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  1. day 5- new day tomorrow. best jason
  2. day 4- went well. continuing grind tomorrow! best jason
  3. day 3- said fuck it and wrote down a bunch of activities i would want to try no hesitance. I tried to write ones in accordance with my goals and dreams. Excited for tomorrow. best jason
  4. day 2- better day will try to write journals earlier. best jason
  5. day 1- first half of day woke tired. i know that's because of inadequate sleep. the second half of the day was better though. i wrote down my goals like hand wrote them. i think they'll be easier to follow now. got urges to play but didn't. went on a nice walk today hope you are all doing well best jason
  6. Hi fortune, welcome to the forums! what you're feeling is what many of us, including me felt when we first quit. we felt lonely and confused. As you said since gaming was our social circle, when we quit we don't know where to go. I'd say if you want to become more social, i'd try to label out what your goals are and find activities that go hand in hand with that. for example if you wanted to become more active you could try hiking, running, or canoeing. i think that common interests are much better on the social side than just looking for a particular person to talk to. another good place to start though is going out and just small talking with someone like "hello! what's your name? what do you like to do?" although that second option might be a bit out of your comfort zone for right now. i hope this helps. i wish you luck on your journey best jason
  7. day 0- relapsed again. also overall today was shit. Tomorrow's a new day though. im gonna do some exploring on why i don't care about myself enough to do the things that i know are best for my mind spirit and body. hope all is well best jason
  8. @Gundhamthank you! he didn't tell me my grade but he said i did well so we'll see. Day 2- better day. managed to get some work done and some photography in. still working on building habits. im tired so there won't be pros of the day but a lesson for today is that i realized long days with lots of activities are a lot more fun than video games. hope you're doing well best jason
  9. Day 1- a bit rocky. still tryna work on my time management, wont happen in one day though. i noticed that photography is peaceful and also kind of therapeutic for me. saw a glorious sunset peaking through the clouds as i was walking up a hill. today was mostly spent studying for a big exam i have tomorrow. procrastinated on the studying too. we'll have to see how well it goes. i know i am ready for the dictation part, spelling messes me up though. might have to spend extra time on that. pros of the day managed to fit photography in went walking, felt nice in the cool weather wrote a prose today improved my social skills. The lesson for the day would be that time waits for nobody. So don't waste it. Also use small moments of time I have to my advantage. Work on a hobby, go for a walk, complete work. Something. looking forward to a beautiful day tomorrow hope all is well with you best jason
  10. Ey, Congrats on 2 weeks already! Also good luck tomorrow! Best jason
  11. @Wojciech S.Thank you for your kind words. Day 0 - relapsed again lol. I stayed off for most of the day but i snuck a game in for a few minutes so I'm counting that as a failure. it's fine, got strength for tomorrow. also feel shitty cause i rushed a major project for a course, and i know i performed badly which in turn will receive a bad grade. sigh well the only thing i can do is instead of being hard on myself, i can learn for next time. i just feel bad because it was a big project. pros though is i have one more phase to save it. lesson: procrastination is bad. hope your days were fruitful and rich with good things best Jason
  12. i have used all those apps before! i found them pretty useful! another app id suggest is forest, its like focus-to-do, but if you leave the app or stop focusing the tree that's been growing will die. i find forest helps me stay off my phone while im working. only thing is it costs money on the app store. another thing id say to do for studying is to try to find a quiet place where you can work. i wish all the best for you! best jason
  13. Jason70


    it's amazing to see how far you've come and that you're still going strong! keep up the good work! best jason
  14. Hello! Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you made the big step to quit gaming for good! I can say from experience that trying to journal each day, even if it is a few words really does help. I'd recommend it! This community is very supportive, and are here if you ever have questions, so don't be afraid to ask! Best of luck on your journey! best jason
  15. Hey zubb, thanks for your response. i thought about it a bit. and i feel like kahoot is too much like a game than an educational tool. it basically quizzes you on things you learned and makes me at least competitive, after it rewards you with points and a leaderboard spot if you get a question right. using this app is out of my control but next time it appears i won't participate, maybe use n alternative like writing down answers on paper. Anyway its been a while. Relapse. It was a game for one day but gaming content which im trying to avoid. As i was browsing the internet i scrambled again on one of cams videos, which reminded me about this place. I have a new plan to combat my addiction and this time kick it for good. I'm gonna try to write here every day but imma track my personal progress monthly, see my goals, if i achieved any of them, among other things. I will also give a star rating on how i personally felt about the month. One thing I'm struggling with is hobbies. I can't find hobbies I want to try. It's more like I'm embarrassed about starting small. So my goals for September 29th - October 29th is find at most 3 hobbies (physically active, creative, and challenging) that I can immerse myself in. Other goals for this month include improving my time management, sleep schedule, drink more water and read more books! I'd love some book recommendations. In terms of hobbies, I think I found three already Physically active: yoga/walks creative: photography challenging: new language/coding I think these hobbies can be the basis for finding what I actually want to do in life! By the way speaking of photography, I just randomly took a picture today and this was the result I'd say not bad. looking forward to beating gamings ass, loving myself, and appreciating my life! best jason
  16. hey! welcome to the forums, i am glad you have made the decision to quit! we're all here to support you! on your point of instant gratification. i have been thinking recently that we are just all stuck in some matrix type shit. i mean, there are all these different distractions and points that grab your interest and we have a million things expected of us and i just feel like theres this unending and unbreakable cycle that we're trapped in. oh you're born, you go to school, you go to college, you get a job, you do that job, you have a family (maybe) you die. this world is pretty but i just idk i feel like sometimes we're put here and just braindead cause we're being controlled. we want to be free, but what is freedom? may your spirit guide you jason
