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  1. Day 137 to 195: No gaming! Have been doing great! Got a internship program: working and studying at the same time. I read two books on stocks and now that the stocks are crashing, I am gradually buying into it! Planning to graduate by September 2020 Despite all the pessimism around the world, I am very optimistic about the future. We'll get over this within a year for sure. Wishing the best for everyone.
  2. Day 131 to 137: no gaming
  3. Day 121 to day 130: No gaming
  4. Hi Erik, I found my ultimate goal in life that I want to achieve in life. I do visualize that goal that lay down the path and the lifestyle that I should acquire to achieve it. However, I used the visualization technique for literally everything that I want to do. For example, I want to become fit so I do visualize myself being fit and athletic. This visualization creates a self-image inside my subconscious mind that helps me to behave in that way. With this technique, I have been doing exercise for the past 70 days. To avoid eating unhealthy food, for example, I visualize myself being fat and unhealthy when being tempted to eat junk food. I am a PhD student and I am visualizating myself that the journal paper that I am about to publish is going to break the news and gets 100 of citations. That give me the encouragement to work harder. As you see, I do visualize my ultimate goal and also all the steps (small goals) that I have to take to get to the big life goal. I do use visualization technique to form new habits and avoid bad habits. I visualize myself being like Bill Gates so I persuade myself to read more books. Think bigger and you'll grow bigger. I constantly compare myself to Bill Gates and that gives me the courage and encouragement to live life to its fullest potential. Best, mohammad.
  5. day 98 to 108: No gaming I was a bit off my daily productivie plan. I think about it and apparently, it is because I haven't done enough visualization. When my dream start to fade out, my actions and behaviours start to divert from the planned path. As such, my conclusion is not to let the dream die. I have to keep it alive by doing the daily visualization. Persistent is the key to success.
  6. day 89 to 98: Finally, I did it. An amazing 90-day detox---Not only from gaming but a 90-day all human transformation! I am super happy and energetic. ?
  7. day 89: woke up 5 am. started working after breakfast by 6 am. I understand that human behaviour is not influenced by his past but his goals! That being said, I do not look at my past and regret. Instead, I chose a big goal in my life and I will behave accordingly to make my dream come true. The dream I have is so magnificent that it is able to shape my behaviour. I recommend you do the same thing. Choose a goal (dream) that it can fulfills all of your desires, both spiritually and financially. That way, you will find happiness on your pass to pursuit your goal. Remember that research shows that success comes after three factors: Goal, passion and persistence. You should find a goal that can make you passionate and be persistent. This is achieved by daily visualization. You can daily visualize yourself that you have shaped your character, that you have achieved your goal and feel the sensation it gives. When you enjoy your dream right now, you are actually transmulating a pure dream to a burning desire. A burning desire is a fuel that gives your the drive. As long as you have the fuel, you can move on and you eventually make your dream a reality! It is a matter of persistence so keep up with the visualization. After doing this, I realized I need to kill two big enemies inside myself: 1- FEAR of choosing a big dream 2- DOUBT that I can make the dream come true Killing these two monsters needs faith. That is why you need to believe in SECRET first. That means you should first believe that if you do this visualization on a daily basis, your dream, no matter how big, will come true one day! For more information, I would recommend these books: 1-Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill 2- Grit: The power of passion and persistence by Angela Duckworth 3- The Courage to be disliked After reading these three books, you will understand how magnificent human is and you would never waste a second playing games!
  8. 87 and 88: All good as always. ?
  9. 82 to 86: Waking up 5 am every day. no gaming. efficient and productive all day long.
  10. 78 to 82: Last days to 90 day detox! No gaming so far. I am still waking up 6 am and I am aiming to go as early as 5! I have been reading non-fiction book almost every day meditating most days have been doing daily bodybuilding workout for about 40 days for 40 mints a day in average have been doing cardiovascular exercise daily for the past 10 days. have been working very effectively and efficiently from 8 to 16 everyday have improved the quality of food I am eating for about 40 days Last but not least, I have changed my behaviour and personal characteristic to a good extent and I am trying to get to the best version of myself. I have learnt that I can change as much as I want to and this is the greatest gift of mother nature to humankind! As such, this is a great revolution in my life and good days are about to come! happy to share with you what I have achieved and how much I have changed! Best, Mohammad
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