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  1. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Gratitude journal: - my sister - probiotic supplements - protein bars
  2. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Gratitude journal: - my friends - willpower - water
  3. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    It didn't really hit home for me just how much I need to create my own momentum for myself until today. Gratitude journal: - awareness, I can't imagine how many people go through a life of misery not even realizing just how much control they have over their lives - meditation, it's hard to pinpoint exactly where the benefits of it have manifested in my life but I definitely feel it has helped a lot - spring time!
  4. I live in Hamilton, Ontario. There's lots of great trails in the area. I'll be going to the Smokey Hollow trail in Waterdown.
  5. seriousjay

    No friends

    The reality is that most activities outside of gaming will objectively be boring. That isn't the point though. The point of quitting video games is to change the direction of your life and find new things to be passionate about. You're going to have to try some things, experiment and see what works. A few things you can try: - learn a new language - learn an instrument - try some physical activities, like hiking, going to the gym or sports If you're really stuck, you can look at Cam's hobbies guide: https://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas/ When you find something you really like, an easy way to find like minded individuals is through Meetup. My own social circle has been built primarily through Meetup, and I have enough friends right now that I don't even use Meetup anymore. It won't be easy to "get into" new activities following breaking up with video games, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. As always, if you feel stuck or need some help, the community has got your back. Keep at it!
  6. Saturday will feature a hike and likely some gym time. Sunday, more gym time + taking my mom for a birthday dinner. 🙂 Welcome to the crew James! Glad to have you. 🙂
  7. seriousjay

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    I tried to moderate for a while once. It didn't take long to spiral out of control. Video games to me are about as big of a waste of time as it comes.
  8. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Welp, gratitude journal. - music - creativity - water
  9. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    I think I'm actually gonna start using this as a gratitude journal, starting today. Seems like a good habit to build. I'll list 3 random things I'm grateful for each day. - my job - health care - mindfulness
  10. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Thanks. It looks good. Does anyone have any ideas for how to organize ideas you want to take action on? Just as an example: I want to put that somewhere in an organized way so I can go back to it to remind myself and start taking action on it.
  11. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Is there an app or something where I can throw in weekly todos and then cross them off as they get done?
  12. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    There's a few things I was doing before that I stopped when I got back. I'll see about re-integrating them and see what happens. Thanks!
  13. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Ever since I came back from my trip to Ukraine I've been having a great deal of trouble getting myself back on track. I've had spurts of good days and then it would be followed by not so good days. Overeating, fast food, coffee, some other stuff.. I'm having a hard time identifying exactly what kept me on track before my vacation. I'm not even really that sure what the issue is. When temptations hit me I have trouble resisting them, and then it goes downhill from there for a while until I get on track again for a few days, rinse and repeat. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be appreciated!
  14. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Thanks! I've come up with an idea for my first novel as well so I'm pretty excited right now! 🙂
  15. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    So I finally finished my first short story! It's about my trip to Dubai. This is pretty significant for me and I'm not really sure how to celebrate it.. lol.