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  1. Well, I went back. After surviving 6 months of lockdown without gaming, I rewarded myself for all the ongoing stress of trying to get the last stages of a wedding sorted and also going out and doing an epic run as part of a recce for a fell race. I spent the afternoon on my own gaming, feeling pretty good about myself. Since that day I've allowed it back it and said I'd control it, but I can feel the need to now install GOG and Steam and have started looking around for other games to play despite not even being anywhere near finished the one I started. To be honest, I found the whole i
  2. Just read this after a wee bit of a tiny relapse. It's inspired me to try a bit more of a moderated approach this time around and actually put plans in place rather than just quitting cold and then not really planning for anything to fill the time (even though I have plenty of things I could do). Thanks for being an inspiration, hope you're still doing well during lockdowns.
  3. Day 89! One day to go folks! Game free for 89 days 😉 In all honesty I still have a long way to go after tomorrow, such as processing how I've been struggling with my physical health since quitting, some other dependencies creeping in. But I'm taking all this as a step forward, towards being able to reduce everything down to a manageable level. Had some really honest conversations about my mental health with friends and family, started being more open about how I feel and why I might be feeling like that. Starting to get into a decent habit of running, walking and strengthenin
  4. Me too. One of my friends who I used to talk about games a lot with thought I was being harsh by quitting games back in January. A few weeks ago he messaged me saying that I'd chosen a tough time to not be allowed to game. My response? Now is the BEST time. If I can't fill the extended time I have at home with things I've been wanting to try for years without turning to a video game, then I'm never going to quit long-term. Granted I love being outside and there's severe restrictions on that, but there's other things to explore that can often feel like 'wasting time'. I'm lucky in th
  5. Welcome to the forum @mscottb. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm really grateful to have read it. I hope that you find a way forward that works for you. I remember the days of Classic WoW, the nostalgia felt from those initial feelings of wonder and discovery and how they never match up to going back to it, even when you're happy, especially when you're happy. I've found I'm at my most vulnerable when I've started to build something positive again, I get scared after pushing past the initial rush and start to doubt myself, self-destructing a little bit. Good to see you here
  6. Day 76 World turned upside down by all this Coronavirus stuff, but I'm using it to smash through to the 90 days. Still haven't touched a game, although I think about it a lot. If I can't have all this free time (although I am still working from home full-time) and replace gaming with more meaningful pursuits, I figure I'll never do it. Although I can't go out much, I am exercising as much as is reasonable. I've been working a lot on my mental health, including going the The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters again and taking it seriously this time (carrying it on for more than a few weeks
  7. Also how is everybody doing in general? Learning more about a lot of the stuff I posted above is keeping me very busy, amongst the usual life stuff and work. It helps me understand how to balance the different aspects of myself and keep to some routines in the hope of staying sane 😄😄
  8. Hi all, So I was a bit angry when I posted about this initially, and even though I'm here to get help I'm also here to be challenged so that I can think about things a little differently and start to move forward with things. I wasn't able to respond because I didn't know how people could disagree with how annoyed I was and at first I failed to see how it could be different for other people, but having spent some time away, I'm coming around to seeing how other people's experiences are different. It was really interesting that you made the point about being ex-streamers, I guess I n
  9. I also felt like that, however that's where I believe the problem lies. Gaming has become so much more than just a way to unwind and waste time. At least watching TV is passive, I feel like it has an end point, at some point I want to get up and walk away from it all. With gaming once I started I didn't want to do anything else because how can any other activity live up to the promise of a modern AAA game? I understand the social connection arguments around gaming, but I didn't have that. I shut myself away from people to game because I was escaping from some stuff, not sure what yet caus
  10. Cool. Thanks for the discussion folks. I was pretty riled up that day so wanted some clear heads to help calm me down. Good to see different opinions and also hear how some people deal with hearing or seeing things that might trigger negative emotions linked to gaming. The problem I have with the tone and nature of it is that the more I get out and about again, the more I see gaming less as a hobby and more like watching TV, just a way of passing time without actually learning anything. So when somebody recommends people use their free time... It's like our national broadcaster just aske
  11. Sounds like you've got your routines sussed quite well even before Covid! You're at a place I'm working towards 😁
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-51907663 Now this might divide opinion and I know that Cam's approach, probably the best way of looking at it, is that gaming isn't inherently bad... But I find news articles like this, that actually appeared on the HOME PAGE of the BBC website, not just the news, entertainment or newsbeat section, but the root page...incredibly irresponsible. I guess it's more aimed at people who might otherwise have control and not spend hours upon hours gaming, or be trying to quit. But surely this outbreak is the perfect time to discover something new, someth
  13. Signing off with life's good is a great feeling. Glad the business has started brightly.
  14. Congratulations on the achievements everyone! 😁 For me February was a transition month. Moving through a process and from the darkness of the tunnel towards that pin prick of light. I reached my own personal milestone of 1 month off gaming, finally got a pay rise should have come last year and started looking for new jobs again. The lump sum I got helped me pay off my overdraft and have a bit of a buffer on my finances and it's nice to know I have more income going forward. I had a job interview that ultimately ended in rejection but was an important step in developing my confi
  15. So after a few weeks going back and forth in my mind about whether I wanted to tell them or not, I finally got the courage to do it last night. They were so loving and supportive we actually managed to chat for hours, although I did most of the talking. I think what made the decision to tell them was that this has affected me since I was a child, therefore I wanted them to understand that I realise how bad it was back then and that I'm kicking it now. I'm glad I did because ultimately they had no idea that this was a problem. They thought I'd kicked it when I left home because I was port