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  1. Day 4 -> failure ! Gamed for 3 hours So today I failed. I slept really bad last night, woke up like 10 times. I was really done and tired the whole day, and when I went to uni to study with a friend we were both super unmotivated and I just couldnt concentrate very well because I was so tired. So I just went home after lunch and played games. Then my girlfriend came by and the rest of the day was really nice. I do have to say it was still a pretty good day but I am starting to get a little pissed at myself because of how unproductive I have been this semester. Still motivated for the no game though, gonna get right back at it
  2. Day 3 -> success! Today was really good. I went to uni , went to my lectures was productive for more than hour before them so I did uni stuff for 6 hours today which is pretty solid. Then I went to the gym and had a really amazing workout. I actually enjoy working out more and more. I cant wait to work out again on wednesday! Today I also had an interesting realisation. I believe one of the reasons why I havent been as motivated and energetic and happy this semester is because I am not very good at anything. Because of my back problems I havent been to my martial arts club in a while and that is something that always makes me feel really good about myself. Because I love doing it and I am good at it. Being good at stuff makes you feel confident also in other situations. One more thing I am really good at is theoretical physics. Which is also something I dont have this semester. Iam stuck with my last two courses of the bachelor and they are both computer science. They are interesting and I enjoy them but I am just not very good at them ( so far ). So all the things that gave me confidence, that I was really good at last semester are gone. And I believe this is one reason for why I just dont feel as awesome and motivated this semester. My idea how to tackle this is the following: I will put more work into my two computer science courses atleast for the last 3 weeks of the semester and then to prepare for the exam. So I will become good at that! I will also from now on make sure that I always attend one course per semester that I know I will enjoy and be good at. And I will continue to go to the gym and do my bodyweight training because I am starting to get good at that too. And if I am lucky I might be able to do martial arts again quite soon! The no gaming is quite difficult for me at the moment. I am just struggling to find stuff to do in the evening. I feel like reading is too much work, netflix is kind of boring and youtube is pretty much the same as mindless browsing to me right now. But I will stay strong!
  3. @WhatAboutToday? thank you ! If you are interested in how it goes you can come again some time 🙂 Day 2 -> success! Today was really great. It was sunday which is my uni free day. I spent the entire day with my girlfriend, we had a really nice breakfast and then we went to the gym together. After that we had lunch/dinner, talked for a while and then watched a movie. Nothing special happened but it was really wholesome. Having a day like this once a week is so good! Oh and by the way I didnt talk about sugar anymore in my last posts. So the intense sugar craving went away after about 7-10 days. By now I dont have any "need" for sweet stuff anymore. Sometimes after a meal I wouldnt mind a dessert but the cravings are completely gone. I feel pretty good healthwise so far and the neck pain is also gone. A couple of days ago I bought like a huge calendar that displays the entire year at once with a little space for every day. I started writing down certain things on that calender like how I felt on a scale from 1-10, how productive I was, if I did sport and my no gaming streak. So far I feel like this was a great idea. For instance I often feel like I remember how I felt much worse than it actually was and being able to look at the week/day and see the number I gave it really helps. I also feel much better to be honest when I rate how I feel on a scale from 1-10 because sometimes I whine a lot about how I feel but when I have to put it on a scale from 1-10 I realise that I am basically at a 6-7 which is pretty solid I think. And its also nice to see how much sport I have done so far this year, this might sometimes give me the push I need! This week I really want to make sure I stay game free. I also want to do sport 4 times and want to be really productive for uni. But I think forcing myself to study for a certain amount of time everyday ends up being more stressful than motivating so I will focus more on actually achieving stuff!
  4. Day 1 -> success! @WhatAboutToday? Thanks for your reply, it actually really helped me to not game today. I read it last night in bed and it got me thinking. I also realised that even if I am just watching netflix instead of gaming in the beginning it is still better than gaming. I will try my best from now on to stay away from gaming even if I still just waste my time completely. Yesterday I played for 6 hours without barely moving around or getting up from the chair and very poor posture. Today I had neckpain basically the entire day. Stuff like this is the reason why gaming is such a bad thing because it really destroys you on multiple fronts. I socialise less, my health is in poor condition , my uni career is not nearly going as good as it could, I often skipped going to the gym because of it, it makes me feel bad emotionally.... the list goes on and on. Today was a great day because I didnt game. I am very happy that I managed to stay off of it. I will take this no gaming serious as fuck now!
