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  1. Day 13 -> success Today was a bit difficult because I was so incredibly tired I was basically useless. But I managed so I guess its fine.
  2. Day 12 -> success I wasnt as productive as I wanted to be because I felt quite bad, like I slept bad or smth. But I actually ended up being way more productive than I usually was on days like that. While I was still gaming I would have seen this as an excuse to slack off and just game all day but instead I just did as much as I could. So huge win for no gaming šŸ™‚ I will go to bed early tonight so I can start working early in the morning
  3. Day 11 -> success Good day, went to the gym was productive for uni. I started they day severly questioning whether no gaming will do anything for me and ended up being more sure than ever that no game will improve my life a lot! Dont have that much to say as I already posted two times today. Tomorrow I am gonna have a productive day again!
  4. @Amphibian220 Yeah I agree I guess it all comes down to distracting yourself somehow. I dont know what my grandparents did to distract themselves I just know that my parents watch tv and I guess thats a generational thing. I hardly know anyone my age who watches tv. Our digital generation watches netflix or youtube or porn or plays games. I guess this is kind of the problem also. The fact that you find it hard to find people to just chat with is probably also because many people just wanna get home and watch netflix. All this internet/gaming/netflix stuff is so new that most people are v
  5. Is no game really the cure? I feel a bit disillusioned into the whole no gaming thing right now. I didnt experience any cravings since day 3 and so far its actually been rather easy to stay off games. However the only reason why I started no gaming in the first place was because I wanted to use my private time more productively but so far I havent done so at all. I was hoping to get motivated and excited for other stuff again but its not happening. I feel basically exactly the same as when I was gaming just that I am more aware of things like this. I am gonna stick to the no gaming atleas
  6. That is something I really dont want to do for instance. Mostly because I think it wouldnt do anything for me. I could just make a new steam account and download dota 2 again because its all free. I would just lose tons of money that I already invested in steam. And I dont know if I want to quit games forever. I just want to do this 90 day detox for now and see how it feels. Day 10 -> success Was quite productive today, did almost everything I wanted to but that two anime limit didnt work out that well šŸ˜„ because I was done with everything at around 8 I didnt really know what to d
  7. Conscious Substitutions Day 9 did go well indeed if you just look at the fact that I didnt play any games. However I was watching anime for like 6 hours straight. I believe the problem is a bit more fundamental than just gaming itself. I still think that watching anime is better than playing competitive online games like dota but to be honest I think there is not much of a difference between playing skyrim or watching netflix all day. Its so easy to just substitute one addiction with another and its a trap that is very easy to fall into. But I dont think the solution is to forbid yo
  8. Day 9 -> success! I actually have a lot to say but its late so I will post tomorrow morning :)
  9. Day 5,6,7,8 ->> huge success! I came back from my hiking trip today and I stayed clean through the whole time šŸ™‚ Of course it is easier when you arent home but I definitely had to fight some mobile game urges on the way back! I honestly dont have that much to say because nothing noteworthy happened. But I had a talk about gaming with the friend I went. He is also a gamer but has always been in control. He does occasionally play a little more but he never had any problems with it. He could not get it at all that I want to quit. He cant understand that as long as gaming is an opti
  10. Day 4 -> success! Didnt manage to post yesterday because I traveled all day and after I had dinner I was just way too tired. But I am happy I stayed strong and didnt play any mobile games on the train šŸ™‚ This is our balcony:
  11. Day 3 -> success ! Today was a good day ! I did everything I wanted to and even went to the gym. I wasnt as anxious as yesterday and after the gym the anxiety was basically gone. Funny story about the job I applied to : This morning I got an email that looked like it was automatically sent out to everyone who was rejected. I was pretty sad because I felt like the job interview went really well and as I mentioned before this was kind of my dream job. But half an hour later I got a phonecall from the company. The woman who called said that they actually really wanted me for t
  12. Day 2 -> success! Today I didnt game again. I also didnt really experience any cravings which is nice. My mind was way to focused on that job interview. I would say the interview went quite well but it was a little odd. It was a phone call because the person who organized it failed around a little. But they two people I talked to were really nice and they said they would tell me if I got the job by next monday. So now all I can do is wait. I also went to my jujutsu training and it was quite fun. We have lots of new people there and at the moment I am a bit confused how to tr
  13. Just a quick check in. Day 2 is going well so far but I have my job interview in 2 hours and I am basically dying from excitement and nervousness. This is basically my dream job I am so scared of not being qualified enough or whatever. Gonna write again as soon as its over.
  14. @royal panda thank you for the kind words šŸ™‚ I will definitely post how that interview went! Day 1 - success I did it ! I made it through the first day. After the craving I had during breakfast I was perfectly fine for the rest of the day. Reading in the celebrate part of the forum definitely helped. I also talked to one of my best friends about addiction because he has struggled with porn for a long time. We promised each other to shoot for the 90 days together. He in no porn and me in no game. It really helps to have someone close to you to talk about that kind of stuff. Because non