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  1. This is absolute great advice. I totally agree with you.. I am going to do that ,No facebook, No instagram, no tiktok:), No SNAPCHAT, for 3 months straight. I am glad to know there is someone doing the same thing like I am about to do. I know What I want NOW, That is Freedom. Ofcourse, there are many types of freedoms. I got it from Jocko Willink ( Discipline equals Freedoms), I am running every morning. It has been five days straight and I will do that for three months and as long as possible, I will make it a lifetime habit again.I believe whoever can do that for three months or
  2. Thank you,, I have to embrace my evolution yeasshhh!!:)
  3. That is a good question to ask myself.How do I want to be engaged in this forum? and What do I want to share ? I want to engage in personal development. Focusing on building those habits to have a life of freedom, reading, running, building the bussiness, having strong will, instead of chasing women, chase money to be free from financial freedom. Like Discipline equals freedom. Simple. Not simple to apply it in real life. What is the purpose of journal anyway? To find within right? I understand one thing that I have all the answers I need in me . That is how I am feeling it. Do you th
  4. Hello Journal, Today is great day . I am grateful to be alive. I am blessed. Thank you Cam for doing this happened. I feel like I need to get better instead of being on the social media like tiktok..mann, so much information, I think I need to build my critical thinking skill up. I hope all my brothers and sisters in this forum be safe and healthy.Be strong. Good Day, Tha
  5. Thank you, thank you, Wow , this is amazing. I do not know what to say now, I am amazed how this was explained about self-Identity strategy. Then, most importantly, out of what you are recommending, and I agree with you, I have to find a new identity to be reborn as a new person right?. I have read about it and listened to it from podcast. Did not really pay close attention to put it into action. I do not really want any addiction with electronic attraction. What is the best way not to be engaged with social media? Thank you so much, Tha
  6. mann, way to go..I am working on my abs too , just to feel good 🙂 I am very proud of you,
  7. I really appreciate it brother, One strategy is the absence of a substance release, the other is the absence of a substance intake. Both boil down to the same idea: Absence. Absence is the ultimate way, to gain control over something. This control will make you free and gives you the ability to see, what else is out there. This is very new to me to understand. What you mean is absence is the ultimate way to gain control over something. Like we need to keep our mind fully engaged in pursuing our goals at all times? Can you please give me more example about it. So I can imprint it in my cons
  8. Hello Journal, Thank you Alexanderie, Today is the second day of being on this journal, I admit that gaming is a disorder for our mind like drug addict because when I play game, I do not care about anything else, I got mad easily, do not clean the house, do not sleep all night until morning, feel miserable about myself, low self esteem on my self. No want to have fun with other friends. Do not want to talk new people like before because I am actually talkative person. Want to make friends. Like Cam said, it is not import to know many people, making friend is making deep connection throu
  9. Thank your for asking Havey, To be honest, I am still seeking my own calling. But one thing for sure, playing game is just one of escaping way numbing our mind, being super selfish for our children (if we have young kids ), their future, because we can make a big difference in their life focusing our time to them for a better life, and develop our life as well. I have one kid. I know I have to commit to make sure my kid is well raised to know what is right and wrong, to choose good or bad. I have to be a good father through being a better parent because kid can not change their pare
  10. Hello Sankirk,, I am really glad you accept that you want to quit the gaming like I want to , I feel you having that urge to keep playing for the story line and brain is commanding you automatically. Today is the second day of checking on this forum. I did not play games. You can do it To quit the game and do other wonderful things. I believe we just have to commit to do something for others in services. I am typing this listening my language music. I love classic music. You can also ask yourself what is the most important thing you want out of your life? I have been askin
  11. My journal, I am really grateful to be able to write about my journey to quitting . Today is my fifth days of no playing world of warcraft even though my brother is playing right in front of me and I have access to my laptop because I know that there are more out there instead of using my mind power in playing game. I still have to improve my life. Improve my income skill. Looking back, I have wasted my hours of my lifetime playing game. I believe in myself that I can stop playing game for a long time and encourage other not to play game when I become an example of success. I
  12. Hello, I am so glad to have found this website.Cam , thank you for making this happen. I am still looking for how to write a journay on this forum lol. I quit gaming five days ago. World of warcraft was the game I was addicted to for over 13 years and lost my marriage over it gradually and ended up in divorce. Still , I love WOW classic so I came back and subscribe it for a month.I just unsubscribe it already. Man, I could not stop playing all night. I was thinking to play it in moderation. I don't think I can do that in moderation. In the morning, I felt terrible about myself a