  5. Day 1 -> success / Day 2 -> failure! gamed for about 6 hours At the moment I am really struggling with gaming. But mostly because I dont really want to stop I just kinda want to stop. Im still able to do my uni stuff and go to sports but as soon as I am home I basically just dont leave the computer anymore. Im mostly struggling with finding alternatives to gaming. Other than netflix or youtube. Sport is not really and alternative because I am not doing it at home, I cant do it everyday and its also not very relaxing. So far I always tried to replace gaming with something productive but of course that cant work because then it doesnt fulfill my needs anymore. I mean there is a reason why I game at night and not read uni stuff. Both days were pretty cool though.
  6. Another day -> failure ! gamed for 6 hours Today was nice. I felt really good again, even went to the gym and had a great workout. I also went for a walk with my girlfriend for an hour in the sun it was really nice. Overall a great day so to speak. But I also planned to do quite some stuff for uni which I wanted to do at home. But at the moment I cant work from home. Im just too hooked on gaming at the moment. Tomorrow I will start the no gaming again. The last week went so well for me. I felt good and was super productive and since I started gaming again it didnt go so well for me.... I mean I am enjoying it, I played because I wanted to play but It looks like its not working. Im becoming lazy and unproductive again. So tomorrow no gaming !
  7. Another day -> failure ! gamed for about 6 hours Today was horrible. I felt like complete shit physically. I slept for about 8 hours and 30 minutes and I felt so bad. I could hardly focus on anything at uni today and the bike ride home that I have taken almost everyday for more than a year felt sooo exhausting. I really wanted to go to the gym but I just didnt manage to go because I felt so week. And because I felt that bad I just gamed all evening. I dont even feel bad about it though because when I feel like this there is just nothing else I want to do. I just really hope I will feel better tomorrow....
  8. Day 10 -> failure ! -> played for 3 hours So today I gamed. It was a more or less conscious decision. I woke up with a migraine because apparently the week was to stressful. I already felt it yesterday that I overdid it but today I had to pay the price I guess. Was basically laying around most of the day and while my girlfriend went to the gym I played some warcraft 3 reforged. But I honestly dont feel that bad about it. I just still havent found anything that is as relaxing to me as gaming or that provides an escape as gaming. I mean I am already meditating every evening for about 20-30minutes but this might just not cut it. I also skipped going to the gym because of my migraine. I talked about gaming with my girlfriend today and I kind of realised that I dont know if I really want a life without gaming at all. I think at some point in my life it is gonna happen, like when we have children latest but to be honest my ideal relationship with gaming is that I can play for a couple of hours here and there without neglecting other parts of my life. This week for example I managed to not game at all (except of today) but instead I was watching 2+ hours of netflix every evening. I think productivity has its limits and when you come after 8 hours of uni and a workout you just dont want to spend your time on something productive. And in the end if I have to decide between watching netflix for 2 hours or gaming for 2 hours I would pick gaming any day because it just gives me so much more. I mean last year I managed to have a very healthy and reasonable relationship with gaming for the first 6 months without even thinking about it. From now on I will try to establish something like this again. What is reasonable though is the question? I think playing everyday for instance is too much. I think the best way to start this is to record my game time really exactly. I will of course continue to post in the forum everyday post what I played and how many hours and how I feel about it. So apart from gaming this week was actually pretty awesome but in the end it was too much. I think I will go home an hour earlier from now on especially if I plan to workout otherwise its just way too stressful. Because its also pretty difficult to be productive for 8 hours everyday because I am actively studying. I think I still have a lot to learn about how much of what is really good for me.
  9. Day 9 -> success ! But it was a horrible day. Really horrible. I think I overworked myself a little this week. It would have been fine if I had just taken a break today but I wanted to go to uni to work for 5-6 more hours. So I went to uni but I already felt a little burned out as soon as I started working. Even though the project I was working on really interests me I felt bad the entire time. I just felt exhausted physically and mentally. On top of that nothing at all worked today. I didnt achieve anything at all in the entire day so I decided to just call it a day and go home after 3 hours. After dinner I also felt really bad. I think its from the stress I put on myself this week. I guess there is a point to having a weekend and I will try to find a little more chill approach. Maybe I will just work from home on wednesday or go home from uni at 5 everyday and work saturdays a little more. I just know that I have to do something. Today was also the first time I experienced cravings to game. It was also the first day where I felt bad. Gaming was my absolute go to activity when I was sick or felt bad. I just really dont like experiencing those feelings and gaming was the best way to escape them. I havent really found any activity that can replace gaming as my escape but we will see, maybe I can find something else. Another approach would be to just not feel like this in the first place but I dont know if that approach makes a lot of sense because its not fully under my control. Well well lets see lets see.
