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  1. Welcome to pick up some AA literature and attend online/face-to-face meetings the only requirement is a willingness to stop drinking and can be a fine community to help like GQ is for gamers. Attending doesn't label you as an alcoholic, just a sane dude trying to better his life. If in need for links let me know can DM
  2. Congrats on 1 week free from P! Detaching from the urges to watch P is a normal part of the process. ?
  3. Not alone you got this Shelly, one day at a time! The journal section here has been a big help for me. Though I also have a paper journal, I like attracting an element of social scrutiny to keep me honest :) If you can make that therapy happen do it especially with the stomach knots etc. While a friend can help talk you through things a therapist can also do that while helping discover what all is suppressed along with goals & plans moving forward. Not that they all are that awesome. In my experience I got what I paid for. Lot of stress going on for sure sorry to hear. Lot of crafty ways out there to cut back stress, welcome to GQ!
  4. I hate & love him for the constant motivation/reminding of his audience (me) how to do muscle ups, planche push ups, & handstand push ups without wall support. I will get there eventually am in no hurry.
  5. well if you have that much energy, haha
  6. Growing up with this addictive personality of mine I found that gaming addiction was not my only vice. I used to be addicted to people even the ones that talked bad about me and at the same time I was fearful of many people I did not know because I was not setting boundaries. At the same time all of that chaos is what over-stimulates hormones that essentially becomes an inner drug store for addiction. I have now done well keep abusive codependent relationships away but the real trick is putting in the work to build and love myself first. It is impossible to share love if I cannot find it within.
  7. Neither just subconscious trying to make sense of everything. Happened to me too just the other day and wasn't the first time.
  8. Yay promotion & move best of luck with all transitions!!
  9. Dec-5-2019. In my dream this morning I audibly heard myself speaking that “without cardiovascular fitness and breathing exercise, my body begins to lose the fight to live.” I believe this to be true having observed my sedentary, shallow-breathing body succumb to inflammation in the nasal cavity and lungs for over 10 years. These breathing exercises have actually been clearing sinuses so I am able to breathe through both nostrils when normally I cannot. The breath work is powerful and I am going to begin doing heavy cardio after the breathing to see where it gets me. Mandatory cardiovascular exercise, especially running, has been the single most difficult past activity I’ve had to endure therefore did it as little as possible. Constantly mouth breathing and coughing up junk as I ran, maybe breathing exercise benefits will be amplified with cardio :) I had about 10 medical checkups on the matter and all these doctors would do is give me nose drop medicine that did nothing. Sleep Apnea, which their overnight sleep study failed to diagnose, is still a routine problem to this day. All of this is why I have been pushing myself to try nearly anything to improve my health. I am quite happy with results I am getting from the Wim Hof breathing exercise and am excited to do this with heavy cardio and cold baths.
  10. Getting back into the WHM (Wim Hof Method) breathing, cold showers & baths, going out in the cold. May invest in large ice maker for ice baths if turns out I love to hate that, still yet to attempt a big ice bath. Promise won't do anything like nude mountain climbing without trained supervision. Not feeling getting into breathing & cold baths every day right now but is refreshing once I follow through, I just do it when I feel it. The science & health benefits that have been documented are impressive. Even though there is the initial discomfort, there is also much pleasure. Many links to share, many I have not yet heard. I find that instead of binge watching new topics my time is better managed by keeping record of content I come across so I may easily find later when interested. Considering also getting into Yoga for breathing exercises and working on better spinal alignment. Wim Hof Method Explained – The Science & Research BREATHING Wim Hof Breathing Tutorial by Wim Hof Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing DOCUMENTARIES Becoming Superhuman With Ice Man – Wim Hof Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman SAFETY INFORMATION Wim Hof Method | Safety Information VLOG, PODCASTS, SPEECHES & INTERVIEWS 21 Day Wim Hof Method Mini Documentary Heal Yourself With The Ice Shaman | Wim Hof & Russell Brand JRE 712 Wim Hof JRE 865 Wim Hof JRE Wim Hof Discusses Benefits of His Breathing Technique Matthias Wittfoth – Wim Hof Method Neuroscientist & Instructor RR 231 Wim Hof Breath Is Life, Cold Is God, & Feeling Is Understanding RR 406 Wim Hof Elevating Consciousness & Amplifying Human Potential RR Vlog 005 Wim Hof Breath Is Life This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness | Wim Hof on Impact Theory Wim Hof – Understand This & You Will Never Be Lazy Again Wim Hof Method & The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Wim Hof TEDx 2010 Wim Hof TEDx 2015 | Medical Mystery Revealed
  11. Attached, some collective training wisdom I've found while learning calisthenics, no doubt can translate well into any routine. Here are hyperlinks to videos in the screenshot. Thanks for sharing journal entry, relates. 3 RULES YOU NEED TO KNOW When Starting Calisthenics | 2018 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW When I Started Calisthenics | 2018 5 TRAINING TIPS I Wish I Knew DO THIS EVERY WORKOUT For Consistent GAINS | 2018 HOW I STARTED CALISTHENICS – CHRIS HERIA | 2018
  12. As well as two latest & relevant entries into my Dream Diary. It is good to be in the habit of writing down dreams, I hear.
