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  1. Day 42 to 46: I have been extremely busy these days. I am working full time and yet I am planning to move to another city, and also preparing myself for my final PhD defence. I have a toddler that adds to the busyness of my life. I had no urge to play. I was able to fit about 30-40 mints into my daily schedule for workout. I am so happy for that. @championealI totally agree on this with you. I am trying to build some helpful hobbies and habits. For example, I have been reading books over a year now and I have been enjoying it. I can say that It is a real hobby for
  2. Day 36 to day 42: With the start of my new job, I am very excited and busy. This is very good because I experience no urge for gaming. keeping myself busy works for me. I enjoy my new job and it is well aligned with my life long goals. As such, I am feeling blessed for it. I started reading a biography of Elon Musk by Ashley Vance. I am very interested to know and learn from Elon! very astonishing figure. I was quite lazy with my daily workout because of busy schedule. This is worrying for me.
  3. Good job Dasvira, twelve days without gaming are quite a lot of improvement. Keep it up.
  4. I suggest reading "think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill. It is an inspiring book that has helped me to find what I want out of life. I think it has some essential teachings for anyone who wants to succeed in life. I would recommend reading "Grit: the power of passion and perseverance" by Angela Duckworth along with it. These two books are what you need to plan for your future. Read and use the techniques to bring you dream life into reality.
  5. Thanks @dasvira. Yes, I am much happier now. I know I will be very successful if I can live without gaming. however, I am scared of another relapse. The last time, I relapsed after 6.5 months! That was painful. I do not want to experience it again. Still, here and there, I feel some urges for gaming. It is very weak though. I am not sure how I can be sure that another relapse does not occur in my life. Day 36: no gaming.
  6. Day 34,35: I have not temptation. I am focused on my work and optimistic about the future. I did workout today. I was not meditating for a while and I am going to meditate from today. Covid-19 is rising and we are stuck at home. Thankfully, I have a good spirit because I am starting a new job from the coming week and I am very motivated and excited about it. 🙂 My thesis is still under review for examination and hopefully I will receive the examiners' comments by the end of next week.
  7. I like the way you write about your emotion, problems and achievements in detail. I have a piece of advice advice for focusing and avoiding for mindless surfing. Method 1) 1) pick up a music which is good for focus (it is a good idea to find a really good one and stick to it for a long time; we do not want to change the music because the brain has to be associated with that special music for focusing) 2) whenever you are studying, listen to music. When you want to do something else such as checking emails, stop the music. Resume the music when you are back at work. This wi
  8. Day 33: I am doing very well. No temptation. I am focused on my work. Spend the free time with my kid. I skipped the workout today.
  9. Day 32: No gaming Workout as usual
  10. Day 31: I was just notified that my steam account is deleted. However, I feel some temptation to game tonight! I know this goes away so I will watch my feelings as I go through this process.
  11. Day 28,29, 30: I am excited that I finally came to a month of detox. I had a good start with very little temptation. Tomorrow, my steam account will be deleted. This is the second time I am deleting my steam account though! I know that a relapse is always by the door and I should watch for it very carefully. The last time I relapse when I felt over confident. I thought I can play a few games and get back to work like normal. I did so but after a few days, I played again! Before long, I was immersed in gaming thinking day and night about it! I should be very mindful of my experience.
  12. Good job, buddy. Giving away your console is a smart move. Best of luck for you on your journey
  13. Good luck on your journey, Dasvira. I think removing your steam account is the wisest thing to do. I am also doing it and my account will me removed in 4 days.
  14. Buying gym equipment is a great idea. I have been working at home for a year now and I love it. Its cheap, efficient and convenient.