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  1. i tried to quit gaming many times . i did quit for like 1-2 weeks a few times but my problem is i don't have anything to do when i finish my study , like i wake up at 7 and i study to 10-11 then when i want to take a breake i don't know what to do .i don't have a friend that i can go out with and also i don't want to talk to my familly either i just want to leave this house as fast as posible but gaming is always in my head i have nothing to do in my free time but gaming.
  2. it's like you want to quite smoking but you always have a cigarette with you , is that possible?
  3. i think after a while not playing video games my motivation for life is better now. i feel bad now when i play video games! and i think i have more time now . at least i feel happier
  4. so, i joined this community a while ago , i started with this topic i realize now that , when we want to change. we want to take a huge step. i was like this when i joined here. after a while i forgot all of that and backed to my bad routine . but this past afew weeks i started to remove bad habits from my life . i started with League of legends . i deleted all of it and gave my laptop to my dad then i used my old laptop to do my stuff. i replaced LOL with youtube stuff and watching movies . then i started to use usefull speeches or any others usefull thing in youtube instead of watching lol highlights. i spend a poor time ( 2-3) hours to study now and watch movie and search in youtube for all day . i don't have any friends and i barely speak to my family . now i believe i removed a huge part of bad things . now i want to start on working something new. i decided to buy a tablet and transfer all files and movies and songs to my tablet .i can use this in afew ways.first is a normal usage for entertaning . 2nd usage it trying to study at the same time watching movie then replace it comepletly step by step . 3rd usage is to learn somthing usefull like learn a new leangage( i wach korean movies alot so i may learn korean). this is what is in my head and my goal 1. increase study time 2.decrease entertaning and make it to absolute minimum 3. set my sleeping time , sleep well and wake up early 4. learn somthing or somethings new that i like , like learn a new language i want to know do you have any idea , a plan , or any advice in all becase i am a bit confused what should i do now?
  5. i have discrod but i deleted all games from my laptop , it depends how to use discord , i use it for making online friends and meet new people but i try not to use it more than 1 or 2hours in day. dont make is addiction like gaming
  6. hello stepan ! if you read my topics and replays you see i said i reduced my gaming time alot , from 8-10 hours a day to 2 hours a day. i belived if you use game in right way then it does't harm you . but there is no such thing. i deleted my games compeletly from my laptop even tho i have nothing to do before university starts . but its better to do nothing than gaming. i swear when i don't play games i start to imagine my goals in life. game is like a chain for mind and doesn't let us thing about anything . so your first step is to delete all of them and control your mind . start make a plan for your life and set things right. good luck !
  7. Hello karolis . Me and you have same situation somehow i wrote a lot about it in a topic . my life is not better than your life at the moment but here are some tips that i use them and i am 100% improving every day: 1. never compare your life to anyone. this is worst thing you can do or someone do to you. the only one you need to compare yourself to is you. try to get better every day. when you get up in the morning write everything you to and the time . at the end of the night look at it and see what is that you don't like about that then try to change them 1 by 1 2.about gaming the thing is we abuse gaming. gaming is not bad itself. it is like a knife you can cut the fruit with it and eat the fruit or you can hurt yourself or someone else.i had a bad addiction to league of legends that i swear once i played 20 hours in 1 day when i was alone at home. i had the addiction until afew weeks ago . i didnt delete the game but i play less then 2h in a day and that only before i go to bed. i have the addiction to my phone and internet for now im trying to set things right. if you dont delete games teach yourself how to use them in the right way 3.i don't want to say something bad about my country(i am from iran) but here is a seperation betwin boys and girls and that's not easy to find a girl friend ( at least for me) also most population here are muslims and that make that even harder( i am muslim myself thats a diffrent story to tell). i think you don't have those limitaions in your country and that makes comunication easier for you. confidence doesn't need tips it only needs action . i still need to have the courage to take action . 4. about this one. i exacly know how you feel . cuz i had the thought 1000 times because my life is really really hard for almost 4 years and my family is dealing with issues for 6 years. and lately i lost it. i couldn't wait more i kept thinking about sucide. there are afew things that compeletely removed the sucide thought from my mind. once day i was just like i can't die before i have a love and romantic relationship with a girl or i want to have my own house someday or many more things that can motivate you. sucide doesn't solve anything and maybe add to your problems if the attemp fails. My english is not very good but i think i wrote 93% of what was in my mind . sorry that i talked alot and i wish you the best
  8. League of legends used to be a fun game but it's not anymore or just that what i feel . i started this game at season 5 then i quited then i started playing at end of season 7 . i started season 8 at bronze witch was so fukin bad. i kept improving all the way to gold and finaly this season i reached diamond and rank 110 elise in the world with 200ms ping in iran ! but you know what did it cost? my life! yes my life ruind because of this game . i waisted 3 years of my life while all my friends are in university i didnt even passed the university entrace exam ! the pressure from familly is so fukin bad. i quited lol for 1 week then i reinstalled it and i only play one game per day or i dont even play that but i almost enjoy -0- when i play this game . to be honst i dont enjoy play video games anymore. take it from me , if you even reach rank 1 it won't count any seccess . now i know this , i told my friends i am rank 110 elise and it felt great but you know what? my friens were all having thiere lifes but me...! just delete that shit from your PC and never think about it again. replace your hobbys . i swear when i see someone plays league of i hear someone talks about league i become mad because i remember what did it do to me
