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  1. Day 5 To be honest, I think I underestimated the withdrawals. I'm realizing the last few days how much I was leaning on Twitch or gaming, especially when boredom starts to settle in. I've been watching some films the last few nights, which I've enjoyed and has done a good job of filling the time. I did do some reading last night, but only a few pages. I think you're right @FDRx7, there is something to easing into it. Hopefully if I stick with it, I'll make a habit of reaching for a book rather than a game..
  2. Thanks @Vee That's a good question. I think in the past, I've struggled to find a good replacement for gaming/Twitch, which is a big reason why gaming always seems to find a way back in my life.. I do have some ideas though. What I'd really like to do is read more. About everything. News, politics, religion, fiction, non-fiction. I could also see myself writing more. Playing guitar. Making an effort to hang out with friends and family. Watching sports.
  3. I guess it's been over 2 years since my last post on here.. A lot has changed, but some things haven't changed. Since that time, I quit a job of 12 years. Without getting into too much detail, it was an office job for a mega corporation, and I simply wasn't happy. I wasn't being challenged. It was simultaneously stressful and boring. I was expected to know things I wasn't trained on, but there was also very little productivity within our group. Also, with it being work from home full-time, it wasn't a good fit for me. I'm introverted already, so to have no face-to-face interaction at all made me live an even more secluded life. It was too easy for me to surf porn or to game while on work hours. I had long fantasized about quitting and "taking it easy" for a while. In a sense, I got exactly what I wanted. I played a lot of disc golf, I dove head first into gaming. I slept in, I ate what I wanted, and I allowed myself whatever pleasures I could get sexually as well. But it wasn't fulfilling. I regret not taking that time to travel more, visit more friends and family, and making more memories. Things started to catch up financially, and I was forced to consider work again. I knew I wanted to avoid the corporate world if possible, the office atmosphere, etc. I tried my hand at day trading the stock market. It seemed like the dream job, working a few hours a day and making good money. For me, at least, I couldn't figure it out. I read books, watched videos, tried different strategies. It felt like gambling. Maybe others are just smarter than me, maybe I didn't put the time in I needed. But in the process, I lost more money and the job situation became more urgent. I've struggled with the idea of finding a job I'd actually want and enjoy. I felt like I've never had a clue in my life. I guess most people aren't in love with their jobs, and that's just the way it is. I wish it wasn't that way. Anyways, I eventually turned to what I'm currently doing, which is driving Uber full-time. It's not my ideal job. I don't like driving in traffic, I don't like driving through large cities. But, it allows me an autonomy that wasn't even close with my previous job. I have no boss. Also, it feels like more merit to what I do. At my last job, there could be a full day where I didn't produce much at all, or even if it was "productive" in the eyes of the company, it didn't feel like I was actually helping anyone out. At least with this, it's clear I'm providing a service. I'm helping the working class out. Most of my rides involve taking people to and from work. Regarding gaming. I've been dipping in and out of it. It does such an excellent job of filling in gaps of time. I was watching Twitch for a while. I figured that was a step above gaming itself, b/c it wasn't as enthralling, it was like keeping a safe distance. But eventually I went for gaming, I guess I wanted more stimulation. Last week, after months of not gaming, I dove back into Sea of Thieves. I played it one day, when I had off work. Then the next day. Then played the entire week, missing an entire week of where I was planning to work. Yesterday I decided it would be my last day and then I was going to take a 90-day detox, go from there. That I needed to do that, otherwise things could go even more downhill. So here I am -- day 1. I've decided I'm giving up Twitch as well. It acts as a gateway to gaming for me, and honestly, it's pretty mindless. If I'm going to watch entertainment, there's other avenues that are more fulfilling or even edifying. I hope to check in at least weekly here. If you've read this far, hope your journey is going well.. Until next time..
  4. Thanks for reading some of my posts @Amphibian220, and I appreciate the input! Definitely something for me to ponder and work on!
