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  1. This depends completely on what you connect the values to, i'd say. For example: If you do have a nice community to play with but are not able to talk to people in real live, that explains alot. If you manage to socialize and then remember your experiences there, you find that real interaction has alot more value. People always stick to their place where it's most comfortable for them. Once you put a little bit of work into socializing you will find that more comfortable than sitting in a dark room watching animated pixels. Games do have value, that is true. But they are
  2. Hello Actually I been thought that myselve. What actually may look like a lot of time will shift to much less time. So at the start it looks like you have so much time left. You only feel that way since you stopped gaming and having free thought about yourselve. Time moves slower without gaming. After you found hobbies or different activies you shortly notice that 24hour a day are to less time. Greetings
  3. Hello, so I did quit for half a year now. I was on and off with gaming, recently deleting all accounts and quitting it completely. What I do alot is going for a walk in the city. Mostly at places where people sit, like parks or streets whre much coffee to go shops reside. I always meet some random people there, also having a short talk from time to time. So my recommendation is, just to go out at places where usually people sit and relax. Had good experiences with that, good luck.
  4. dreams.............................................................................................. noone can explain them (but you) LORD: save my brother to dream, thou I can only see black. edit. i posted it. youtube will kill it again 🙂
  5. Hi, i hope you are successfull on your journey! There is also the Introduction forum. Maybe you find something interresting there https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/forum/5-start-here-introduction/
  6. I think this would fit better into a relation ship thingy like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/ (Read the rules before posting there!) To give you a better advice, i would need more information like: * How is your relationship going, did you have arguments over it, or do you have arguments a lot lately? * Did you do activities together recently, if yes what activities? * Do still you love her much? Like are you currently better arround your friends that arround her? * How long have you been together? * Does she have a full time job? * Do you have money
  7. Only at work, when it is related to work Repair projects/Politics/Volunteering in social projects/Sports/Reading Biggest part: meeting friends and going out for a walk Everything that helped me meet people in general. Books never helped me much. I just did got out to meet people.
  8. This is normal in any forum/reddit/discord/life, cam already noticed once in his videos or podcasts. Most of the people who leave, successfully stopped and got a wife and kids or moved on. Regardles of the communities (unless it's a good friend) you will notice that behaviour always. I do not critizise those people (no one does) and wish them all the best and feel good for them. Regardless of that, I will always try to come back here from time to time and read throught stuff here. I like this community and the people here and it's always a joy to watch conversations.
  9. Disclaimer: I am no doctor. This is a misconception I read a lot now in this forum today. Medicine and health is so much more complex than this. What did not help you had helped a lot of other people. Since studies found out that overdose helps to normalize production and behaviour for some people (if it's a controlled overdose!). People are different. That's why we have doctors :). And there is no world formula for health (yet?), or we all would live infinite. More importanly you need to get a feeling for yourselve and if you think something does not help you at a
  10. Going throught forums or social media about gaming wasnt ever a big problem for me. I usually do not make friends or get repurtation on social media. Mostly becouse I hate typing stuff into an electronic box when I just could go out and talk to people face to face. I am glad for you, you took the right turn. We all made mistakes in life, time to make it better if your about to make it again!
  11. Thank you for that thought! Nice to hear you took action.
  12. The Algebraist (Iain Banks) The Rotten heart of Europe (Bernhard Connolly) Math and Physics stuff
  13. Uhm? There is the https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/forum/9-celebrate/ celebrate sub-forum?
  14. It depends on how much time you played video games a day. It also depends on how centered you where about videogames. When I did play hardcore it took arround 3 Months (see Cams 90 day detox or search the forums here for more information) to completeley forget video games. The detox period also depends on your hobbys and activities you can follow, to forget videogaming. All in all there is no world formula. Since we are all different. Also you should search for the relapse topics, I think they have usefull information for you.
  15. Any sort of table top game is a good thing. You learn to manage yourselve since you have to prepare stuff for the events. You learn to write stories and train yourselve to have fantasy (which is a good thing for sleeping and dreams). It is not a bad thing to do, since it also involves socializing and training your solzial skills. However, I would ask myselve what goal I want to have in my live. If it is more into science I would search myselve another hobby, like building a bicycle etc. But a social/artistic hobby can be a good alternative to calm down and take a break f