  9. hey Congratulations on your daughter :) what i realized here is that we gamers ( or ex gamers) we abuse gaming. we dont use it in right way . i also was addicted to league of legends. i quited compeletly for 1 week . the i reinstaled it and i play only 1 or 2 games in a day. takes less than 1h for me . i learned how to balanced gaming in my life . still i am managing to quite for ever. the main idea is you replace good hobbys by playing games that you mentiond in last comment . you already know your path and what to do so i only can wish you luck in your way :)
  10. well , your situation is kinda like mine , i ruind 3 years of my life by gaming , but gaming was not all the reason i did that but its a huge part of that. you are so lucky to have such a nice gf like her! i think she is enough for you to move on and start making progress. my gf but she ha some issues her self , i tried to save the releationship but it didn't work out. anyway if you don't want play again i suggest you to throw away your play station or give it to someome , at first i stopped playing league of legends but people kept sending me massage asking to boost them so i delelted all the game and i don't have good internet to download it again. just do one thing. start go to gym you get so much energy from gym . P.S : i myself am in a bad situation somdays i lose hope and energy but only thing that matters is to move on and get better everyday
  11. i was watching a movie then someone said " you will never find love if you are too scared to put yourself out there ! " i never had a girlfriend in my life neither kissed a girl while i am 20 years old now! and in a country that is a huge sepration betwin girls and boys and most of them have bad attitude to eachother but recently i started asking girls to go out but eveytime they reject me! i think 3 or 4 girls . i spoke to them in wrong way i dreesed bad and so on. just don't be scared if you are not going to ask them out then how do you want to find a girl friend? btw , about not playing games for 18 days that's very good brother !when you want to make progress in your life you do it step by step . don't need to take 5 step 5 step . just get better than yourself in yesterday
  12. hello Edoardo , welcome to the forum! when you say " I have finally admitted to myself that my gaming addiction is a big problem " that's 50% of the way to solve the problem and that a huge huge step for you! i myself had addiction to gaming , i joind this forum couple of days ago then i immideately deleted league of legends in my laptop and i gave my laptop to my dad. now i use on old laptop to study. you can also delete whatever you play just now and start doing something for your life ! like my friend someday was smoking then he suddenly throw the cigarette and said enough this was the last time , and it was really his last time . i hope you start making progress in yourlife very fast
  13. good luck my brother , when i read about your life i feel like i am reading about my life we almost have the same feelings , i am a future ex game too ! i hope someday i comment the same for you , but in your big achivments in your life !
  14. hey everyone , my name is reza and i am from iran and i am 20 years old. i dont know that ever happened to you , but there is nothing worst than being jealous of yourslef in past . in the past i had great grades in school , i had great social communication , i was so popular , i played karate and score in pro level for 2 diffrent teams and many more positive things in my life . and by the past i mean when i was 14-15 years old , back to 6 years ago my familly had some really bad issues that i dont want to talk about them , those issues destroyed me mentaly , and no one even thought 1% that i probably had any problem handeling those issues because i was very happy and active boy , but hey! i am a human too , just imagine first year in highschool in math final test i got perfect grade (20) and number 1 in the class and next year i got 8 ! i didnt even pass , thing were so bad and they got worst , i started playing league of legends and i tell you how : my cousin was a addicted person to league of legends ( LOL) a toxic player and ofcours a yasuo main (LOL players know what i am talking about) . he entered me in the game and that when my life went even darker . i find myself playing LOL every single day , day and night and when i was not playing i was in youtube and watching game plays to learn even more , luckely my laptop fucked and i stop playing for 2 years . my life tho was not that great , things were the same, in iran we have a big and important test called university entrace exam(UEE) , my familly is educated familly and both my sisters and medical doctors and as a only boy people expected me to be accepted in medical school , first yaer i fucked up but not that bad , second year it was worst 10 times and this year and 3rd year i even fucked up more , today i find myself in a place that i feel i am broken and sad person meanwhile in all of that my gf left me for no reason and that made me even more broken , i even didnt finished my whole exam and left it to play more LOL .these past afew days ive been thinking alot , i want to rebuild my self and back to life ,i did afew positive things like gave my good laptop to my dad and fixing the old one and only use it to watch movie and study , i want study English in university and meanwhile study for next UEE , people may be sarcastic to me like: omg you want to stay for the 4th year? thats fucked up .... . but i want ignor tham all , i started to go to the gym 3 times a week , i want change my account and switch it to 5 or 6 days a week , i am working to improve my english language.its been 1 hour since my last game in league of legends , i want to quite compeletly because ( like what i read in this website) the time i spent to lvl up my account i spent in my life i was much more better in my life . Tnx for your patience for reading this ,
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