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  1. Thanks man for the support. I can't do it. I have been trying for more than two years and I am relapsing all the time! I am embarrassed and not sure what to do
  2. I relapsed again and have been playing 2-3 hours per night in the past 20 days. I am feeling very bad about it. I have a tough deadline next week and due to gaming, I won't be able to make it. I am very stressed and not sure what to do. Also gaming every night kinda disrupt my sleeps. I am in trouble and can't really bypass this shitty gaming habit. when I don't play, I am bored yet very productive. When I play, I am kinda happy because it's fun but I am feeling very bad about my work and life. I am not spending enough time with my boy. I am not cooking and not cleaning my apartment. I hate this lifestyle!
  3. I am very happy for you 🙂
  4. It is interesting that you do not game even with the disappointment and boredom you, sometimes, get in life! Boredom and gaming are strongly correlated in my case; not sure how to deal with it.
  5. Day 20: I played one game on day 19, but didn't play on day 20.
  6. I have not been playing in the past 19 days. I am feeling tempted to play games again! The reason could be the long weekend! Not sure what to do now. @BooksandTreesThat's a very good idea. But, what kind of online activities can we do together! I cannot think of any. It is fun playing together! But, I know it negatively impacts my life so I really do not know what to do about it.
  7. Congrats @BooksandTreesfor 117 weeks from gaming! It is motivating for me to see how far you came 🙂
  8. I am back after a month of relapsing. I spent the last month playing 2-3 hours per day. It was not detrimental to my life and I enjoyed playing with my brothers. However, I was not able to do workout and read books in the past month. I spend the whole day working behind my desk so I believe two hours of gaming per day is very bad for my health anyway. It is interesting that my brothers are quite similar to me! After I told them that I want to delete league of legend account, my older brother agreed and he immediately removed his account as well. My younger brother who does not suffer from gaming addiction only removed the game from his computer. Today was the second day without gaming. I did daily workout and read books. I am on track again 🙂
  9. Wow! it took 10 years for you to get here. That's right. I have been trying only for two years. I've got to try again.
  10. I don't know what to do. I am not determined enough to start a new detox! I have played for about 2-4 hours everyday . I removed my steam account about a month ago to stop playing dota and now I am playing league of legends! LOL is even harder to abandon because my two brothers are also playing it! That reminds me of my childhood so there is quite of lot of positive feelings playing with them. However, I should do exercise and read books instead of gaming to be able to have a good night sleep and achieve long term satisfaction. Gaming at night makes me tired in the morning and it affects my productivity for the day. That is not acceptable so I know I gotta get rid of gaming anyway! It is just so hard to convince myself out of it and fight against strong temptation. I will try to focus more on my goals and plans to be able to resist the temptation.
  11. Congratulation on 115 weeks! That is so amazing. how does it feel to be free of gaming for this long? I mean, isn't there any temptation? Is relapsing something of the past for you? I am not sure how many times you have relapse coming this far! I am asking this question because, as you know, I am having difficulty sticking to my detox for too long. After a few months, I feel good enough to get back to gaming and that's when the dissatisfaction starts to kick in and I start a new detox.
  12. Just like me. I was hooked on the break too! I am happy you came back here again.
  13. Thanks for your comment @BooksandTreesand @Bugg. Gaming is fun but it has some negative impacts on me. I feel lazy when I play. I was free for two weeks and I did only two workouts! That is bad enough. I spent the past two weeks gaming for about 3-4 hours per day. I don't think it is detrimental, but surely, it is a waste of time. I could do something worthwhile with that 30-40 hours spent on useless video gaming. I got to start a new detox. I am happy with my 70-day detox and I do not mind to start over. For the better, here we go with a new detox as of Jan. 3rd 2021. I am having some urges for gaming, that is completely normal. I have to commit myself to the plan and continue writing here to be on track. I will do workout, meditation and read before going to bed.
  14. Wish you a happy 2021, @BooksandTrees
  15. I was wondering how long have you been in contact with her? I think you should have met each other earlier. What's your opinion on this? I know that you have Covid-19 concerns, but isn't that too long of a wait?