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  1. Day 13-20 I‘m back. Didn‘t continue my journal the last week because of carnival. Even though it didn‘t go as planned, because the first 3 days i missed some opportunities to go out, I forced myself to go out the last 2 days, and it was great. I‘m a master at making excuses and overdramatizing stupid thoughts. The last days I just said to my self „fuck it, what can go wrong?“. Had some good times and socialized a lot(with alcohol though, but everyone gets drunk on carnival). I also didn‘t touch a game and stayed true to my plan of eating healthy 4000 calories a day to build up muscle. It sucks that I was to lazy to learn for school and watched useless content to distract myself from boredom - going outside would have been a better option. Going to change these two things today. Current Streaks No gaming: 20 Days No(useless) browsing: 1 day Nofap: 30Days
  2. Day 10/11/12 Well I‘m coming back to the forum because I have a really strong urge to play games right now. I currently have to learn for school but I do everything to distract myself. Yesterday I even watched about 8 hours of youtube just because I didn‘t want to learn. When I have stress I usually fall back in to the old habit and that really sucks. Yesterday I started making excuses and I was about to buy a singleplayergame because I told myself that singleplayer games wont get me hooked and I will just play 1 hour a day (I know this isn‘t true). Well I even made a new steam account for that purpose, I guess i‘ll go and delete it again. Now I will go to the gym hopefully that will free my head a little. Current Streaks No gaming: 12Days No(useless) browsing: 0 Days Nofap: 22Days
  3. Day 7/8/9 Just a quick update. I don‘t really have that much time to post because I have to do a lot for school. Good thing is, that I have some motivation again and didn‘t game or watch youtube for the last days. My workouts in the gym have also improved since I really have time now and it‘s actually a lot of fun. Next week on thursday, I have an exam so I don‘t know how much I‘m going to journal. Current Streaks No gaming: 9 Days No(useless) browsing: 1 Day Nofap: 19 Days
  4. The problem is, that this boredom usually leads to gaming related thoughts. And when I have thoughts about gaming once it is hard to think of anything else.
  5. Day 5/6 well the last 2 days I had very much to do for school and didn‘t have that much time do productive stuff... even when i tried to, I was to tired. And the only thing i did was watching youtube then. I don‘t really have something relaxing other than gaming or watching youtube. I tried reading... but It‘s not relaxing at all. I‘m confident that I will quit gaming for 90 days... but quitting useless browsing is hard. Especially because I don‘t really fulfill my social aspect yet. I have high hopes for next week, because a friend invited me to celebrate carnival (which is quite a big deal im my city) with him and his friends. So will do my best to not miss any opportunities on these days. Current Streaks No gaming: 6 Days No(useless) browsing: 0 Days Nofap: 16 Days
  6. Day 4 Well yesterday I watched about 3 hours of useless stuff - weekends are the hardest! But gladly i still went to the gym and learned for a bit. One amazing thing that happened/I did today Nothing reallY Workout/run 2h at the gym My wake up time 9am What went well today Didn‘t play games What I could have done to make my day better Put that f*cking mobilephone away. What I will do differently tomorrow start reading Current streaks No gaming: 4 Days No (useless) browsing: 0 Days Nofap: 14 Days
  7. Day 3 Well pretty much the only positive thing today was that i didn‘t play video games or watch videos. Was very tired and not really motivated to do anything. One amazing thing that happened/I did today Nothing really Workout/run Not today My wake up time 8:30 am What went well today Didn‘t play games What I could have done to make my day better Do some exercise in the morning to get startet / don‘t hang out in bed so long. What I will do differently tomorrow start reading Current streaks No gaming: 3 Days No (useless) browsing: 3 Days Nofap: 13 Days
  8. I love your journaling style - Simple but effective. The task list for each day is definitely a good Idea. I usually forget what i wanted to do and then instead lay in my bed or look at my smartphone. And seeing how many tasks you completed is definitely a good motivation booster.
  9. Day 2 Didn‘t have that much time to do that much today because we had guests but still did my best. One amazing thing that happened/I did today I startet running again after 6 months of being too lazy for it. Workout/run Running 1h My wake up time 7:10am Weekly goals Less procrastinating Workout/run Monthly Goal Read at least 2 books Socialise Study more Exercise more What went well today Did not think about gaming. What I could have done to make my day better Less lying around in my bed to kill time What I will do differently tomorrow start reading Current streaks No gaming: 2 Days No (useless) browsing: 2 Days Nofap: 11 Days
  10. Day 1 ( Here we go again) Had a very successful day, but I know that the first days are the easiest and the weekend is going to be hard One amazing thing that happened/I did today: got my first testimony that contributes to my graduation and the grades were good. Workout/run 1 1/2h at the gym My wake up time 7:10am Weekly goals Less procrastinating Workout/run 1 1/2h at the gym My wakeup time 7:10am Monthly Goal Read at least 2 books Socialise Study more Exercise more What went well today studied for 2h went to the gym, even though i found many excuses What I could have done to make my day better Less overdramatizing little mistake I make, because this is one of the main reasons why I have bad moods and start to feel depressed. What I will do differently tomorrow Instead of overthinking every process, I will try to meditate or go outside to free my head. Current streaks No gaming: 1 Day No (useless) browsing: 1 Day Nofap: 10 Days
  11. Well I even went a step further and completely deleted all my gaming related accounts...I wouldn‘t have gamed if I didn‘t find my ps4 that I haven‘t used for 1 year. I‘m gonna delete those games too. And probably sell it. I think I need better daily routines so I don‘t even get to the point where I can even think about gaming. Therefore i will start with a new journaling style today, in which I write down my routines but also goals and streaks.
  12. Thanks for checking up on me @XgamerYeah I didn‘t write because I relapsed. I was pretty much ashamed of my self, that I‘m making all these promises but still could not last for 3 days. In my head everything seems so easy, but if I think/ or see something gaming related I instantly get realy bad cravings for games. And if I don‘t play then, I become extremly unsatisfied or depressed and start to argue with myself wether I should or should not play games now. Tomorrow I will start to think of a new way i can maybe get out of this loop of relapsing every three days.
  13. Day 4 Another day without gaming. Today I finally motivated myself to learn some stuff for school. Was quite boring but it was a good distraction. In the evening i went to the gym once again, sports really motivate me and I don‘t have to think about gaming for a second. Therefore I will try to do some kind of sport every day from now on.
  14. Day 2/3 well... yesterday I sort of relapsed... Even though I didn‘t play any games, I watched a good amount of youtube videos. I just wanted to search for a song and then I saw some interesting thumbnails which led me into a long youtube session. But today was better, I had a very long school day and was exhausted, but i still managed to motivate me to go to the gym. I guess i will have to avoid youtube at all cost.
  15. So now it‘s time to really commit to quitting gaming. I hope this journal will help me find more motivation by keeping track of my progress. I will try to keep the daily summaries quite short because I can really waste a lot of time when I‘m writing. Day 1 Today was pretty good. I woke up late at 10 am but still had a great day. I started off by finally Deleting all my gaming accounts, (Steam, Uplay Origin....) it was tuff because it was almost like deleting a chapter of my life, but also necessary and I‘m confident that this will help alot. I also did a bit of cooking today, what I never did when I was gaming. It‘s a pretty good time killer and the food you make yourself is much healthier mostly. In the evening I had a good 2 1/2h session at the gym and now I‘m trying to go to bed before 11pm (would go to bed at 1am normally).
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