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  1. @BooksandTrees I noticed that in other journals too idk why this happens, isnt just my journal Anyway, I haven't been here in a while but I wanted to say that I am 92 days clean of games. I completed the detox. I know for sure that quitting is the best decision ever. Gaming made me depressed and anxious and quick to write things off just so i could play more. Now I am thinking and being more social and I have been getting rid of fears, slowly at a time. I am not sure where my life will go after this but I know that this is just the beginning and theres no reason for me to play in moderation when life is so much better. I want to thank you guys for all the support I have gotten. I think that if I didnt journal I wouldnt even pass day 1. So thanks for all your feedback and wisdom. I will try to give back my knowledge from time to time but for the most part I will be offline living my life. Also an announcement, I also have just quit social media. Just the toxicity of it and everyone flexing what theyve got is too draining and I dont need all that negativity in my life. Best Jason
  2. Day 77 Days w/o gaming: 77 Day satisfactory level: 4/10 I noticed what's holding me back from my dreams and goals I set for myself, and that's fear. I'm scared of being criticized or judged even in my own family, I'm scared of what dangers can occur if I step outside my comfort zone. All this has caused confusion and constant hate for myself. I don't believe this is all of what's causing this constant loop of being motivated in the morning and succumbing to youtube or music at night, but i do believe it's a part of it. I'm afraid to do some college work at home because of mistakes, and comparing myself to others. It's clear that I want to have books published, but I'm afraid because of people's thoughts. I swear this will be the last break but I need to find out how to get rid of these emotions. Of course fear is okay like nervousness, but if it's making you hate yourself and hinder you from goals, and it's your primary emotion than it's a problem. Best Jason
  3. Day 76 Days w/o gaming: 76 Day satisfactory level: 5/10 Really felt like doing nothing today, and I gave myself that day. Tomorrow it's back on the grind. Best Jason @ZenoThanks for that advice! I never really thought of it that way. But I now see what you mean. By the way, I am planning on starting with the guitar.
  4. Day 75 Days w/o gaming: 75 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 For my novel, I am having a writers block, I don't know where I should take the story next. I might take a step back and write down some Ideas more. Looking to play a musical instrument, most likely will be guitar or piano. Anyway, I am teaching myself Music theory then will teach myself one of those two instruments to eventually get into music production. The reason I am doing all of that before is because music theory is important for music as a whole and knowing both an instrument and the theory will both be good hobbies to fill time with and will make me better off when I start producing as a hobby. No urges today. Making good progress. Best Jason
  5. Welcome to the forums! I wish you luck on your journey for a gaming free life whilst trying to keep your job. Doesn't sound like an easy task Best Jason
  6. Hey, Welcome to the forums! I wish you luck on your non- gaming journey! It sounds like you already have some good goals set up. What other goals do you have in life? Best Jason
  7. Congratulations on day 45! You are making great progress. Keep it up! Best Jason
  8. Congratulations on the 90 days! What a huge accomplishment! I'm glad Cam and Dr. Alok helped you through your journey. I often find myself (at least Cam) watching his videos when I have urges, it kind of sets me back into that mindset "oh yeah, games aren't interesting anymore." Even though I am on day 75, 15 more days until 90, I have wondered this. Recently I have gotten really interested and craving a Mario game again and telling myself, well at day 91 I can play it. There's the chance though that it might lead into addiction again, so I am unsure. I haven't done much research but I think these ideas stem from the fact that games were such a big part of our childhood and now we have different hobbies and are making progress, we can play them healthily now right? I think though, there is no way to "Healthily game" after the detox. Unless you've been playing in moderation since the beginning after the detox I believe any exposure to games can throw you back into that addiction loop. Also I think just real life is way better. Once again Congratulations on your accomplishment! Jason
  9. Glad its been going well. Its relieving to get things off your back, like a presentation. Keep up the good work. Best Jason
  10. Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Congrats on committing to a gaming free life. Addictions are something most gamers won't admit to. I hope through this journey you are able to improve your social skills and get better with your family, these are both things I still struggle with, though I am getting better! You said you're interested in writing, reading, drawing, programming and cooking. Those are all great hobbies. One thing I struggled with though and many on this forum did is we replaced gaming with watching youtube or scrolling through reddit. If you come across this problem, one thing that helped me is setting a goal for myself. For example, for cooking I would say, "Okay, I will cook one new recipe twice a week." or it could be a goal as simply making healthier meals. This journey is long and can be tedious at first, but I believe you'll make great progress and we're here to support you if you need it. Best Jason
  11. Day 74 Days w/o gaming: 74 Day satisfactory level: 7/10 I noticed something. Restriction and prioritizing has really helped me with getting things done instead of choosing to stay in my bed. Today I got a lot accomplished, I got back into exercising, I completed my college work aside from a few projects and I finished my laundry. Making good progress. Also since it's the end of the month Here is a passage from my novel, since this is my first time writing something so huge, constructive criticism would be nice. Best Jason P.S. I will try being more active in community again tomorrow
  12. Day 70 Days w/o gaming: 70 Day satisfactory level: 5/10 I know I just took a break but I am going to take another short break from journaling here to really get specific with my goals and define my hobbies. I think to get out of my comfort zone I am just going to pick one random hobby and do that for a few weeks. I'll let you know after how it goes. Also I will be back before the end of the month to post a bit of my story. best Jason
  13. Day 69 Days w/o gaming: 69 Day satisfactory level: 7/10 It was a meh day due to video streaming and eating junk food. I'm going to cut back on junk food (including soda), because whenever I have it, my mouth feels like it's jacked up, which I hate the feeling of. Despite the day, I rated it a 7 out of ten because I am excited of something new I am trying tomorrow. Best Jason
  14. Friends is a difficult situation. When you quit games there will be some friends who support you or think you're crazy. You can break bonds with those who stop talking to you because you quit but you don't want to because you have built up that bondage for so long. Ultimately it's your decision when it comes to friends. However, based off the context I am assuming this friend (despite a good bond), is trying to get you back into games. Your gamer friends who still send gaming-related things to you (if you told them you quit), I'd recommend ending communications with. If this friend is a good friend though, you should tell them you're on a detox and why, and maybe you could try finding non gaming related things to talk about. Usually though, people like this, hanging out with them when you quit, will not result in a favorable outcome. Best Jason
  15. Hey, I'm sorry you relapsed recently. What are you going to do this time to try to avoid relapse in the future? I know for me personally just writing down, "I'm going to work out or learn about music theory", helps but it doesn't guarantee avoidance from time wasters. You need to find something that allows you to write those activities down and complete them -- a system. I wish you luck on deleting your accounts. Keeping accounts definitely can cause you to come back. I noticed this with discord. Another thing you can do to avoid relapse is get outside into the real world. It could be as simple as taking a walk or something. Being inside tempts you to play games because it's at your disposal, and being indoors makes you want to stay indoors. I wish you luck on your new detox Jason