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Luiz  F.

Dating life after long time being single

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So I'm 28 right now, and it's been a long time that I don't get in a relationship (5 years or so).

I thought that by moving to Canada things would change, I mean, myself basically. But I feel like it's getting worse with time, to the point that I feel lonely but I don't have the WILL to get into a relationship or to approach girls..

The last girl that I approached with the intention of getting a date? I can't remember. The last time I kissed a girl was last year was in this big festival in Brazil, 3 days of partying and free booze, with around 10k people. Everyone on that party was there to hook up, but I couldn't do shit. Luckily I hooked up with some random girl that I wasn't even attracted to - for a few seconds. 

The thing that annoyed the hell of me is, in this party, I remember that I was there with the intent of doing what everyone else wanted, but even if girls would stare at me, I couldn't do SHIT, even being a little bit drunk, I would just freeze and "enjoy the music". 

My point is.. I don't know how to date anymore, how to seduce, how to stop having this fear of rejection and just enjoy, you know?

It's been 18 days that I haven't played games, and soon I will be starting dancing classes which I think is gonna help me. And I also have been going to gym for the past 5 months. But I feel like I didn't change a bit in matter of dating life since I haven't done anything focused on this matter.

Have any of you guys gone through this? I wanna hear your stories and tips would also be appreciated 🙂

Thanks for reading all this drama

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