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  1. Thanks for all the advice @Bird By Birdand @Tabula rasanot sure how much it would have been helpful today but yeah Day 0 (part 2): Played again today, i am wondering if it was the right move to not play i know thats not a common thought on this community but when i played today i felt happy. idk maybe it was cause it was sucking me into its grasp but honestly i am not sure. One thing i am sure about is to stop wasting money. Like for a twitch stream i dont have to have the streamer notice me or anything. Anyways though questioning because even though I played I still had a productive
  2. this isnt really corny for me either. in fact i face the same problem. I think all it comes down to, to get the passion, is asking yourself, "would i be willing to make sacrifices to do this?" if the answer is yes, then in my opinion your passionate enough, however if no, then look for other things that may be your passion. Resistance from distractions, determination, perserverance and willpower, I also think are big parts of this too. I just have been asking myself "am I willing to step outside my comfort zone for this?" Sometimes, what we think what we want to do, isnt what w
  3. Just want to say, keep up the good work rasa! only 19 more days until the 90 days! Best Jason
  4. Day 0: Yeah, I unfortunately relapsed already dammit... I hate myself now for being an idiot and not telling my younger brother that I was on a detox and we couldnt play, fuck. It wasn't necessarily the gaming WE did that made me relapse, but it caused the relapse after. Quickly the brain fog came back and the urge came back to achieve more to play more to do whatever else more in video games. Shit I just feel like a big fucking buffoon rn, because i could have told him, but no the opposite happened. Anyway, Word of the day: Amicable Definition: Friendly Pe
  5. That first quote is beautiful, i love it so much. Although physically we may be seperated because of COVID, we are still connected in other ways. I am glad your practitioner is like this, what an amazing human he seems like! I hope you are doing well and i wish you my best Jason
  6. Sounds like you got a lot done today, I am glad you are doing well! Keep things up Jason
  7. So, my younger brother (who still plays games) said to me today "so what game are we playing?" After a bit of confusion on my end, he said "you know what i mean, what game are we playing? On any system?" Instead of telling him that i was on a detox, i foolishly started thinking about what game we could play. Then being on a detox snapped back in my mind. So my question is, what would you do if you were in this situation and would playing a bit with my sibling, even if it's for like an hour count as relapsing?
  8. Day 15: Word of the day: aegis Definition: protection; shield Realized that while being flexible with myself and not forcing myself to do things is helping, i have felt like i am doing less and doing more on my phone. So i have decided, after some thinking that maybe forcing is the way. Like sure you don't want to force yourself but i feel like if i don't, things will never become habits which is the opposite of what I want. Anyway today was a pretty fine day, it snowed so I went outside today and snowboarded and sled for a bit, and i cleaned off my car. I then worked
  9. Hey bugg I am looking for hobbies too. Writing has been one interest of mine but we're in this together. Like you said with the piano i think it's best to gain hobbies you had before you went back to gaming, pick them back up, or start a hobby you've always wanted to do, but haven't been able to. These i think are good starting points for hobbies! I wish you luck Jason
  10. Sorry about this. I don't have the best advice since I haven't been in a relationship before but hopefully you won't have to wait too long, and hey at least she is trying. I do hope it goes better for you though Best Jason
  11. Day 14: Word of the day: abet Definition: help in wrongdoing Went easy on myself, tried not to force myself to do things, actually got done a lot more that way. I will try writing my journals earlier though so I can interact with you guys. Goodnight! Jason
  12. Day 13: Word of the day: abaxial Definition: away from the axis No games today. Realized though that I am trying to force myself to do things that are more productive. For example, forcing myself to wake up at a certain time, work out only in the mornings. If something is too rigid, then I probably won't do it which will probably lead me to beating myself up. However, it can't be too flexible. I just need to be present with myself. Thoughts during the day: thought my lack of doing productive things was depression, but turned out to be pushing myself too hard
  13. @championealExactly! Thats why I want to cut down on these things. Day 12: Word of the day: abatoir Definition: A slaughterhouse Made a decision to first fix my sleep schedule yesterday, which did not go as planned, i woke up later and because of a project I am now going to bed after 1 in the morning. Looking to strike out procrastination, so I can fix my sleep schedule, which for me theyre connected. However, it's the first day so it's fine. Besides that today I went on a walk and worked out. Even though I am going to bed late it feels good to just be alive rn. Idk why it
  14. YAY! You're almost there, keep going! Jason
  15. Sounds like the last few days have been going good! I am happy for you Best Jason