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  1. I looked throught the internet alot but did not find trustworthy numbers anywhere. The problem with those statistics today is, that someone always profits from them. Basic lesson in life btw.: If numbers presented on different news or statistic platforms differ by a not expected margin, they are fake. The only thing you can do is make a small sample yourselve (like browse steam game time numbers and game player statistic sites for different games, browse google trends for a estimation of world wide internet usage etc (thou the overall statistics of internetusers released by google and mozilla etc are pretty accurate). You then compare the whole group to a subset (like in your example addiction). Taking arround 10 samples is enough to do a bad guess, 100 samples is a start, 1000 samples would count as study. What my experience is, it depends on the game you are playing. There are arround 70% of mmorpg/online esport addicts (under the age of 17), but by far not that much addicts for singleplayer games (arround 10%-20% from 10 to 50 years combined). But thats only a wild guess, since I only took arround 50 samples. The interresting thing is, there are fewer overall mmorpg players than X(could be indie game, triple a game) players. That says alot about game design. EDIT: I forget to define "Addict", who is someone who plays for a minimum of 3 hours a day.
  2. That explains alot. Do you know http://www.wings3d.com/ and https://www.sketchup.com Booth programms where designed with the ease developing 3d models in mind. I still prefer BRL-CAD / POVRAY / MATLAB (Freelab, octave, scilab, haskell) since I am interrested in the technical aspects (and needed it for my studies). Tinkering with 3d objects Is so damn fun in those tools, since you can also make shapes by defining pure formulas. Also different rendering implementations are avaliable (MonteCarlo, PhotonMapping) for example https://appleseedhq.net/ and https://luxcorerender.org/download/
  3. Extremely dangerous if done Wrong! Read some books first!
  4. I know people like that. It's a really difficult physical condition. I would rate this as perfectionism (not knowing your condition, I am not a psychologist). It sounds like you have the fear not to fullfill your own goal. Learning is more difficult with fear. Propably your also doing your learning routines wrong. Maybe you are just to exaustet, find a different book about your topic (like if your an engineering student read something about history like Leonardo da Vinci) or some Scientific Roman. Read a book about learning to learn. https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=how+to+learn+learning&ia=videos Thats one of the problems people face today. They "want to make start-finish runs" at once. Mostly becouse our school systems suck nowadays. People are rewarded if the understand stuff by memory, not by understanding the principle behind something.
  5. Thought about this alot. A would be willing to accept if you just refer to me as "Louis from Germany". I don't care about retweeting and all the stuff, but it would be a problem for me to identify myselve throught google searches. Also I do not know if I can speek good enough english.
  6. As I read about relapsing topics here very often, I wanted to write about my current state of no-gaming. Maybe it helps someone or gives you an idea what you face and what you could change. First off, I do not stigmatize videogames (like Cam said in one of his videos, it's not the videogames who are a problem it's yourselve). Some people can quit a videogame after 1 Hour with ease, others can't. Luckily I almost always was one of the first group. I just sunk into videogames when playing with friends. Interrestingly when I was not arround with them to play, we had more fun session when I rarely showed up, then when always gaming together. So here are some thoughts about moderation and what might help you: 1. Set a timelimit This is an important thing for me. Set a timelimit for entertainment. Like watching tv and playing videogames. I set a timelimit for 1 Hour, stopping even movies before they where finished. This war hard at the start, becouse I wanted to know how they ended. After a while it got easier, since I stopped viewing entertainment as the most significant thing in society. 2. Choose what you watch and play A good documentary is more motivating than a Hollywood blockbuster and you learn something. When I play a videogame (I own no Television), I only do play games who are roundbased (if online). Also one round does not last more than 20 Minutes (3 Rounds in one hour is more satisfying than 1 Game an hour of LoL for example). I also noticed, I sometimes even do not play 3 rounds, but quit the game after 1 round straight. Games with MMO elements are a nogo for me nowadays. Those are like a second job. 3. Do your important stuff before you sit down to play a videogame This has an enormous psychological effect for me. First of all I get more enjoyment out of the videogame and I feel the difference in wasting time to being protuctive. Also it's a good thing to reward yourselve. It makes things you do not like easier to do. 4. Do not play videogames at night This should be obvious. They keep me awake, it's easier to do an all nighter with them. Getting up reseted the next day makes such a difference. Also your automatically tired late at the day, if you wake up early. 5. Do not feel bad about yourselve If you do not finish a game once a month or even a week, within your timelimit, do not punish yourselve. You only start learn the different aspects in live. The important point is to make it better the next day. For example, you finished all your important tasks, you do not know what else to do, you feel good, so I say in this circumstance it's ok to be sucked into a videogame or entertainment. You will also notice, that if you are not in balance and there are tasks to finish other than gaming, videogames are (by a lot) not that fun. 6. Do not let yoursleve go This is related to the last advice. Shure it's ok to sit down once in a while if you finished with everything important. But don't loose your goals. Instead of gaming you could also do different tasks. This is the most important advice. Before you sit down to play a videogame, do something different (without the involvement of computers at best). What does help you to moderate gaming? Do you can moderate yourselve?
  7. Thats why I set myselfe timelimits. I do currently set myselfe 1 hour time a day for entertainment. (Holiday right now) I do not feel bad with that timelimit and still do have plenty of time a day for other stuff to do. Videogames still are some sort of "Meditation" to me. However, it is important what to play. Games where rounds last more than 40 Minutes are a nogo for me (like MOBA), I need to be able to stop them when I want it or get finished after arround 20 Minutes. Keep in mind, that I play videogames rarely a day when I Work.
