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  1. Start a journal here when you're ready and think of replacement activities, you can't tell yourself a goal you want to accomplish is impossible and expect to ever follow through with it.
  2. Moderation tip change environment get games out of your home so you physically have to go somewhere else to play. If you still can't moderate your game time at that point then I suppose that means moderation won't work so you need to the cold turkey quit route. Either route you need to make changes to your environment so that it is supportive to a change in you.
  3. Thousands of hours of failure, repetition, and success getting better at playing games while missing opportunities to develop other areas of my life. It sounds bad though this experience of ours is a new phase in human evolution with technology and more importantly, addiction. Welcome to the forum YLC Cam says there are abstainers who can and should quit "cold turkey" and there are moderators who can limit their gaming time effectively so maybe that one is you! Consider starting a journal in the journal thread too the community accountability quitting or limiting your gaming time is helpful motivation.
  4. to me the discipline of quitting games is pretty easy once you change your environment. The detox itself is breaking a habit while giving you a choice on what to do with your new freed up time. Typically we have other habits that seem to naturally step in to fill in all that free time from quitting games and this can lead to many crossroads of deciding what habits are helping, which are hurting us, and what habits we aught to be making as we replace old ones. Making & following through with new plans, habits, and goals for me is impossible if I'm sitting at the computer I am very distracted there so I write them down on paper and I feel it's important to focus on only one at a time or else I lose sight and either ignore or forget about it. For more of my thoughts on this subject check out my April 9th post to my journal here.
  5. meanwhile it was typical of me to skip out on sleep / meals / nutrition while gaming which definitely made me look a few years older, talk about potential for a good turn around!
  6. Benefit of quitting noticed!
  7. definitely a trap! If there's something you can do to help get games further away from your mind it will help a lot. For example if you still have games / game systems you can still be rid of then do that. Think about every little way you are being reminded that games even exist and what can you do to change this? If used to gaming in a particular room on computer maybe good to move computer to other room or eventually start thinking of ways to replace having a computer in the home.
  8. glad you are already seeing benefits of reclaiming your time! such a topic deserving of its own journal even.
  9. So relatable and best of luck to you. I myself have this offline journal page titled "Replace" and every time I find myself doing anything on computer I try and think of an unplugged alternative. Seeing I spend most of my time online researching topics and watching videos I'm sure I would really benefit greatly to build a habit to read more books instead.
  10. I start crushing goals when I'm not spending all my time on video games. If I play the games my brain wants it too much and I get very lazy taking shortcuts with everything skipping sleep and meals just to game. I live life to the fullest when I abstain and quit giving in to addictions like this. @Rosa A. Soles
  11. steadily crushing daily goals throughout the week. so many dailies I want done that I do a few per day but I see this is coming at a cost of not working on the weekly goal so simply put if I keep crushing dailies like this then weeklies and monthlies will not be getting their due attention or hardly completed so the answer to this is knock out ONE single daily goal each day then when I have spare time for something else I work on that week's weekly then near end of the week when I have completed my weekly goal I put spare time in on the monthly. at that point having completed a monthly goal I could go on to give attention to a quarterly, biannual, yearly, and even a goal for the decade. to me this is best kept track of by writing down onto a paper journal one page for daily goal, one for weekly, one for monthly, etc.
  12. A full history and bookmark purge could be helpful by chance there's something in one of those to remind you about LoL / games. DF Tube is a big help though does it blank out the main YT page recommendations? If it does not I would consider using a brand new account or not having an account due to recommendations being hyper tuned to old gaming habits. I think using an rss reader is great to quickly get news from various places even YT without spending a whole lot of time searching. Great job on starting a journal it will serve you good!
  13. hello nils welcome to the forum my advice is get the triggers out of the house so you actually have to get up and leave to follow through with temptation and start writing to a gamequitter forum journal, the community accountability is a big help. on so many levels, I think a lot of us people here do.
  14. Through quitting .. I stop skipping meals / losing sleep to game, focus on setting goals, spend more time outside / with other people, and I had gamed a lot so in turn I get a LOT of time I get to decide what else to do with. It is my time after all for my only life and I am pretty darn tired of giving that away.
