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  1. Day 6: I woke up this morning at 7:50 am for work. I was dreaming playing dota 2 with my favorite character 😂. The dream was super fun so I tried to get back to it for another 10 minutes so I can enjoy a bit more of it. It didn’t happen so I woke up and start working after a quick breakfast. so yea, today, I have strong temptations. I am very tired because of hard work and now feel so bored. I have nothing to enjoy other thab gaming! That’s obviously a big issue. My routine while not gaming is just self-development. So whenever I stop gaming, I just do daily workout, meditation and all these type of self-improvement. I can start watching Netflix so I can relax and have fun. However, after watching Netflix for a while, I would feel wasted again and then probably relapse. I feel that now that I am wasting my time on Netflix, why not game so I enjoy it at least. I won’t relapse tonight since I am serious to end this gaming issue but I know I am close to relapse. I need to do something about it. as @Ikarmentioned, I may just go for a walk knowing that tomorrow is a new day. I don’t want to get depressed again. It’s already weekend but I have nothing fun to refresh for the next week. I have to play with my son all day long for the next two days and at nights, doing workout and meditations! Also, there are some work-related things that I have putting off for a while and need to do sooner or later. So it’s basically work, work and work for me😞 My relationship with my wife is also bad so I don’t see much light in my life 😞
  2. Day 5; pretty healthy day with no gaming temptations! woke up 7 am and did yoga for 30 mints, meditation for 5 and start work at 8:30. Finished work, played with my son and hit the gym for a 30 minutes cardio exercise. it’s a bit late now but going to bed; hopefully, can wake up early enough in the morning to do the yoga before work.
  3. Thanks for all this. Not really, I don’t have any help. Have to do it on my own. I surely cannot have a healthy lifestyle while gaming. I know I should stop it at all cost. Gaming is just a waste of time; this bothers me a lot. I may enjoy gaming at the moment, but have to live with depression if I game. I want to make good use of my time so I feel proud of myself. That’s what makes me happy in life. Creating some kind of meaning in life rather than pointless gaming! I’ll continue doing my diaries here; hopefully, I’ll get over it this time.
  4. Wow, you’ve been game free for 909 days! how did you make this work? I’ve tried for two years but it failed hard. Please give me some advice. Thanks
  5. Day 4 with no temptations. It used to be difficult to stop gaming even for a few days but thankfully, I am not getting any temptations! hope I can keep this up. As usual, worked the day, spent evening with my son and did some yoga-meditation before hitting the bed. I will read a bit before sleeping 🙂
  6. Seven hours of study! It is not an easy task, Congrats! Yes, sleeping habit is crucial. I am also working on it 😄
  7. I ended up doing workout and meditation tonight 😃 so far so good
  8. Day 3: Little to no temptations. I worked during the day and play with my son after work. I also cleaned the house. My son went to bed so I have some free time now. I want to go to gym but feel so tired! I need to buy some groceries. Don’t have too much time during the weekdays and I get so tired after work 😞
  9. Thanks @ChewyChickenBones😃
  10. Day 2: I did not have any temptations for the 2nd day. I am very tired today since I couldn’t sleep well last night (my son is sick😞). Worked the whole day and spent the rest with my son. I did clean up the house. I am going to meditate and read before falling sleep. I am happy that the 2nd day of detox was a breeze. I am so happy that I am doing this 😊😊😊 I am planning to wake up earlier in the mornings so gonna go to bed as early as 9-10 pm
  11. Day 1: - did not play games - workout - read books - meditate 😊😊😊
  12. It absolutely is detrimental. I feel so depressed just because of gaming. I am going to try as hard as I can. I will continue even if I relapse a thousand times! I am going to make it work 😊
  13. I am back after seven months. I bought a high-end computer and monitor in March 2021 and totally gave up on quitting. Here is what happened: I have been working 7.5 hours, five days a week, and gaming 3-4 hours every night. On the weekends, I have been with my son during the day and start gaming at nights. It’s been very upsetting for me since I am literally behind my computer most of the waking hours either working or gaming. I feel very depressed and my physical health is deteriorating due this hectic lifestyle. in 2020 that I was active here, I was going to the gym 3 days a week on average and I finished 12 non-fiction books. During my detox, I felt so happy and strong: in control of my life. This year, on the other hand, I have finished one book and have been to gyn 4-5 times a month on average. This gaming disorder is killing me slowly. I need to stop it to gain my strength, motivation and happiness in life. The temptation is so hard to resist so not sure what I should do. I am here again to give it another try because that’s all can do. This is my first day for a 90-day detox.
  14. Thanks man for the support. I can't do it. I have been trying for more than two years and I am relapsing all the time! I am embarrassed and not sure what to do