  5. Well crap. I regret to say I'm going to have to reset my days. I gave in, a few weeks ago. It was a Saturday night, I had no plans, and I wanted something to stimulate my mind. I could have read or exercised or even reached out to a friend, but instead I went with the easy route - video games. I browsed free games and found a city builder that looked somewhat appealing. This has happened many times, but when I originally downloaded and played it for the first hour or 2, it didn't "stick". I wasn't that impressed and it didn't satisfy or captivate me. I moved on. But, the next day rolled around, another day without work or much going on in my life, and I decided to give it another go. And the second time I got hooked. The rest is basically history from there. I spent that entire week engulfed by the game. Sleep was worse, I skipped a day of work, and I skipped out on a few workouts with my brother. I didn't actually do work during work hours- instead, I was playing the game during work house (yeah, still have the work-from-home setup, so it's very easy for me to get away with that). And giving into junk food and caffeine. Another consequence was it hit the finances. This was a "free" game, but you can pay to boost your progress significantly. I dumped a bunch of hours into it the first 4 or 5 days, and I took pride that I wasn't being a sucker and paying money like other people would. I even used a spreadsheet to track how much money I saved by grinding out and earning certain rewards rather than paying real money for them. But then I noticed something weird happening in the game. The further I progressed, it was like the game stopped rewarding me as much. Suddenly I felt more pressure to buy things with my own real money.. And I did - I gave in. As ridiculous as it sounds, I ended up spending 150 bucks on this silly "free" game that's very basic, which is way more than I've spent on many other incredible games. After about a week and a half, I had enough of it and thought I was ready to move on. I had a day without it, worked out with my brother. But then this last Friday came, and I caved into watching some streamers and eventually got a Steam account (I deleted my previous one(s)) and downloaded ANOTHER game. Long story short, I couldn't really get into this game, and I've just uninstalled it after trying it out for a few hours. And that's where I'm at now. I'm tired of trying to get into gaming again. It feels exhausting at this point in my life, like I have to try to force myself to get into it, and I just don't feel it's worth it. I think what I really struggle with is I'm going to have to find something to occupy my time and mind, something to stimulate me. Disc golf is a good start, but it's been raining a lot in my area, and I can't do that all the time. One other thing to note is I am moving next month. I have previously mentioned how moving in with my Dad fell through, but that's back on again - the relatives he had staying with him have moved out. And with me being in this sort of "limbo" state -- where I'm not moved in with him yet and I'm just temporarily at my current house -- for some reason, I rationalize that being in it gives me an opportunity to sort of indulge myself. Food, porn, video games. Selfish stuff. Doesn't really make any sense - I could do this at any time, but I guess my mind searches for a reason to get into that stuff, that's bad for me. Need to find some better things than that and be aware when I'm just trying to rationalize my self into doing something that's really just....bad for me.
  6. Day 95 Sobriety date: 1/25/21 Yeah! I made it through the 3-month mark! Actually, it's Friday night and I don't have a dang thing going on, so I decided to come here and post. I was feeling a little pulled to game or watch gaming. Feeling a bit lonely. But coming here is a good reminder as to where things go if I allow myself to go down that road again. It's usually not long before I'm falling into some really bad habits - late hours, lack of sleep, junk food, energy drinks. I don't want to go through that again. I actually just enjoyed a cigar on my back porch. It's just nice to unwind and let my mind wander for a bit, not really be attached to anything. That didn't happen when I was in the throes of either playing games or watching them. I'm thankful for that, that I was able to enjoy that cigar. The pulls have definitely subsided, but obviously they are still there, especially in certain scenarios like this, a Friday night with no plans. I mentioned moving in my last post. I was really looking forward to a change. Well, unfortunately, that fell through. My Dad has some relatives staying with him, and apparently they're staying longer than expected. I'm going to stick it out in my current living situation for a while longer. I thought about getting my own apartment, but it just doesn't make sense, especially financially. I have a roommate coming back in a few weeks that I was looking forward to getting some space from, but I'm just going to have to put up with him for a while longer. I do have a very positive change to report on. Last week, my brother and I started working out together. We're meeting at the gym on a biweekly basis and have done 4 workouts so far. He just moved