  15. Having myself a humbled appreciation for my own deeply rooted problems I say see to it you heavily restrict or cut out junk food/drinks and are not depriving yourself of sunlight, nutritious food, quality sleep, or beneficial exercise and go talk things over with a therapist to help sort it all out. There can be a LOT to sort out and need I remind you this forum is public? From there you should have a much better idea what to do about all that. Best wishes.
  16. @Sowelu @Zubb hey i said i would share this linux "bash" workout script so here it is so you guys enjoy and do what you like with this. has been nice for home workouts but now looking to ditch the pc so will be looking into sport watches. DM me any questions about this with the forum direct message function to keep the journal clean! Beep dependency troubleshooting that worked on my Arch-based distro for error - Beep: "Could not open any device" .. on reddit and on arch wiki # # rep - bash alias termdown workout loop # # linux install - just add to ~/.bashrc with a text editor such as Nano and then "source ~/.bashrc" or reboot. # # mac/windows install - no idea. # # usage: rep <countdown seconds> <delay after countdown> # # ^ if blank will default to delay of 20 between countdown loops. # # depends: termdown, mpv, beep - install these. Mpv is used to play sound file, for something more simple use next alias brep. # # rep () { case $1 in *) export TERMDOWN=$1 ;; esac if [[ "$2" == "" ]]; then export TERMREST=20 fi if [[ "$2" != "" ]]; then export TERMREST=$2 fi for i in {1..100} do beep -f 2000 beep -f 1000 termdown ${TERMDOWN}s --critical 10 --font doh --text $TERMREST --end --quit-after $TERMREST --no-bell --exec-cmd "if [ '{0}' == '1' ];then mpv --really-quiet --no-terminal ~/sfx/hit-1.mp3;fi" done } # # brep - bash alias termdown workout loop # # linux install - just add to ~/.bashrc with a text editor such as Nano and then "source ~/.bashrc" or reboot. # # mac/windows install - no idea. # # usage: brep <countdown seconds> <delay after countdown> # # ^ if blank will default to delay of 20 between countdown loops. # # depends: termdown, beep - install these. # # brep () { case $1 in *) export TERMDOWN=$1 ;; esac if [[ "$2" == "" ]]; then export TERMREST=20 fi if [[ "$2" != "" ]]; then export TERMREST=$2 fi for i in {1..100} do beep -f 2000 beep -f 1000 termdown ${TERMDOWN}s --critical 10 --font doh --text $TERMREST --end --quit-after $TERMREST done }
  17. This topic really calls out to me right now, thank you for the thread necro-bumb Tex. Yes, no computer servicing needs sounds pretty darn amazing. Tried this before and failed but that is definitely because I didn't get rid of the PC. Will have to extract contacts / important documents / etc and commence. I really want this experience.
  18. Taking notes, I appreciate the response!
  19. Time, we never get that time back and for some who simply cannot effectively moderate gaming at all like me have other parts of our lives just fall apart or take a back seat .. things like meals, sleep, hygiene, health, work, family, etc everything.
  20. one big meal a day, one really big meal or is this aiming for a caloric deficit? for either of the first two options I would keep a close eye on blood pressure myself idk I have no experience doing omad though best of luck however you decide.
  21. journaling once or twice per week is still a great support, I get burned out writing entries every day myself.
  22. if you can moderate without missing meals or bedtimes I say go for it, I would love to be that guy. I have actually moderated pretty good in the past but the problem is I can only moderate for a brief time before things escalate rather quickly.
  23. social connection is a big help I think and surely any is better than none. sounds like you're doing yourself a solid.
  24. yet here you are at it again armed with more experience and knowledge by the sounds of it though if not take some time to think about it more this is a prime learning experience and we all learn to resist failure more over time! don't know if you're new to quitting porn or not but it's definitely tough so don't let that discourage you, I understand the double relapse I have been there, the brain can be lazy like that. remember that every failure is a chance to grow and can still turn into a positive for you!