerant but I was gluten "sensitive". I stupidly not ask about it any further because I thought I could manage it without eating bread, but its back to being really bad.
    Sold my gaming laptop for a nice chunk of change! I feel really happy about that. I was going to use the money to buy a tiny portable linux laptop but now I am not so sure, as I don't really need it, it's more of something I want. I'll sit on it for a while and see how I feel about it after some more research. On the Minimalist podcast they talk about having a "freeze" period when you're thinking of shopping, whether that be 7-30 days, in which you wait and see if you still feel like you want the product after that period. I have been waiting 4 weeks already so another one or two won't hurt.
    Still need to get that Xbox up on  sale!
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  15. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    18 July 17
    Days to go: 272
    Very productive day yesterday, to the point where when I go back to work tomorrow I will struggle to find something to do! I will help out on some other projects I am coordinating I think so it will be good to get back and work on material rather than just being the manager. A nice change of pace. I gave myself 3 stars for productivity, the first time I have done that, so progress!
    Today though I get to hang out with my son for the day, which will be a blast. No thinking or stressing about other tasks, no wanting to escape to my computer, just him and I cruising around doing whatever we feel like. Going to head to an electronics shop for some LED lights to put on his toy car - I think it will be hilarious.
    Started talking to an old pen pal again, having the conversations with Moe and writing this journal has made me realise how enjoyable it was to write all my thoughts down, and they seem open to writing again. See how long it will last before they give up and move on, but it's good for now.
    Still haven't re-established my Duolingo habit. This is annoying me at the moment, so I need to find a suitable day to do the lessons and stick to it so it becomes muscle memory just like this journal. I have tried in the morning but my brain usually isn't firing on all cylinders yet, lunch time I run, and after work I usually am either too grumpy or too tired to do it, or I am spending time with my son. A lot of excuses here. Maybe I will do some research on the best time of the day to maximise my learning potential.
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