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  1. I've been putting this off for a while, but I broke my "sobriety" back at the end of October. I had made it about 9 months without playing or watching any games. That was a while ago, so it's hard to remember what exactly triggered me. I bought a new computer, and that seemed to spur a lot of it. Previously, I was using a laptop which wasn't capable of handling the games I used to play. But, after working from home for so long and considering it seems there's no immediate plan for us to go back into the office, I rationalized it was alright for me to get a nice desktop - something
  2. Day 268 Sobriety Date: 2/3/20 Wow, it's been a long time. I'm almost at 9 months. I've maintained my distance from gaming, but it's still been on my mind. In the last few months, there hasn't been any major positive changes. I cut ties with my counselor for reasons mentioned above. I didn't think it was helping and I was using it as a sort of crutch. And it was lots of money. I also got into online poker for about a month. This was already cause for alarm b/c I have a history with online poker. I dropped out of my second year of college b/c I won a large tournament and tho
  3. Day 203 Sobriety date: 2/3/20 It's been a while since my last post, but I've been staying clean from gaming. I'm over the 6 month-mark, over half a year. Feels awesome. I'm still amazed that of all the times to do it, it's been during this pandemic, which would have been the perfect excuse/reason to binge on gaming. It kind of doesn't make sense to me. But I guess I was just ready to be done with it. I've had some thoughts here and there. But then when I think of playing the games I've left again, I can "play the tape forward", as they say, and see myself being discontent. Same
  4. Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement! It's also good to know that I need to keep my guard up, even if it's been 550 days
  5. Day 157 Sobriety date: 2/3/20 I broke 150, which is about 5 months. I'll be honest though, last weekend felt like a close call. With July 4th, I had a 3-day weekend, and that extra day was enough to get my mind going. I actually had something going on everyday too. Mostly hanging out with friends (and yes, disc golf). I planned a round of disc Friday morning, which was a smart move, b/c having wide open days with nothing planned normally doesn't end good for me. I think the temptation started to hit Saturday. I had some options to visit some people, but instead I wanted to isolat
  6. Thanks Erik! Yeah, disc(o) golf has definitely been a great hobby for me, but I definitely need to find some more things to compliment it as well. I hope going back to work is invigorating for you!
  7. Day 142 Sobriety date: 2/3/20 Wow. The days are getting up there. I'd really like to get 180 or about 6 months, which is a little over a month away. It's kind of mind blowing to me that I've been able to keep this up, when at this time it would seem to be the easiest time to fall for it. Being forced to be shut in and working from home would seem to be the perfect recipe for gaming, but somehow I've managed. There's been a lot of other things I wanted to quit as well (excessive eating, alcohol, porn), but this and giving up caffeine have been the 2 things I've been able to stick
  8. That's an interesting approach, I hadn't really thought of that. Thanks for the pointer!
  9. Day 116 Wow, 4 days away from that 120 mark. I keep saying I'd like to post more regularly, but again, I've been slacking, and it's almost been a month since my last post. I have to say it does get easier with time. I still get some itches every now and then, especially to watch. I don't have a gaming laptop and even if I did have a PC, I'm not even sure what game I'd be most susceptible to. It's a great situation for me to be in. But watching streams or recorded playthroughs....that's still just a website away and I could completely lose 30, 40, 50, or more hours watching some d
  10. Wow, that's an inspiring story, thanks for sharing!
  11. Day 90 Well, I haven't been too consistent about posting on here, but I have managed to stay away from gaming. And it turns out today is actually day 90! I had no idea until a few minutes ago. What's kept me away from gaming? I mentioned these things in my last post, but I think it's worth repeating.. - Definitely work. Fortunately I've still had a full time job through all of this. Work has been stressful at times, as work can be. I'm not in love with my job, but it's not bad compared to previous jobs, and I know unless I figure something else out to do, I need income. Me
  12. dwalk77

    60 Days!

    That's great, 60 days is definitely an accomplishment! Sure, feel free to message me if you want to chat some time, I'm sure that could be beneficial. Let's get to that 90 days!
  13. dwalk77

    60 Days!

    With the coronavirus, this has probably been the most difficult time to start a journey of not gaming or watching gaming, but as of a few days ago I have made it 60 days without. I'm glad to say that. It hasn't been easy and there's been some lingering thoughts, especially when things like the weekend come around, but I know how numbing it is to be involved with gaming, and just by me not doing it I'm freeing myself up to do better things. I'm very thankful for my job at a time like this, I'm not sure how I would have done this without it. Next stop is 90 days, but as of now, just
  14. Day 61 Indeed, I've made it to the 60 day mark! However, to be honest, I'm feeling more pulled to gaming today than have been in at least a few weeks. They extended the stay-at-home order in my area until at least May 20th, which is about a month and a half out. Fortunately, I still do have a job and am able to work from home. I am SO grateful for that. The unfortunate part of that is that it's forced me to use a computer in my house -- prior to this virus, I did not have a PC in my home. So, that brings the potential for gaming and porn right back into the equation. My porn u
  15. Day 47 Been a few weeks since I've posted. As far as gaming, I've managed well. The first week I didn't have a computer, so that certainly made it easier. But overall...not exactly good stuff to report. I haven't gone to support groups. I really think there's no substitute for that if I want to heal from my other addiction. I've had some bad days. I missed a few work days last week b/c I was feeling anxious about leading some training. I've missed a lot of work. I'm surprised I get away with it. This whole Corona virus thing is depressing, but it's also given me ways to rati