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Day 55! today can be divided by 11 and 5. ~61% through, I have a D- on my detox so far.

Just watched the inauguration and wish the new presidential cabinet good luck.

Doing great so far. Haven't watched a single gaming video for a month. Not very productive, bad time management.

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Back on track. I just came back from a relapse and want to enjoy life again. I started drawing my comic and reading books. Also, I tried to exercise more and stop slacking off on my push ups. Did some

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Day 40, 44.44% through!  Today I started school again but the truth is: I pass through my classes half-dead from staring at screens although my grades are good in the end. Today I am not going ru

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Day 56.

Doing great so far. I completed all my school assignments but that one group mate pissed me off. Last night we were working on a project and she told me she cannot do the project because she did not listen in class and has other homework to do. Welp, I will hope for the best of my project then. Hope it gets an A.

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