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  1. Have you watched any of Cam's videos? Try Respawn? try 90-days detox with cold turkey
  2. Med student here as well. Have you tried Anki? What's your learning method? Why do you study medicine? dream job? what makes it your dream job? If you don't have one, look for one. From my own experience: Don't shy away from looking up basic stuff you are unsure about. Learning advanced things becomes much easier that way. Always look up unclear definitions. Medicine studies is mostly about repitition I would say, so try flash cards etc. Do you know ALI ABDAAL? Former UK Cambridge med student on youtube, heavily focusing on productivity.
  3. Unfortunately I must confess that I failed with my 90-days detox. Despite my League of Legends' account being gone, I started playing Minecraft with friends and found myself playing longer than the others until late at night, yesterday until 6am in the morning. Never thought that Minecraft could do this to me but yeah it's the same poison I suppose. Before that I slowly descended into darkness by ignoring my goals I set in early December, my uni work has suffered from this and I overslept an exam as a result from this. I failed my reading and exercise goals, my health is suffering as I'm not s
  4. DAY 35 - 11.01.21 I planned yesterday to wake up today at 6am but was awake until 4am, so I slept in and couldnt stay true to my goal. The reason was that I was thinking too much about my past school when I went to bed and wasn't fully worked out I suppose. So I skipped classes today and got out of bed at around 1.30pm when I managed to update my CV and write a couple of applications. Maybe this will lead me to a steady job what could really help me to find routine and self worth in my life. It's late again when I'm writing this, so this might be the last action I take on this day before
  5. DAY 34 - 10.01.2021 I planned to not sleep today so I could be sleep-needy in the evening but didnt manage to stay awake during the day so probably took a nap at around 8-9 am until 3 pm when I realized that it had already gotten late and I didnt had any motivation anymore to accomplish my set goals for the day as I already "lost the morning". Starting the 90day-detox seemed like fun and I had a strong motivation to actually turn my life around but after my christmas holidays and my start into the new year all positive change seems to almost have gone. I still havent relapsed into playing
  6. There are also those timers that you can attach to your socket and set up times when the power should be down.
  7. UPDATE: I use "Off the grid" and "Focus me" on my smartphone "Lock my phone" on my Samsung Tablet "Cold Turkey" for my Windows "Timekpr-nExT" for my Linux in case someone wondered. Works perfectly.
  8. @hemonkey Does your TV have parental controls? If yes, use them. Before watching TV set a time limit on your phone with an alarm. Also meditate before watching for like 10min so you have yourself better under control. Identify which needs watching TV satisfies in your case. In general: Engagement > Entertainment -> maybe only watch when with friends, find alternatives to occupy the time after dinner with. Write them down in your calendar. You are probably looking for something relaxing after the day: Use Cam's hobby tool https://gamequitters.com/hobby-tool/ to find a
  9. Easier said than done: I was in an offline program to combat my game/internet/computer addiction last year and during this time I had my phone, laptop and tablet locked up in my counselor's room. The problem is that I'm a medical student and also a social human being. It is impossible for me to succeed in this detox and to overcome my addiction if I won't be able to use my computer/smartphone/tablet at all. They are essential for my life as a student and I don't wanna go back to last year where I had to enter the library to learn everything especially since everything is in lockdown at the mom
  10. Hello there! I'd like to know if you have any suggestions regarding blocking specific apps / websites on android. I installed Cold Turkey on my Windows yesterday and it works like a charm but I already realize that I crave for those sites I have blocked on my laptop and will automatically shift my usage to my tablet and smartphone if I can't interfere here as well. Therefore I'd like to know which applications you recommend as I'm a bit overwhelmed by all options Play Store provides me. Did you have any experience with certain blockers? I'm really looking for a blocker that does
  11. @Silent3d Can I ask if you had any success with the general computer/internet addiction in the meantime?
  12. DAY 1 - 08.12.20 wake up time: 12am sleeping time: 5am miscellaneous accomplishments: I didn't play or watched any gaming content. I stayed true to my nofap goal. summary of the day: I woke to my clock at 8am but went back to sleep until 8.30am. Then I watched the rest of a lecture but had to fall asleep again during the second lecture. Watched the third and then went on to accomplish several todo-tasks including a call to arrange for a stationary stay at an addiction clinic. I did not feel ready to start to workout again and also didnt h
  13. My name is Marius, I'm 24 and from Germany. Since I was young video games are the most constant companion in my life. I tried to avoid them when I entered uni for the first time but didnt manage to stay away for long. For the time I'm playing games I'm also struggling with social skills and I'm pretty sure that spending my time with those games is mostly due to that. I've been playing League of Legends for 9 years now and have spent approximately 200 days (24h) on the game. This is only the time playing excluding talking about the game with friends or watching streams/youtube. As I'm