  17. hey again id say in terms of accomplishment, day 2 was lackluster. i just couldn't force myself to do anything. no, that sentence is wrong. ive learned from past experience that "couldn't" and "force" are just bad words in my eyes. come with a negative connotation. i shouldnt force myself to do things. i should do things because i want to do them, i have a passion, or just eager to learn about them. as for "couldnt" fuck it. i can do anything i just want to pursue it and continue doing it. through this method i found my love for theater. originally i thought i wasnt cut out for it because i never did theater or acted before, but i found out im great at it. also helps with anxiety. i want to find more activities like that. i will brainstorm early tomorrow about hobbies that allow me to branch out, that are different, that let me be me, and be proud of that. referring to my first point though i can say i didnt game today, thats an accomplishment, another is i didnt judge anyone today. so yay. i know self love doesnt come from external factors but im saying if i loved myself i would do the things that i want to do and want to achieve. i think for now i just need to block out distractions, one of those being listening to music. anyway i have a question for y'all. would you consider kahoot a game if its being used for educational reasons, how does that impact me compared to other games. i know its advertised as a fun way to learn but should i avoid it? may your spirit guide you jason
  18. hey zubb, welcome to the forums! i wish you the best of luck on your journey! best jason
  19. hey all its been a while! after my 90 days without gaming, i went a few weeks longer without games. all of a sudden the fear of covid and division of my country (usa) just shocked my senses. these thoughts and external factors caused me to relapse again, instead of putting what matters ahead of me. i need to start anew. so im going to be posting here instead of my old journal. also while this journal is focused on a detox, its also focused more on self-acceptance and love, forgiveness, and openess to myself and others. me for my past and for gaming and just mishaps. writing here helped me last time, so i have great confidence that it will help me again. anyway, today's day 1. i didn't game today, but i slept in till like 11:00 am. the cause for that was i watched cruella late at night with my friends. i didnt get to my bed until like 1:45 in the morning. doing something like this every once in a while is fine, but i haven't had the best sleep schedule so its best to avoid it for now. not completely, just do it at an earlier time. im going to download a sleep app and set a time i want to go to bed and when i want to wake up each day. i have to remember too, just because my roommates or friends live one way doesn't mean i need to follow. im gonna move on to the positives now. i got a lot of work completed, and i went out to my towns local coffee shop. today i also noticed how bad venting is. i used to vent constantly when something pissed me off, i realized doing that, at least for me causes you to see the world in a negative paradigm. going to find alternative ways to remove anger, such as just letting it go. for the rest of my day i have a theater rehearsal at 6:30 and before that i'm going to continue to write my novel and finish up work. going to meditate tonight too, lost the habit of doing that best jason
  20. @BooksandTrees I noticed that in other journals too idk why this happens, isnt just my journal Anyway, I haven't been here in a while but I wanted to say that I am 92 days clean of games. I completed the detox. I know for sure that quitting is the best decision ever. Gaming made me depressed and anxious and quick to write things off just so i could play more. Now I am thinking and being more social and I have been getting rid of fears, slowly at a time. I am not sure where my life will go after this but I know that this is just the beginning and theres no reason for me to play in moderation when life is so much better. I want to thank you guys for all the support I have gotten. I think that if I didnt journal I wouldnt even pass day 1. So thanks for all your feedback and wisdom. I will try to give back my knowledge from time to time but for the most part I will be offline living my life. Also an announcement, I also have just quit social media. Just the toxicity of it and everyone flexing what theyve got is too draining and I dont need all that negativity in my life. Best Jason
  21. Day 77 Days w/o gaming: 77 Day satisfactory level: 4/10 I noticed what's holding me back from my dreams and goals I set for myself, and that's fear. I'm scared of being criticized or judged even in my own family, I'm scared of what dangers can occur if I step outside my comfort zone. All this has caused confusion and constant hate for myself. I don't believe this is all of what's causing this constant loop of being motivated in the morning and succumbing to youtube or music at night, but i do believe it's a part of it. I'm afraid to do some college work at home because of mistakes, and comparing myself to others. It's clear that I want to have books published, but I'm afraid because of people's thoughts. I swear this will be the last break but I need to find out how to get rid of these emotions. Of course fear is okay like nervousness, but if it's making you hate yourself and hinder you from goals, and it's your primary emotion than it's a problem. Best Jason
  22. Day 76 Days w/o gaming: 76 Day satisfactory level: 5/10 Really felt like doing nothing today, and I gave myself that day. Tomorrow it's back on the grind. Best Jason @ZenoThanks for that advice! I never really thought of it that way. But I now see what you mean. By the way, I am planning on starting with the guitar.
  23. Day 75 Days w/o gaming: 75 Day satisfactory level: 6/10 For my novel, I am having a writers block, I don't know where I should take the story next. I might take a step back and write down some Ideas more. Looking to play a musical instrument, most likely will be guitar or piano. Anyway, I am teaching myself Music theory then will teach myself one of those two instruments to eventually get into music production. The reason I am doing all of that before is because music theory is important for music as a whole and knowing both an instrument and the theory will both be good hobbies to fill time with and will make me better off when I start producing as a hobby. No urges today. Making good progress. Best Jason
  24. Welcome to the forums! I wish you luck on your journey for a gaming free life whilst trying to keep your job. Doesn't sound like an easy task Best Jason
  25. Hey, Welcome to the forums! I wish you luck on your non- gaming journey! It sounds like you already have some good goals set up. What other goals do you have in life? Best Jason