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    Moving on

    Detox of added sugars can fight those cravings big time speaking from experience don't give up hope :) Doesn't mean nothing sweet because plenty of sugary & delicious carbs (think of all manner of fast fruit smoothies can make with the small bullet blenders!) Anyhow I just wanted to share just by avoiding processed/ added sugar the taste buds adapt finding pleasure in simple things again and cravings disappear. Like syrups added as sweetener are even too much for me now I just can't! If you would like good simple smoothie recipes let me know
  2. True that I bet I would have mad paintball skills for how often I checked out with FPS genre. Text-based games left me fast & accurate typing for sure might start my own blog someday soon I love to write. Flipping items on ebay not a bad idea if you invest in some with good ROI, not bad at all heh. Used to do that on WoW quite successfully would just look for the items low in stock - buy all and sell for higher.
  3. Seeing minecraft was a thing for you maybe you like to build things? Woodworking tools maybe cool if you have room for it.
  4. Online journals here too :) https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/forum/11-daily-journals/ Paper journal also great to have not always wanting to be online. I know during my transition I tended to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen not being productive and know a few others here also admitted to that so maybe also hobbies not in front of a screen is also best starting out. Chairs are nice to have though for many things like reading and quick naps, not hating on that.
  5. @Brim59 Good work recommend immediately selling or trashing consoles so is not in your home though is also a great help keeping out of sight. Check out the journal section of the forum you are welcome to start one :)
  6. Nice good work :) Recommendations would be subjective to how we used gaming, where we gamed, etc like if you gamed in your bedroom then consider both hobbies that can easily get you out of the room (indoor/outdoor cooking, walking, running, cycling, hiking, etc) as well as bedroom hobbies to replace video games (dart board, calisthenics, reading). Maybe you used gaming more for social connection so would consider if there is a hobby other people or friends are into.
  7. More cookware, calisthenic gear, and a writing desk because these are the hobbies I spend most of my time doing these days. New hobbies would be great too but if you can build upon hobbies you are already involved in just makes so much sense. Welcome to GQ @Brim59 have you considered the 90 day video game detox? We also have a hobby tool this link here if you would like to explore for yourself! What do you think?
  8. I hear ya. Once did solid month NF then couldn't for the life of me get past 48 hours for a week. I think stressors and cortisol regulation play the biggest part, cold would do it. Godspeed on recovery.
  9. Day 36 no gaming, Day 18 no PMO. These last few days I have advanced much with the art of my stove-top rice it no longer turns out clumpy sticking to everything like the bottom of the pan and clumping up food mixed with, this video's instruction for my 1C. long grain white rice along with all her other tips is to thank! Today I measured 700 steps to the end of the road and back so made a total of 2800+ today, no need to lug around fancy step-tracking pedometers when you can do simple math =) Read that walking is great for keeping cortisol stress hormone levels normal (considering that true I am doing myself a great service to take a walk every chance living in stressful times here) and hey I feel great and energized after walking too so triple win!! Yes it is said that exercise like running and calisthenics can increase cortisol however that is only temporary and as long as you are making an effort to keep levels normal I think it all works out quite well.
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    Moving on

    Cooking and food prep can be a very rewarding, healthy, nourishing, and fun hobby! Be wary of doing it for others because they can and will shoot down your pride & enjoyment - not saying your mom will but my close and extended family try to every chance so they do not get my food
  11. It's okay to block the abuse Matt, if even for a little peace of mind. Finding that peace of mind is not so much a right but a responsibility only we can exercise in our own lives. Sorry to hear about narcissist family problems I identify with that strongly, I have information to help cope if you would like to DM. Holiday season is likely to exacerbate any tension that is there.
  12. Saw a Black Friday ad and decided worth shouting out to GQ family this is a great opportunity to build on existing hobbies or start new ones at affordable prices .. that have nothing to do with video games! So much good content published on this site about hobbies but bottom line they will teach your brain there is healthier and pleasurable activities that don't contribute to a hormone imbalance. Even if you can't afford to buy into a hobby there is always the free ones!! Holiday season approaching, best of luck everyone and stay grounded in good health :)
  13. Day 32 no gaming, Day 14 no PMO. Setting new goal to reach with calisthenics hobby - the one arm pullup! Right now impossible to complete a single rep, will be working progressions hard :D Gotten to where I just pump out reps of some kind every hour when wrist watch chimes, kind of addictive but in a healthy way. Sometimes go to failure, sometimes add weight, sometimes pushing myself to do something new. I really think home hobbies like this is a great assist to combating the easy access of pornography. Like training the brain there is a lot more that can be done within four walls. Creating new habits help train / rewire the brain.
  14. First ever patch of gray hair about an inch in diameter came to my attention today, the mighty gods have a sense of humor I am too young for this!
  15. Psychiatrists have been a big help to me in the past when I have had issues come to surface and I recommend it to anyone. Without intervention of some kind it is sometimes impossible to recognize the unaddressed issues we drag around with us everywhere. Back in 2017 or so after being inspired by Gamequitters I scheduled an appointment at a local pro who specialized with addiction treatment and I asked her for some strategies on putting down the controller because it felt like an addiction. She said she did not understand the video game addiction but "as a good rule of thumb, anything you don't want an addiction to - get it out of the house." She also explained how like with cigarettes you can wean yourself off by buying a single pack to smoke one and throw the rest away, that maybe I could do something like that with the games.
  16. goodvibes