back to my area a few months ago. It's such a blessing to have someone close to do this with. Losing weight has been a top priority goal for me for quite a while. I have a sedentary job, and the covid stuff has converted me to working from home and made me even less active along my diet even worse. But now, with us working out together, I actually have some hope I can do this and start heading in the right direction. I think a lot of self-help books and videos out there today miss a critical point - you need other people to help push you and keep you accountable. That's what I've learned about myself anyways. I try to work out on my own, it doesn't work. But if I've got a schedule set with my brother, I can stick to it. I also think it's important to realize this is going to take time and I'll have to be patient with it. I'm not going to see overnight results -- this isn't like those video games where you make progress in just a few hours! The other thing that's been taking up a lot of my time has been disc golf. I've really dove into it. I live in Texas and it gets damn hot here in the summer, so I'm trying to get as many rounds in as I can before July and August hit. It's been something I've been able to do both on my own and with friends. A few days ago I set a personal best score at my home course. It felt amazing. Again, different than video games. It took me months of playing before I beat my last score. It was far from the instant progress of video games, but it felt so, so much more gratifying. And this is a sport, God willing, I can keep playing for the next 20 or 30 years. You can't say that about a video game. Since my last post, I was pretty busy with packing things up b/c I thought I was moving. That process was actually therapeutic. I basically sorted through every thing I own and was able to get rid of a lot of junk and things I don't need. And now the stuff I do have is neatly organized, and if I do decide to move, I'll be ready. I still have some other important goals to work towards, namely going to church and support groups. I have a goal of going to a group on Tuesday. I think it would be immensely helpful. I've had a lot of questions lately about where I should be in my life and where I want to go going forward. I have a few ideas, but I need to start making moves instead of sitting on the fence. All in all, I feel pretty good about where I'm at now. Not being attached to gaming is surely a big part of it, and this recent start to exercising with my brother has definitely given me a boost, both mentally and physically. That's about all I have now. Until next time..
  7. Day 76 Sobriety date: 1/25/21 I do have a major update: I've decided to move. I've been living with a few roommates for the last 4 years, but it felt like it was time for a change. With one of them particularly, he's just felt overwhelming whenever he's around, and he's crossed a few boundaries with me. I'm going to be moving in with my Mom temporarily, and then my Dad afterwards. I think things will be much more quiet in both situations. I feel some shame, being 36 and living with my parents again. Like I should have friends or my own family at this time in my life. But I'm also looking forward to recharging and having a bit more space. I felt like I was forced into my room at my current living situation. I've already started the process of moving stuff into my Mom's, but I'll officially move out of my current situation in a few weeks. There's something about having closure here that I like. I did achieve a few major goals while being here: got myself out of debt, bought a new (used) car, and went to the dentist for the first time in years. There's been some other steps along the way, like going to counseling and support groups, going to church, going to the gym, and cooking, but unfortunately these have been very inconsistent. I'd like to get back to church and start attending support groups. I think that should be my foundation, and I don't really have an excuse for not pursuing that. I guess comfort. I've lived this life of being comfortable and not getting out much, especially since covid hit last year. I think it's also important for me to show some more dedication to my work. My work ethic has been poor for quite a while. Beyond that, it's still some more of the same: exercise more, a better diet, stay away from porn, and continue to progress in disc golf. These are all things I can continue to work on, regardless of where I'm living. As far as gaming goes...no major temptations. There's not anything I really want to play anymore, and I'm thankful for that. I still have more time than I know what to do with, but I also know that filling that time with gaming or watching gaming is a mistake. I've been down that road before..
