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  1. Those 90-days detoxes were the best and most productive days of my life. I want it back again. I cannot stop playing without a more serious commitment. From today, I am going to do meditations. I will post daily here. Starting over from 2019-07-19
  2. Can't stop the craving! I was there for 89 days two times and still, the gaming habit is back. I can't believe how it is to be trapped. Starting over again from 2019-07-17
  3. Okay. I have screwed again! Have to start from scratch. Day 1: 13/07/2019
  4. The third 90-day detox Day 3: No gaming
  5. The third 90-day detox Day 2: No gaming
  6. The third 90-day detox Day 1: No gaming
  7. Thanks, Natalie. It has been a significant improvement for me, but I ended up playing for a few hours on day 91! Also played on the day 82. I am going to restart the detox!
  8. 82: Relapse! I cannot believe how quickly that happened! I was feeling sad for no specific reason and I ended up playing the whole day on Friday! That was so sad and I felt really bad. I am trying to keep this up and I won't reset the counting unless that happens again.
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