  13. So my GQ Journal gets to hear about 27 day no pmo relapse, an experience that motivates me more to complete a 90 day detox so I may continue to find free time away from PMO addiction, most specifically P.
  14. Day 42 no gaming, Day 23 no PMO. Signing out from all forums by full history purge so not tempted to check throughout the week and setting firm goal to at maximum check in only once per week :) Keep up the fantastic progress everyone as I will do the same.
  15. No hard feelings, I've had plenty of rough bouts myself, I am better and grateful for them. Nice list there :) I used to people-please a lot without thinking about it, part of how I was raised. There are a lot of people like that there, actually. At some point I became self aware and hated it so much I started disappointing people on purpose all the time especially if it was someone who thought could take advantage of the old me. Neither any good because both allow people to walk up and get a reaction out of me, what I needed was firm boundaries. That is still a work in progress for me.
  16. Yeah, can't lie, have a bit of a forum addiction right now keep signing up for new ones, always burning time checking for replies. I may also be cutting out of here soon to focus on attending more online 12-Step meetings while writing in paper journal, maybe start a blog no one can respond to as a platform to scratch that itch to share my thoughts - if I do that I will leave a memo/link for sure. It feels good to share with a like-minded community but at the end of the day we all gotta think what is best for us, what is helping, what is not, time is our most valuable resource. No shame in stepping away if that is right for you, only you can know the answer to that. Life has this thing about helping us along to figure it all out. At least, for now, we know GQ is here for when we can use a little scrutiny to maintain our integrity.
  17. 12 Step structure would enable a deeper community - one already exists called CGAA though if GQ team ever decides to host such a format here it is totally possible. @ismailkanaan
  18. @BooksandTrees For immediate urges what is working right now is to stop whatever I am doing, take some deep breaths, disrupt my thinking with something else, and then go do something else. Awesome you were inspired by the Game Changers movie it felt really positive to me and that is far better at reaching people than just using fear tactics. People intuitively choose what resonates good to them. I have now been living & preparing my own whole food plant based meals for a year now, if you have any questions or would like some informational links, I have many to share.
  19. Painful massage yes been there :) Some massages supposed to be painful working out knots in muscles (deep tissue) and there are other types that are made to be relaxing (Swedish). Those are the two most practiced where I have been though I am sure there to be many more to be found.
  20. @ismailkanaan I am coming back from a relapse after 158 days no gaming myself. Don't see it as a failure of community but rather part of growing and learning. Getting positive feedback from community is amazing and good motivation to keep coming back and there is much to learn from each other, however, taking a fall and getting back up is also a way to learn. Just saying it's not all bad when people relapse - for me it showed me where I was most weak and now I keep coming back to strengthen that weakness. Forum statistics can be disheartening from an analytical point of view but realize that is not a direct representation of how many addicted gamers Gamequitters alone has reached. Many of such could be following GQ's advice and the examples we set without registering, could have gone on to quietly recover away from screens & the internet with a local community taking on new hobbies, could have joined CGAA 12 step community forum, could have started playing games again but with a seed of change planted in their mind. Lots of good being sent into the world right now and being received even if we don't see it. Doing my best day to day to recover and set an example to others, that is enough for me.
  21. I know a lot of my habits will be seen as extreme and undesirable to many and doing without something you have done all of your life is unfathomable but I want to leave this for thought - getting rid of video games for many of us was no different, it was also something we continued to do even since childhood many of us, but we also did find that life without is was better and easier than anticipated. These forms of stress relief for me are much the same. If you find a local group of people you can be social about with such practices then amazing though if not there are plenty of other things like hobbies to be social about :)
  22. Continuing post: No alcohol - less stress to liver and pancreas both because many drinks are heavily packed with sugar especially when mixed with coke. As an addict I would not stop drinking until I couldn't. A year ago I was a few years sober and gave chance to a drink of bourbon cocktail a gamer friend had offered me and immediately craved more, thank goodness I told them to cut me off and they did. (edit) Also Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and working their 12 steps :) No cigarettes - less stress on lungs, use to smoke often. Never hit a pack per day often but abstaining is noticeable difference. Hookah bars I would smoke way too much. No stressful or violent video games - while many games were a way to relieve stress there were some that were so full of stress I would be throwing my controller, biting my controller, and swearing at my television with high blood pressure, red in the face. Was usually the highly competitive PVP gun game multiplayers when losing trying to unlock some stupid weapon camo or gun.
