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  1. Welcome to pick up some AA literature and attend online/face-to-face meetings the only requirement is a willingness to stop drinking and can be a fine community to help like GQ is for gamers. Attending doesn't label you as an alcoholic, just a sane dude trying to better his life. If in need for links let me know can DM
  2. Congrats on 1 week free from P! Detaching from the urges to watch P is a normal part of the process. ?
  3. Not alone you got this Shelly, one day at a time! The journal section here has been a big help for me. Though I also have a paper journal, I like attracting an element of social scrutiny to keep me honest :) If you can make that therapy happen do it especially with the stomach knots etc. While a friend can help talk you through things a therapist can also do that while helping discover what all is suppressed along with goals & plans moving forward. Not that they all are that awesome. In my experience I got what I paid for. Lot of stress going on for sure sorry to hear. Lot of crafty ways out there to cut back stress, welcome to GQ!
  4. I hate & love him for the constant motivation/reminding of his audience (me) how to do muscle ups, planche push ups, & handstand push ups without wall support. I will get there eventually am in no hurry.
  5. well if you have that much energy, haha
  6. Growing up with this addictive personality of mine I found that gaming addiction was not my only vice. I used to be addicted to people even the ones that talked bad about me and at the same time I was fearful of many people I did not know because I was not setting boundaries. At the same time all of that chaos is what over-stimulates hormones that essentially becomes an inner drug store for addiction. I have now done well keep abusive codependent relationships away but the real trick is putting in the work to build and love myself first. It is impossible to share love if I cannot find it within.
  7. Neither just subconscious trying to make sense of everything. Happened to me too just the other day and wasn't the first time.
  8. Yay promotion & move best of luck with all transitions!!
  9. Dec-5-2019. In my dream this morning I audibly heard myself speaking that “without cardiovascular fitness and breathing exercise, my body begins to lose the fight to live.” I believe this to be true having observed my sedentary, shallow-breathing body succumb to inflammation in the nasal cavity and lungs for over 10 years. These breathing exercises have actually been clearing sinuses so I am able to breathe through both nostrils when normally I cannot. The breath work is powerful and I am going to begin doing heavy cardio after the breathing to see where it gets me. Mandatory cardiovascular exercise, especially running, has been the single most difficult past activity I’ve had to endure therefore did it as little as possible. Constantly mouth breathing and coughing up junk as I ran, maybe breathing exercise benefits will be amplified with cardio :) I had about 10 medical checkups on the matter and all these doctors would do is give me nose drop medicine that did nothing. Sleep Apnea, which their overnight sleep study failed to diagnose, is still a routine problem to this day. All of this is why I have been pushing myself to try nearly anything to improve my health. I am quite happy with results I am getting from the Wim Hof breathing exercise and am excited to do this with heavy cardio and cold baths.
  10. Getting back into the WHM (Wim Hof Method) breathing, cold showers & baths, going out in the cold. May invest in large ice maker for ice baths if turns out I love to hate that, still yet to attempt a big ice bath. Promise won't do anything like nude mountain climbing without trained supervision. Not feeling getting into breathing & cold baths every day right now but is refreshing once I follow through, I just do it when I feel it. The science & health benefits that have been documented are impressive. Even though there is the initial discomfort, there is also much pleasure. Many links to share, many I have not yet heard. I find that instead of binge watching new topics my time is better managed by keeping record of content I come across so I may easily find later when interested. Considering also getting into Yoga for breathing exercises and working on better spinal alignment. Wim Hof Method Explained – The Science & Research BREATHING Wim Hof Breathing Tutorial by Wim Hof Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing DOCUMENTARIES Becoming Superhuman With Ice Man – Wim Hof Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman SAFETY INFORMATION Wim Hof Method | Safety Information VLOG, PODCASTS, SPEECHES & INTERVIEWS 21 Day Wim Hof Method Mini Documentary Heal Yourself With The Ice Shaman | Wim Hof & Russell Brand JRE 712 Wim Hof JRE 865 Wim Hof JRE Wim Hof Discusses Benefits of His Breathing Technique Matthias Wittfoth – Wim Hof Method Neuroscientist & Instructor RR 231 Wim Hof Breath Is Life, Cold Is God, & Feeling Is Understanding RR 406 Wim Hof Elevating Consciousness & Amplifying Human Potential RR Vlog 005 Wim Hof Breath Is Life This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness | Wim Hof on Impact Theory Wim Hof – Understand This & You Will Never Be Lazy Again Wim Hof Method & The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Wim Hof TEDx 2010 Wim Hof TEDx 2015 | Medical Mystery Revealed
  11. Attached, some collective training wisdom I've found while learning calisthenics, no doubt can translate well into any routine. Here are hyperlinks to videos in the screenshot. Thanks for sharing journal entry, relates. 3 RULES YOU NEED TO KNOW When Starting Calisthenics | 2018 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW When I Started Calisthenics | 2018 5 TRAINING TIPS I Wish I Knew DO THIS EVERY WORKOUT For Consistent GAINS | 2018 HOW I STARTED CALISTHENICS – CHRIS HERIA | 2018
  12. As well as two latest & relevant entries into my Dream Diary. It is good to be in the habit of writing down dreams, I hear.
  13. So my GQ Journal gets to hear about 27 day no pmo relapse, an experience that motivates me more to complete a 90 day detox so I may continue to find free time away from PMO addiction, most specifically P.
  14. Day 42 no gaming, Day 23 no PMO. Signing out from all forums by full history purge so not tempted to check throughout the week and setting firm goal to at maximum check in only once per week :) Keep up the fantastic progress everyone as I will do the same.
  15. No hard feelings, I've had plenty of rough bouts myself, I am better and grateful for them. Nice list there :) I used to people-please a lot without thinking about it, part of how I was raised. There are a lot of people like that there, actually. At some point I became self aware and hated it so much I started disappointing people on purpose all the time especially if it was someone who thought could take advantage of the old me. Neither any good because both allow people to walk up and get a reaction out of me, what I needed was firm boundaries. That is still a work in progress for me.