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  1. Today was moderate I would say. I had quite a bit of headache in the morning which made it a little hard to get out of bed and get going. I managed to have a more or less productive morning and was able to advance a bit in my reasearch assistant job. I also worked on an exercise sheet with a friend which was nice as well. But I really wasnt motivated today and I struggled especially with the exercise sheet. The rest of the day I spend mostly gaming and watching netflix because I just didnt really feel good and I did the most important things I wanted to do. Feels kind of like I wasted half the
  2. Today was pretty amazing. I was very productive and managed to finish something that I feared might take me till monday. This makes the rest of the week way more chill and I might actually be able to do everything I want to. Tomorrow is a national holiday so I dont have lectures but I can finally catch up and do some work for my job as a research assistant. I will also go for a run tomorrow. Today I trained with the guy I find so hard to deal with but this time it was really nice, I feel like its also connected to how I interact with him, when I am nicer and a little more open he also see
  3. Today was also a pretty good day! I was quite productive but felt a little bit overwhelmed with everything I still have to do this week. I guess I will just keep pushing and do one thing after the other. I think I will be able to do everything especially because thursday is a national holiday so I wont have any lectures which gives me some extra time. I recently have been thinking about one of my training partners in grappling. Hes the one who can teach me by far the most at my gym but I just find it so difficult to interact with him. I find him to be quite unpleasant as a person so I am co
  4. Today was really great. I was super productive and didnt waste any time. I am really happy with myself. I worked out and did a lot for uni. I will do my best to continue strong tomorrow 🙂 I dont really have much to say mostly because of how good it went.
  5. Today was really nice. It was my uni free day and I was able to do some things here and there and mostly rest and recover. I took a nice walk with my girlfriend, in the evening we also watched a movie together. I also got a nice workout in and did some exercises for my lower back so the pain will stay away. I am really proud that I didnt game. I actually downloaded a game again because I didnt really know what else to do but I didnt even play because I realised I dont even want to game. Its definitely not easy but I will do my best to stay strong. I feel like this weekend really al
  6. Today was really great I have to say. It was by far the best day this week. I was really productive the entire day and felt really good about it. I also went on a long run (for me atleast) and pushed myself more than usual. I also read something related to university in the evening which is also really cool. At the moment I am searching for something kind of entertaining to watch while eating but its difficult. Because a real tv show is first of all a waste of time and second if it is any good I will want to watch more which is bad. I wish there was something that would be entertaining bu
  7. @PochatokHey , thank you for the comment! No I havent heard of that but it sounds interesting I will look into it! Yeah a routine makes sense, I am a big believer in good planning and starting early with tasks so stress is minimized in the first place but of course this does not always work. I think finding activities that satisfy the needs that gaming provides is quite hard, especially because gaming is so available and easy to do. But I think I am on to some things 🙂
  8. So today went pretty shitty I have to say. I was productive in the morning for about 3 hours but then I basically just gave up because I felt kind of bad again. I spend the rest of my day playing dota and watching netflix. However I am very determined to stop gaming now. I even downloaded the respawn guide again and printed it. I will read a bit of it now and I will conitnue reading it on the next days. I dont think I will ever be able to develope something like a reading habit while I still game. Because I will always choose gaming over reading - if I have to choice. I already uninstalled all
  9. I usually dont post during the day but I have some things on my mind right now that I wanted to bring to paper and I thougt it might be a good idea to do it here. So lately I have been declining quite a bit again. Even though my presentation went really well, everything else really didnt. I feel like I have to step up and become more physically and mentally healthy again. I have been quite stressed lately and I basically stopped working out because of my lower back pain but its not gonna go away by itself and if I dont start exercising a lot and regularly again I will soon start to spiral
  10. Today was a little awful I have to say. I woke up with back pain that persisted the entire day. I also felt kind of bad in general because I slept really horrible. I was in kind of an unproductive mood for the majority of the day and because of that I took the easy way out and just said it would be okay to play video games for the rest of the day. Which I did. I did kind of enjoy it but I mostly did it so I didnt have to deal with my physical and emotional unwellness. I hope I will feel good again tomorrow, I really miss working out because ever since my backpain came back last week I basical
  11. Today was pretty cool. I did one more test presentation in the morning and noticed that I was still a couple of minutes over the time limit so I made some adjustments. The actual presentation in the afternoon went really well and I was very happy about it. I can safely say that this was the best presentation I ever gave and I am really proud of it. I was very happy afterwards. Other than that I wasnt really productive in anyway today because I couldnt focus on anything but that presentation. It really did stress me out. Well but now its done and I am very happy about that. After the prese
  12. Today was nice, I worked a lot on my presentation. I gave it once to myself and one more time to my girlfriend. I was about 7 minutes over the time limit which is bad, so I kicked out some slides. I will have to do another test presentation tomorrow morning to see if I can reach the 35 minute mark now. It kind of sucks because I felt really good about my presentation and now it feels like its not as smooth as before, lets just hope I can make it tomorrow morning in time, otherwise I will be stressed to death during the real presentation which is tomorrow at noon. But either way, I will g
  13. Today was really nice. I worked on my presentation for about 2-3 hours and finished it. I will send it to my professor first thing in the morning. After that I was able to wind down a bit. Took a nice long walk with my girlfriend, played a videogame for about 90 minutes with my best friend which was nice as well. We also talked a lot and hes actually planning to have children next year. He just finished his master and his girlfriend will finish her Phd next year and after that they want to have children. I am super excited and happy for them. Me and my girlfriend also really want children but
  14. Today was really nice. I was quite productive but also managed to relax a little and went on a run. I really struggled with working out during the past week because I really didnt feel like it. The run today was pretty amazing though, I am really glad I went. I also worked a little more on my presentation and might actually be able to finish it tomorrow. This is great because the professor offered me to go over my slides once again on monday which would be really helpful. This will mean that I wont have my uni free sunday but I think under those circumstances thats just not worth it. But I alr
  15. Today was a nice day. I was quite productive and felt much better than yesterday, physically and mentally. I had the test presentation with my professor and he gave me lots of valuable feedback. I am quite confident that I can give a good presentation on tuesday once I have implemented the suggestions and feedback. Today I had some interesting thougts atleast they were interesting to me. I thougt about motivation and mindset and realized that in quite a few areas of my life I have no motivation for being good at them. For example my job as a research assistant. I feel like I have been und