  8. Day 63 Sobriety Date: 1/25/21 Wohoo, I'm past 60 days! it feels great, not to be tangled up in the gaming world for a few whole months. I remember those days, where I was mindlessly going to Twitch all the time, or trying to force myself to play a game I had already put 100s of hours into. For the most part, I feel free of that, and I'm very grateful for it. Occasionally, I might feel curious about what's going on with certain streamers or I might hear through an ad or a friend about a new game and be curious about that. But, so far...I push that away, and realize it's not worth it. Just a few minutes on Twitch could lead to a few months of checking Twitch. Cold turkey is the way to go, at least for me. I have found that I've opened myself up for more time to do other things. A good example is my brother came to visit for about a week. He was staying with my Mom. If I was still into gaming, I could have continued staying at my own place and saw him selectively. By doing that, I'd keep some time to my self for watching games or playing games. But since I have given that up, I was open to just staying with my Mom as well, and spent as much time with him as I could. I won't say it's been a seamless transition into me being a great person and using all that extra time in great ways. I've still been struggling with being productive during work hours. It feels like there's no accountability, particularly since transitioning to working from home. My current boss is very passive, and he doesn't put much pressure on you to do your work. It feels weird to me. In my 10 years with the company, I've never had a job that felt like it had this lack of urgency. Sometimes I like the ease of it, but others I feel guilty about how little I'm doing, and it feels like I'm not really earning my checks. I have been obsessing about disc golf. It's been a great outlet, and also something I can do socially. The weather has been phenomenal the last month or so. Sometimes it does cross into obsessing too much though. I get carried away in looking for discs to buy or thinking about strategy. Since my brother left, I was hoping to kick back up with a more disciplined lifestyle. Waking up earlier, continuing breathing exercises, actually exercising and eating less. Hasn't really happened. I have gone out for a good amount of disc though, and that does count for something. I've also been watching a lot of porn. It really has a hold on me. It starts with me just giving it up for one day. I'm still loving my new car. It felt so good to pay for it outright. Last week I also bought a new phone too. I had my last one about 4 years and it's performance was getting pretty bad. So it feels good to buy a few nice things, I really do appreciate them. Financially, I'd really like to save up a healthy "emergency fun", as Dave Ramsey calls it, in case I lose my job or something bad comes up. One of my roommates is driving me nuts though....I really like living in this house as far as all the space I have and how affordable it is, but I've been here for about 4 years, and I just seem to tense up when he's around. Feel like it's time for a change. So we'll see. After I've saved a bit up, I might start looking for housing situations. I'm kind of reluctant to do it, but I also feel like the only way for me to have peace of mind about my roommate is to leave and get myself some actual distance from him. That's all I got for now..hope you guys are all doing well, and will post again later!
  9. Day 46 Sobriety date: 1/25/21 Encroaching on 50 days. Thankfully, temptation for gaming hasn't been too high. I still have this sort of obsessive attitude towards other things though, and that's been coming out a lot the last few weeks. Obsessive and hedonistic. Feel like my life is lacking some discipline. For a few weeks I was happy, working on those breathing exercises, waking up earlier, actually doing more work, but that's sort of faded, and now it's back to some bad habits. Waking up for work at the last minute, lots of porn, overeating. I've also been slacking off during work, and there's a lot of negative emotions around that. I feel fear that I'm going to get caught, and also guilt that I should be doing more. I'm not getting paid to do nothing. I think things started to come off the rails a bit when a friend mentioned online poker to me. I decided to give the site a whirl, and that really tapped into my addictive nature. On the bright side, I made a lot of money. But also since I started playing it last week, my life has gotten more disorganized and less focused. Fortunately, they have a self-exclusion option, and earlier this week I requested that my account be locked for 90 days. That way I won't blow the money I won and it'll give me some time to focus on more important things. I also bought a car last weekend. My previous one was on its last legs. It was not a good car, something was always breaking. I'm really excited about having my new (used) car. It brings a sense of independence. Even though I'm 36, it's actually the first vehicle I've picked out on my own and bought. I realize "things" are not going to make me happy and that burst of joy when buying something new fades pretty quickly, but...I also feel like this brings me some additional peace b/c I'm not nearly as worried about this new car breaking down on me. In the upcoming week, my brother is coming in from California, and I'll be staying with my Mom so I can hang out with them. I won't quite have the space and alone time I've been having, but all in all I'm looking forward to it and I think it'll be a good thing. I hope it can kind of jump start me, give me a bit more energy and spirit. After next week, I want to get more serious about living a more disciplined life.