    Moving on

    Apologies for double post but would but realized did not put out a calisthenic program recommendation, OfficialThenx on youtube is a huge motivation for me.
  17. goodvibes

    Moving on

    Welcome back start doing calisthenics at home no need to save it all for gym! :p Are you getting into web development because I was just looking at this last night for myself https://www.whatsdev.com/ Dairy does have addictive properties, makes sense from that perspective. Ever try going without? That is the tough part.
  18. Day 31 no gaming, Day 13 No PMO. I do intend to stop in at least once a week to journal here and aim to hold myself to that. What Color is Your Parachute is really great at explaining what is effective for job hunters and makes you to look within a lot for what your goals are. Still only 50 pages complete for all my note-taking and priority-graph making. Reflected on my childhood trauma bonds being addicted to emotional abuse, my addictive personality, along with past & lingering issues with codependency today. This article here broke down a lot of terminology I had not read in awhile, the writer went into a lot of detail about how abused hormones play their part. No one has to agree with it, just an experience I identify with and wanted to share it makes a lot of sense to me. Cortisol regulation is the big offender lately, glad I have been making a lot of lifestyle habits that promote low cortisol I would otherwise be living numb with addiction I have no doubt.
  19. We are sometimes reactors rather than actors and some jerks will drive all over the road for your attention - ignorance can be bliss if it keeps you calm & steady in your own lane. Sometimes things people say do hurt yet the source of pain can be from something else all together. High five on exercising social skills I have much need to put that into practice.
  20. Day 16 moving right along! Everything going smooth today, tire had blown out last week when coming home from work had been rocking the mini spare since (too long, I know!) Just bought used tire + shop installed to rim & balanced for $35. Walmart was going to charge 70 for a new tire and 20 install to rim & balance. I like saving where I can especially when needed , will do additional maintenance soon :) Started reading What Color is Your Parachute 2019 edition from library yesterday, amazing first chapter and no wonder was ranked #1 on amazon.com book list for Job Resumes. This book has been around since the 70's and keeps getting updated every year. Already seeing job hunting & hiring procedure much differently. Tomorrow apply for more work.
  21. Today will run combined with rest. Tomorrow a full body calisthenic workout. Martial arts sparring may do good to let go of extra tension. If parents causing extra stress let them do their thing awhile while you do yours. If care to talk more about low self esteem I will hear you out.
  22. Stressful times call for a calming measure. Perhaps write a list of favorite activities or possible healthy activities that can help keep you grounded & balanced. Congrats 1/2 year no VG!
  23. Much better thank you. Took time and did lots of transparent introspection at my support group forum. I am hopeful and believe I will become stronger from this. 13 days now, detox has progressed smoothly since last post. Have a clear idea what jobs I want to apply for - will do very soon!
  24. Thank you for the concern, Matt. I will DM that.
  25. Day 11. Loved the job but quit and applying for work again. I am a magnet for bullying at all these entry level jobs, it seems. Already shared this situation in group therapy so am keeping mind on moving forward and getting job that will work out. Moving along to business. Gamequitter journal comes into play well right now because this is still a stressful time for me and with stress can comes weakness. Having just began VG sobriety again I want nothing more than to make sure to keep myself accountable for that. One of my Youtube channels for Linux&Technology made an entire video about free games. Began watching VG video gameplay for said free games. Began to feel sleazy for watching and said "wth am I doing" then unsubscribed, closed out, cleared browsing history. Have books from library to read up on now, thanks for being here GQ.
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