  8. I get entertained by learning new things, growing my personality or just meeting friends for fun etc. I entertain people by helping them out (I do repair cell phones at my spare time, or writing in this forum to improve my english etc.) or working at my hobby projects. If you find something that includes meeting people (making music, crafting stuff etc.), or helping them out, you will see that you easily make bonds with people and meet them more often and have a great time with them. This is completely different to gaming. The Entertainment for the broad masses was first introduced in Rome, when politics broke apart and people did go to the gladiator fights. Entertainment keept the society calm. It's the same today. If you really want to understand entertainment and it's history you should look up the Kolosseum and it's history and Gladiators. Indeed, beeing able to calm down and forget all the stuff arround you for a while helps alot. However it does not need to be videogaming, where you spend your time. When you do understand how exhausting and pointless videogaming becomes when you do have other hobbies where you meed people. But thats just becouse our world get slowly overpopulated and it's difficult to find a spot to retreat.
  9. Sorry guys. I can not help it
  10. This deserves more likes I think. I was tricked by the title 🙂 Really nice work. Anyway it does not look you are using Flimic! for your rendering. I am no artist. I even can't do some cube in Blender. I even can not draw a stick person. But I could code it 🙂 It's coded into Blender now since https://www.blender3darchitect.com/blender-3d/blender-2-79-new-features-filmic/
  11. Disclaimer: Gamers stay at home at young ages. Normal people learn to interact with someone else. Since you did not learn how to do a normal conversations (not entertaining etc, but just being there with someone else, not making it weird) you need to put work into that skill now. It's a damn easy basic skill which does not take weeks to develop. And no, I do not mean to "talk to 1000 people a week" (also does work, but it's weird if done wrong, can get you faster where you want to be). Just go out and sit somewhere. Look arround analyze people. Find a group/person who you think you would propably fit in and try to talk to them. I think the problem is there is no general behaviour in conversations. Since conversations take place in different settings. If you have issues, with something you want that issue to be recognized. If someone does not care about it he either has a. not offended you knowingly c. ... b. just does not fit You would not talk bad about your boss in the office? You would not go to a concert with your bluetooth speaker playing? You get the point that I am taking? There are "society" rules. If you meet someone random on the street, there is law. But no rule whatsoever what you can talk about. Do not expect something from other people what you can not deliver yourselve. One hard lesson I needed to learn myselve. Are you ethical all your live? Can you expect the same from someone else? Gamers tend to be more perfect and live by code (I do you a pleasure twice, you have to do me a pleasure exactly two times). This is a really important lesson in live. There is smalltalk and there are important informations about someone else. I only remember those important things about people I care about. Exactly. You are given rules within games what to talk and what to say. You grew up in a monarch system of Guild leaders where the only one cool is your Guildleader. Life can not be put into rules. Hell there are books with thousands of pages making up rules and the Police force still has work to do. Thats becouse... well people meet at random. Doing random stuff. Whats a meaningfull conversation? Everything you talk has meaning, as long as the other participants continue giving you something back. Just not to get an response as you expect it, does mean someone else should change for you. Don't try to make people change for you. That will always have a bad ending. Also, you do not know the intention of people talking to you like that. Personally I do not care about anything, as long as I have the gut feeling I can trust people, and the DO NOT COST ME MONEY! This is a good start. But it's always wise to try something new. You grow bigger with mistakes. If you do some of them and someone does not care... that could count as friendship. My biggest issue is trust. Getting to know someone new and not knowing if he steals something from you the next hours until you get to know him more personally. You could steal someones "time" or "values" or "lie to someone". I still walk away from people if my gut tells me it will not work. But this is not an issue for me, it is some sort of self defense. As I grew older I learned to compeltely avoid those types of people. If you have problems talking to people you do not know yourselve at the first place. Bottom line, as long as you not get physically harmed, life is great. I wanted to keep this short.
  12. This is really interresting but never helped me. I found a book about waking cycles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circadian_rhythm and even read more into scientific papers who where recently released (becouse of better measurement devices) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronobiology . The newews discoveries broke the plain day-wake-cycle even into more periods over a day. They found out every human has a slighly different form of those cylces. This graph will propably give you an understanding of what I mean: Those periods shift and align to when you wake up (therefore it's stressfull for people to get up at different times each day, like shift workers have to do). This means, someone who did go to school at 9am every day has a slighly shifted waveform than someone who did go to school at 6am. Absolutely nothing helped me to sleep in properly, until I shifted my time going to bed to 20pm or even 18pm before that. Sadly I am working shifts right now, so I need to go to bed 22pm. In addition I am using a daylight alarm clock withou sound. I do not need any form of sound to wake up with this method!
  13. Thanks for all that input. While I am a person with sleeping problems all my life (not able to sleep in and then not able to get up) I digged deeper into this problem, i tried almost everything written here. I found a book about waking cycles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circadian_rhythm and even read more into scientific papers who where recently released (becouse of better measurement devices) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronobiology . The newews discoveries broke the plain day-wake-cycle even into more periods over a day. Those periods shift and align to when you wake up (therefore it's stressfull for people to get up at different times each day, like shift workers have to do). Bottom line, I go to bed at 20pm now, and wake up by myselfe at 2am without alarm clock. I noticed that, after a while (arround 6 Months) I did not get up that easy mostly sleeping to 4am. What helped me was buying a daylight alarm clock (the one where you can disable the sound!). I also do have some toys standing on my book shelf within my bedroom. Seeing them in the morning helps me get up.
  14. Before you do this at home, read the user manual of your hot air gun! Some are not designed to run forever!
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