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  1. Hello Day 15 It starts to feel hard for me to control myself. My relationship getting worst. My business start to slow. I'm start to thinking back on my games for many times. Today is just a bad days for me. Hopefully tomorrow I can control myself. #90detox 15/90
  2. Hello Day 14 It been 2 weeks time. I feel more craving this day to play games. Gladly, I manage to control it. I able to produce another product for my business. I spent most of my time watching a movie and YouTube. That all for today, nothing really much for today. #90detox 14/90
  3. I do like to play games, ever since we chilhood we always play together until now. Now I realise that, game is not for the rest of my life. I need to do something else that can be beneficial to my life. So the reason I quit game, I want to change myself to be a better person. I can't control myself when I playing a game. I always forget that I have others important things to be done rather than playing games. When I quit the game, I realise that there many things to do out there rather than just only playing game all day long. Now I can focus on improving my own business, I
  4. Hello Day 11 & 12 It just same as usual, it just only that one time my brother ask me again to play game together then I refuse it. While, I watching movie, I can still hear them playing the game with their friends. I just have a thought that I feel kinda miss it to play game with them. I feel down a little bit then I just continue to watch a movie over the night. I'm scared that if I end up to be the old me again. I hope I can control myself. #90detox 12/90
  5. Hello Day 10 So today I try another activities which is DJ, it was really really fun to do and it really give me to big impact in filling my free time. Also, I continue my learning a new language today. That all for now. #90detox 10/90
  6. Hello Day 9 Sorry a bit late I updated my day 9 without gaming, because yesterday I pass out and go to bed early. So as for today, I spent my whole time in the afternoon making a patties and i got some order. During the night, I got headache in the night so I sleep early. That all, not much. 😅 Tq for reading. #90detox 9/90
  7. So it was normal after all. Glady it was just a dream.
  8. Yeah, I shouldn't target to play in moderation on the future, I noticed that it will just gonna be a bad ideas if I done it. I will just stop completely from gaming. Tq for your advice.
  9. Hello Day 8 Before that I have a question to ask, is it normal to have a dream that you are playing a game? Because I just experience it last night. Hahaha Anyway, as for today I'm able to woke up early (after a week). It just because I have some other work to be done in the morning , my additional income. Then, in the afternoon I'm doing my own business as usual and I did some experiments today on homemade patties, glady I did it right. Maybe tomorrow I will put it in the menu. Also today, I just started to get some meditation and with meditation it help me a lots
  10. Yeah you're right. It best for me not to gaming anymore even after the detox, there's is a high possibility that I will be addicted to game if I relapse. I should just quit completely for the best. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your recommendation, I will find a way to make my work more fun and it will make me entertain to do it.
  12. Thank you for the response. Yeah, to be safe I just avoid any type of games and I shouldn't think "games is the only entertainment things to do", there's many others activity to be done that can entertained me beside games. For now, I'm doing my own business and I did start to learning a new language and I do some meditation to make me ease if I'm stress up.
  13. Yeah, I try my best to completely stop quit game for the best after the detox.
  14. Hello Day 7 Today is my first week without game. At first I never thought that I'm gonna make it to this far. With all the support from this forum and the video I been watch, it help me archiving to this far. Within this week, i still have the craving everyday, I just let it flow, by watching a movie or do some other things. Sometimes, I just couldn't bear with it and it just make me feel down when it does happen. And within this week I still have a trouble to sleep early because usually I used to play game overnight then I woke up late. So every night I just watch movies until
  15. You're right, my target being here is to quit from gaming and have a better life, I shouldn't think about to play any type of game through PC or Mobile phone. I should think more on changing my lifestyle to be a better person. To have a healthy life. Thanks for bringing me to think back to the right path.