  23. @BooksandTrees Happy to answer man though be warned my answer is likely to challenge modern forms of daily living for some. GQ - This is not a debate of some sort but rather me explaining my point of view so take what you will from it and leave the rest :) Drama-free zone :) I am happy to answer questions but let us not turn DM's into a debate platform I have no need to debate :) Still being out of a job combined with more time afforded to multiple daily efforts of stress reduction seems to be thanks for the progress. The urges are infrequent and all I really have to do to shake them is stop and think about something else, do something else. Here is a compiled list of everything I believe is contributing to minimizing my stress: No job GQ Journaling 12 Step Journaling What Color is Your Parachute Journaling No syrup drinks aka Soda / Coke - see "No added sugar" & "Water" below :) Such drinks are laced with addictive sugar, syrups, and caffeine, a most dangerous combination to overworking the pancreas no doubt contributing to type 2 diabetes epidemic. WATER :) Water is what I drink most the day and I am sure to stay hydrated, dehydration would be a stress to the body. I also drink fruit smoothies from my blender along with a plant-based milk such as almond, coconut, soy, etc have to watch those for added sugar and salt. No added sugar, only sugar from whole foods - though I do put fruits to the blender. Was doing agave and maple syrups but they are way too sweet for me now I can't do them. This is a stress relief coming from using added sugars because you stop overworking your pancreas. Minimally processed food - I don't buy processed it is usually packed with additives and preservatives. Because of this I know more exactly what I am putting into my body. If I consume anything processed, it is because I put whole foods into a blender myself. Sure the plant milks are my one of my few exceptions buying processed though someday I will have a routine to make at home, I hear it taste the best. My other exceptions are condiments like mustard and ketchup - who knows maybe homemade is really darn good and I do that someday. EDIT Whole food plant based, like 100% - I know people will want to call bs on that but really something you won't know until you do it Walking - one of the best things you can do to regulate cortisol, the stress hormone. Body Mass Index (BMI) in the Normal range. Obesity BMI is a constant stress to the body so considering Normal as an opposite reaction in body that reduces stress Lot of nature in my backyard, still lots of green trees and birds. I have an eating routine now that hits every daily recommended nutrient - allowing my body to relax a bit more not living in a state of any known deficiency. I track this for free on Cronometer.com Meditation - helps me come to my senses identifying rogue thinking patterns or unpleasant memories as well as relaxing. With good habits, thinking patterns can be replaced. New and better memories can be made to overshadow bad ones. Calisthenics - while this creates a temporary stress on the body it is not a constant stress. For the simple fact that it gets my body moving anytime and even on a rainy day I feel it contributes overall to stress reduction. Running - while this also creates a temporary stress on the legs, there is just something about getting that circulation pumping that feels so right, it is so relaxing even long after it is done. This can be accomplished with any form of cardio that gets your heart to thumping.
  24. Day 39 no gaming, Day 21 no PMO. 6000 steps is my daily walking average by my math, went for a walk after sundown well legs wanted to run so had fun running to KSE metal band that album that starts with Numbered Days, quite relaxing 30 min run felt upper 70 degrees f with a very nice gulf humidity, love it. My work towards total sobriety is starting to pay off it has afforded me more time spent working my 12 step programs and as a result I have spent more time in the literature and began to understand them in ways I previously did not. These programs are not the most commonly known wisdom but is so essential coming from a life full of addictions I highly recommend anyone with a mind prepared for it to research the literature of the many programs there is so much to it and it continues to grow.
  25. Detox of added sugars can fight those cravings big time speaking from experience don't give up hope :) Doesn't mean nothing sweet because plenty of sugary & delicious carbs (think of all manner of fast fruit smoothies can make with the small bullet blenders!) Anyhow I just wanted to share just by avoiding processed/ added sugar the taste buds adapt finding pleasure in simple things again and cravings disappear. Like syrups added as sweetener are even too much for me now I just can't! If you would like good simple smoothie recipes let me know