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  1. 64 to 73: keeping up the good work! Wake up 6am everyday and 1 hour exercise. 40 mints bike everyday. Working hard, reading books, cooking for myself, etc. My goal is to wake up 5 am.
  2. Day 61 to 64: Wake up 6am everyday and 1 hour exercise. 40 mints bike everyday. Working hard, reading books, cooking for myself, etc. My goal is to wake up 5 am.
  3. Day 51 to 60: Complete control over myself! Doing near to perfection!
  4. Day 50 to 55: Complete control over myself! Doing near to perfection!
  5. 45 to 50: These are the best days I have ever lived so far because I have learned to control my feelings, thoughts and actions! I work hard and passionately. I have no stress in life. no temptation no craving for anything! I have learnt to let go of things that does not help me and does not benefit me. I have been working on myself over the past year and now, I came to a great victory. I am keeping this up 🙂
  6. Day 40 to 45: No gaming
  7. Day 33 to 40: No gaming
  8. Sorry for just counting my days. I am very busy these days that I tend not to write too much. I am doing well these days. Working very hard, waking up 6 am everyday and reading books at nights. My life has been dramatically improved over the past year when I started letting go of games. I do not have any urge to play and I am not using willpower. I know willpower is a limited source and will deplete very quickly. I recently shifted my mind by focusing on a new game, THE GAME OF LIFE. Why not aim for a victory in the game of life that we are obliged to play? To excel at the game of life, we need to play the game with three fundamental rules. Rule 1: You need to enjoy the game to play it well. As a result, you have to make life fun and enjoyable. I try to use every element to my benefit. I do meditation to sharpen my senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hear) so that I can mindfully be present and enjoy every moment. I improved my relationship with my beloved ones (son and wife) to improve my happiness. I surrendered myself to nature's will to let go of stress. There are many ways to live better, healthier and happier. Rule 2: You play the game well if you know you will be rewarded. pick up a dream for yourself and visualize you have achieved your dream. This is the award of the game that encourages you to play the game in the first place. The dream can be as big as you can imagine. The gates are open, and the limit only exists in your mind. Pick a dream that worths playing THE GAME. Law of attraction (visualization); setting Long-term goal; build Passion Rule 3: You have to play the game to the end to win, and you have to start over if you fail. Constantly be aware of the game, and play the game by its rules. persistence and resilience Following these three rules, any dream can come true. ENJOY THE MARVELOUS GAME OF LIFE. How do I know this three rules are the fundamentals? GRIT is the key to success according to a paper published by Angela duckworth published in the journal of personality (4000 citations; an impressive paper). These three rules in the game will make you gritty and the grit is what you need to make any dream comes true.
  9. Day 30, 31, 32, 33: No gaming
  10. Day 27, 28, 29: No gaming
  11. Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26: No gaming
  12. Day 17,18,19,20,21: No gaming I read Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill, and it motivated and moved me! I have now a very high energy and I have learned how to keep the energy up. That is the end of the gaming habit for me. I have learned life is a better game to play. I recommend reading the book.
  13. Day 11,12,13,14,15,16: No gaming
  14. Day 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: No gaming
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