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  1. Day 58. I can't take it anymore. I have too many urges. AHHH. So many cravings. Too many cravings. I can't take it any longer. Day 58 is a great achievement but I am on the verge of collapse. I feel like a mountain balanced on an invincible chopstick, ready to topple over any second now. A lot of difficulties these days. One reason might be that my classmates and friends are acting like temptations to me right now. I just want to play for 20 minutes, but no. That would end my journey but start my suffering. I just can't help it, I need help.
  2. Hi Ale! Welcome to gamequitters community! Studying becoming a boredom has been a long-time problem for me so I would recommend every 20 minutes take a small break and every 60 minutes (3x20mins) switch to a new activity. Quitting Youtube and gaming has helped me achieve my goals in studying and etc. and I hope it might benefit you too as not everyone functions the same way. Although Youtube and gaming has distracted me entirely, I still watch Youtube in moderation when I am done with work and sometimes play small games with my friends with I have the time. Good luck! monke
  3. Day 56. Doing great so far. I completed all my school assignments but that one group mate pissed me off. Last night we were working on a project and she told me she cannot do the project because she did not listen in class and has other homework to do. Welp, I will hope for the best of my project then. Hope it gets an A.
  4. Day 55! today can be divided by 11 and 5. ~61% through, I have a D- on my detox so far. Just watched the inauguration and wish the new presidential cabinet good luck. Doing great so far. Haven't watched a single gaming video for a month. Not very productive, bad time management.
  5. 53rd day of my detox to enlightenment. Today I completed a lot of homework and feel ok. The homework was not really that exciting, it was just writing my fictional narrative(I rewrote it so many times due to dissatisfaction) and math problems. My friends who are still gamers were grinding away on their auto-clickers like usual. I also made another lego video:
  6. Day 52. Today I started yet a new addiction: brick addiction. If you play with Legos then you know what it is. I would build tons of Legos and disassemble old ones and repeat the process over and over again until I get tired and go to sleep. I just don't know if brick addiction can become a thing and if it does I will have to do 90 days without Legos. One thing I am thankful for this week is Martin Luther King day because no school on Monday! Monday will be a relaxing and learning on my own day without pressure or anything that gives me cortisol rushes(I get stressed often).
  7. DAY 50! YES! This has been my farthest detox! So today I have something to say about toxic classmates. I used to be friends with this gamer and we had fun playing games. However, the tides came crashing down at me when I told him he is bad at gaming. He started to insult me and my mom (I do not know why there was no correlation) and blocked me on google hangouts. Just yesterday, he unblocked me and started spamming at me with mean messages. He was more of an asshole than ever before. I blocked him right away and never talked to him since. Today however, something interesting happened
  8. Dang it! Yesterday I made $3100 and my stocks all lowered and now my returns dropped down to $2300. If you didn't know I play an investing game and I am doing good at it. This is my second time investing and I am doing way better than last time when I only made $86. This has been my 48th day and I am doing great! Yesterday my mom made Har Gow which are steamed shrimp dumplings which are really good.
  9. I suggest taking melatonin pills before bed at around maybe 10 o'clock so you can go to sleep. I usually try that when I stay awake in bed and also, try to stay awake during the day by doing high-intensive exercises between classes or maybe just ten push-ups per hour. Another alternative to sleeping well in the night is drinking coffee before noon.
  10. Day 47. I slept well today with a pill of melatonin before bed yesterday night. I did not write in my personal journal because I was focusing on going to bed before 10 p.m. Stocks market game: I made $1762 today and I don't regret buying 200 shares of MRNA. One thing I am thankful for is 8 days until Donald Dump goes away.
  11. I get addicted to other things like Lego or digging in my yard or whatever that's available for me. Usually when I am done with my homework I play Legos and make short films with them. I also sometimes invest my virtual money into stocks in my virtual stocks game because I don't have real money and I'm still in school. I also like to draw and play piano when I have the time to and also exercise like running or HIIT.