  10. Day 30 Sobriety date: 1/25/21 Alright, 30 days! I put a reminder on my phone to post on here once a week, so hopefully I can stick to that. These last few weeks have actually gone by pretty quickly. A few weekends ago I had a trip with my brother and Dad to help move him from California to Texas. It wasn't much of a vacation due to all the driving, but it felt good to help out my brother. It was nice to have some conversations with my Dad. I was also encouraged to see how healthy he was. He's had issues most of his life with a variety of things, but on this trip he was alert and actually pitched in with driving quite a bit. It was nice being on the open road too, just letting my mind go and taking in some different scenery. We had to shorten the trip due to a large winter storm coming through our route. I drove 24 hours in 2 days, and I was exhausted by the end of it, but we accomplished our mission. We got my brother home. I'm glad he's back in Texas and in the area again. The storm hit that same night we came in. I originally was actually looking forward to the snow and cold weather coming in. We don't get that kind of weather too often here. Cold weather in doses...it sort of makes me feel alert...and things seem more quiet. But...something happened I never considered. We lost power, and with that went the heat. After about 8 hours of no power and our thermostat showing 41, I decided to make a drive to my Mom's house in the country, where she had power the whole time. Something about making that drive felt good. I felt like I was going against the grain, but it was a calculated risk. A few friends thought I was crazy for driving with the roads in their conditions. I knew it was almost all snow on the roads, not much ice. It was sunny and it wasn't currently snowing. And I could go slow. I saw a few cars drive by our road. And in the end, the payoff was huge. I got warm. On the drive, my car was a hell of a lot warmer than my house. And once I got to my Mom's, as I said -- she never lost power. On the other hand, my roommates said they didn't have power for 2 days, and then the next day it was only about 2 hours of power the whole day. It seemed like a situation where, if I let fear rule me, I would have stayed home, stayed off the road, and suffered through 3 days of no heat. but I decided to give something else a try, and it worked out. Dare I say, maybe it was a moment of courage for me. Other than that, there hasn't been too much going on... that week with my Mom, I was bingeing on a TV show, and watching some disc golf. Being with her fulfilled some social needs. The TV show was a good form of entertainment to keep me occupied. Better than video games. I've learned that going back to my Mom's, I tend to get in this "comfortable" state where I just don't really want to push myself. I get spoiled and can depend on her. And also, this time around, it was easier b/c the weather wasn't great and most people at my work didn't have power so I felt less pressure to work myself, even though I did. So a few days ago, I got back here. Trying to work on putting some discipline in my life. A few things specifically: wake up at 7:30 every weekday, which is 30 minutes earlier than I have been. Take a shower every morning (got out of that habit once work-from-home started). It really does help me get on with the day. Trying lukewarm/cold showers rather than hot ones. And a friend told me about Wim Hoff, who has some breathing exercises. Want to try that for a few weeks at least. Have any of you guys heard of him or tried his stuff? Also curious if anyone has tried cold showers and had any success with them? Honestly, I haven't really been that pulled to play. I'm very thankful for that. I think I'm past the hardest part, but I also recognize it just takes one slip and I can be back in that state of mind again. I have a friend that I play disc with, he's been talking about retro games a lot, like the original nintendo. I guess he's been buying and playing some of them. I'm not so tempted to play them, but watching them on Youtube is somewhat appealing. That's where things can be a very slippery slope. Watching one video can suddenly lead to hours more. As far as forecasting...I plan on attending another support group tomorrow. Even though the temperatures are great, looks like a lot of rain towards this weekend and disc golf is probably not a good option. Would like to work in some more things, like exercise and having a better diet.
  11. Day 14 Yes! I'm at 2 weeks. I know that the longer I'm away from these games, the less that pull is going to be. The last few days, going to Twitch has barely been on my mind. That's awesome. It's not just about not gaming, but what I've been doing in the last 2 weeks. I started exercising, I've gotten a good amount done at work, and I've done some other things more often, such as praying, reading, and writing. Yesterday I basically binged on my TV show. I think I watched about 20 episodes, or 8 hours worth. Yeah, it's not the best day. I did do a little self-reflection through a workbook I have, but not much more than that. Tomorrow starts the work week. Hopefully I can finish out my training, or at least have the majority of it done. I'd rather get some decent sleep tonight so my goal is to be IN BED by midnight. Not giving myself the opportunity for rest tonight could lead to a domino effect of being tired at work the rest of the week. I have Friday and the following Monday off, I'm helping my brother move. It's going to be a lot of driving, but kind of looking forward to seeing him and traveling, doing something different, getting outside of my shell for a bit. Yesterday, grateful for: Did a bit of workbook work on Sex Addiction Able to sleep in unhindered by any obligations. Felt great It's been cold out, and I have a little heater next to me in my room
  12. Day 13 Finished out the workweek yesterday. That's a big relief. It was my first week of training, and I thought it went pretty well. I learned a lot, and I wrote up some of my own notes I can follow. Hopefully after next week I'll have the bulk of it done. Other than that, it was still kind of a lazy day. I got hooked into a TV series, and I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I enjoy the show and it takes away my boredom. On the other, giving up video games to binge watch TV doesn't feel a whole lot better. Another weekend is here, but this time I feel much more confident I can make it without gaming. Honestly I think a big part of that is I have this TV show to indulge myself with. I'm going to have to find something else in future weekends. I was going to go disc golfing with some friends this morning, but it's kinda cold out, and I don't want to risk getting sick again. Yesterday, grateful for: Yesterday was Friday, completed a workweek. It was a pretty good one, I made a lot of progress with training for this backup role. Yesterday was also payday. Within the last 6 months or so, I've gone from being in debt to now accumulating some savings for a car. It just feels good not to owe anybody any more. I did some of an Anxiety workbook yesterday.
