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  1. 72, 73: No gaming All good 🙂
  2. 68,69,70,71: No gaming
  3. day 67: No gaming All good
  4. day 65, 66: No gaming all good
  5. day 64: No gaming all good
  6. Getting the job done by being focused and avoiding procrastination.
  7. 60, 61, 62, 63: No gaming All good and productive
  8. Day 59: No gaming Very productive cold water shower in the morning almost no wasted time ride a bike for an hour read a book for two hours meditation 10 mints
  9. Day 58: No gaming no craving a good day quite productive as usual 🙂
  10. Day 57 (Saturday): A long hike to the mountains. It was a 5-hour roundtrip. I had dinner with friends afterwards, and then we played board games for a couple of hours.
  11. Day 56: no gaming a good day like always biked alot
  12. Day 55: No gaming A good day as usual productive early bird healthy food biking reading book
  13. Day 54: No gaming good day as always reading book healthy food biking every day
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