  12. Day 46 Day 45 marked my half-way point yesterday so I played with Legos the whole day to show that I can replace gaming with other types of entertainment. Yesterday night however, was a long and sleepless night. I lay awake in bed for 2 hours and woke up early. Today I feel more sleepy but I don't have time to sleep. Edit: I drank some coffee mixed with milk because I like milk with coffee and feel much better. I made some growth in my investing game by making $1700! I thought buying like 200 something shares of MRNA was a bad idea but it was OK. I made an analysis of MRNA and f
  13. Day 44 I was working in my garden today when I pricked my whole arm and hand with rose thorns. AHH! It hurts! I was actually trying to see what was underneath the plant pot when my arm got stuck on one of the branches. The thorns pierced me with viciousness and hooked onto my arm painfully! Luckily, I pulled them off but my arm hurts now and my hand hurts from touching the rose bush to save my arm.
  14. Day 43 I had some fun on my simulated stock market and made only $136 as of now but the maximum I made today is $600. I am just practicing right now so when I go to college I will know how to invest and how to make more money through investing.
  15. Day 42 Pretty deviating day. I was on the brink of relapse and pulled myself out by doing a 45 minute exercise. That was pretty scary because I don't want to start over again but I will not give up to my inner gaming addiction and cravings.
  16. Day 41, almost half-way through! Today I started an investing game with my dad. It is on Marketwatch where you start with $100,000 and try to become first place among a lot of contestants in your private game. Tomorrow is going to be hard because at school I have the eye straining classes (math class, I need to use a math learning program to do homework). I am however getting good grades because I think getting an A- or below in middle school is unacceptable.
  17. I used to also do weekend gaming but it is the worst strategy(for me, maybe for you). My advice: never game in moderation, you will want one more hour after your first hour and so on until you relapse.
  18. Day 40, 44.44% through! Today I started school again but the truth is: I pass through my classes half-dead from staring at screens although my grades are good in the end. Today I am not going running because I got tired from yesterday's run. Homework goal: every 20 mins rest so I don't get too nauseous from staring at screens. Hope to get homework done in less than 1 hours so I can shut my computer down for the rest of the day.
  19. Day 39! Happy new year! My goals for 2021: 90 days without gaming Running 5 kilometers under 30 mins.(before summer starts) and then possibly 25 minutes after BMI under 21 Read 20 books
  20. 38 days may not sound like a lot but it is for me. I have relapsed a bunch of times in the past and have not even passed 30 days. I am doing great so far and is pushing forward to my next goal: 60 days.
  21. Day 35 I think. One thing I hate about my detox are detox distractions. Every time I watch television when I am tired, Youtube keeps giving me suggestions related to gaming even if I click not interested. I now just watch Prime video and Netflix more because I have had enough of Youtube giving me updates on gaming.
  22. Well, I haven't been on since Wednesday I think. I have been busy with the Christmas celebrations so I have not turned on my computer for 5 days. Christmas has been great for me as of now for we are still in the pandemic. I have been sleeping well lately with no insomnia. I workout almost everyday either by agility training or running 3 or more miles every afternoon. One thing I have been working on is building a Lego kitchen for a future Lego film. Another thing I have been working on is practicing piano because I already played some Christmas songs for my family on Christmas. So far, this ha
  23. This is 2 days from Christmas. Today I feel kind of lost because I don't have the motivation to do anything. Hopefully, as the day progresses my senses will come back to being more enthusiastic. I did not want anything material this year for Christmas but I wish I can complete my 90 day detox. Things has been pretty challenging for me now because of the innumerable cravings. I hope I can make it to 90 days.
  24. Day 24. I am not very happy with myself right now. I know that it appears I'm doing well but I have a big problem. My holiday break started so no school work but, this leaves me an extra 6 hours of procrastination time. I am now thinking of a plan for everyday like a to-do list. Just cooked and ate breakfast and now I just procrastinated 2 hours on my couch watching TV. I hope I can do better than yesterday.
  25. Today just more coding for fun for myself and family to play with. Went on a run today which is very good. I went running around my city for about 3 miles and walked the rest because I was tired from the run 2 days ago. The game I made today is insanely hard and is so hard you can't beat the easy levels(at least I can't although I created it 😞). It's here in case if you want to try it out(set a timer so you won't relapse):https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/466106084/