  13. Day 12 Almost to that 2-week mark. I feel really good about that. The cravings have definitely died down, especially compulsively going to Twitch. I think this weekend is really key. Getting through 2 weekends without any gaming stuff would be a victory. I find when I'm on my computer now, I'm slowing down and thinking about where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do before actually going there. There's still times where I'm kind of clicking around impulsively, especially Youtube, but it's not on the same level as when I was watching Twitch. Yesterday was kind of a mediocre day. My sleep schedule has been off, that's something I want to correct. I feel a little out of it during work hours, and then after work I take a nap that almost feels bad b/c it seems I'm sleeping way too deep for it to be in the middle of the day. And then I stay up late, past bedtime. Next morning I wake up without enough sleep, and the cycle continues. A few ideas on correcting this: 1. however crappy I feel, don't push off my wake-up time. Put my phone alarm across the room so I have to get out of bed and can't hit snooze. 2. skip a nap. the naps are keeping me up later at night. and instead, work out and get my heart going, that'll keep me awake for a bit. 3. It's okay to go to bed a little earlier than I plan. that's better than later. 4. Finally, if I'm in bed and can't sleep, read. Reading tends to put me to sleep. And if I don't sleep, it's still a win-win. In the end that means I read part of a book -- that's a lot smarter than watching mindless TV or videos! Yesterday, grateful for: Had a long walk yesterday, satisfied getting out of the house. No porn yesterday A friend reached out and it looks like we're going to play some disc this weekend
  14. Day 11 It's kind of cool how one thing can make a bad day to a good one. I finally called into a support group meeting. It's not that attending one meeting is going to bring about some great change in me, but...it could be the start of a change. It just feels like a huge relief, getting that first one under my belt. I hadn't attended once since COVID started, and in total it's probably been about a year. For me to change and break this habit of porn, I think I need to attend at least 2 a week, but 3 would even be better. At this meeting, it's just good to see some other guys who have had success with this. I plan to attend a meeting again on Tuesday, and I may even call into another one tomorrow. I just feel like I can breathe a little, I have confidence I can do this. That was a big moment for me. Other than that, to be honest, it wasn't a great day. I did have some more training. I'm starting to do some more on my own, which is good. I kinda felt like my trainer was getting impatient with me or angry with me yesterday for not remembering more. That kind of bothered me a little, but it's important that I keep persisting and learning. If I get self-conscious about asking questions and end up not knowing how to do something, that's on me. I looked at porn twice yesterday, even after the meeting....but somehow, the meeting seems to overshadow the negativity of that. Like I said, it's going to take time. Something else I need to work on is my diet and how I'm overspending on food. I'm eating a lot more than I need, and I'm using DoorDash several times a month, which is really eating (pun intended) into my finances. Yesterday, grateful for: As mentioned, went to a support group meeting. Feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Goal now is to at least maintain that once a week. Watched Schindler's List. It's a dark movie, not something I particularly enjoy watching, but the message is so powerful. When I put myself in their shoes, I realize how good I have it in my life Further progression in training at work. That's 3 sessions with her this week. Not something I've been used to, working with someone, learning something for 3 days in a row, but I've handled it alright so far
  15. Day 10 I didn't do much yesterday. The biggest thing was the training. I think it went alright. It is a lot to take in, but that's how a lot of things are at the beginning. Nothing so far seems super difficult, it's just a lot of steps. The plan is to write detailed steps for myself as I get the process down more. Other than that, I finished out a TV series. A part of me views that as an "accomplishment", but I know it's really not. I have a small to-do list to get through today, hopefully I can get through that and today's a little more productive.. Yesterday, grateful for: There are a few things I am working on giving up, alcohol and caffeine. I'm doing good with both. Haven't had alcohol in 2021, and caffeine it's been a few weeks. Training the last few days has been alright. My trainer hasn't been rushing through it and she's been pretty good Had a nice little chat with one of my roommates yesterday. Just important to have whatever social stuff I can in my life right now.
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