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  1. Day 65 Days w/o gaming: 65 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 Refining my schedules for the day. Still fighting for a better life 💪. Best Jason
  2. Day 64 Days w/o gaming: 64 Day satisfactory level: 7/10 Day could of been better. Still got a lot of things done. I'm happy knowing that I have been fighting hard for a good life. Best Jason
  3. Day 63 Days w/o gaming: 63 Day satisfactory level: 9/10 Was productive today. Finished college work efficiently, finished up my laundry, i read and wrote a bit of my book, i drew. It was a really satisfying and great day. Only thing i didn't get to was photography but it's fine for how well this day went. Lets hope tomorrow goes well too Best Jason
  4. Day 62 Days w/o gaming: 62 Day satisfactory level: 5/10 Meh day. Gonna try harder tomorrow Best Jason
  5. Day 61 Days w/o gaming: 61 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 Had some urges today but pulled through. Going to go back to chasing dreams and being productive tomorrow. No excuses. Best Jason
  6. Welcome to the forums! I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Keeping a journal here helps with accountability and tracking your moods/what you're thinking. It's a great tool and pretty much can be used for anything, glad you're committed to writing daily. Best Jason
  7. To me, sharing your information to someone who wants to change feels amazing. Helping people in general is great. I'm excited for you and your friend. Hope things go well for him! Best Jason
  8. Hey! Glad you resisted urges and reminded yourself of your "why". I find that's important for anyone trying to quit. -- no matter the addiction. Also I agree. This community is amazing. Like you I also felt the need to play just one more game but when I came here the stories of success and the feedback reminded me of why i was doing this. I see it will be beneficial for you in the future for putting out why those games aren't satisfying. So good work! Also that drawing is really nice. Best Jason
  9. Day 60 Days w/o gaming: 60 Day satisfactory level: 4/10 Was not so good today because I got sick. It's not COVID but it's related to it. I just got my second dose of the vaccine yesterday and today I felt really shitty, so decided to go easy on myself. Only reason I thought it was bad because I am still hard on myself for being lazy and not being productive constantly even though we can't do that. Going to try to release pressure on myself for that and just be kinder to myself when i fail or i don't live up to some expectations. I'm really happy I hi
  10. Day 59 Days w/o gaming: 59 Day satisfactory level: 7.5/10 This is my second day of actually writing and working towards my dream of being a published writer. Not sure when I'll know when I gained that dream. You could say "oh when you see your book on the shelf, duh." Something the video I watched yesterday taught me was that your book may be published but you can't control whether it will be well received or if stores will stock it. I guess I feel like I achieved it when I am satisfied with what I've done. It's only been two days but I realized how silly it was of me to be scar
  11. Day 58 Days w/o gaming: 58 Day satisfactory level: 8/10 Better day because I worked on my story. Watched a Ted Talk on it, and I learned my goals were too vague. Going to rewrite them tomorrow. Goal for tomorrow is to write at least 3 rough draft pages. @Theresa thanks, the bullying was pretty much only during elementary school, so not a long time. This isn't a good thing but most people get bullied i think so in a way it was a normal circumstance that most people deal with.
  12. Day 57 Days w/o gaming: 57 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 Mediocre day, but excited for the second half. I also thought of something about me pushing off my dreams. It might be the trauma I have from being brutally bullied as a kid. I was never one of the popular ones, i was seen as weird honestly because I liked comics and games instead of playing football and baseball. The result of the bullying, (this was before my addiction went out of hand) caused me to be introverted, more than I already was and believe that if someone was commenting on something I did it would alwa
  13. This is something I see a lot of people think about. The question "am i doing enough?" Obviously satisfaction is an important factor of it. However, I feel that as long as you have been doing something at a consistent rate and been doing it for a while (in your case, meditation you have) then you've done enough. I personally think you should focus on the fact that you are meditating instead of, how long did I do it. Unless for some reason you don't feel like you got the benefits from meditation as much as you expected. Wishing you luck on the MRI, hope it goes well! Best
  14. Congrats on making it through the first week! Often times, the first week is the hardest due to the urges and thoughts you have. It sounds like things have gotten off to a good start for you, hope that continues. I hope you're able to get those campus jobs! Wishing you luck Jason
  15. Hey! At one point I wanted to get a whiteboard too. To write how many days of quarantine we were at, and write a to do list. I couldn't find one that fit my tiny desk though! Wishing you luck on your goals and your semester! Jason