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  1. Did you ever try to talk about the stuff he does. Why he does play the games he like? In other words did you take an interest in what he does? Did you try to understand his motivations his problems and how he sees his part in the family? Ever took him out for a beer etc? Is he lonely, angry, does he feel useless or does he think about himself he is a looser? Do you spend time with your son? Maybe he does videos games to escape the family activities? I really need more information. EDIT: I do not know Facebook myself, so I have no idea weather people will see your post. This forum is also public, at least for the people who visit cam's site.
  2. I noticed most of the things people already wrote here myself. Everyone in the Gaming world want's to be "known, respected and loved". That is because video games give you much power over people, with very little effort. They give you a set of people who choose the same game, so your automatically in some sort of "club" where all the cool people hang out. All the above is the reason gamers want (was true for me) to be "more respected" than normal people. And I noticed that pattern for many different people I got to know in the gaming days. Applying the social constructs of the gaming society to a normal community will never work. Anger, no self-control, burn outs and depression is what gaming did to me. But the biggest change for what I have noticed about myself is: "Not feeling empathy and not being able to follow a conversation and keeping up concentration." I needed to learn "normal conversation" and "empathy" first, before I got to know people. I do not blame games, I blame myself.
  3. Hey everyone. So my question is what do you think about all nighters. Not for gaming but for producitvity. Usually I sleep for 2 weeks 8 hours, from 10pm to 6am. After a while I am not able to sleep in. So for normal I pull all nighters to work at my private projects. Some of those projects also started to earn me some money. But it's always harder to get throught the next day if you did not sleep. You propably all know that. So are there more reasons to somehow force you to sleep or at least get 5 hours of sleep? Or would you also continue to stay up that rare times you can not fall asleep?
  4. There is no real "Users manual" for meditation. Meditation is a form of help to find back to yourselve or to find yourselve at first. Personally what helped me the most, is to stop thinking there is only one form of "real meditation". You find out if meditation works, if you get calm and your thoughts and feelings change to be better.
  5. Thats interresting. I was also curious where the 90 days came from. Reading over some papers for drug addiction rehabilitation, 180 days seems to be the average. They even use dopamine to ease the rehabilitation process and lower the risk for strokes. This is also interresting to read, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320637.php all i found about deficiency is always reversible, since as i understand it dopamine can be produced in to many different parts of your body. Anyway dopamine must play a big role with computer gaming addiction. I know where I am without computer games. It is so much easier to find joy in the different things I do. It's like, I notice that i get tired if I game alot. But that joy in gaming makes it easier to stay awake. Wich makes sense becouse producing dopamine makes me enjoy things. Without gaming however I notice that I have more control over the things I want to enjoy. It's like regaining the ability to produce dopamine when you want it. Not when you are forced.
  6. Hello "Hi guys!" It completely depends on your habits. If you explain yourselve a little more, I think someone with similar experiences could help you. For example: Are you someone who can't miss a thing Are you someone who likes adventuring Are you someone who is allone Are you someone who has problems with himselve (in a ethical way) Are you someone who has money problems Are you someone who has willpower problems Are you someone who has family or relationship or problems with friends Are you someone ____ <-- insert something here
  7. This is a real good video about that topic: First, try to find out what's the reason for Procastination, then try to fight that reason. It is ok to be entertained from time to time. But set a timelimit like 1h a day. So you can either spend that time playing LoL or watching a movie. Yes you can not watch the movie to the end, but you need to learn to control your curiosity about all the entertainment stuff wich is out there.
  8. I never needed any of this pickup stuff to meet girls. I even did not need it to meet my ex girlfriend. I think all of that pickup stuff is just money making. Maybe it helps people, but honestly I think I am to stupid to understand all of it. So I am/was better off just being myselfe 🙂 No offense, but every dollar not spent directly on a girl is wasted money in my eyes. I think you have better success investing the money in flowers and present them to random girls or a drink for cool people who you met somewhere than spending it on such a course. Only real indirect advantages with money is going to the gym if your a man. I think we have the same thoughts over this. I flew over the first five articles, where is since involved? Maybe I just missed it becouse I just get so tired reading this stuff 🙂 In what way did this pickup stuff help you? Approaching girls? Getting girls into bed? Do you have a family now? Do you earn more money at work with this courses now? Just asking, becouse I never met someone in my life, who had some advantages with that pickup stuff.
  9. exactly what @reza Mrb said. In addition, be yourselve. Don't try to immitate someone if you talk to girls. Being social needs to be learned, like playing an instrument for example. For normal you do learn to socialize if your young, but gamers miss that part for normal. So start to take the only education class where it's ok to make mistakes your the teacher and student at the same time, and noone can teach you anything. What helped me alot is, stand infront a mirror and laugh. Meditation, cleaning up and getting a new dress. In short, do everything to build up your own style. In the end it's a market, and dont get that in a sad way. Thats propably your problem. There is no "world formula" in meeting girls or dating. 5 Months is a really short period of time. You can not expect to find a girl right away. Just don't loose the friendly part you have. More man gone throught this, that you can think off. Good Luck.
  10. It always helped me to set a timelimit. Like 1 hour a day for enternainment. It is hard, becouse you get to miss all the good stuff at first. But after a while I did stop to rate entertainment as important as before. I realized I miss something all day. But the stuff I do for myselve is more liberating than watching a show etc.
  11. I played League for more than 10 years now. After it gone to beta it was a big hit within my evening school. I did not play it for almost half a year, but people did not stop to invite me to play with them. Since then I played League. I owned almost every skin, owned every champ. Also had good stats on my account. I do remember the time where I played it to much. So I got up 4 in the moring every day, played 1 game of League and then did the stuff I was supposed to do for school. Point being, if you can be true to yourselve, and your able to control your gaming habits, so that you do not sink the time into videogames, wich should be used for productivity, you do not need to stop them completely. After all NoGaming people also watch a good movie from time to time (Remember the 70s/80s when addiction to television was a thing?) Btw. I deleted my League account recently. Reason 1: If you want to play a game to socialize you will learn people are all the same. There is no diversity in comparison to people you meet on the streets. Reason 2: 1 Game lasts more than 1 hour most of the time. I mean literally 1 hour of wasted time a day. And not being able to get something to drink or going to the door while the game is running is such a big turnoff for me. Reason 3: The community was to toxic for me at some point. Reason 4: There are better games Reason 5: You get nothing on the long term from computer games. So, your doubt about a professional gaming carrer giving you something for the future is important. Reaching something in live is hard, and even harder if you did not try to achive something early in life. If you earn something with your gaming, I suggest you spend the money for Evening classes. If you do not earn something from your gaming there is literally no reason to think your a pro gamer. There are about 0,00000001% of gamers who can make a decent (and I mean not a good) living out of gaming. The chances are propably higher to play the lottery and win something. Also think about all the pro gamers who came before you. Do you hear something from them today? Pro Gaming ist like Modeling. If your to old your carrer is over. Today, I do have a really good job, my own flat and awesome friends. I did not get this by playing videogames. Intriguingly I do not even have contact to those people who I gamed with.
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