  10. Day 8 -> success ! Today was another really great day. I woke up a little later than usual, 8:45 instead of 8:30 because me and my girlfriend went to bed late but I was still super productive and stayed at uni for seven and a half hours. I felt really great, was very focused and productive and in a pretty good mood! So far this week has been pretty insane. I worked 40 hours so far and gonna put in a couple more tomorrow and worked out 3 times. I really want to keep it up ! I am going to workout again on sunday and also make sunday a uni/work free day. Today I really struggled with going to the gym though because it was late and I felt lazy but I managed to pull myself together and go anyway and it was one of the best workouts I had in quite some time. Its just fascinating how working out always feels best when you were not really up for it. I can really say I am very happy with how my life is going right now. But next week I want to see my girlfriend more often because I didnt see her enough this week. The gym and work life are going great so far!
  11. Day 7 -> success ! Gonna keep it short because I want to sleep: - didnt feel as great as yesterday -still stayed at uni till 6 -was very productive -went to gymnastics for the first time (because im still not allowed to do martial arts and weight lifting) -enjoyed it , worked on handstand mostly -> no gaming cravings good day!
  12. Day 6 -> success ! @Amphibian220 Hey I am glad to hear that 🙂 which part inspired you ? The no sugar part? So for me the whole day was definitely a major victory ! I spent 9 hours at uni, being focused for like 80% of the time. I got a lot done and I felt really good when I went home. Next week I will try to stay for 10 hours for one day. And all the effects of the no sugar I described are still present. Didnt get tired at all felt energised the whole day! And motivated aswell! When I went home at 7 I still felt great, I went straight to buy groceries and ended the productive part of my day at 8 which is pretty awesome. The no gaming is also still going great! I cant even imagine gaming at the moment because there is so much stuff I rather want to do! Like workout or read or study or spend time with my girlfriend! Really feeling blessed! But my lower back problems apeared again today, I dont care though. Im gonna foam roll everyday and gonna call a specialist tomorrow morning so I can get this fixed asap!
  13. Day 5 -> success! @ElectroNugget I can definitely recommend it so far ! We are not doing it super extrem though. We still eat fruit and drink juice without added sugars. But its definitely hard so far. The sugar cravings are like much more intense than the gaming cravings ! But its also very beneficial I have so much energy I dont even know where to put it. I feel like I could workout everyday and I just dont get that tired anymore. And I am hungry all the time its kind of fun. My girlfriend reports the same things so far and we are both in a much better mood aswell! Lets see how the rest of the month goes though I hope it doesnt get bad at some point And I think its a good idea to post daily even if its just one sentence I will do that 🙂 The no gaming is going really well I dont have any cravings and I dont even have the time at the moment because I am quite busy and when Im home I rather watch netflix or read something 🙂
  14. Day 3 & 4 -> success ! Sadly I didnt manage to post yesterday, but I will try to do it everyday. I feel like it really gives me a lot. It helps to reflect and also visit how far you have come so far. Yesterday was pretty cool spend most of the day with my girlfriend, even went to the gym together which was also fun, shes kind of starting to workout so its nice to see her picking it up and Im kind of interested how it will effect her. It always made me feel a lot better about myself. Not in terms of looks but mostly because it gives you more confidence and you just feel stronger. Today was my first day of uni this year. It didnt go as well as I hoped but it was still cool. I am definitely happy that the holidays are over now and I can get back at it. I also went to the gym again today which I am very proud of because its the first time since months that I went on 2 days in a row. My girlfriend and I have been doing a no sugar challenge since january 1. and so far I feel really amazing. I have so much energy I dont even know where to put it. Its fascinating. My mood is also much better and I dont feel as horrible anymore when I am hungry. If I will continue to feel this good for the rest of the month I am considering not eating sugar ever again because its pretty lit. Tomorrow I want to make sure I stay at uni longer and be more focused. The goal is to leave the house at 9 so I am at uni around 9:30 and stay at uni till exactly 18:00 . Unless I am already done with my computer science exercise but thats unlikely. I like how I am starting with quite some momentum into this year. I also really believe in the no gaming !
  15. Ah I see that makes a lot of sense! It did clear up the confusion indeed ?
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