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  1. Day 90 Okay so I still suck at journaling consistently … it’s just not that important to me right now. I’d like to get more consistent at it in the future, but I’ve just been focusing on other things. Okay, so it’s day 90!!! Yessssssssss, it’s kinda crazy to me how those first days and then the first week and then the first month all went by at a slower pace. I wasn’t doing as much at first, and so I had thoughts of going back. Month two and three were a lot easier for me to the point where I haven’t been counting the days. Occasionally I look at my tracker and see where I’m at. A few day
  2. Congrats on making it to a full week! Watching the hours pass by in a day will definitely make the day feel longer, and you'll be wanting to play video games the entire time. So then it seems like the solution is to distract yourself so you just don't think about video games, which is a good start. Distraction doesn't work forever though. The other thing to think about is actually giving yourself the space to be bored so you can make a decision. If you immediately jump onto social media, Netflix, Reddit, anything to distract yourself, then you're not really giving your mind a chan
  3. Day 66 As you may have noticed, I’m still not journaling consistently, ha… Well, regardless, I’m glad to be journaling today, and I’m trying a new format. I’m in my bedroom, at my desk, wearing PJs and a hoodie, and thinking how it’s been quite a good day. I woke up and immediately got into my stretching routine (been doing stretching for a couple weeks now and my body feels so much better). A couple nights ago I stopped sleeping with my phone on my bed and replaced it with an alarm clock. No phone in bed = more sleep for meeeee. Lately, I’ve been watching Seinfeld in the morning,
  4. I just put the books you said on my list. They look like great selections! It's definitely a wide variety like you were saying. I just finished John Barleycorn by Jack London, which is a memoir about his struggles with alcoholic addiction. I could really relate to the story even though it was a different addiction. He talks a lot about how he didn't think about alcohol much, but it was just the thing to do to hang out and get to know people. Very similar in my mind to the internet, social media, and video games nowadays. It's just the thing people do without thinking about it. It was written a
  5. I love books 📚 what are you currently reading?
  6. I definitely connect with the idea of journaling as accountability. I would prefer to journal at the end of the day, but then a lot of times I'm "too tired" and want to just pass out on my bed. Any tips? Also, you have made it this far. Maybe you don't need to beat the crap out of yourself 😉
  7. You probably insulted the one thing that he cares about and is important to his life. Smart on you to just block him. No reason to sit there and take an online assault from messaging.
  8. Day 54 This day isn’t anything special in terms of progress towards the 90 days, but today I remembered game quitters and my journaling and wanted to do it again! Honestly I didn’t even realize it had been this long. Not counting every day definitely allowed me to just focus on my daily life. At the same time, I think that while my days have been game free, they sometimes blur together without the journaling to check-in with myself at the end of day. So, I want to start journaling again, so that I can start reflecting on what’s next. My foundation right now is daily exercise and reading.
  9. Day 31 It has always been hard for me to own up and actually call my relationship with gaming an addiction. I try to weave the narrative in gaming’s favor, sugarcoating the bad moments and highlighting the good. Enough is enough, I’m tired of fantasizing about gaming in the future or having nostalgia about gaming in the past. I’m setting an intention to NOT return to gaming when the 90 days are up. I plan to continue posting less frequently as the days go on, because I intend to spend less time at my computer. I appreciate the support that this community has shown me from my first po
  10. Day 23 Today I did a lot of reading, reflection, and personal work. When I look back at today and I don’t have these things I can check off in a checkbox, I have to remind myself that it was still a good day. School has so ingrained in me a process of homework, grading, and feedback. I haven’t been in school in five years and I still feel that pressure. Not everything in life is going to be given a score, a progress marker, etc. Working on myself is definitely very fluid. I can tell I am changing, but the only thing I can say with finality at this point is that I don’t play games anymore.
  11. Good stuff. I like Thich Nhat Hahn's books as well for similar reasons, the open mindedness and accessibility of the teachings. How I usually find new books is just to read everything by an author that I like. So, if you really connected with that book, I definitely recommend the other ones.
  12. I also tend to be an overthinker. The thoughts are almost always worse than the thing itself.
  13. Day 21 I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated today. Thought about gaming. Thought about YouTube. Thought about Netflix. Instead, I decided to read, read a lot. And yes, I am so thankful that I read. For a few reasons: (1) I have now started on the book I committed to read for my friends book club (2) My difficult feelings dissipated (3) I feel a renewal of energy. When I would turn to gaming to avoid these difficult feelings, it only served as a distraction. Gaming only made me feel better while gaming, and the moment the games were off, I still felt the same as before, if not wor
  14. Thanks for the support. Yes, it is from difficulties that we grow. Thank you for reminding me to think of all the good that has come from this so far.