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  1. The major difference between watching movies and playing video games is the alert level. You can easily calm down by watching a movie. Compared to gaming where you need to have good reflexes and a high alert level all the time. While it is the better thing compared to playing video games, it can be a waste of time. In other words: If you watch a movie instead of doing your laundry and you have no clothes left to put on, it's an addiction.
  2. https://www.actionagainsthunger.org/world-hunger-facts-statistics#:~:text=Around the world%2C more than,8.9 percent of people globally. https://ourworldindata.org/internet#:~:text=Globally the number of internet,online for the first time. But what would be interresting if being loneley is a correlation of playing games that are focused on group activities. What would invert to if you have friends and a nice family you would be more focused on singleplayer games. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4080869/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314092644_Achievem
  3. Most importanly hadcore gamers priorize spending money on games than spending money on something good to eat.
  4. Unfortunally I do not have steam on my computer anymore :). haha. man that hurts
  5. Awesome idea. Now i Know once more how it hurt when I deleted my steam account. Yet, the deletion did not have bigger impact for me. I spent tons of money on tools. Suppose how it will hurt selling my tools, compared to that crappy steam account :).
  6. Arround 50% of the world population do have internet access. A even smaller ammount (arround 10-15%) are playing video games. Even a smaller ammount do play them regularily. While the numbers increased in the last years seeing so many video gamers in your surroundings is a social effect impacting your location not everyone arround your country. It really depends if your living in a city or if you have good places for sport etc.
  7. I actually built my own speakers. Music was always > than movies. Only when I gamed I did not listen to music. My music taste totally changed after quitting gaming. And I totally love the silkroad ensemble. A mix of people all arround the world making music together.
  8. It is dangerous to think that way in my oppineon. I know tons of people and was on and off with gaming for over 20 years. In my experience social skills who you learn in a gaming community can not be applied to interactions in person. There is one exception, though, it's if you run your own Guild or Clan or whatever. Simple speaking, becouse you learn to manage people. I give you another example: I stopped gaming. I started repairing electronics, what is a real skill that gives even other peoples real advantages. I got to know tons of people throught repairing electronics, people
  9. I totally disagree. Becouse of the text I written above. Short: Gaming communities have the problem of being anonymous. I never had someone in a gaming community helping me to move my furniture. I never had people in the gaming community being honest. Compared to real life friends, gaming friends are not real friends. There are exceptions, but those are so rare. Even real friendships get destroyed by computer games often.
  10. Very interresting topic. Since I had the same problems but that will be a long text. If you want I can write down my own life experience. It seems you lack empathy, no offense (what I lacked myselve alot when I was younger). Empathy is the ability to put yourselve in some others place. After you learn that, life will get much easier. I suggest you try to learn this single skill at first. It is the most easy skill to be learned in a social society. As for the silent part: Remaining silent is not a bad thing, unless you keep silent all the time. If you add a sentence
  11. Yea, mostly the easy tasks are so obvious, I do not think about them at first. But usually the easy tasks are the ones who give you good results. And thats even more important for gamers becouse of dopamine intox and easy results.
  12. This depends completely on what you connect the values to, i'd say. For example: If you do have a nice community to play with but are not able to talk to people in real live, that explains alot. If you manage to socialize and then remember your experiences there, you find that real interaction has alot more value. People always stick to their place where it's most comfortable for them. Once you put a little bit of work into socializing you will find that more comfortable than sitting in a dark room watching animated pixels. Games do have value, that is true. But they are
  13. Hello Actually I been thought that myselve. What actually may look like a lot of time will shift to much less time. So at the start it looks like you have so much time left. You only feel that way since you stopped gaming and having free thought about yourselve. Time moves slower without gaming. After you found hobbies or different activies you shortly notice that 24hour a day are to less time. Greetings
  14. Hello, so I did quit for half a year now. I was on and off with gaming, recently deleting all accounts and quitting it completely. What I do alot is going for a walk in the city. Mostly at places where people sit, like parks or streets whre much coffee to go shops reside. I always meet some random people there, also having a short talk from time to time. So my recommendation is, just to go out at places where usually people sit and relax. Had good experiences with that, good luck.
  15. dreams.............................................................................................. noone can explain them (but you) LORD: save my brother to dream, thou I can only see black. edit. i posted it. youtube will kill it again 🙂