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  1. Thanks for the replies. yeahhh... @Netzwerker I have tried this one video thing multiple times, never realy worked though. Yesterday i was working on a presentation and I had to use my pc ( normaly I avoid using it) I managed to work for 4h and thought one single video couldn‘t hurt... well the next 2 1/3 hours i spent consuming completely useless content because I looked at the sidebar which had some realy tempting recommendations. I now downloaded Destraction free youtube for my browser, which removes all recommendations and I have to search for specific videos. I think it‘s going to be better now.
  2. Thanks for the Kind words! It‘s realy nice to have a community of people that support each other! I‘m Definitely going to check out the website and the list of activities.
  3. Yes I have had this problem too! I was super skinny because I was afraid to loose a second in online games. I have gained 45 punds over the past 1 1/2 years . A tipp from me is to have many small meals a day, like 5 or 6.( at the start I had a very tiny stomach so I could not eat very much). Exercising also helps you when you can‘t eat, my consumption of food went up rapidly after i startet exercising.
  4. Hello, my name is Jonas, I‘m 18 years old and I live in Germany. I startet playing video games at the age of 7 when I got a Nintendo DS. At this age I still had many friends and i was outside for almost the whole day, playing soccer or Badminton. So there was not much time to play games. But it all changed when I decided to go on a Secondary school where I did not have to learn latin, without my friends. I thought this wouldn‘t be a problem, because I was very good at making new friends. But the new classmates were completly different from me. They all were friends already and excluded me. Soon I became very lonely and at this time I discovered Minecraft. I quickly found many new friends online through the game and I startet playing more and more to replace the friends I didn’t have. My parents then limited the time on my PC to 1 1/2 hours a day. But I was able to find out the password of the programm that limited my playtime and was now using every minute my parents didn‘t look for me to play games ( Both of my parents worked very much). In sixth grade I already played about 7 hours a day. Because I often did not eat during this time I got very skinny and my classmates sort of bullied me because of my low weight . The lack of social interactions caused that I got a social anxiety and very low selfesteem which then led me into a depression.To free myself from all of this I startet playing even more and soon discovered shooters like CS:GO. I was addicted directly and got very good very fast. My grades went down even more but I still managed to reach 9th grade. At this point I haven‘t met anyone in real life for one or two years. My depression got worse and something inside of me said that I finally need to turn my life around. I decided to switch my school and I got a gym membership to finally achieve a body not everybody is laughing at. The new school was/is much better and I found two friends. But I‘am still stuck on my addiction. The last two years were full of quitting video games, then relapsing and watching youtube to replace all the free time when I’am not playing games ( I find watching youtube even more useless ). One of the positive things is, that I was able to put on 45 pounds of weight because of the gym, so no one talks about my weight anymore. But my problem is that I still stay at home and rarely meet anyone and I almost have no skills besides playing video games. In about one year I will have my finals and after that I will have no structured day and I will have to stand on my own two feet. In my current situation I wouldn‘t be able to do that, so I decided to finally really commit fighting my addiction by joining this community. I already startet with deleting all games, the bigger problem is youtube for me right now. I know that playing games or watching youtube as a reward doesn‘t work for me, because I will get stuck on it. So I will have to do it cold Turkey. Replacing all this free time with pleasurable things will be very hard and I would be very thankful if someone could suggest some activities. I will also be starting a daily or weekly journal when the stressful phase in school is over. I hope this time it really works. Wish me luck!
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